AWD #077: Reduxion
Summary: Various Air Wing personnel deal with the ricochet of the shooting in the Mess, and what it might mean about Captain Ceres "Redux" Garrido.
Date: 25/03/2013 (OOC Date)
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Head — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
The Head is the area on the Battlestar to find showers and bathrooms and this is one of many throughout the ship. Male and female crew members share the area equally as space is at a premium on fleet ships. There are half a dozen shower stalls and enclosed toilets as well as urinals along the wall. The room, an L shape dogleg, has the entrance open into the sink area. There are four sinks on the left and four on the right sitting back to back in the middle of the room.
AWD #77

Holtz arrives from the Aft Corridor.

Just so much damn blood. Maia has zombied her way to the head as if on autopilot, her eyes are sorta glazed over and there's not a spot on her that's not red from the blood. She stands just outside a locker, hopefully hers, and begins pulling off the only tank top she has on, her finger fumbling over the belt at her waist, trying to remember how to unbuckle the frakking thing.

Phin says nothing as he heads down the corridors with Ygraine, and into the Head. Though he does reach out a tentative hand to place on her shoulder as he walks, if she allows. It's something vaguely tactile he can anchor himself on.

Not long afterward, Phin and Ygraine arrive. Phin's got his hand on her good shoulder so she doesn't mind, and the pair of them have only a minimum of blood splatter on them. "Centerfold," Ygraine says after an awkward moment, "You gonna be alright?"

Hearing the others join, Maia looks over almost blankly, noticing Phin and Ygraine. Her eyes immediately fall to the firearm at the side of the blonde. With her expression still blank, she continues working on her belt. "Is Redux a Cylon?" It's about all she can manage that would be coherent at the moment.

Phin squeezes Ygraine's (good) shoulder once and then proceeds to a sink, turning the cold water on. He douses his arms under the tap, then just dunks his head in. He is washing some of the blood off - he has a dressing on his left forearm, but what remained on him was mostly not his - but the whole thing seems more to wake himself up than anything else. Head comes up, then goes down to splash again. He goes through that three times before really coming up, leaning on the sink, looking at himself in the mirror. Without really seeing himself. "She might be dying," he says, without looking at either of the women. Maybe more to himself. Deep breath, and he turns toward them. "What did you see, Yggs? I didn't…I don't know…what did you see back there?" He sounds more than anything else like he's looking for clarity.

Holtz was just returning from CAP when things went down in the mess hall, so he doesn't know what happened other than what he's managed to get from the hushed, hurried whispers in the corridors. Which isn't much at all, as it happens. He enters the head with a half-scowl on his face, the flight-suit unzipped to his waist. The sight of Maia covered in blood stops him in his tracks, though, and for a long moment he just stares at her in silence before his eyes start flicking to the others in the room, his brain trying to process the information his eyes — and ears — have given him. "Someone wanna tell me what the frak is going on?" Eyes widen at Maia at the comment about Ceres. "What? Cylon?"

"Strange man walked in. Called her Nine, asked her about some other. Called her a traitor." Ygraine says quietly. She's recounting the events mainly for Phin and Maia, but it also will give Holtz the information he needs. "Then shot up th'place. Shot up a room full of Fleet members. She hefted Ward like he was just a shoppin' bag after she took those bullets and that man - that thing - took at least two bullets and a straight on assault by Diomedes and kept goin'." Ygraine is bloodspattered, her left shoulder patched with a fresh bandage. Phin is bloodspattered too, both he and Ygraine less so than Maia. She looks over her shoulder at Holtz a moment and looks determined at her locker. "I ain't sorry. Ain't nobody gonna make me sorry." she mutters.

Storm's arrival is given that same brief flicker of a glance from eyes that look startlingly blue with the surrounding blood, none of which was hers. "Dropout is dead." Wait, no one had asked that question had they? Finally her belt is free and she unfastens her pants, letting them fall to the floor, the skin beneath the material soaked with blood too. So much blood. "What did he mean? Nine?" Then the explanation begins and she falls silent until it finishes and she begins removing her under things, letting them fall to the floor. Once she's naked, she scoops them all up and walks to trash receptacle, depositing them all inside. Still in a daze, she heads for the nearest shower stall, turns the water on full blast and steps inside, leaning against the wall, shaking now. Gods.

