PWD #35 Event - Reese Rescue, Part 2
Reese Rescue, Part 2
Summary: A compromised crew lands on the Deck, Jameson makes a call.
Date: 01/Dec/2012 (OOC Date)
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Hangar Bay
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
December 1, 2004 (PWD #35)

[Intercom] Jameson says, "All hands, this is Admiral Jameson. Medical, we need a decon team to the port hangar bay pronto and I need two Viper sticks down there to meet me personally. That is all."

Boots stick out from under the back end of a raptor. Actually two pairs, one pair is attached to orange coverall covered legs, the other to a pair of fatigues. "And then it was to a point where no one was goin' anywhere. Daddy had this gun pointed right at him. Buckshot was in the ground around his feet, the end of that shot gun was smoking n' such. I was sure that boy was gonna be shot and stuffed before being mounted over the fireplace." This comes from a voice under the Raptor, if any are close enough to hear it.
A crank of a few turns on metal and then a question: "What happened then?"
"Aw dang, he just told that boy Happy Birthday and welcomed him on into the house! It was cousin Ricky, dumb as a box of shiny rocks if all be said and told right." The female voice replies and a grunt follows the words from the male listening. "Gimme that 12 inch socket."

Garis hands over the wrench from the toolbox nearby and then turns her head as she lays on the rolly. Feet gathering, more noise than usual coming from one area. "Sounds like there is going to be a meeting. Frak, did I miss one again?" She pushes herself out from under the Raptor with wheels ringing on the deck, craning and extending her neck to see who is out there.

There's no announcement. Just a few people stepping aside and the Admiral, clad in his blues, walks across the gangway towards the ladder. "Make a hole," he grumbles, a Petty Officer stepping aside. He clambers down the ladder with all the grace of a man in his early sixties and turns to look around, waiting to see who is assembled here and how things are coming along.

Duke was doing a few things back at the Berths, but that was all left behind when the call was made. The man was already in his flight suit so it only took a few seconds for him to get the rest of his things and hurry towards the Hangar Bay. Something must have gone wrong, thinks the man to himself as he walks towards the metal hallways. Decon team? Yes, something went definitely wrong. He finally climbs down the stairs that lead to the deck and he quickly moves towards the group of people that are already moving around after the call. He finds the Admiral there and offers a quick salute "Admiral Jameson" Yep, he is covering one for the Viper Pilot slot, let's see what all of this is about.

Perhaps as if to confirm some of the talk going around that's attracting people to the hangar bay, a warning is broadcast over the intercom, "Raptor returning on elevator 4, Decontamination protocol. Do not approach until cleared by Medical staff." And what timing! As the Admiral arrives, the elevator from the landing bay brings the aforementioned Raptor, pilot, copilot, and other faces visible through the front canopy into view. Well, it doesn't look damaged at least?

Nora arrives with the summoned Medical personnel. Some are carrying stretchers, though she's not hauling one herself. She offers a passing salute to Jameson without breaking stride, but the first thing she does is seek out the ranking deckie. To coordinate the clearing and cordoning off of the area for whatever's coming on board.

Bennett, on the other hand, is just recently returned from a patrol. Spotting the crowd, and likely having heard something over the wireless about the Admiral coming down to the 'bay, she quickens her step on her way over to the crowd that's gathered. Helmet under one arm, she unzips her flight suit a fraction and watches. And waits.

Garis' ducks back down as she leans further under the Raptor once more. "Hellsfire, it's the Admiral!" She hisses to the deckie. "I didn't hear Officer on Deck, did you hear Officer on Deck?!"
The knuckle dragger looks unimpressed, making an off-handed grunt mostly to himself. "It's always one Admiral or another."
Instead of responding to the deckie, Garis jumps up and comes to sharp attention. "OFFICER ON DECK!"

Cassandra follows behind and to the left of the medical captain, also giving a salute to the admiral as she passes him by. The Lieutenant walking briskly towards where it would appear that the Raptor is landing, and getting ready to ensure that there isn't anything terribly bad coming aboard the ship.
The red-headed doctor lays out a couple of instruments while she tugs on a pair of protective gloves and gets a mask at the ready just in case it is needed. "Make sure all of you that are getting close to the returning team have your mask and gloves until we know what we may be dealing with and what kind of effect it may have," Cass instructs the other medical personnel that are there.

