AWD #299: Successful Rescue
Successful Rescue
Summary: A hastily thrown together SAR mission turns successful as the Colonials get their man.
Date: 1/11/2013
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Jena Fischer Callen Reed 
Outskirts of small town
Wed Nov 02 2005

There is an unusual flurry of rushed activity around a Raptor. Crewmen scurry about making the last minute checks, clearly this is a rush job. Outside of the ship there is an airwing officer who has a map clutched in one hand and is barking orders "Need full med kits loaded up as well. And get this thing going." He tells the pilot "I have asked for a PJ and a couple of Marines to be back up. They should be here," and with that he looks out over the area, where the hell are they?

Responding as soon as the call comes, in full gear, her pack on her back, suited and booted, Jena comes running through, not a second wasted. She climbs aboard without even nodding to the Winger, tugging her helmet on and fastening in. "Pararescue here," she calls just after she's in and ready.

Having gotten hold of his own gear, Fischer managed to make his way over in time as well. Arriving not too long after Jena, he offers her a nod, before he looks back to the one barking orders. "We're here, sir." Boarding the Raptor as well now, letting out a bit of a breath.

Less of marine these days and more of a galvanized delievery man, Callen has been apart of the daly jumps, drops, and then jumps back that help supply Crandall with needed goods. It's not a glamorous job, but somebody has to watch guard over, and more often than not, it's been him that's usually apart of these teams. Today though, he wasn't really on duty for that, rather on duty for what he was trained for. So, grabbing his gear, he appears down the deck, then pulling himself into the Raptor. "Yep." agrees with Fischer.

The officer waits for the team to get aboard before he climbs up. He is between the hastily tossed together team "Here it is. One of our Raptors went down due to AA. He is about here, the best we can tell," He lays out the map and points to an area. An area where the topo lines seem to bet real close together. "His wingman did get a short burst of the rescue radio that the Pilot, at least, is still alive but trapped." He pauses a moment to make sure that they are all listening. "The wingman says the ship went down in a heavily wooded area. To the south is where the AA is located so you will have to be inserted up here to the North." He points to an area almost a klick away. "It's a bit of a hump but that's as close as we can get." He hands the map over to Jena before continuing "Before the wingman had to leave, he did say the ship went down away from the Canners but he did thing that a patrol has headed that way. Get the men out, blow the Raptor so they don't get the comms or any other sensitive material." He stands, looks at the three "Bring my boys back, roger?"

When Fischer boards, Jena offers a brief and professional nod, the same to Callen once he joins. She gets immediately distracted by the explanation and the map, leaning over it. Alive was good.. very good, but she knew they were on a limited schedule. Accepting the map when it is offered, she keeps it open so the Marines can look at it as well. "You got it," she says confidently. Not cocky, she's never cocky, but she has faith in her abilities. "We'll get them and destroy the ECM for certain, the sensitive coordinates there could lead to trouble."

Fischer smiles briefly, before he hears what's being said. He doesn't say anything, simply nods as he finds himself a seat, dropping into it as he turns to look at his gear again now. No questions, no wondering about things, just waiting for them to get going now.

Callen actually looks happy to be getting outside for a change. Or at least, doing something different for once in a long time. "Evening all." he smiles, dropping himself and his rifle down into chair and securing himself in. Sure, it's not the best reason to be in a happy mood or anything, but you take what you can get. Better that than be constantly depressed all the time. There's a nod at the instructions and what they have to get done. That's all he needs to know, might as well get to it.

The Officer nods to each, seems about so say more, but just turns and leaves the Raptor. No sooner has he departed the door begins to close and the Raptor has already started moving. The ECO looks over her shoulder "Gonna be a bit rough, got to be flying /real/ low, tighten up those belts boys and girls." Even before her words are finished the ship has put the pedal to the metal, it's engines screaming with the strain. In just a few minutes the ship starts twisting and turning. Add on top of that the turbulence, yea it's going to be a fun ride. "ETA, about twenty minutes." From the portholes and out the windscreen the sun has already set and the last bit of light begins to fade from the sky.

