PWD #35: Event - Reese Rescue, Part 3
Reese Rescue, Part 3
Summary: The rescue operation stops being a rescue operation.
Date: 01/Dec/2012 (OOC Date)
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Cole Duke 
In Space!
In Space!
December 1, 2004 (PWD #35)

As the Vipers kick out, the Orion slips behind them. DRADIS picks up the Roland Reese way off to the right, about Bearing 005 off the nose of the Mercury Class. Out here, they are too close to the line to make any mistakes. Even stray rounds could start a war. The ship, though, is barely a discernible rectangle out there at about 35 or so kilometres. Its barely half the size of the Orion. Time to check in with CIC.

When Duke hits the exterior, he looks around to his side to locate Cole's bird and after a few moments, he tilts the nose up and slightly pushes the thrusters, going in formation with the other Pilot. He looks outside his Canopy and does the thumbs up signal before opening up his comm link.

[TAC1] "Bumper" Duke says, "Janitor, Bumper. Ready to go?"

Cole naturally eases back to a four o'clock position after giving a dip of his head iacross the black n acknowledgment to Duke that he's at the ready. The Lieutenant keeps his throttle light as he plays wingman to the Captain. The silk of his voice doesn't even seem phased at their given mission, though the unseen frown behind his faceplate is a different matter. A gloved fist pounds on the top of his helmet twice in some sort of odd ritual or in an attempt to get his head into the game.

[TAC1] "Janitor" Cole says, "Roger that, Bumper. Janitor is ready to clean up."

[TAC1] "Orion Actual" Jameson says, "Going encrypted. Three, two, one." The line breaks, fizzles, and comes back with only a little scratch. "Alright boys, Seventh Fleet and you-know-who is covering their asses in case this blows up at them. I'm taking the heat off you two. Direct order: Sink the Roland Reese on my authority. …Ever tried to strafe an armored ship before? Think on what's most vulnerable."

Duke listens to the Admiral's words and just shakes his head at the whole 'covering their asses' deal. He looks at his side to see the other pilot and waggles his wing before opening the comms again to speak. His expression? Well, granted, this is the first time he gets an order like that and its…well…not something he was expecting do do but still, this is something that needs to be done and it will be done. He clears his throat, takes a deep breath and speaks.

[TAC1] "Bumper" Duke says, "Actual, Bumper. Copy that. I would go for the engines, ignite the fuel lines and create some nice pretty fireworks. Janitor, let's move into position, we'll go weapons hot there and take a final assessment before engaging""

There is a grind of his teeth that thankfully doesn't come across the comms before Ari echoes that waggle and sticks around to follow Duke on their direct line towards the Reese. His thumb hovers above the toggle to take his weapons live, waiting for the orders from his superior.

[TAC1] "Janitor" Cole says, "Actual. Bumper. Janitor copies. Preparing to go hot. Commencing the destruction of the Roland Reese at your mark."

[TAC1] "Orion Actual" Jameson says, "Probably not going to cut it, son. You're going to have to play this one close. The ship is drifting towards the Arm Line and will cross it in approximately one hour. I need you guys to get in there and make sure it goes before that. Don't waste your ammo in the engines. Your rounds won't penetrate the armor. This one's going to get bumpy." A pause. "Boys, your best bet is going to be to try and blast open some holes on the flight deck and hit some fuel lines there. It'll go fast. But it'll go close."

Out ahead, the Reese looms closer and closer. Only a few minutes out.

Pushing the throttle, Duke moves his Viper at maximum speed, and this is when the new words from the Admiral come in, and this does make him press his lips hard, jaw tension up. The man takes a deep breath and as they get closer, he runs a quick check on the exterior and then nods his head. Alright, alright, slightly different change of plans. And there's no time, so gotta do things fast. He opens the comms and says…

[TAC1] "Bumper" Duke says, "Actual, Bumper. Should be interesting. Janitor, Bumper. Weapons hot, let's punch it, lets move inside the deck and shoot the frak out of this thing. It's going to get bumpy, but we'll make it. Look for the red lines going across the deck, fuel lines would be right underneath."

And just as he said, Duke does speed towards the Hangar deck, lowering speed just a little when he gets closer. His thumb on the trigger button, removing the safety lock and looking at those target areas that he laid for Janitor to target as well. Oh boy, here we go. He quickly licks his lips and as soon as he is in, fully surrounded by, well…the ship itself, he presses the trigger and KEW starts pouring through the cannon, bright red and burning hot.

