AWD #272: Redux All Over Again
Redux All Over Again
Summary: A Raptor crew picks up an ejected nine and brings her to the Orion. She claims to be Ceres.
Date: 6/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
AWD #272

The crash crew of medics has met the Raptor and is bringing in the pilot that is set on the board, quickly turning into medical bay as the ascorbic tone of the dark haired woman fills the corridor. "I can walk, frak it," she says to them both but its as if they can't hear her. ANd those shocked looks of recognition from some of the crew before she disappears into the care of others. She grumbles to herself, no official flightsuit, nothing marking her as Orion crew or Picon - but she WAS spotted ejecting from a Viper. A nine, rather ornery as she says, "Cooper Knox, I need to see him," she tells one of the medics as they handle her with care. Darn skinjobs but she is a nine.

There's a bit of history that comes with the Nine, the one whom was called Ceres by the crew and so when Devlin had seen her eject and had someone else identify the pilot during the rescue op, he found himself rather caught up in the whole 'stardom' of it all. Questioned about the skinjob more than he would care to admit, he finally gives up on trying to deal with the questions and instead heads for the medical bay, ready to put some reality to these rumours that he's been hearing. Dressed in his fatigues after showering down from the mission and after taking some time to talk with a couple of people in the meantime, he leaves someone at the recovery room door and checks in to be allowed entry, which could be a bigger deal now that there's someone famous hiding out in there.

Hearing a call for medical, Jena and Leightner had been in the hangar bay. How lucky that both had been practicing and learning, comparing notes, running through ideas, so they already had packs on themselves, emergency preparedness. Just a few seconds ahead of Leightner, Jena runs in through sickbay. It's almost comedic that she almost faceplants as she tries to stop outright, in the middle of her next step. Another one? Turning her run into a walk, she closes the distance between her and the arrival. No rank or name. Her gaze switches to the officer. "Lieutnenat." JG. But she doesn't say the initials. "Sir. Please advise?"

Leightner arrives exactly 83 seconds after Jena. and into the Entourage. He looks around, sees Ceres, injured in a /Flight Suit/ and looks to Jena moving to literally back her up.

Devlin was peering into the recovery ward, all stalker like, or fanboi like as the gaze upon his face seems to see the skinjob inside and he's got his mouth slightly open in wonderment. It's his first real look at one, aside from the Marine, so this has him curious. Hearign the booted feet behind him, he pauses and turns to look at the PJ, nodding his head and then shakes it, "As you were, I'm here merely to check on her, not here for any official orders, or anything like that, though from the sounds of it, it may be worth while to head in and see what she has to say, though I think I heard her calling out for Cooper Knox, do you know where the Marine is?" He asks Jena, then turns back to look into the room again, "They've already got her from the ground, she's not in a flight-suit, or anything from the Orion, so I think there were whispers though…" He shrugs his shoulders, clearly curious more than anything else.

There are of course a few others, those MP's that were called to deck to help escort the nine and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid - which could be possible. She's bleeding from her right shoulder, though it has obviously slowed. Her shirt clings to her in places and she sucks in a sharp breath as she looks up at the crowding medical crew. Her brows furrow and she starts to push herself up. "Cooper Knox is my brother, damn it…." She growls, hissing at them both for incompetence before grabbing at her shoulder. She keeps a hand behind her so she remains upright. Blinking a few times, she appears to be dizzy. "Damn Raiders were too many, it's been a while since I was shot while in a Viper, first time in atmo.." she glances to Devlin.

Leightner narrows his eyes on this. He's new, but you know Ooo she's mysterious, people mumbling. Cooper Knox is her brother… Ohh His eyes close, Just hit him. He turns, movint to a cabinet to get an instrument tray pulling a micro recorder and turning it on, Stating the time. "Female brought in apparent blood, Claiming to be Sister of Cooper Knox." He prattles ina heavy Virgonese accent, and looks to Jena, "PO. Permission to treat this patients injuries. I've been briefed on Knox's medical background." He looks at Jena levelly. "I know what I'm doin." He looks to the MP. "On the job, lad."