Jena tightens up her straps and keeps the map in hand, only to peruse it again, looking down as she responds to Callen. "Good evening, Callen." She knows that Marine fairly well it seems. "We got twenty minutes," she begins pointing out things on the map to the others. "We're getting dropped here, the Pilot and Raptor are around here." Sliding her finger down a distance. "Hilly terrain," she observes. "A couple of roads to cross. Everyone ready for a trek?"

"Nothing's ever easy down on Picon," Fischer remarks, some amusement in his voice, as he finishes checking his rifle. "But yes, of course I'm ready for a trek." Shaking his head a little as he looks out again now. "It'll be nice to stretch our legs, right?"

Another glance at Jena from her greeting, Callen looking a little pleased with the reaction. "Hey." he replies, then going over his rifle in old, well-used motions that one day. "Could always be worse." he offers. "Don't really know how, but I'm sure it's possible. Wouldn't mind the walk though, could worse things to walk through."

The Raptor flies on, jinking here, twisting there. At times, off in the distance, AA fire can be seen drifting sky wards. The Co-pilot points out her windscreen "They are doing some faints to try to draw the canner's attention away from us," about that time the Raptor drops suddenly, she and the pilot both straining to keep it from smacking the ground. "Pull up, pull up!" As it begins to climb scrapping noises can be hear from underneath "Just a little agriculture, nothing to worry about," comes her strained voice. Yep, if one could see the tops of a few trees have been shaved off right nicely.

"Sounds good, Fischer," Commenting about being ready for the trek. "Oh it could always get worse, it always can." Jena comments to Callen. When the Raptor drops, Jena holds her straps, boots flat on the floor. Feeling the scraping, her gaze flies to the Pilot. "Agriculture?" She doesn't look out. She doesn't have to to know what happened. "You guys going to be okay to get back out or are you waiting while we go find the crew?"

Nodding a little, Fischer shakes his head at the scraping. "You guys started as lumberjacks as well?" he remarks to the pilots, before he looks back to the others, leaning back a bit in his seat. Shaking his head a little as he mutters something under his breath.

Not taking her eyes off the controls, the land that zips by just meters from the belly of the craft the ECO says "We'll drop you off and then go to a safe location. No sense drawing attention, right? You start heading back to the LZ you call us. The LT should have put the freqs on the map. The good thing is, the LZ is a good field, fairly high ground. The bad, the rest of the optional LZs are in canner's hands. So you got o make it to the Primary LZ." The pilot has not said a thing except to the ECO as his full attention is on flying the Raptor. "You call we haul." She only laughs at Fischer "This ain't nothing, wait till we get mud on the windscreen," and the laughing continues. After a pause "Two minutes out, get ready,"

"Such a downer." Callen chides Jena after a moment. There's a glance out one of the side windows as they clip the trees. "Well, can't say I don't ever ask for excitment." he muses, getting out of his chair and grabbing onto a rollbar next to the opening hatch. "Yessire, the fun never stops."

Jena folds the map up and tucks it into her one empty pocket, left breast pocket. Checking her gun, her pack, she unfastens her belt. "We land, we leave. No reason in endangering the Raptor." She grins to the ECO and offers a return nod. "You got it, we'll call as soon as we're headed back."

Getting out of his seat as well now, Fischer just shakes his head a little bit as he readies his rifle now. Remaining silent as he looks between the others.

The nose of the Raptor pitches up as the Pilot brakes hard and then it slams onto the ground. The hatch has already been open. The engines never stop screaming "Go, go, go," he yells out. The LZ is in the middle of nearly waist high grasses. To the south one can make out a substantial tree line. Way off in the south more AA fire heads sky wards while the flashes of explosions on the round make the shadows shift unnaturally. Once the team is off the craft it will take off, skimming right over the ground, making a hard turn back they way that they had come.

Caught in the blowback from the Raptor' engines, Callen doesn't mind the wind that it picks up. Instead, the moment he drops out of the Raptor, he he's hidden in waist-high grass from kneeling down. "Alright, PO." he says over at Jena. "You're the one with the map, following your lead."

As soon as the Raptor lands, Jena is up on her feet and when the door opens, she's out it, taking a cover stance for the Raptor before moving a short distance away. "Tree line," she tells them, since they were headed for the south away and it would offer cover.