Agrippa had went for a little walk after the event, the swimming that he had planned all but forgotten, and the sandwich that was uneaten, and his precious brownie as well. He does eventually head to the Head, hoping that a shower can clear his head and his thoughts. When he steps inside, he hears voices, familiar voices and when he turns the corner, he sees the others. For now, Punchdrunk is still silent, finding it hard to put words to his tongue at the moment.

"Nobody said you had to be sorry. You didn't do anything wrong," Phin says to Ygraine. Maybe a little firmly, in case someone wants to. A nod to Maia. "Yeah. Ward's dead. Crater was shot, I think, though he seemed OK. That Tauron deckhand, Diomedes…A bunch of people were shot. Medical's seeing to them. This…I thought he was a Marine, but I didn't know him…yeah. Just walked in and started shooting at our table. Yggs and Crater winged him, he can't have gotten away, the MPs must've caught him by now…" He leans heavy on the sink.

Ygraine leans as heavily into her locker as Phin does the sink. "Dropout. Shit." she looks angry and disgusted and sad, and these things look horrible on her. She swallows, frowning and forcing her brain to work through the shock. "Petra's monthly SitRep from last month said that the skinjobs had at least six different versions…that thing called Ceres Nine." She turns her head to look wearily at Phin. "I hit him center mass. He shoulda dropped."

Crater was shot. Maia had seen him being tended to, why didn't she realize he had been shot? "He asked about me," she croaks out through the stall. He had asked about her and he had been shot. Frak. As the talk surrounds her, she stands to wash and realizes her kit was left in her locker along with her towel. She was losing it. Stepping out, she walks straight to the locker and grabs her kit, her towel and looks between Ygraine. "Augustus didn't seen surprised, Milkshake. He didn't seem frakking surprised." Zombie-ing back to her stall, she only then notices Agrippa and she just looks at him a moment, reassuring herself he isn't hurt, before going back to the water.

"Son of a bitch." Holtz' usually sonorous tone is gravelly and subdued, that shocked expression not fading as several of the others speak up. "We've got frakkin' skinners on the ship." Thank you, Captain Obvious. A bleak look is shot in Ygraine's direction. "I remember. Guess six turned out to be a lowball estimate after all." His face is pale, his expression taut and grim. For the moment he simply stands in the middle of the head, his original intent forgotten as he tries to wrap his head around what he's been told.

"He didn't drop, though." Phin nods numbly. "Yeah. I remember. Lieutenant Colonel also said there was a woman they'd picked up on Caprica who was one of those…things. Who they found dead down on Piraeus. Maybe murdered. I wonder if whatever the frak that thing was in the Mess did her, too."

Agrippa is still in his swimming trunks and robe, the robe stained with some blood but none of it his. When he sees the others, he gives them a nod of acknowledgement before proceeding to his locker, opening it so he can grab his showering kit. He gives Maia a brief glance as she dashes in and out of her shower stall before looking towards the others again as he sheds his robe, listening to their words, "Why would one one skin job shoot another?" If the man who got shot up really did as everyone is saying, he should be sprawled on the ground, lifeless, not running through the corridors like a robotic viking.

"I know." Ygraine nods to Maia in agreement. "That thing, it asked 'where is he'. I think that means one of three things - either there's another skinjob runnin' around on th'ship we don't know about, that Garrido is also a Cylon, or that they're as thrilled as we are at the idea of one of us marryin' one of them." She looks over to Agrippa and says, "He called her a traitor. And maybe that's so, maybe she turned her back on 'em." She shrugs. "And maybe that means this other one the gunman was lookin' for is a traitor to the toasters too." But she is still not sorry she pulled her gun. She looks then to Holtz admitting, "I pulled my gun on Redux. I didn't shoot her, though. I couldn't…I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger." Her expression turns conflicted. "Shit." She pounds her fist into her locker once, and winces.

Soon enough, after having been sent out from the sickbay ordered to be on light duty, is Luc. In time to hear what Ygraine says. Having been close by to hear the things about Redux and Augie. "It's fine Ygraine. I think none of us could. As for him… I think not. She seemed to break his fingers. Or something." Having caught a bit of the talk and the sounds coming from the doc and the married couple. Considering all of her words and he is moving past as his shirt is not one. Having had to take it off since he got shot through part of his shoulder. From above so only through the back part of his shoulder. "Damn. Got to be on light duty for three days will be annoying."

