AWD #519: Replacements Redux
AWD #519: Replacements Redux
Summary: Following up on a request, Major Gray visits the CAG to discuss a possible source of Air Wing replacements.
Date: 22/11/2016 (OOC Date)
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Elias Robin 
CAG's Office
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
Fri Jun 09 2006 AWD #519

The office is austere when it comes to personal vestiges. Completely barren of personal touches. Even the coffee mug is something nicked from the Mess. About the small office, particularly behind the desk against the cabinets, are tubes presumably holding various star charts. Sitting at the desk is Colonel Io, looking over some reports on how the preparations are coming along for Blue Axe. The hatch remains closed when not in use as per regulations, or maybe the regulations are an excuse for her privacy.

Elias makes his way down to the Air Wing corridors in search of the CAG. Dressed blues that look like they might have been slept in, the young Major pauses outside the hatch to take a the last few drags on his cigarette before crushing it out. Then he runs a hand through his hair and steps up the door, giving three quick raps on the metal face. "It's Major Gray, sir. Spare a moment?" he calls through the door.

"Come in." Apparently the CAG doesn't feel the need to have to tell Elias to shut the door. She simply expects it. He's not some fresh-faced recruit even if he's a fresh-faced Major. "Please, make yourself uncomfortable in one of my crappy chairs," she fans her hand to the two huddled in the room just in front of the desk.

Elias cracks the hatch, enters the office, and swings the door closed behind him. There's a nod for her offer to sit, and since Robin opened with that, he's happy to dispense with formalities and sink down into one of the seats. Crappy chair or not, the TACCO offers a grateful sigh as he settles in, clipboard in his lap. "Sorry to drop in on you, Colonel. I know you've got a few things on your plate at the moment." Elias offers a thin, wry smile for the understatement and continues. "I have something urgent that needs your approval."

"Ha, I wonder whose fault that is?" Robin half smiles at Elias before turning to grab a mug and her coffee pot. "Please, continue." She starts to pour herself a mug and then, after replacing the pot, she wiggles an empty mug with her brow arched as if to offer a cup to the Major.

"Mmm," Elias wordlessly accepts the blame, then quickly shakes his head at the offered coffee. "No. Thank you." A quick glance at some notes on his clipboard, and then the TACCO looks back up to begin. "I think we may be able to find you some experienced Viper pilots, and Commander Spree believes the Boneyard can supply us with the ships for them to fly. I've cleared the idea with the Admiral — he has some conditions — but ultimately, it's your call." The catch, as they say, comes at the end. "I want to see how many friendly Nines will volunteer to fly for us."

Robin puts the empty mug back and grabs some sweetener to dump into her mug. "The Nines? That's the line I hear tell once flew for the Orion correct?" It's rough living under a ruck, or in her case, tucked away in a crazy hermit's lair or whatever on Caprica. "What are his conditions, pray tell?" She stirs her coffee with a spoon, lays it aside on a small tray, and then gets to blowing the steam off her drink.

"Correct," Elias confirms, adding a bit of context for the CAG. "Captain Ceres Delacroix flew with the Lucky Strikes. She was one of the first skinjobs to reveal herself and ask for asylum, along with Sergeant Knox and Doctor Tamsin. But she was killed by the Cylons en-route to her tribunal." And then the Admiral's conditions are listed after the TACCO double checks his notes. "They'll be granted seventy-two hour commissions with the rank of Lieutenant JG. If we get enough to form a squadron, they'll operate together with one designed squadron commander as a Captain. They're to bunked together in their own section of the wing barracks. And the Admiral wanted to emphasize that they're to be treated as Fleet officers in every way. He was … very emphatic on that point."

With everything Robin has learned in the last month, her world of knowledge about the war has shifted considerably as has most people's. She adopts a pensive look, a wrinkle at her brow as she blows across the surface of her coffee a bit more. Waiting until Elias is finished, she stretches out a thought before lowering her mug and nodding. "I accept those conditions."

Patience is one of Elias' virtues, and the TACCO waits silently while Robin weighs the matter. Still he looks a bit relieved when the CAG agrees, even if all he says is another "Mmm." A quick note is made, and then he nods. "Then we'll see how many volunteers we get in the next thirty-six hours. I'll get the word out ASAP, and keep you informed, sir."

"Let us hope for enough to fill as many empty Vipers as we have Major. It'd be nice to make this a real wallop." A grin slips onto Robin's lips just before she steals a sip of her coffee.

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