Getting out of the Raptor, Fischer looks around carefully, rifle following with the gaze now. Nodding a little as he hears the part about the tree line, and starts making his way over there, keeping low, while still looking around carefully every now and then. He mutters something very quietly under his breath as he does.

With the Raptor gone, the surrounding area falls deathly silent. Slowly the bugs of the night start to come back to life and in the silence they sound unusually loud. Beyond that, the area is obviously far from any main areas of habitation. Not long after the team has landed the bombardment and the AA far to the south stops. Leaving the stars overhead alone in the night sky. Once in the woods, it's old growth. Tall tall trees, the underbrush thin as little sunlight hits the floor, allowing easy passage, easy as long as you aren't trying to walk in a straight line.

Coming out of the tall grass, Callen is greeted with even taller trees, which sorta comes as an old sight. "Can't seem to get away from trees down here." he notes quietly, then continuing in his careful walk. He won't vanih here, going into a more subtle sniper-ish role, even if he' not classified as one. The rest of them don't need to suddenly wonder where he went if he decided to wanted to be all stealthy. But like the rest, he keeps low, walking at kind of a half-crouch.

Once the crew is to the tree line, Jena lifts a hand, quiet, listening for any sounds of anything near them that could possibly be the enemy. She remains low to the ground, crouched, her gun in hand. She intends to steer clear of any of the enemy. She's got the first bit of the map memorized and she's good to go. When the AA stops, her chin lifts, able to hear better now, but.. then again so would the enemy be. Lifting a finger to her lips in the age old sign of shhh, she taps her ear. Use the coms for communication. Easily understood hopefully. She begins leading them through the underbrush towards the direction of the downed Raptor, trying to make good time.

Fischer keeps on moving silently, stepping from tree to tree as they move. Keeping quiet as he moves with the others, his main focus is on his surroundings now.

<FS3> Jena rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Callen rolls Alertness: Good Success.

"Got something coming up." Callen says lowly in his comm. "First road we gotta pass and…" he kneels, pushing up the floppy-brimmed boonie hat he wears on excursions like this. "Cylon tracks. Could be ones headed for our downed men. Or could be old, can't tell at the moment."

Keeping her crouched position as they make their way along the tree line, Jena notices they are coming along to the dirt road. "Canner tracks.. " she echoes Callen, kneeling down and touching the road where they are. She realizes there's coatings of dirt inside that makes then shallower than they were in the beginning, so she rises. "They don't look recent." She looks up and down the road. No trails of dust that she can see, so she motions them across with her to the other side, continuing on that southward direction to where the last known location of the Raptor is.

Nodding a bit to the part about the tracks, Fischer doesn't add anything verbally now. Finding a position where he can cover the two others at the moment, he sweeps his rifle around before crossing when the others are safely over as well.

Across the road the trees grow a bit more sparse, allowing brush and undergrowth to spring up. The land becomes more rocky and it starts to become more vertical. Meaning that it seems to be a series of sharp ups and downs that the team will have to traverse.

"Just keep going, then." Callen suggests, moving ahead after he crosses the road. "No movement so far." It was an over the mile journey, but he did think they'd see something long before this by now. Tracks, sounds of gunfire, something. But it's just the sound of nature. It's a little disconcerting, he was expecting Cylons to of dug in somewhat already. Or at least have more numbers around.

When the sparser cover, Jena keeps in a cautious walk as they continue. As the terrain becomes harsher also, it slows them down a little, but she leads the way over the different outcroppings, up and down… over the rocks while keeping her P90 lifted and scanning the area.

Fischer keeps on moving with the others, smiling a bit at the rougher terrain. He doesn't say anything as he moves, just going along with the others. Whatever things he might be thinking, it's kept to himself.

Jena lifts a hand and shakes her head once they reach the next ridge. She points down and speaks in an ever so quiet voice. "Sounds like we got company moving on the road below." The road is about a five foot drop since it's been cut through the rock.

"Then lets get the drop on them while we can." Callen suggests, trying to find the source of the movement through the scope of his rifle. "Don't see them just yet."