Phin turns the tap back on, letting the cold war run, though he doesn't dunk himself in it again. He just turns back again, so he's not looking at anyone else. Or the mirror either, really. "We were friends…I thought we were friends…" It's muttered almost in an undertone, though the echo in the Head makes it audible. "I thought we were alike…I liked that I was like her because of what she was…what the frak is she….?" He doesn't seem sure whether he's grieving or getting really pissed off. Maybe both.

Maia routinely does her shower stuff, still on autopilot, the familiar scent of her shampoo and soap drifting out of the stall. While she showers, she listens to the conversation, pausing when she hears the words from Agrippa. The familiar sound of a fist planted into the locker.. she had done that very thing recently. When she is all clean of blood, she starts all over again on washing…

Now that revelation is another thing to consider and Agrippa is certainly surprised, not having considered that possibility, that Cylons would kill their own. "But aren't they just robots? How the frak can they turn traitor? They run on programs!" That is what Punchdrunk assumes of course, toasters are toasters. They heat bread, they don't turn traitor on the owners and refuse to heat bread when a button is pushed. He begins to strip down of his robe and then his swimming trunks, then he grabs his towel and showering kit, heading to one of the stalls.

Holtz takes a few steps, placing his hand on Ygraine's shoulder. "Don't beat yourself up. Nothin' for it now." He squeezes softly before breaking contact and moving over to a sink; he numbly splashes a handful of water onto his face before looking up at Phin, who's standing at the sink next to his. He doesn't reply to his wingman's muttered protests, but Agrippa's exclamation does get a response. "Who knows what the frak they are? You ever seen a robot that bleeds?"

"We don't know how they built the skinjobs. Just that they look like us. And apparently they bleed like us." Ygraine says, her fingers briefly brushing Holtz's wrist before she in turn moves over to Phin. "It's okay." she says, touching his arm gingerly with his fingers. "Maybe we don't know what she see is, but we all know whar ya are, Phin. Ya ain't a Cylon. Bear and ya, you're two of a kind."

"Is it possible to just have a chip brain and all other organs still doing the same?" Luc asks but shakes his head. Starting to move to get cleaned up. Listening to them all and sighing. Still trying to grasp at it all. He does know a little about how computer systems and such works. He does not know more than basics though.

"I guess Command has seen robots that bleed. Wonder else they've seen they aren't cluing us into," Phin says, looking up at Holtz. Like he expects him to have an answer. "If they knew the woman who was murdered on Piraeus was a Cylon, what the frak else do they know about who these things are?" He shrugs. "Well. Whatever. Maybe Redux was just a frakking liar. Whatever else she was." His tone might be surprisingly cold, given where it was a moment ago. Like he's written Ceres off in the length of a finger-snap. His arm is tense when Ygraine touches it, though he does manage to half-turn and look at her, after a beat. Deep breath. "I know what I am, Yggs. And it's not a frakking toaster. I just…this is so frakked up…"

Turning the water on full blast, Agrippa stands under the hot spray of water, letting it warm his chilled body, chilled not from the temperature of the ship but from what had happened. For now, he just stands under the water, letting it hit him, listening. "How are we one-hundred percent sure that Redux is a Cylon?" He hadn't seen much during the chaos, he didn't crawl to Ceres's side nor did he watch the shooter. "What if that frakking Toaster just picked someone at random, yelled some gibberish, then shot away?"

Having been listening to the discussions while scrubbing over and over, getting Dropouts blood off her out of her hair, Maia finally steps out of the stall, lugging her kit with her, her towel wrapped around herself. "You got a point, Grippa." Then her eyes rest on Luc. "You were shot.. are you okay?" There is concern all over her features, she seems to be more herself now.

"Okay." Ygraine withdraws her hand from Phin, stepping away to give him a measure of space. She goes to a sink herself, beginning to wash off blood splatter. You didn't hear her, Grippy. She told everyone t'let me shoot her." Ygraine shakes her head, flicking water off herself. "She didn't deny it when I said as much, told everyone t'let me shoot her." She goes back to her locker, opening it up and and pulling out a fresh shirt and tank to change into.

