Corporal Reed Cassidy
Reed.jpg Cassidy, Thomas "Reed"
Crpl Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Rifleman
Age Sex
26 M
Hair Eyes
Black Blue


Born on Virgon, was in the University of Virgon before joining the CMC. Served with the CMC on Picon before being transfered to the Orion. Currently assigned to 3rd Battalion 8th Marines, Charlie Company, Dog Platoon.

Recent Events

  • OCT 2005 - Transfered from Picon to Orion.
  • OCT 2005 - Killed a bear on Piraeus.
  • OCT 2005 - Search for lost Marines on Picon. Here
  • NOV 2005 - Provided security for the Humanity mission to Reeding, Picon. Here
  • NOV 2005 - Provided security for the Supply run, Picon. Here
  • NOV 2005 - Team member on the Picon Ambush mission. Here
  • NOV 2005 - Team member on the Op Aerilon mission. Here and for part II Here

Recent Logs

Service Record & Medals


RP Hooks

  • Family was one of the wealthest on Virgon and they have a long history of serving in the Military strictly as Officers. Reed is the first, and possibly the only, Enlisted from the Family.
  • Attended the University of Virgon for 3 years, played on the U of V Pyramid Team, dropped out and joined the CMC.
  • Basic and AIT as a rifleman at CMF Eos, Picon
  • Attached to the Assault Landing Ship Collins Peak, CAKS-33
  • Attached to the 39th Mountain on War Day


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