Brother. "Last time I saw Sergeant Knox, he was on Picon. Crandall, to be precise. Actually, the sewers down there." An involuntary crinkle of her nose and Jena looks back at Leightner. "Another one." A wealth of meaning in those two words. A solemn nod is given, but Jena doesn't back off. "I'll assist." Not chancing to leave him alone with the Cylon.

Well if they're going to make room for themselves, Devlin can sure as heck make room too, he quickly points to one of the bystanders who seems to be lolly gagging, just like he is, but the beauty of being an officer is sometimes rank has privlidges, "You, Corporal, go find Tee Eh Cee and see if they can pull Sergeant Knox from his position, or at least make word to him that his presence may be required soon," once the Corporal is sent on his way, Devlin simply takes up the space that the Corporal had been occupying, rather stoicly too, as he studies the Nine. "So…" he says, losing his place in finding words to speak.

"Get him up here then, Gods damn it," the nine says but some of her riled town disappears when Devlin orders just that. She glances at him, brow rising, "So they are teaching the young ones to be responsible now, eh?" A smirk curls her lips and then her dark eyes lift to the two medical personnel. "ANother one? Yes, I know my sisters have been rather eager to join with you, but it took a few of their lives to get you to even consider that. I wish it had been easier." She looks between them all and grunts as the two medics set her on a bed for Leightner and Jena. "Captain Ceres Delacroix, reporting for duty…" She grins brightly, though a wariness settles in her eyes as she waits for their reactions.

Leightner nods to Jena, "Please remain on tha Starboard side, PO." He looks at her. "For safety. Clear the Parient!" The Medics vamoose. Turning to Devlin, he says, "Please, sir allow us to work." He looks at Ceres with an instrument tray in his hands at a bit in front of him as he approaches. "I'm gonna treat yer wounds. But you need to understand me now." He looks in her eyes, "I'm expendable. If ya snap me neck, or try ta make me a human shield? Tha MP is gonna shoot you. Through me. An this is a touch complicated fer suicide, whatever death means ta ya." He keeps approaching, till he's next to her, "So I'm betting ya don't want ta do that." His words are even measured and clear, though still virgonese. "Let me treat ya. Please." It's caution but it's clear.

A soft sigh escapes Ceres at Leightner's reaction. "I might well be a pain in all your rears, but I am not going to stop you. Had I wanted to, we wouldn't have gotten this far and you would be down a Raptor. I have faith in you, give a little in return, PO." She eyes them all even as the marine stands back not a few feet with his gun at the ready should he need to put down the injured skinjob who is now claiming to be Captain Delacroix. She smirks still and lifts her hands, palms out to show that she means no harm.

Devlin shakes his head when he hears the Nine say her name, and after the PJ speaks, "Captain Ceres Delacroix was killed in transit over three months ago, I read the Eh Eh Arrrr." He replies to the Nine, most likely having not been entirely briefed on the download process. At Leightner's askance, the Lieutenant keeps himself at the wall, watching the the PJ and the Corpsman do their thing for only a brief while. A glance towards the MP's to see how they react to Leightner's words, but then he's watching the exchange. "Just relax," he says to everyone since there's talk of killing and shooting and the like, "She's talking, that's easier than fighting."

Leightner nods, setting the instrument tray down, "Tell me what happened to your shoulder." He takes the small recorder and sets it aside as he takes the cloth off the tray, getting a scalpel and steps to her to start cutting the garment away from the wound on the recently resurrected woman. He's getting to work. in earnest, pulling a light over.

Staff officers do not run. It's the rules. Yet another black mark for Elias, as young Captain Gray comes into the Sick Bay at the double. He's in his blues, but has hastily dressed, looking like he just rolled out of his rack. He brushes past the medical personnel that protest his haste as he whisks through Sick Bay, and then quickly ducks into the Recovery Ward. And there he makes an abrupt stop. A narrow-eyed look goes straight to the Nine, and those nearby her, quickly trying to assess the situation. At least there are MPs present. His hurried entrances is probably hard to miss, but now that he's here he takes a moment to finish buttoning up his jacket and run a hand through his hair.