Jameson stands there, arms crossed as he watches the elevator and everyone else scramble. There's a quick wave of his hand at Garis' call. "Forget that," he calls back. The man turns his head to look at Duke, lips set tersely. "Find another jock to show me a Viper patch. Just one? Recall needing two."

From inside the Raptor, Petra ergs a little when the elevator thuds to a stop, looking back at Andromeda and Afton from his seat, before handing over the radio, "Whoever's on duty is gonna have questions before we can get out of this raptor. Not that I dont like everyone's company, but I'd like to get off onto a non goo-splattered ship, please?"

"Yes Sir" says Richard Duke, nodding to the Admiral and then turning his head to one of the Intercom panels. He walks towards it, presses the general commlink and speaks "This is Captain Richard Duke, I need one Viper Pilot at the Hangar Deck, now. Fully suited and ready to go" Yes, that one added just in case, you never know after all. Where the hell is everyone? The man looks over his shoulder at the Raptor that just arrived and moves closer to the group again, waiting for another pilot to show up.

Garis relaxes, sort of. She gives a little smile toward the Admiral as the deckie comes up by her side wiping his greasy hands. He notices the Admiral waving off the call, "See? Seen one Admiral you seen 'em all, Ditch." A shrug and he goes back to work cleaning off his hands.
"My Mama had a big crush on him, she had found these pictures when he was on some vacation at the beach? Local photog got a picture of him in his trunks. Whooee, you woulda thought my mama found the Tauren gold ships in her back yard. Pa was not as impressed," Garis beams a little at the glittery Admiral Jameson and his shiny pins.

"No problem, sir. You aren't the only one that wants off this bus." To Cheese, Afton smiles, "No offense." Her mask is still on from the trip over and she stands, waiting to shuffle out with the others. Yes, her right glove still has some of the delectable goo on it. As its her turn, she steps out onto the wing and with a few broad steps is off. Familiar with raptors, this one. She looks up to note all those waiting currently in the hangar and she stays back from them, keeping to the bird.

[Intercom] Duke says, "This is Captain Richard Duke, I need one Viper Pilot at the Hangar Deck, now. Fully suited and ready to go."

Nora gloves and masks up, once she's finishes chatting with the deckie. That done, and the area more or less prepped, she heads over to join Cassandra and the other medicos. A few stretchers roll into position for folks to sit on once they're out. Or be carted out on, if need be. She'll assist in unloading the Raptor, once it's ready for that.

The Admiral steps away from Duke and walks past a work bay. He slips inside, grabs up a painter's mask with vents, and heads over towards the Raptor. "Major!" he barks behind the mask. "Gimme the curves and dimensions. What're we lookin at?" But he doesn't get too close. The man is too old to be /too/ concerned about getting killed, though.

Andromeda is not quite as graceful as Afton in her departure, but she does it with a sort of detatched calm only ruined by the almost aggressive tension that makes her jawline stand out more than usual. "We've two unconscious. Possible contaminant of an unknown, possibly fatal nature. Away team was exposed; Pilot and ECM might possibly have secondary exposure. Do we have decon showers set up?" That to Nora, before she spots Jameson, blinks, and hits attention, complete with a salute. "Sir." And she moves to assist the medical team.

Garis watches from far enough away, that she feel safe enough from any contamination off the ship. "I figger if they are too bad the Admiral'l just nuke 'em. He doesn't usually mess with stuff that gets in his way. I saw him on our District News and before they could pause the film, he took that Captain's bar and shoved it…" She turns her head suddenly as someone drops a toolbox with a clatter.

Petra files out with the rest of the team once the Raptor is opened, almost stumbling off of the wing, but landing on his feet. Managing to straighten up and offer the Admiral a salute, he still wobbles just enough to be noticable before answering, "Sir. They're gone. The Reese is lost, and we shouldn't send anyone else back over there. They got hit by…something big. Pumped something through their ventilation system that looks like it.." He pauses, taking a deep breath to steady himself, "…liquified them. The team might be compromised, sir. The Reese definitely needs to be reported as contaminated."