Cole makes a little second-nature move to bring his weapons live, his eyes sharpening on the spacescape in front of them and focusing on his HUD as they line up with the now deserted flight deck. He sticks in a little hot, unleashing the brilliant flashes of KEW in a steady strafe before he throttles back to bank away from the Reese and following Duke's lead in case they need to make a second pass.

<FS3> Duke rolls Gunnery: Success.
<FS3> Duke rolls Gunnery: Good Success.
<FS3> Duke rolls Gunnery: Good Success.

Putting rounds into deck plating? Well the flight deck was designed to take a lot of things. Crashing fighters and Raptors? Sure. Sustained 30mm chain gun rounds, mixed with tracers? Uhm no. At first there doesn't seem to be much effect. Rounds chew craters into the plate, sparks fly. But aiming for those red lines? That's the key. Rounds dig a nasty trench into the deck and it doesn't take long before the gas line ruptures and liquid tylium escapes into the cold of space. Its a bit pretty at first, like a string of yellowish pearls flowing out. Until, that is, a spark catches one. The whole deck lights up like a flashbulb and the spewing fuel becomes a white-hot flame instantly, liquifying the armor plating around it. If there were sound in space, they'd hear the red fire klaxons going off all over the ship. As it is, all the two pilots can really see is the rotating red beacons that come on around them. …and then the flame fizzles and tucks back into the line, burning faster than the fuel can exit, much like a very long fuse. Seconds count.

It is a pretty sight, until it becomes a frakking inferno that is, pretty quickly, starting to engulf the Vipers acting as protection for both Pilots. Duke can already feel his bird shaking and his finger moves away from the trigger since the chain reaction has already started. Shit is going down, and it's time to really, really get the frak out of there. Yes, seconds do count in this one and in what seemed to be a slow motion moment, he lowers his hand towards the throttle and before pushing it to the max, he says over the comms.

[TAC1] "Bumper" Duke says, "Janitor!—g-ggggghzzz— out of here!fzzzzhhhhh-NOW!"

And rest assured, Duke does exactly that same thing. The engines on his Viper are really responding to the throttle push and the Viper is speeding up towards the exit, oh yes.

You don't have to tell Janitor twice to get the Hades out of Dodge (, Caprica). There is only a split second of rubber-necking, evidenced by the yellow and orange reflection on his faceplate before he throws his upper body weight against his stick, willing it to go as fast as his Viper will allow. Goodnight, Reese.

[TAC1] "Janitor" Cole says, ""Bumper, Janitor. Copy….returning to base."

Run like hell. The Reese's tail end flashes past their canopies and the Orion looks like its a million miles away. Safety. Meanwhile a time-bomb ticks behind them. ..And Vipers can only build velocity so fast. The Admiral wasn't kidding when he said this one would be close, either. It starts as a bright flash visible over their wingtips. Just over their shoulders they can even probably watch it go. First its Engineering and its massive tanks of liquid Tylium. The whole rear end shears off with the concussive blast as fire and heat bloom through the fore section. But the tank's blast is nothing compared to the one that comes when the flak vessel's armories go all at once. In one blinding flash, the whole fore section just /vaporizes/ like a nuclear warhead in one bright white moment. When it fades, one a bit of the alligator hear and the engines are drifting away, the latter exploding on its own while shrapnel heads off into deep space. Anyone sitting on the Obs Deck could /not/ have missed that.

The way the cockpit of Duke's Viper is shaking right now, wow…it'll probably need to be grounded for a few before going back again, just to allow the Deck to make sure that everything is /ok/. As he speeds away from the now banishing Reese, he uses his positioning thrusters to flip his nose 180 degrees, doing the same with his left wing thrusters, basically allowing himself to take a quick look at how the explosion is going, making sure that no crap is flying towards the Armistice line. He is, at a safe distance right now, which is good, very good.

Cole's teeth are chattering in his skull from the sheer vibration of the blast erupting behind his Viper, the Lieutenant just barely skirting the blast radius as it chases them backwards from the exploding ship. When he can no longer feel the imagined inferno bearing down on him, he eases off the throttle until he's just floating moments away from the Barn, waiting on his Lead.

[TAC1] "Orion Actual" Jameson says, "Contact lost with the Reese. Good work, boys. Whiskey is on me tonight. Return on home. Actual, out."

Duke turns his Viper again and gives some throttle, not as much as before. He goes back to formation with Cole and once again, he waggles his wings before opening the comms again. Afterward, he just moves back to the barn because there is whiskey to be had and…well, perhaps time to relax, because that was /tense/.

[TAC1] "Bumper" Duke says, "Actual, Bumper. Vipers coming home. Whiskey is welcome. Bumper, out."

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