Jena just remains quiet, alternating looks between the PO, the Captain and the Lieutenant.. then the MP, catching the arrival of the Captain. She does take a single step back when Elias walks in, offering a snap of a salute to the Captain. "Sir." Catching the look to the Nine.

Devlin comes to attention as Elias slides into the room, however undignified the man does so, and he raises his voice a little, "Sir!" He tells the Captain though he's not in uniform so he remains at attention until told to do otherwise. He had been about to address Ceres, but now he's standing there, waiting, outranked now, at least by Orion crew, and he's waiting for orders.

"Yes yes, I did,..Lieutenant. I did go down and your eh eh arr would be correct, but I am not human. Its why your skin crawls when you see one of us. Probably why you are all still so skiddish around me," dark eyes are somewhat amused but there is a depth of seriousness. "I get to experience death from a reborn sort of aspect," she explains and then glances up at Leightner. "Well see, I was flying around in my fixed up Viper we managed to outfit, nothing that can leave atmo mind you. I was playing tag with some Raiders when a heavy came down and got me, clipped my wing, broke my canopy and sent a nice shard of shrapnel into my shoulder," which is revealed when he cuts away her shirt to view the wound. "It hurts like hell," and they might actually see she's sweating some wand trying to focus. Elias' entrance however causes her to stare and she looks him over briefly. "I am not going anywhere, Captain. Always good to see a member of tactical on the job…at every hour.."

Leightner is not saluting, he is working on getting the wound clear, and nods, looking at it. "I can fix tha." He says. "Local nice and painless" He flips up a styrette and sticks her, There's a pinch Ow! and that's the last pain in the shoulder. Dead meat. Leightner steps closer, "Lean back." He steps on a pedal bringing up the back of the bed. "Keep talking, slurred speech is a bad thing. I'm new here. Ya might know tha." He shrugs as he settles her and lets the local sink in before he goes diving for metal.

Jena had been standing there, minding her own business when she got another call. "Pardon me, PO. I've gotta get gone. Meet up with you later." Bypassing the Lieutenant, the Captain(s) and the MP, she heads out without so much as a by your leave.

Elias takes a deep breath, composing himself mentally. He offers a quick look towards the PJ and the Lieutenant out of uniform. "As you were." Then he moves past them towards the where 'Ceres' is being worked on by the Corpsman. It's the MPs he addresses first, however. "Weapons down, stay back about five meters …" He looks towards Ceres as he continues to issue orders to the MP. Just to make things clear. "If our 'guest' makes a sudden move or grabs someone, fire." Then he steps past them and over behind Leightner, peering at the injury as he speaks to the Nine herself. "Welcome aboard." Sure it's an empty formality, given the MPs with guns, but he offers it all the same.

Devlin's listening as the Nine explains things and he is thankful that the Captain is here, settling into an at-ease stance, he's about to say something, but then remembers that the Captain outranks him and he's caught with the joke on the tip of his tongue, before he closes his mouth and leaves it that way for the time being. He flashes Ceres a smile, at the whole welcome aboard thing, and tilts his head a little to watch the interaction, though when Jena leaves he steps forward, "Let me assist, tell me what to do, till someone else arrives," he says, if only so that he can study the Nine a little more closely.

The MP's follow what Elias advises, easing back a respectable distance as Leightner works. Ceres sighs as she rests back, "You know its bad when medical bay beds feel comfortable," she muses. The instant relief causes her eyes to close, wetting her lips as she smiles. "I am just fine, not about to slurring any speech. You are new and rather dire, always good to see in the medical profession. Would rather have the straight and narrow than sweet talking," she teases him still and then looks at Elias, briefly glancing to her shoulder that is being tended to. "I figured I would get a welcome back or some such, it seems this might be a long visit if you do not take to trusting me."

Leightner nods as he listens, examining the wound closely, "Aye, Tis VacPac." He pauses, "This was exposed ta Vaccum. In a way good." He flicks his fingers over the instrument tray getting forecepts, laying a cloth below the wound for blood catching, "Looks like a clean arterial miss. I can extract, then check fer fragments." He looks to his Patient, "Been a long week." He says, smiling before with a sure hand nimble fingers and even touch, the metal foreceps sink in painlessly and extract.. what to all apperances is a three inch shard about a pencil thickness. Dull grey material. Blood wells in the wound and Leightner smoothly presses the cloth, setting the fragment aside with the ever wekk known


Leightner nods slowly, inspecting the wound. "Unguent 4-A" He says, as he takes a syrenge and injects somethinf to the wound. the blood immediately slowing, and Leightner turns. "We'll let that sit a mo." And he gets into a drawer.