Bennett stays well back from the contaminated raptor and its crew. Her expression is equal parts concern and curiosity as she watches things unfold.

Cassandra looks at Andromeda and nods her head at the status report before she says, "Petty Officer Jones, I need you to go with the rest of the Raptor team and leave the decon to us. We're still unsure if you have been contaminated or not. I assure you that we have things under control." She even manages to smile, though it can't be seen under the mask that she is wearing. Spotting the other folks exciting, the El-Tee points towards an area of the Hanger that has been cordoned off with a couple of the nurses working on setting up the shower, "If you all will head over there and start getting ready for your decon shower. We'll have medical gowns waiting for you when you're done with that. You will all be getting examined until we're sure that you have not been affected by anything and that you are not carrying any contaminates with you."

Nora looks over her shoulder at Jameson. To make sure the CO's not getting too close. "We dealing with something airborn, PO? Any of them get it on their skin?" she asks Andromeda. She'll wait for that answer before the medic can be hustled along to be decontaminated. All the necessary decon stuff has theoretically been set up for those coming off the Raptor to be taken into. Dark eyes switch to Petra. Liquified? Not promising. "Can you describe how any bodies you saw looked, Major? In as much detail as possible."

Afton clips a salute to the Admiral, but does not speak, instead moves to help either of the marines down that are left in the Raptor if they are unsteady. She herself seems to be holding her own and she waits where she stands for one of the medical team to instruct. Shoulder her rifle, gear comes with for possible infection before she looks the direction Cassandra points. "Yes, sir." She intones from behind her own mask and then turns, moving her way in that direction as the Major continues his report, something he says brings her attention. A brow raises and Nora's words bring up the PJ's right hand to show the smeared glove. "Likely something airborne, yes, Jones has this though." She nods her heads to be deconned.

Jameson's face looks pretty even until Petra tells him these people were liquified. "What the frak are you- What?" he barks. "Godsdamnit. Look, you said there's nobody over there but that body in the window? Fine by me. Major, I want you to pen a report on something uncontaminated and turn it in to me faster'n greased shit out a pig's ass. You copy that?" He doesn't return salutes. Admiral is busy chewing on what he just heard and steps back, the man looking none-too-pleased. He turns to a comms enlisted trailing behind him. "Broadcast a warning to the bogey on the other side of the line to not approach for any reason. Be polite. Don't be an ass. ..Go." The Old Man points him to the stairs, clearing himself of getting any closer to the retuning people.

The Corpsman's attention goes to Nora, Cassandra ignored. "PO Afton had the most direct contact I know of; She took her mask off to sniff residue we found." Andro replies, and fishes into her gear, pulling out a sample bag and a q-tip in a case. "The both of us collected samples of the residue, sir." Although the question is directed at Petra, the medic answers through the mask she's still wearing. "In several cases, there were no bodies. Just clothes and the residue I collected samples of. We accessed security vid in their sechub. Judging by what we saw, I'd say symptoms of late stage infection include high fever and then a lapse into unconsciousness. Several of our people have shown signs of dizziness and minor disorientation."

Andromeda adds, "There was also signs of the residue on vents in their CIC, suggesting to me that the contaminant at least starts in an airborne stage."

Garis shoves some gum in her mouth and chews on it as she watches her Mama's wet dream. "Boy he sure can make them hop like a flea in a skillet." She chews a little more to get the glob into something manageable. "Somebody's gonna get an earfull. Liquid people? I think someone was drinking more than water before they got into that Raptor." A shake of her head.

Cassandra stares at Andromeda for a second, chewing over being ignored it would seem. A couple moments of staring go by, before Cassandra grabs an empty bag that has chemical warnings all over it and opens it up before holding it towards Afton. "Drop it in here, please. At least we have a sample of whatever the hell it is," she says.

Petra shakes his head at Nora slightly, and immediatey regrets it, wincing and reaching back for the Raptor's wing to steady himself, "Yes, sir. I copy." Yep, the Major certainly sounds, and even looks at this point, like he might have been drinking. Only then does he address Nora, lowering his voice as he follows instructions to start for the cordoned off area, "What the corpsman said. Just decks full of empty clothes, and goo."

