AWD #633: Release
Summary: Lleufer releases Toby back to duty while discussions ar ehad regarding charges. They talk, bridges aren't exactly remade, but perhaps there's a start.
Date: 16/03/2017
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Lleufer Toby 
Brig - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The battlestar's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away. Brig rules are posted behind the desk on a white panel with blocked black lettering.
AWD #633

There's not much to do in the brig, apparently that’s part of the design, but since Pratt dropped him off a book Toby has at least had something to look at that isn't walls and bars. Not that he seems to have managed to get very far into it mind, either it's difficult reading, or his concentration is lacking. He's having another stab at it now though, having half eaten his lunch and is sat on his bunk with his back to the corner of the cell.

There is the sound of a hatch being unlocked and opened, someone stepping through into the brig corridor. The MP's already in here look up, but it's only the Master at Arms. Lleufer stops at the check in table set up just inside and signs himself in, "All quiet today?" The Corporal on duty nods, "Yes, Staff." Ynyr checks the log to see who's been in to visit and what if anything they have left for Shackleton, cleared by the MP's. He's done this daily though he hasn't said a word to Toby nor seen him directly.
"All right then." Lleu makes sure he has the right pass code and goes on down past the first couple of cells to where Toby's been detained. There the Staff Sergeant stops to briefly study the Tauron tech.

The hatch opening does distract Toby somewhat from his attempts to get into the book, but only as much as forcing him to restart the paragraph after losing his page. It's the footsteps that stop in close proximity that mean he's actually casting it down to the foot of the mattress though. Looking up he freezes for a second or two when he clocks that it's Lleufer stood there. He just breathes for a few more seconds, staring at the man and his busted nose before he seems to remember that he should actually react in some way. There's perhaps the start of a wince at the bruises caused before he asks quietly, "did I do that?"

Lleufer likewise stands there watching Toby. There's no particular expression on his face. No gloating, no anger, nothing. Arpay enhanced eyes take in far more detail about the Tauron than another man would be able to see, aware of Shackleton's heart beat and able to hear his breathing. "Yeah. But whether it was intentional or not? I don't know."
His keycard is lifted and Ynyr swipes it through the lock mechanism, then enters the code to open the cell door. The lock releases with a thunk and he pulls it open. "I've had worse. I'm sure you have too. Come on out. I'm releasing you to return to your duties, Shackleton. No charges have been filed, though I imagine they are still reviewing and will let you know what they decide."

Toby drops his head slightly as Lleu confirms that the bruises are his own work, then nods to acknowledge the guilt. "Not intentional," he notes, looking back to the marine, "to be honest, I barely even remember you being there." One hand does unconsciously reach up to rub the sore patch on the back of his own head though. "I just fraking saw red what with what Kapali was saying, was focused on her." He has no idea of he'll be believed or not, but he feels at least a fraction better for saying it, although that relief is quickly replaced by a flash of confusion as the door is opened. "Released?" he queries as he slowly pushing himself to his feet and grabs the book, "but they were talking about Court Martial yesterday?" The few steps to reach the door take moments only but he pauses in the threshold. "Look," he starts awkwardly, "man… I'm sorry you got caught up in it. You were just doing your job and I was too far gone to see anything but the Sergeant in front of me." He starts to raise his right hand, as if to offer it to Lleu to shake, but then aborts when it's almost in position and tries abysmally to make it look like he was just going to make a general gesture towards the mangled nose. "You didn't deserve that."

The hand is glanced at, watchful of tricks and not trusting Shackleton but Ynyr only steps back to clear the way to let the other man out. "Yes, released. For now. In case you didn't hear there's a Ceasefire. As of today, the War is officially over. Until it isn't." Ynyr gestures for Toby to proceed him down the corridor towards the MP desk. "Sign out and we'll pass you through." Any personal items that may have been removed from Toby will now be returned to him in full, safely kept (such as tools, anything at all that might have been in his pockets) once he signs the log book. Lleu closes the cell door then waits patiently, lunging distance back from the Deckie.
"I tried to be friends with you. But it doesn't matter because you think I'm a fool. I frankly don't give a shit what you think anymore. You have a chip on your shoulder bigger than this ship and the only thing that concerns me about you is whether you mean any real harm to us." The Master at Arms waits for Toby to sign and once he's collected his things, nods for the other MP to open the hatch to let Shackleton out.

"I heard," Toby confirms as he walks towards the desk, hands going back into his pockets for the distance in an attempt to indicate that he's not about to try anything dumb. He's silent as he checks the paperwork and signs, but then turns back as he starts to put things back into his pockets. "Only people I seem to manage to remain friends with are Tauran knuckledraggers, and the long dead. I can count 'em on one hand and his fingers, plural, left over," he holds up three fingers to make the point. "Given recent events, frankly, I suspect you dodged a bullet there." With his things stowed away he steps halfway through the hatch then turns back again, apparently today is the day for almost exits. "Did you ever get to the bit in Mithrian theology where it's imperative to be truthful? Believe me, or not, as you see fit, but on this I," he straightens a little, as if about to do something official, or give weight to his words, "I do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm, that I'm sorry for what I did to your face, and that I mean no harm to this ship."

Lleufer twists his mouth and has regained some notable mobility in the left side of his face. His words are losing that lingering slur from his head wound as well, and Ynyr is also now able to use his left hand more fully. "Dodged a bullet? Maybe, but I doubt bringing you up on charges is going to cause remaining Taurons everywhere to rise up on your behalf. You just aren't that important whether your ego thinks you are or not." Still a mostly neutral tone of voice from him, or flat but not filled with malice. Ynyr studies Toby as he straightens up and swears. "Yeah, I got that part. I don't care about my face. I do care about you sticking to that oath. Even when you leave this ship, and especially if you ever set foot again on Piraeus. It belongs to the skinjob models now and I know you hate their guts, Shackleton. Now get out of here. I've got work to do."

Toby frowns faintly back at Lleufer's reply, tilting his head quizzically at the other man, "why on Tauran do you think I want anyone to rise up for me?" he asks quietly. "Bring me books perhaps," he notes, letting one finger tap the boom in his hand, "but I neither want, nor have asked for anything like you speak of." He seems genuinely surprised at the suggestion, and curious about what lies behind it, but then P's mentioned and there's a flash of sadness. "I told your new S2 by the way, best way to get me out of your hair would be to just put me on the next shuttle raptor to Piraeus. If the war is done then I've no desire to stick around, and I won't kid myself into thinking many will miss me when I'm gone, but you've got one thing wrong there." His voice is low, but open, not harsh. "I hate the cyclons, and anyone who has decided to stand with them. The Lines though? They're Piraean, not Cylon, if any learn the truth and still stick with the canners then frak 'em, they deserve what they get, but the others? They're just as human as you or I, and I'll figh.. I'll have pointed words with anyone who tries to treat them otherwise."

That actually gets Ynyr to smile a little, "Then you and I are in agreement on that part, for a change. I -hope- the war is over and we can all rest for a while, rebuild. And maybe, just maybe, even you can forgive a little and rebuild friendships Shackleton. I know you've been through some very nasty shit and if any of us deserve a little peace, maybe it's you. I genuinely wish you luck with that." A sigh, "But some of us must remain vigilant. Even if we never have trouble with the Cylons again, which I bet we will, either way there's still the machines out there." Once Toby's cleared the MP desk, Lleu pauses there to sign acknowledgement for his release of Shackleton, checks his chrono to put down the time and date.

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