Elias is focused on their guest, letting Leightner make the call on medical and whether he needs help from Devlin or not. "I think we can wait until the Corpsman is done before we get into that," he tells Ceres. And he stays back out of the way, a few steps from the bed, his hands clasped loosely behind his back. He can let the 'guest' and the Corpsman be and still talk to Devlin, though. "So, what's the story Lieutenant?"

"Well done," Ceres comments to Leightner, watching the shard sitting in the metal bowl. Elias is given a faint smile and a nod of her head, "As you wish," she intones. The nine gives Devlin a pitying look as he is questioned and this means she can get to know the Corpsman a little better. "SO how long have you been enjoying the coziness of the Orion?" the skinjob asks of the attending Corpsman, her smile growing as she watches him. Yet her eyes flicker to the two MP's standing far enough away to sometimes be forgotten - yet she doesn't appear to have done so.

Devlin is paying attention to the Nine, sort of studying her, amazed at the way she looks so human, even up close. His blue eyes stare deeply into the Nine's trying to examine them to see if there's something different, but the look of curiosity is plain as day. It takes a moment for his mind to register the fact that the Captain is speaking to him, "Amazing," he whispers under his breath before standing up and turning back to Elias, "Well sir, I was in the Bird that spotted the ejection, we flew down and marked the LZ, but, you know how…" he pauses, realizing he's talking more than he should and he nods, "Got her broguht back sir, now I was here to see if she was doing alright, sent a Corporal to inform Sergeant Knox, I believe he went looking for you, Sir." That has the man smirking a little at the thought that the Corporal will be running the ship only to come back here.

News travels fast. Especially among the Air Wing. Hearing about the return of Redux, Maia had been expecting it for a long time now. Sure, she'd been flying one of the trio of Raptors when the one carrying Ceres had gone down. She'd heard the coms as Ceres had tried to save the crew of the downed Raptor. She'd damned well shed tears! So, she's hauling ass into the Recovery Ward and comes to a stop at the sheer amount of people. Still, she steps further in to get a closer look. Trying to see if it was true, that Ceres was really back.

Leightner nods as he brings over a screen on rollers, "'Bout a week." He replies in the same tone in reply to Ceres. He takes a paddle looking device on a wand and holds it over the wound, "Won't hurt." He presses it to the wound and imagery appears on the screen. He moves the wand and the images shift. "Looks good. No fragments. No dense material. An the Unguent is clotting an sanitizing. So." He says, looking to the capt-Cylo-An Ceres whatever, Ceres. "Whats next is to clear the wound, an turn it from a hole to a slit an then I close it. Yer gettin stitches." He shrugs, taking the wand away, and getting a new syrenge to lean to the wound.

Elias stands behind the Leightner as he finishes up his work on the Nine's shoulder wound, listening closely to what Devlin has to say. The Intel Officer's blues are hastily donned, and his hair a bit astray. Looks like he came down in here a hurry. Elias shows little reaction to anything Devlin says, until he mentions sending someone for Knox. His gaze flicks to the Nine, then back to Devlin. He's about to say more when the Air Wing invasion begins, and he looks less than thrilled with a mass of pilots pouring in. Lovely. "Unless one of you can convince me this actually is Captain Garrido, stay back behind the MPs.

Phin must've heard the news as well, for he comes to the ward not far behind Maia. He looks exhausted, circles as dark as bruises under his eyes. Condition 2, and actual warfare, is a bitch. He's in his flight suit, albeit with the sleeves pulled down and looped around his waist. A sign he's off-duty, but doesn't expect to be that way for long. He stays back, well out of the way, just watching.