Fischer doesn't really notice any signs of the company spoken about. Still moving quietly, he stops for a few moments as he hears the words said, listening to hear what the plan is now.

The two Centurians make their way, both watching the sides of the roads. The one on the right looks up the rock face, spots something moving. The rifle it caries begins to rise as it seems to be scanning the upper reaches. The other Centurian takes two more steps before it also stops, it starts to turn to see what the other one has found.

Noticing that the Canner has noticed her, Jena takes aim at the first one and checks to see her weapon is on burst before pulling the trigger, trying to get the jump on it before it can get any of her team, including herself.

Switching to a burst, Fischer aims for the other Centurion now, firing a burst at the Cylon. It's done quickly, and without any hesitation as his expression goes quite businesslike.

Leveling her rifle at the Centurion, Jena shoots a burst of fire that rips through the abdomen and the head of the canner. Yeah, the Colonials are here, no better announcement. She switches her aim to the second Centurion and releases another burst.. hoping they aren't alerting more.

<COMBAT> Callen passes.
<COMBAT> Jena fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-1 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-1 with Rifle Ap - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-1 with Rifle Ap - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-2 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-2 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-2 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Cent-2 passes.
<COMBAT> Cent-1 passes.

The sounds of the weapons from the team fill the small gorge with sounds. Dust rises in the pale night light. The range was to close, the first Centurion crumples to the ground under the withering fire from Jena, it's light moves a few times before it extinguishes for good.. The second takes hits from Fischer but does not go down. He begins to move, his weapon comes up as he spots the one that shot him.

Once more firing a burst as he sees his target doesn't go down, Fischer is fully focused on that one. Not ducking down again until he's shot, but starting to duck straight afterwards now.

<COMBAT> Jena fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-2 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-2 with Rifle Ap - Serious wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-2 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Callen passes.
<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-2 with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-2 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-2 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Cent-2 attacks Fischer with Rifle - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reed has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Cent-2 has been KO'd!

Another volley of fire fills the area. More dust rises in the still night, the sound carries in the chilling night air. The end result is that the Centurian did get a shot off but falls under the onslaught of fire from the Colonials. The red light in the helmet is out before the canner hits the ground. As the sounds of the brief fire fight diminishes silence fills the area.

When the second Centurion falls, Jena looks over, realizing Fischer had taken a direct hit to his chest. She moves over and smirks. "Stay out of the way of the bullets, Fischer, yeah?" Trying to tease him a little. "Let me get this fixed." She works on bandaging him.

<COMBAT> Jena will treat Fischer this turn.
<COMBAT> Jena treats Fischer: < Chest (Moderate): successful

"Thought you wanted us to take out the enemies first," Fischer mutters in return, shrugging a little bit as he waits while being bandaged. "Thanks."

Surely the sound of all that firing could carry in the still air. But as it seems now, the night noises are slow to return. As if the creatures of the lands are almost fearful of the weapons of the Colonials.

Jena finishes off. "Nice shooting, Fischer." She moves to go nearer the road, looking around more carefully before jumping down to cross it to the other side.. still heading in that southward direction that will lead them to the Raptor.

Fischer shrugs, "Thanks. You too." A brief pause before he moves to follow down to the road, and then crossing it. Looking around rather carefully once more now.

As the team crosses the road, the sound of water can be heard as it trickles along it's bank. Overhead one can notice that the trees from the West have taken damage. The one's further away just have the tops taken out, as it gets closer more and more damage is seen. Smaller trees are clipped in half, the large one's have metal embedded in the fresh scars. Not far ahead there is the crackle of a radio, static filled.

Jena hears the water trickling, the sound almost melodic.. peaceful. Deceptive? As they continue, she notices the trees, and only after they walk further along does she hear the radio. She kneels down, surveying the area first before she'll approach it, making sure the site isn't compromised.

Hearing the water, Fischer's expression hardens a bit. Pausing as he sees the trees, aand then the sound of the radio. Looking around rather carefully as well now.

