AWD #263: Reporting In
Reporting In
Summary: Kostas reports in to Battalion HQ
Date: 26/Sep/2013
Related Logs: Nothing specific but planin gof Picon invasion in general.
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Battalion HQ - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The headquarters of Third Battalion, Eighth Marines is the primary command location for all Marines associated with Task Force NOMAD. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, though it tends to explode with activity during duty hours.
AWD #263

Kostas is spiffed, buffed, and shined, her hair even freshly clipped. The Ensign walks the corridors to HQ with a crisp step that covers up (she hopes) her bit of discomfort. Her hands are kept at her sides, away from that irritating collar. She keeps her eyes forward, though her peripheral vision is quite active, craning her neck now and then to look out for the Captain that she's hoping to report to. It's a little hard to not stare; she's never been to a place other than Picon where the bigwigs hang, unless she was in Big Trouble.

Elias also finds himself headed for the Marine command center, with his usual clipboard full of papers in hand. The young Captain looks like he's near the end of a long duty shift, if the rumpled uniform, slightly frazzled air, and strong scent of cigarette smoke are any inidication. He falls into step behind the unknown Ensign ahead of him, following Kostas towards the hatch to the battalion command center.

Amos is, as he habitually is, in his greens. He's also, currently sat at his desk and in deep and detailed conversation with the battalion's S1 over a set of maps. Then, seemingly in agreement about whatever it was they were discussing, the S1 heads back to his own desk, to start an equally intense conversation with a Lieutenant there. GIven teh flow of people around he room, it would seem that such mini-confreneces are the order of the day, leaving the general impression to any casual observer that the place is ruled by chaos. It's not, everyone has a purpose, a small part of the plan they're working on, but without knowing that it just looks like there is no organisation at all.

Kostas squints a little, but yeah, that Captain over there sure looks like the one she's looking for. She steps out of the way as the S1 goes on his next trajectory, them moves over and manages to avoid doing a little fist pump as she can read his nameplate for confirmation. She stands at attention, even doing the heel click thing. "Sir, Captain Ommanney, sir. Ensign Silvia Kostas, newly assigned and reporting for duty, sir." She remains at attention, looking straight ahead.

Elias trails Kostas into the headquarters and then steps aside to scan the room. The Marine S-2 looks his way, but Elias just offers the Marine intel officer a quick nod in acknowledgement. Apparently that's not who he's here to see today. Elias' attention is drawn towards Kostas and Amos as the Ensign reports in, and there it settles. Now he's watching expectantly, looking for an opening to approach Amos and studying the new Ensign with a peculiar expression.

Amos glances up from the map in question as he hears that heel click and gives Kostas a brief nod in acknowledgement. "As you were Ensign," he states almost automatically as he takes a quick scan round the room. "If you're reporting in you want Captain.." scan complete he fails to find the S1, the guy who had been right there a moment a go and has now seemingly vanished into thin air. "You know what, he's likely busy with something so I'll throw you in the deep end instead. You briefed and ready for the assault tomorrow and have you requsitioned the gear you need from stores yet?" One final quick look round fails to net him the now elusive S1 but does find Elias, who gets a brief nod in acknowledgement before he turns back to the woman infront of him.

Kostas moves into an at ease position, but…it's still a position. She cocks her head for a moment, kind of a defacto scratch at that fucking annoying and way unused-to collar. "Gear's fine, sir. Got all my sh-stuff together all right. Briefed, nossir. If you don't have th' time, can you direct me t' someone who can? Will be talkin' to th' NCOs too, sir." Slum cadence is strong with this one, a grunt in an officer's uniform. Lovely. But her expression is serious enough, grim and all business.

Elias sorts some papers while he waits, separating the top sheet of regulation memo from his clipboard. He glances at it long enough to double check the content, then steps forward. Moving towards Captain Ommanney and the Ensign, looking for the first opening to break into the conversation, Elias proceeds to hover impatiently.

Amos gives a nod as Kostas states her gear is in order, then another when she states she hasn't been briefed yet. "I can give you the cliff notes now, and then a few folders worth of intelligence notes to read," he replies quickly, reaching to check through a pile of folders before selecting a couple and offering them acorss to her. "Target is CFAB Crandall and we're going in hard and fast. There's an outline of the plan in the front of one of those so read it, learn it and if you ave any questions I'll likely be here until we leave." He leans back in his chair a little, and studies the Ensign a moment before asking, "do you have and areas of specaliiation I need to know about?" As it becomes apparent that Elias is here to talk to him though he waves the other man over and states simply, "this is Captain Gray, he's Fleet buttry not to hold that against him. He's the other person to go to with questions." Then to Elias himself, "if you're all the way down here it must be serious. What can I do for you Captain?"

