AWD #305: Requests Come in Threes
Requests Come in Threes
Summary: Knox drops by marine HQ to talk to Amos
Date: 2/04/2016
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Amos Knox 
Battalion HQ - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
AWD #305

While the airwing might be running around like blue-arsed flies with transfers, the marine HQ seems relatively chilled. At least in comparison. Major Rand is parked behind his desk, in his little side office, and the rest of the HQ Unit are about their work. Amos is, as he often is, sat at his desk with a stack of paperwork and a mug of coffee. This paperwork looks dull though, and the coffee cold. Still, there is the faint consolation that on his desk, where he can see it if he glances up, is the picture Int sent him from an aerial recce of Santos Ridge, complete with centurion 'corpses'.

Its the Cylon. He enters the HQ just like he does every day - with barely a word. Virtually nobody in the Marines and has been stationed aboard long pays him mind for what he is anymore. Just another Sergeant with the scars to match the effort. He's in his green utilities, and walking slowly towards Amos. "Hey, Captain Ommanney? Can I steal a few minutes of your time?" The man speaks as if conserving his energy but somehow manages to sound casual about it.

Amos glances up from his file as he hears his name, then gestures to the seat on the other side of his desk. "Please Sergeant, steal as many as you want, I need a break from these reports anyway." He sets the folder down, back on the to-do pile, but what can you do. Lifting his mug he takes one sniff at the contents then puts it down again sadly. "What can I do for you?"

Knox glances to the picture of the aerial and grins a little. Santos. "I've never hated snow so much in my life as I did at that place. Good Gods." He chuckles dryly and looks back. "Anyway, got three things I wanted to request. First? There's a Corporal Demi Rakes coming out of recovery on P. She took an ugly bullet a few months ago and has been in recovery. She's a JTAC from my Company and I know her. She's good. A bit cocky, but I think we could use that. I'd like to request we transfer her to my squad."

As soon as Knox mentions three things Amos reaches for a small notebook in the chest pocket or his greens, and flips it open before also reaching for a pen. 'Rakes' is noted, and something else before he glances up and nods, "get me a sentence or two I can feed to the S1 and I'll do what I can." He trusts Knox enough not to ask any further, but does nod at the comment about snow. "I've certainly no particular desire to go skiing any time soon myself," he notes with a faint smile, "although I've no idea what winter will be like down on P. Should give the meteorologists something to keep themselves busy with though I suppose."

Knox nods a few times. "Sure. Quick blurb? She was on Picon when it went to shit and was calling in iron when she could. She's a Corporal and Jumpmaster qualified. I am too, but not many people want to learn how to get their wings from a Cylon." Which is just a fact of life. He takes no offense to any of it and even seems to understand it. Knox probably wouldn't trust another Cylon to teach him something like that. "I want her to get as many people their jump wings as we can. It maximizes our tactical and strategic flexibility, sir." He pauses. "She's also MFF qualified, like myself. That's at least two people who can do HAHO, LALO, and HALO jumps, Captain. Don't know if she can teach it, but with two of us, we can try."

Amos makes notes as Knox speaks. By the amount his pen is moving he's not getting every word, more likely a few specific ones, or shorthand. Once it seems that the description is done he nods once, eyes the S1's desk, who's current occupant appears to be elsewhere and offers, "I'll do what I can. Item two?"

"We're coming off a success on Picon and we're all pretty proud. Morale seems pretty high. But we've got a lot of new wing-wipers. A lot of these people have never worked with a JTAC. I'd like permission to get with the Wing and activate the bombing range. I need to evaluate them, and also evaluate Rakes, sir." Coop seems to be pretty intent on doing his job. The man really doesn't take much time ot relax and it shows. Casual, but the topic is all business.

"No arguments here on that score," Amos notes, adding 'JTAC trainign for wing' underneath his previous scribbles. "Talk to the CAG. I'm happy for you to take the lead on it from this end as you know your requirements best. If anyone looks at you funny drop my name in and tell them you're acting under my authority in the matter." Simple. "Three?"

Knox smiles a little, definitely appreciating it. "That's why I came to you, Captain, and not Ensign Danglenuts. I'll get my schedule to you after I speak to the CAG. I'll probably need to requisition a few Marines, too, along with some training weapons, but it should be easy. Thanks." He takes a long breath. "Three." He looks more directly at Amos. "Sir, we've been at this war awhile. We're seeing more action in hotter spots. I was looking over the known intel on the colonies the other day…" The guy shakes his head. "There's no way we're landing on some of these worlds. Scorpia? Libran? We don't even know if we can operate there. Eventually boots are going to get sent, though. I'd like to request we start working on a focused recon element that stresses stealth, observation, and the ability to fight aggressively out of trouble if everything goes to shit. I don't need to manage or start it. I was just hoping it would be something you would consider putting together. Possibly even leading, Captain. The men trust you. So do I."

"Now now Sergeant," Amos chides amicably, there's that whole respect for officers thing, even if they are numpties, but he's not going to start lecturing now. Considering that point closed he listens to the third, pausing in his not etaking part way through to look back across to Knox. He remains quite for a moment or two once the pitch is made, mulling over what is said with care. "I can certainly start putting some troops through training exercises designed with such activities in mind, but any operational planning will need to be done in conjunction with Major Rand and S2." Likely CIC too, but then he'd just read a report a few hours ago from them. "It's Operations though, so would be in my remit if greenlighted. There's rumblings upstairs," he points in the vague direction of CIC, "about more long term plans, but get me a list of who you'd recommend. Locals, who know the terrain, and others with the right sort of attitude, and we'll see how the situation develops."

Knox listens, nodding. "Aye, sir. I'll start attacking it from this end. I've got a few ideas already and i can tell you that you would probably have to chain Rakes up to keep her away from recon actions like we're thinking." The guy follows the gesture to cIC, though, and slowly looks back. "Long term plans are good. If it means we can hold them by the nose and kick them in the ass, I'm all for it. Should I assign any sort of secrecy to the recon team idea for now? Or just sort of keep it casual, sir?"

"Until we've anything else to go on it'll just be a case of 'and this weeks training exercises are on evasion rather than engagement', so no need to keep a lid on anything. I'll just shuffle the scenarios a bit." Is Amos' considered reply. "Train for a variety of conditions, for while you might say Scorpia and Libran, for all we know we might get sent to Caprica. Keep things general for now, we can then slect any teams as required and move onto more situation specific training once we have more information."

Knox listens, nodding along. "Makes sense. I'll talk to intel and see if I can get maps of the surface of P. See if I can find environments similar to what we see on those two places." He taps his fingers on his knee a moment and then nods in finality. "Any requests? Anything else you need me for, Cap?"

"Do that," Amos replies, then considers the question posed. "Nothing pressing sergeant, just keep me abreast of your progress. And let me know if any of the new transfers give you hastle you can't handle. I know most of Orion's crew are settled on the idea of you and the good Dr being around, but we've a lot of new faces of late." He can;t immediately think of anything further though so adds simply, "unless you've thought of anything else in the last thirty seconds or so, that will be all."

Knox slowly rises from the chair and pats his hands one his hips once. "Nope, think that's it. And yeah, new faces always do that. I appreciate it, sir. I suspect they'll be alright. I think the biggest reason I'm still alive is because if someone killed me then I wouldn't want to be them when the Marines find who did it." Shoot your family, beat your dog, burn the house. "I'll let you know what I come up with, Captain. Thanks for the time."

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