The stream that was heard cuts through the banks here, each side about twelve feet down to the water. The path of the Raptor is clear to see as it took it's ride down. Metal is left in a trail, there is one impact of the ground before it came to a rest on it's side, in the creek. Back a bit there is the body of the door gunner, obviously dead from massive trauma. The Raptor it self is nose down in the creek. From this side the Co-pilot can be seen, dangling lifeless from his belts. The Pilot? That's the side that's in the water and is not seen from this side. In the silence a muffled cough can be heard, Obviously human. The way the Raptor has landed, a deepening pool has formed as the nose acts like a dam. The water getting deeper and deeper as it tries to find it's way around the wreckage.

The condition of everything and everyone has Jena damning any danger to herself and she's running, as swift as she can to the Raptor, she doesn't take any further time to look around for more Canners. Colonials are in trouble. She doesn't look back at Fischer, assuming he would follow her lead.

Fischer moves a little more cautiously, but he follows as fast as he can now. Frowning as he sees the Raptor's state, he lets out a bit of a sigh. Waiting to hear if there's anything he should do to help now.

The coking of a pistol can be heard, "Who's there?" Asks a weak voice. A splash of water and a curse. "Well Frak, if you are going to kill me just get it over with! I don't really want to drown here."

"Petty Officer Jena Cruz, Pararescue, Colonial Navy, Orion." Jena announces herself before coming nearer. "You know the situation better than me, tell me who needs the help most." She looks towards the ECM then Fischer. "You deal with destroying the ECM and other sensitive parts of the Raptor." Jena is already moving nearer.

"Just smash it up, then?" Fischer offers. After all, he's never paid too much attention to those things, so he hopes that'll be enough. Moving to start that task now, he lets out a bit of a breath.

The pilot hangs on his side in his seat. Parts of the dash have broken loose and has him pinned. He struggles to keep his head out of the water to breath. Cuts are all about his face and the one hand you can see. "Lieutenant Walsy" he says from his blue lips. He's shivering badly, suffering from the effects of hypothermia. "Don't know where the door gunner is, but my Co-pilot is dead. He took the blast that brought us down." He cuts his eyes to the pararescue "What took you so long?" And yes, he can get a grin out with it.

Priorities. Jena has them, she slips her gun down the strap to her back and moves in to the pilot. "Hey you, you should have done such a good job of landing this thing, I couldn't find you." She offers a warm smile, taking his hand, giving him human contact, letting him know he's not alone. Removing her hand from his, she gently cradles his head so he can relax as she holds it out of the water. "What hurts?" Free hand on the parts that have him pinned, she doesn't move them yet, wanting to make sure she won't do more damage in doing so, but she's got him secured as she holds his head against herself, offering a quiet strength to him.

Walsy coughs then grimaces "Hey you too. Well you see, it was hot, felt like a swim, Just forgot to get out of the ship first." His hand feels like ice and when she takes his head there is visible relaxation. "Been struggling to keep my head up since the water rose." He looks at Jena "What doesn't hurt would be a shorter list. Don't think anything is broken, well maybe a rib or two. But other than that, just beat up." He cuts his eyes to the co-pilot and sighs "He took the blast that knocked us down. Could have been me as easily as him." Another sigh. "Pretty sure I can walk, my left arm is numb but think that is cause it's pinned under me."

"Is there a proper way to destroy the data from this one, or should I just physically destroy the things?" Fischer asks after a few moments, as he's reached the ECM consoles now. "I don't know much more than how to be a passenger in one of these, after all."

Feeling him relax, Jena offers another quiet, reassuring smile. "We've got you.. Looks like you lost both the ECO and the door gunner. It's a miracle you survived." She prepares to push off the parts pinning him in. "Okay, I'm going to free you, when the blood flows, expect maybe some crippling pain at first. It'll turn into a dull throb or a piercing persistent pain… you tell me which, alright?" She begins counting.. "On three, one, two, three." Pushing on the last one, she holds him tighter so he doesn't pass out and duck under the water. Looking to Fischer, she frowns. "Help me get him out first, then shoot it up. If you're a good enough shot you could hit the tank from far enough away and explode it.. but that may draw company."