There's a flicker of dismay across Kostas' face, but she doesn't break the Marine game face. "'Preciate it, Sir." She takes the folders gingerly, and tucks them under her arm. "Familiar with the terrain, Sir. You know the rest 'f the NCOs been briefed? 'D like t' talk it over with them as well, sir. I was originally EOD, but all that went to shit on Picon. Uh…sorry, Captain. Been leadin' a platoon there since War Day, one of Commander Spree's 'specials'." The child soldier ones, most likely. As Elias is introduced, she pops back to attention. Oh gods, TWO of them? "Captain Gray," she greets. And then her eyes slide to Amos. Oooh, is *he* in trouble now?
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"Ensign," is the sum total of Elias' greeting to Kostas. That peculiar look he's been giving her finally fades away when she describes what she's been doing on Picon, and Elias offers her a quick nod before he turns to speak to Amos. "Some last minute intel, Captain." He offers up the memo sheet. "I tried to get you some sewer schematics for Marlin City, but no luck. The engineers think they'll be too damaged to travel in anyway. Anvil did have a few comments about the town but nothing terribly useful. Some details on the 308th Armament Systems Group and 379th Air Expeditionary Wing. And I've found you some Corvettes in the Linten recon group that can handle low-orbit gunfire support, if you want it."

Amos takes the memo sheet from Elias first, scanning it quickly before placing it on top of the stack of notes immediately to his left. "That you Captain," he states with a quick nod, "I am sure we can use whatever support we have available so I'll get tehm factored in as quickly as possible." Then to Kostas, "You know the terrain around Crandall Ensign? As for your NCOs, they should all know the plan as of two evenings ago. It hasn't changed much since then although we have been able to discuss specifics with Air Wing and such sing, so there are a few more details filled in." There's a glance to his half full coffee mug, but it's quite blatantly stone cold so he leaves it for now and asks instead, "any experience with Jacks?"

Kostas shakes her head slightly. "Not directly, Sir. But we talk, when we can, and we meet up. I know where it is, know people've been there, but—wasn't where I was and went to, when shit went down, Sir." The mention of Jacks gets another shake of the head. "Heard 'f 'em, but if I got experience with one, didn't know it at the time, sir," she answers honestly. "They thinkin' there's a lot of 'em down there Sir?" Her gaze slides over to Gray for a moment before returning to Amos.

"I don't think you'll encounter many Jacks," Elias responds to Kostas' look, assuming that was an unspoken question. "From what we can tell, jacking humans is more about controlling the population. But anything is possible." Once his information has been handed off, Elias makes ready to withdraw. After one more look around the busy HQ, he offers the two Marines the only other support he has at this point. Well wishes. "Well … Good luck down there."

"Anywhere between none and about three thousand of 'em," Amos replies, "depending on how they're keeping the 308th and 379th under control. Centurians for definite and I'd bet you good money on human-forms. Sixes most likely, but could well be others too." Without pausing to let that settle in his continues, "if you see a Six in marine armour and a great big scar on his face don't shoot him, he's one of your NCOs. No scar, take that fraker out as quick as you can, then make sure they're good and dead." Giving Elias a brief nod as the man departs he offers in jest, "I'm sure we could find a pair of boots to fit you if you fancy coming and seeing for yourself Captain."

A wide grin flashes across Kostas' face, a flash of teeth. "Who, Sergeant Knox? Already met him, Sir." She nods to the rest. "'Swhat I hope t' be doin' down there, Sir. Bring it on." She eyes Elias speculatively, as Amos makes his offer, before returning to the Marine captain. "Don't want t' take too much of your time, Sir. You got anything else for me?" She snaps to, as if ready for a dismissal.

Elias gives a thin, somewhat forced smile in answer to Amos' offer. "I'm afraid my desk might get in your way, Captain." He has no qualms about remaining a desk jockey, it seems. The mention of Knox gives Elias pause, and for a second he seems about to comment about the skinjob, then finally decides against it. With nothing further to add, Captain Gray bows out and heads for the hatch, departing at a brisk pace.

"That's him," Amos confirms with a nod, glad that that particular bridge has already been crossed and apparently there are no issues there. "I have nothing else for you Ensign," he then states, "just read that lot, learn it and come back down here if you have any questions, queries or bright ideas." SMiling briefly at Elias's reply he gives the other man a final nod before turning back to Kostas, "alright then Ensign, dismissed."

"Sir, thank you, sir." Kostas hops to attention again, and then takes a step back before making an about face to go the way she came, files still tucked under her arm. Unseen, her lips purse in dismay at the thought of all that reading, quirked as if in anticipation for the headache that's coming. But her pace weaving through the command center is no less brisk, as she disappears back into the corridor.

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