Luc nods in reply to Maia's question. "Just have to take it easy is all." Over his shoulder are stiches and the area having been cleaned and done with. Moving towards a stall to get rid of blood. Having stripped out of his pants as well. He doesn't stay long though. Just getting rid of what he can and steps out again. Moving to take out clean clothing for himself as well. "Most cylons you just shoot. They ruin a lot of things. But there might be a reason behind it all." He offers and sighs. Looking to Holtz since he is the one of highest position out of them. Starting to get his clothes on again.

And another revelation, Agrippa falls silent once more, hearing what Ceres had said to Ygraine. The usually cocky pilot who wouldn't stop for anything while in a Viper is now stunned silent again. To let Ygraine shoot her, to ask someone else to pull the trigger on them is almost like suicide. He has nothing else to say, as that does pretty much confirm Redux as a toaster… a toaster that has been on Orion longer than he has. For now Punchdrunk just stands under the water until he feels slightly warm again so he shuts off the water and begins drying himself with his towel. With that done, he wraps it around himself and steps outside, the bleak look on his face evident.

Holtz stays mostly quiet for a few seconds, merely listening to the conversation around him. Phin's sudden coldness gets a look, but no comment; the Viper captain seems to be of much the same mind as Phin, if the grim-eyed, taut-lipped expression on his face is any indication. He finishes removing his flight suit, tossing it hurriedly into an empty locker, as if he suddenly can't bear the feel of the thing.

"Thanks," Phin murmurs to Ygraine, even as she withdraws. Still to her, even if he is looking at the mirror, "I couldn't have done it either, y'know. Not looking at her in the eye like that, after these last months. Not just then." Not then. What that means about now is unclear. To Luc, a little harshly, "They're toasters, Crater. Just like the Raiders that kill the guys we fly with, like the Centurions killing our friends and family and people we used to know down on the colonies, the ones who nuked our homes. They're just…synthetic, but if they're Cylons it's not any different."

"I heard that. When I was tending to Dropout.. I heard her tell Shake to shoot her. At the time I just.. I just thought that it was because she thought she was dying anyway. She could barely even breathe, it was all rattling. There was blood everywhere.." Maia says with an even tone, regaining her footing, mentally speaking. Looking between Phin and Luc, she doesn't input anything. Only when she sees the bleak look from Agrippa does she say more. "Are you alright Alex?" Using his first name for once. Still standing there with her towel around her, she studies him a moment.

She's clean now, and Ygraine absently tugs the ties out of her braids, unplaiting them and letting the crimped waves settle against her shoulders and back. She sits down on the bench in front of the lockers, letting it fall forward to hide her face.

Luc nods to Phin before sighing again. "Well yes. And I have been told of some bad cylons and so forth. Though all computer systems, as far as I know, can be corrupted. What if Redux was a corrupted system? Would it not be possible for them to turn on one another then?" He suggests before shaking his head. "Perhaps all toasters are the same. But don't command see through everyone first?" He suggests and get dressed. Knowing that he can't head for his duty right now. Having to take it easy for a bit. Looking over towards Agrippa as well and trying to just process and let Maia deal with him for now. Taking a seat on a bench and leaning back to rest his head and closes his eyes.

Going to his locker, Agrippa nods his head in response to Maia's concern for him, "Yeah… just shaken, that's all. The danger is suppose to be out there, away from here. Where we are focused, prepared, ready to fight. Not when we're having a good time, getting chow… frak." He certainly was not ready for it, the sudden chaos when seconds earlier everything was fine. Opening his locker, he pulls out his duty uniform, looking at his clothes for a moment.

"They might be flesh and blood. But they're no less the enemy for it," Holtz finally pipes up in agreement with Phin, his tone cold. His anger isn't directed at Luc personally, but it's no less palpable. "Probably why they made the skinjobs in the first place. Killin' ain't enough anymore, now the bastards gotta get into our frakkin' heads." He's been restrained so far, but it seems the facade is starting to slip, his accent thickening and his features hardening.