And sure enough the pilot does yell out as the part is moved. He coughs a few times, followed by a grimace. But there is relief as well "I can wiggle my toes, that's good, right?" He tries to make it sound more like a joke. "Nothing major hurts, but then again mostly everything is numb." Numb from the cold, as he continues to shiver.

Fischer nods a bit now, as he moves over to help. "Just tell me what to do," he offers, before he nods a bit to the pilot as well. "We'll have you out of here in no time…" he offers.

"Yes, that's good, it doesn't mean that nothing is broke… but it's definitely not fractured, so you're very lucky." She makes sure his belt is unfastened before she helps lift him out of his seat and onto a more solid footing. She first wraps her coat around him then reaches into her pack, the upper central small pocket and withdraws a space blanket and wraps it around him and her both to transfer some of her body heat to him. "Let's get out of here.. and Fischer, blow it up."

Walsy looks up as the Marine appears in his vision "Well, the Marine's have landed." He seems to be struggling a bit "Ok, just a little more…there!" His legs come free as he more floats out of the destroyed Raptor than actually gets out of it. Once he is on solid ground he wraps his arms around his chest, trying to hold the rips still. He looks to the rescuers "Just the three of you? There were four canners here earlier, then they all of a sudden took off, two to the east, two to the west. I figured it was them coming back when I heard you."

"Quality's safer than quantity, my friend," Fischer replies with a bit of a shrug, before he nods to Jena. "We'd better be ready to move. Once the explosion goes off, it will probably bring them here…" Stepping back towards the Raptor, readying a grenade now.

If he allows it, Jena secures her coat around him, slipping his arms in. "We just need to get you warm. We've already killed two of the Centurions on the way here.. so if the other two come across the metal remains then we're sure to have them. Are you good to walk? I will support you, but we have a bit of a trek to make." She gives a solemn nod. "Just us, but we're qualified." Another reassuring smile is given. "Fischer," she calls back… "We have something we need to do." If Walsy is able to stand on his own, Jena walks back to the door gunner and takes a tag, closing his eyes, she closes her own and says a little prayer. "We need to clear them of the explosion so their remains can be recovered." She does the same with the other, takes a tag to report it. Damned if she didn't hate this part so bad. She says another prayer before literally dragging her out, free and clear of the downed Raptor.

Walsy gives a nod to Fischer as he allows Jena to get her coat around him. After all he is near frozen. He looks back at his broken ship then to Jena "Yea, if we go slow," he answers about walking. Standing there, shivering he watches as Jena gets their tags, "They were the best crew," he starts but doesn't finish. Perhaps that is all there needs to be said. Once all that is done, he looks to the two "Lets get out of her, shall we?"

"Wouldn't it be better to…" Fischer trails off, shaking his head a little as he waits until the dead are dragged clear, before slipping into the Raptor again. "Ready for the fireworks?" he calls out, waiting for the answer now.

"No, they deserve a proper burial." Once everyone is clear of the Raptor, Jena moves back to the side of the pilot and assists him in walking towards the north, back the way they had come. "All yours, Fischer." She has her map to the location of the bodies she'd turn in with the tags and concentrates on the one at her side. "Lean on me all you like."

And lean he does. Walsy keeps his arms close to his chest, his steps shaky, tentative, at first. "Lets go home," he says, not looking back at the Marine nor his ship.

Remaining inside the Raptor for a little bit, to give the others time to get a bit further away before the explosion will come, Fischer keeps on looking outside to see that they've gone a bit into the distance, before placing the grenade where it should be placed. There's a few moments when he is quite lost in thought, before he lets out a breath. "I'm sorry…" he mutters, to nobody in particular, before he hurries off, making sure to get out of the blast radius before things are exploding. Fireworks time!

Jena supports him when he leans on her, smiling, not minding the slow going. "Home is a good idea." She calls back to the Raptor now that they are on their way back that they are slower than they might have been otherwise so account for that difference, but they were returning with a Raptor pilot in tow.

There is a muffled pop, then a blinding white light as the thermite grenade goes off. "Best we get out of here," Walsy says, still leaning on Jena, one arm on her shoulder, the other holding his chest. As they get further away, the ship is burning, then a larger fireball as ordinance and the power systems get going. The pilot ducks as the yellow swirling ball churns up above the trees. For a moment the area is bathed in yellow light before it burns it's self out.