"After he's been through decon, sir, if I may," Nora says to Jameson. In regards to Petra, and his report. "I can certainly make sure he has a pad and paper in quarantine, but who knows what these people have been exposed to. We'll need everybody for overnight observation, at the least." She frowns, taking in the description of the liquid-ing that occurred. Brow slightly furrowed. "Make sure to bag their shoes, too," she tells an orderly, when samples are mentioned. "We'll have the lab go over all gear along with those samples when it's available, but especially the shoes." A nod to Afton, though she still motions both medics toward the decon area. If they're not headed there already.

Boots clang heavily on the deck as Aristides Cole makes his way onto the scene. He looks fresh out of the shower as his short hair holds the slight gleam of water to it, though there is hardly enough to slick back. He's fully dressed in his flight suit, down to the gloves although his helmet has not yet been sealed by its hard seal and sits under the crook of his arm. There is a slight pause as his hazel-colored gaze sweeps the commotion of the deck, looking for Duke and the Admiral. Once spied, he's tromping in that direction.

Bennett continues to linger on the fringes of the 'action', as it were, toying with the hardseal on her helmet as she listens to things unfold. She hasn't been called upon to assist, and it's clear the Admiral doesn't need anyone underfoot at the moment, so she somewhat reluctantly returns to her post-flight duties. Tick, tick, scribble, pause as someone mentions 'decks full of empty clothes, and goo'. She doesn't even spot Cole stomping his way onto the flight deck in her distraction.

As Cassandra requests her glove, Afton pauses and plucks at it, pulling it off as carefully as she can and extends it with her other glove to drop it in a bag for the el-tee. "There…its got a real nasty sweet scent," the PO says. "Its everywhere, that film. Coating everything, almost like a dust was blown through the vents." SHe nods her head and looks to Andromeda. The PJ doedsn't wait a moment, continues on with all her gear and disappears out of sight.

Duke finally sees a Viper pilot approaching, Cole in this case. He makes his way towards the other man, offering a quick nod to him. "Let's see what this is about" says Duke to Cole and then, both Pilots make their way towards the Admiral. Well, at least this time, there's two of them! "Admiral Jameson" calls out the Captain, standing right next his partner for this, unknown, assignment? Well, I guess they are about to find out what's coming next for them.

Cassandra ties the bag with the glove in it up. And hands it to an orderly for them to put with the other samples. She nods her head a bit towards Afton when the information is given to her. "Well, that is interesting," she says, trying to work out what it might be and coming up rather empty. What the frack can liquify a person?!

Jameson shakes his head to Nora. "Cap'n, you make sure they're fine and when you're done, we'll deal with it. I'm not getting in your way. In fact, let me just step away from your job." The Admiral lifts his hands in surrender and takes a few steps back. But hearing Duke call for him, he steps over towards the two pilots, checking their patches. "Fantastic. I've got something for you two to read and you keep this under your hats for now. Once we're clear of the Colonies, all talk to you both individually about this. But these are your orders and it comes from way over my head. If you can't do it, let me know I'll grab a Raptor crew." Jameson reaches into his pocket, unfolds a paper, and holds it between them. He's keeping it for himself, though. But they get to read it.

Despite her lack of a medical doctorate, Andromeda is capable enough. Why! She even knows how to walk and talk at the same time, and waits for her turn at decon as she debriefs herself to Nora and the CO both.

Garis has to get a little closer now, just to look at these people coming off the Raptor. Her brows inch upward as she watches one stagger a little and then toward another talking about empty clothes and goo.

Boy howdy, would Bennett ever love to know what's on that piece of paper. Lower lip caught bloodlessly between her teeth, she forces herself to remain focused on her checklist. Frakking checklists.
Jameson pages Duke and Cole: The note is actually a print-out from CIC, officially stamped and dated with the time and proper signals. Its from

"Some kind of gas, you think?" Nora asks Cassandra. Eyes creasing behind the mask. More furrowing. Whatever unease she might feel about the import of all this, she manages to keep to herself. She manages to maintain all appearances of disinterest when the CO goes over to order the Viper pilots to do…something.