Phin nods firm at Holtz's words. "It's pretty standard, really. They're spies. Infiltrators. Get them in every war. Probably just took them forty frakking years to perfect the earlobes or something so we wouldn't notice. Make up sob stories that'd make us feel for what they sold themselves as, like they were us. But they're just robots, and they're as much the enemy as those Raiders we go out and shoot."

Maia glances towards Luc, but he seems fine, so she walks over to Agrippa and places a hand on his shoulder, just letting it rest there before dropping it to her side, unable to hide the concern in her eyes. "Alex," she says softly. "It's wartime, we have to expect the unexpected all the time. I guess we should all walk around armed from now on, even here." Lifting her chin, she looks at Holtz and nods in agreement. "There are no rules in war."

"Are ya outta your frakkin' mind, Crater? 'Some bad Cylons'? They are tryin' t'wipe out th'entire human race." Ygraine stares at Luc like she thinks he's lost his mind. "Ya think th'Cylons made skin jobs because they wanted t'shake our hands and make nice and get invites t'dinner? I get that ya want t'think shiny rainbow thoughts of everyone bein' good, but this is war, and this is real, and do not mistake, they are out t'wipe us all off th'face of eternity. If Ceres is a traitor t'her kind, we'll know soon enough. If she lives. Trust me, the 'good' Cylons are probably counted on one hand." She shakes her head. "We can't…we can't let paranoia rule us, but we can't ignore th'obvious, either."

And what makes it worse is that Ceres was one of them, one in their squadron, one that they had relied on without question when they were out there flying against Cylons. Agrippa sort of counts himself lucky that Redux was still recovering when he was force transferred to the Orion, but that valuable, unquestioned trust was violated. When he feels Maia's hand on his shoulders, he reaches up and squeezes her hand in thanks before she pulls away. "You are right, there are no rules in war. When they started nuking our cities, each of those frakking toasters deserve to be disassembled."

"Oh, no doubt. But why would they reveal their own if they had people inside Orion? They could had gotten us on fall." Luc suggests and shrugs. "I doubt anyone wants skinjobs around. There might be chaos if there is one more unknown. Someone needs to do something." Trying to keep neutral ground. Tilting his head a bit. "A few years ago we could probably still be killing people. If people can change sides can't they? Of course we need to be certain. But there are always ways to extract information. I am not saying that I support those toasters." Looking to Ygraine then. "We had spies. Other armies had spies and have wanted to rid complete areas. It's hard to say what is right or wrong. We contain it. And I do know a bit of what I speak of when mentioning the robots. We are still their creators. base programming to help us might be in there in some." He offers and just clenches his jaw. "We all want answers. There is a reason why they have not been taken care off by command. Unless command is skinjobs as well. Want to go look?" Being snerky as usual. Being a bit upset. Though still just confused.

"That's the trick, ain't it?" Holtz looks at Ygraine with a nod. "We didn't start it, Crater. They did. They started this war by destroying our homes and killing everyone and everything that we loved. Never forget that." His tone is iron as he offers his words after Agrippa's, and he looks flatly over at Luc. "I sure as frak don't remember skinjobs from the history lessons."

"If she says she's a traitor, I guess we'll know it, if she lives," Phin says. Not entirely able to keep the emotion out of his voice when he reflects on Ceres' maybe-death. Though there's enough anger there now to override anything else. "Even if she does, it could be just another trick. Maybe that was all some sort of suicide attack. That psycho whatever-the-frak it was killed Dropout. Maybe they figured they'd get a few more of us, too. Almost did. Wheels within frakking wheels." He exhales tersely. "Whatever. I need to get out of here for awhile." To Holtz, "You want to hit the sims or something for awhile, man? I could use a wingman. Practicing aiming seems more productive right now than anything else."

From something learned in the laundry this morning, the iron tone Holtz uses does get the attention and understanding from Maia and as she walks to the her locker, she offers him a nod. "Me either." Looking in her locker now, she removes what she's going to put on, more off duties. Dropping her towel, she begins dressing, listening to Phin now. "Maybe the thing was aiming only for Dropout? Was he the nine and Ceres caught in the crossfire?"

Ygraine looks over at Maia. "Don't bullshit yourself. He was a professional, he knew who he was shooting, and treasonous bitch is pretty specific, don't ya think?" She looks between Phin and Holtz, thoughtful.