Assisting the Pilot, Jena is more concerned with him than looking back at the explosion, trusting the Marine to have gotten out. "Yeah," she says gently. "We need to cover quite a bit of ground to meet at the designated area." Patiently assisting him. "Would it help if we paused here and I wrapped your ribs?"

Having managed to get out of the way of the blast, Fischer stumbles forward a bit. Looking back at the burning wreckage, he seems to be lost in thought for a few brief moments, taking some deep breaths. After a few moments, he turns and heads off, trying to catch up to the others now.

The pilot swallows. Stopping sound nice, but could he get going again? There is a moment of indecision "No, not now, lets keep going. How far do we have to go?" The further away the better and the closer to home. So it would seem. He gives the Marine a glance "It's gone, right?"

The woods have been reached, now the up's and downs that the team first crossed. Beyond that the first road to cross.

With that decision made, Jena continues on with him, walking at his side. "You just let me know if you need a break or a rest.. or water. I have a canteen if you're thirty. Though maybe we better refrain from liquids until a doctor can see you."

As he manages to catch up to the others, Fischer nods a bit slowly to the pilot. "All gone. Nice little bonfire…" Going silent again after having mentioned that, he goes back to looking at their surroundings.

<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Jena rolls Alertness: Success.

When Fischer finally catches up, Jena offers him a smile. "Nice job, Fischer." And indeed it was a job well done. "Not fun dropping a grenade on our own is it? What were you going to say back there?"

The trek is slow, the pilots steps are, at first, unsure. But as they move on he becomes a bit stronger. Soon the first road where the first Centurians were met is coming up. There are two Centurians there already. The blowing up of the Raptor was spotted and so they have begun to climb the embankment heading towards the team. They do not know that there is a team of Colonials headed their way along with an injured pilot. All their attention is to get up that embankment first.

Looking to Jena for a few moments at that quesstion, Fischer shakes his head, "It was nothing…" Going quiet again, before he sees the Centurions. "Two Centurions…" he hisses, readying his rifle to fire, as he takes aim at one of them and the fires off a burst.

Callen was been awfully quiet, almost like he wasn't here at all. But he was, taking shots where he could find them. But he had always been from somewhere hidden, or at least obfuscated. He's been around, just not directly visable. Been using that cover to his advantage. The man really wants to be a sniper if one couldn't tell. Three more shots ring out from some particular direction, likely off in some of the denser trees. Or possibly some of the taller grass. Been around, but somewhat ghost-like, covering Jena and Fischer while they tended to the downed pilot.

And that's all Jena needs to hear. "Keep down, please,

And that's all Jena needs to hear. "Keep down, please," she tells the pilot, putting herself between the enemy and the pilot, making sure there was never a target on the man they'd just rescued. With her rifle in hand now, she takes aim at one of them trying to crest the ridge, intent on taking him out before he could harm any one of them.

The Pilot hears the words from Fisher, he crouches the best he can, his eyes scan for the canners, but from where he is at he can't see them. Weaponless, he lost his pistol in the creak, he can only be a witness at this time.

It's a nice burst of shots, but still Fischer can't be too happy with them as the Centurion still stands. But nothing to do, but fire off another burst now.

While her bullets strike, they don't do enough damage so Jena aims again, making sure the Pilot was still protected before she pulls the trigger again, letting loose another burst of bullets.

<COMBAT> Jena fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-3 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-3 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-3 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Cent-4 passes.
<COMBAT> Callen fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-3 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-3 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-3 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cent-3 passes.

The Colonials have surprised the Centurians. Caught just as they have come up over the cleft. Shots ring off their armor, even audible over the sound of the rifle fire. Their attention is now becomes focused on the humans, rifles swing into action, targets are picked.

The pilot tries to get into the ground, not just laying on top of it. He dares not raise his head, let the trained folks handle this.

There's two pings from wherever Callen happens to be situated from. He's moving. There's the sound of movement coming from somewhere, but hard to say exactly where. More shots ring out, aimed at the Centurion he previously shot at.