Petra makes his way into the cordoned off area, looking a little steadier on his feet, but just a little, stopping to surrender boots, clothes and gear in the order requested, murmuring to Andromeda and Afton, "This is gonna be one of those reports that haunts your file for years and years later, and keeps getting pulled out at your promotion hearing to get snickered over. I can see this coming."

Turning to the two that occupy the decon area with her, Afton shakes her head, "No disrespect PO Jones, but I do not think anyone was liquified. And that body on the Obs Deck? If they were liquified, why is that body still there?" She looks between the two of them, brows furrowed. "Too many unanswered questions." She hands her gear off and then removes her mask, strands of hair sticking to sweat on her brow. "I want to go back over..if we are cleared."

(Cassandra) Hey look, piece of paper being held out for pilots to read. That's interesting! She manages to not stare. For too long. Okay, she didn't stare for the whole time. Nora's question grounds her back towards what she is doing, however, and she replies, "That seems to be the most likely. And what the medics with boots on the ground seem to agree on. But… I'll be damned if I know what the hell can turn somebody into a pile of goo. You don't think…" She leaves the question hanging. The possibility of it being some piece of Cylon weaponry… is not something the doc wants to think of. Bullet holes she can bring you back from. Once you're a pile of goo. Well… you can't really come back from that.

"If we're lucky, it'll just be something to get laughed about." Andro tells Petra as she shucks off clothes. Afton is given a grimace. "Honestly, I expect they'll nuke the ship. It's the only way to be safe."

Garis tries to keep up, considering there is so much brass on this deck it could set off a tanker fire if you got them all mad at the same time. Edging off to the side, she begins heading toward the stairwell.

"Sirs." Cole says crisply, professionally, as he approaches the Captian and the Admiral. He stands basically at parade rest, though it is a loose interpretation of the term, as the majority of his weight is shifted to one leg and his helmet is propped on his hipbone. There is a crinkle of flight suit as he leans slightly towards the paper, his dark eyebrows sinking low over his eyes as he reads the word with a steady tick tock of his gaze roving the paper. "All due respect, Admiral: we got this."

Duke shifts a little, tilting his head to read the note that is shown to him. The man reads it, reads it again and then lifts his gaze, looking at the Admiral. There is a nod of understanding and the Viper Captain offers "Will do, Admiral." Yep, it seems that he is ready to roll. Or…launch, in this case. Of course, those words he said are said in a lower tone, to keep privacy given what needs to be done. Now, he looks at Cole and half smiles at this, looking at the Admiral again.

Jameson takes back the paper, folds it, and puts it back into his pocket. "Sack up boys and hit the burners. I'll be on comms in CIC." The old man looks between them for another moment, letting his gaze travel. "You've got your orders so make it happen. I'll get with you in a day or two. Until then, traps shut. Carry on." The Admiral turns and then moves off towards the ladder. There's business to attend to.

Bennett finally finishes up her post-flight, and officially has no more excuses to stick around and eavesdrop. She snaps a salute to the Admiral as she passes, and heads for the stairwell up and out.

Bennett has left.

Cole looks to Duke for a moment, any trepidation of their giving mission only manifesting in the slight downturn of his lips in a frown. The expression is obliterated quickly when he plugs his head into his helmet and gives it a sharp twist to seal the miniature mansized airlock. He's already beating feet to his bird, making a whirring motion with his hand to the deck crew that he's ready to go hot in the tubes.

Nora nods to Cassandra. Furrowing frown still visible in the lines around her eyes, behind her mask. "Best not think too much until we see what the lab has to say about those samples," she says. That done, she heads back to the area where those going through decon will be coming out of it. "Everybody gets a free night in Hotel Sickbay. In quarantine, under observation. If you're good in the morning, we'll turn you loose." She manages to seem confident no one's lungs will liquify during the night. But, if they do, people will be around to treat it.

That look is shared with Cole, but the Captain does exactly the same thing. He gets his helmet on, secures the lock and makes his way towards his Viper. Stairs are already there so the man sets on climbing them, jumping in the cockpit and shifting to get himself into place. He straps himself in and starts the electronics to do pre-flight. Yep, time to rock and roll boys and girls. When the bird is finally pushed into the launching tube, he fires up the rest of the systems and does a full engine start. All systems on green, he gives the thumbs up to the officer in the controls and soon after that, the Viper launches.

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