Luc nods slowly. "No, but humans used spies. Their tactics so far are similar to ours. And I know. I want to destroy them as well. But if there is a possibility to use this then we should. Just because one person shoots another does not mean I should be held responsible. Though I do think we could lock her up or so." Eyes shifting to Holtz and nods, "I used to live with a robotics scientist. Major Looman. Also dealt with computer science. I do know a bit. Not anything concrete other than enough to understand the things around it." Thoug hthen he will let it be. "What happens will happen. We need to prepare though. Find out the details." As for words between the women, he just shrugs. "I think he got the right target. Question is why. Planned to help her or did he wish her destroyed?"

"Wasn't there. Can't say. Sounds fishy, though." Holtz says to Maia, furrowing his brow slightly. From what he's learned, he, like Luc, seems to believe the mysterious assailant got exactly what he was aiming at. He retrieves his discarded flight suit from the locker next to hers with a jerky nod in Phin's direction. "Yeah, sure, Dolls. Right behind ya." There's a last look around as he slowly heads for the hatch.

Agrippa has lapsed back into silence as the evidence is pretty damning for Ceres, one that even he can no longer find holes in after gathering more facts of what had happened. So for now, he just begins dressing as well, boxers, tank top, and then his duty uniform which takes a little more time than usual, his mind distracted. He does give Luc a puzzled gaze though, not exactly understanding what the other pilot is talking about. "What other possibility, Crater? She's a frakking toaster. There is no other possibility but to shove her the damn airlock after we get what intel we can from her… if anything."

"Treasonous bitch.. I missed that part. Yeah, that's definitely specific." Unable to come up with any other arguments, Maia finished dressing, sitting to pull on boots that she doesn't have at the moment, looking towards the trash. Frak. She'd thrown everything away. Seeking her flip flops from her locker, she slips them on. "I've gotta go find some boots so I can dress properly." Closing her locker, she looks around at the others. "I don't distrust any of you, but there's now doubt on everyone isn't there?" Hating that it had come to that. "Of course the frakkers want us to question each other, but did anyone ever even suspect Ceres? Who else among us is guilty?"

Phin is done talking about this, apparently. Out the hatch he goes, to tune up some computerized Raiders to shoot.

"That's the point, Centerfold. Fightin' robots is one thing, but skinners'll frak with us and they barely need to fire a shot t' do it." Holtz isn't far behind the younger man, his bunched-up flight suit draped over one shoulder as he tosses off one final comment and exits.

Ygraine shuts her locker, shaking her head. She seems to be done for the evening herself, muttering something about rack time.

Luc raises a brow to Agrippa. "If there is one thing then you can use everything. How does they work? We can find that out if nothing else. Or if we can use it for some other reason." He offers and shrugs. "We will see. Who knows how they work? Dissecting or doing something. Can't we hook them up and scan them? That way we should be able to know." He suggests and shrugs again. "I am more scared of normal humans that lie and infiltrate. Since you can't find out much. Well… Without torture. And I think worst case, torture works here as well."

Shaking his head as he pulls on his duty jacket, Agrippa doesn't seem to be on the same wavelength as Luc, "You think too much, Crater. Way too much, people died today and a lot got injured. No mercy for the damn toasters. We have one job and that's to kill them." With his duty uniform on now, he shuts his locker and heads to the sink and mirror, to look himself over. He does glance to Maia, "We can't start doubting each other, I'll keep trusting you all with my lives, because if I don't, then to chances of us coming back out there drops to nothing."

Just so much to deal with, Maia looks between the two. "I'm heading to sickbay to see who's hurt, who is okay and who.. isn't." With that, she nods to them both and heads out.

Maia leaves, heading toward the Aft Corridor [AC].

Luc stays and looks over to Agrippa with a nod. "Tell you the truth I am uncertain to trust them or not. But we still should use them. People got killed before they showed up. Don't forget that. Not a few either. But I agree to some degree. But we made them. We deal with them. And we change them. We do what we want with them."

Agrippa can only shrug his shoulder at Luc, as he doesn't want to think about any of that right now. He's not the philosophical type that thinks of all aspects of the situation, from the history to the technicalities. "Well, I'm gonna get my stuff in order, Crater. I'll see you around." With a brief wave, he heads out of the Head.

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