<COMBAT> Jena fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-3 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-3 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-3 with Rifle Ap - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Cent-3 attacks Jena with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Callen fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-3 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-3 with Rifle AP - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-3 with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Cent-4 attacks Callen with Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reed has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Cent-3 has been KO'd!

When her weapon fires off, striking a few more times, Jena realizes Callen was firing at the same time and mowed it down as it shoots at her, she barely avoids getting hit, but she first checks on the welfare of the pilot. When he is safe, she concentrates on the final threat, intent on destroying it so they can get to safety.

The first centurion, yea he got a shot off, but that was it, just one. He crumpled to the ground under a storm of shots, the frame jerking and twisting with each strike. He falls back, down over the berm, the clatter of him hitting the road can clearly be heard. The other stands, though the shots have taken their toll. He continues to close the distance to the one Colonial Marine, his rifle coming to point at Callen.

Firing off another shot, Fischer doesn't pay attention to much more than the fact that the Centurion he's been firing at still stands up. Once more squeezing the trigger now.

Even if he's being shot at, it doesn't stop Callen from continuing to to tear down the last Centurion. At least he's somewhat good at remaining hidden. Or so he thinks, anyways.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Callen fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Jena fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-4 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-4 with Rifle Ap - Serious wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Jena attacks Cent-4 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cent-4 attacks Callen with Rifle and MISSES!

Frowning as he sees the Centurion still up after those hits, Fischer lets out a momentary growl as he fires another burst at it now.

Jena doesn't look back at the Pilot this time, or to where Callen is. Not yet.. She wants to get the lone Centurion down while he is still the the lone Centurion. Surely the shots and the explosion was bringing imminent danger. She makes a split second decision. "I'm taking the pilot ahead, you guys finish him, we've got to get gone." She goes back to the pilot, "Please come with me, they'll cover us."

Impressive, Callen notes mentally. He'll have to remember this when a Centurion takes a direct shot to the head. Still, it'll make him remember that takes more than a couple direct hits. A silent nod to Jena's voice on his comms before he's lining up what he hopes is some of the last trigger pulls he'll have to be done for a bit.

The pilot continues to stay down, the sound of the battle keeps his eyes closed tightly. That is till Jena comes to get him. He looks at her like she is nuts, getting up while bullets fly every which way. This is not what he was trained for. But he trusts her, gets up and with his head down follows her.

The Centurian still stands even after the devastating fire from the Colonials. He continues to keep his focus at the nearest Marine, his weapon aimed at Callen once again.

<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Cent-4 attacks Callen with Rifle - Moderate wound to Left Leg.
<COMBAT> Callen fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Callen attacks Cent-4 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Jena passes.
<COMBAT> Cent-4 has been KO'd!

Finally, it seems they've gotten that Centurion down. And so Fischer makes his way over towards Callen now. "You okay?" he asks quietly as he looks to the other man. "We should hurry after them…"

Callen was doing just fine. Up until the Centurion got a good shot off, which goes through his leg. "Son of a bitch!" he calls out, but it doesn't wreck his concentration from, retaking his aim and helping finish the last one off. "Shit!" he moving out of the bushes now, limping hard on one leg. "Well, I guess I needed another scar, didn't I?" he mutters. At least it didn't sever an antery in his leg or anything. Just looks nasty.

The Centurian crumples to the ground. One shot is all he got off. His sensors never even knew if his shot hit. It all happened so fast.

The pilot sticks to Jena as close as he can, not looking back till the firing stops. Then he does "Hey, one of them got hit," he tells the PJ.

Jena was already off with the pilot, but she can hear the words called out. She calmly speaks into the com. "Callen, are you doing okay back there? Need me to come back to you there?" She offers a nod to the Pilot who probably had broken ribs and hypothermia. "Yeah," she says softly. "I'll get him taken care of thank you."

There's a grunt of frustration from Callen. "You're having a good: rescue a pilot, shoot up some Cylons, and then one of them decides to get a damn good shot off and blow a hole in your leg." he mutters sourly. "No, I'm alright, nothing that can't wait. Look after the pliot, can look at in on the way back if you really want to."

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