"Well you got me blushing," Ceres intones, amusement still there as she watches the straight faced Leightner. "I am not going anywhere, do what you got to do. I appreciate it." Dark eyes look to the wound at her shoulder only to look up and towards Elias as more figures seem to shuffle in to try to get a look. That ascorbic tone has been replaced with one of sardonic amusement, a brief nod offered to Centerfold. "Captain's right," she says as she glances to Elias. "He's very right, I have no way to prove it…" she starts. Her gaze darts to those arriving, tensing a little as there seem to be a growing number. Though her dark eyes catch on Phin and linger, that smile fading some. It's something of utter recognition as she does not look away.

Leightner nods, "Aye." He injects the contents of a syrenge, then uses another to draw off fluid from the wound. then he takes a Scalpel, and cuts, carefully, changing the rounded edges of the skin into a linear tear two inches wide half an inch under her collarbone. A peaceful calm settles over him as he works. Getting suture needle and thread, "I'm assuming that ya have no allergies. Drug interaction? Is there a Medical file on the Orion that would have any practical information I need?" He begins, with a sure left handed stitch, sealing the wound. Then he casually switches hands and cross stitches in a neat, compact line. The sutures fine. "This is likely to scar." He considers a moment. "I'll need to get an IV line into you. It will make you more comfortable and when that local wears off, you'll want some morpha." He says honestly, reaching for another cart with IV stand.

Devlin's finished his report and there's nothing that comes of a reply from the Captain, so Devlin simply turns and goes back to examining the skinjob, though after the Captain tells people to stand back, the LT steps up and, seemingly satisfied with the inspection of a skinjob, takes a few steps back to make room. "Seems like she's got a fan club," he says a little to no one, but loud enough for those closest to hear. His smile is flashed as he looks back at the nine, apparently able to remain serious, while still smiling.

Maia pipes up just about then. "Maybe I can." The words input tentatively, but with a lift of her chin, almost challenging. Blue eyes find the Viper pilot once more and she takes one single step forward. "You know," she begins quietly, speaking directly to the skinjob. "When you told that MP what I did, I had to do a requisition and everything. Do you remember what you told the MP? And the name of the MP?" There's a mixture of doubt and hope.

Seeing the Air personnel hanging back, rather than rushing to the Nine's bedside, Elias lets out a relieved sigh, and Devlin's comment about a fan club gets a small, weary smile. "I'm surprised I got down here first," he mutters to Devlin. Then the Intel Officer turns to look at Maia when she pipes up, though his expression loses interest when he hears her question for 'Ceres'. Despite whatever reservations he may have, he keeps them to himself and turns to see what the Nine has to say.

"Not really the way I'd put it," Phin mutters, at Devlin's 'fan club' comment. He makes no move to approach her any more than the slight entry into the room he's made, with the crowd around. He meets Ceres gaze when it catches his. Blue eyes looking right back at hers. There's a flicker of stark surprise across his features as he catches that recognition. They'd said it was her, but how much he'd really expected it to be is debatable. Kind of shyly, he raises his right palm and opens and closes it, in a semblance of a wave. Hullo there.

"I will would be grateful," Ceres tells Leightner in a low tone, some of her weariness wearing through her wry humor. Though Phin is offered a warmer smile as he lifts his hand and though she dare not move for the work being done on her shoulder, there is a slight nod before her gaze sweeps to Devlin and finally to Maia. "Well, Centerfold, I remember the altercation in the hallway where I was threatened. You went and pulled your sidearm to protect me, which I am obviously thankful for," she admits, "But really, it was the worst thing you could have done. Put yourself and the rest of the crew in danger. I told Lieutenant Morgan as much." A smirk is offered the young woman before she lets out a sigh. "But….its not that easy to prove. I wish it was. But the Captain is right to worry…to be suspicious of me. Lots of my sisters have paid you a visit, some were not as lucky as I am with the treatment i am not receiving." She is on one of the beds, her shoulder being mended by Leightner as she is in a half seated position. Elias is the closest, as well as the two MP's, beyond that are Devlin, Maia and Phin who are watching and perhaps making sure of who the nine really is.

The chaplain makes her way in. "Excuse me. Excuse me." Without a trace of regret she more or less worms her way to the front of the crowd. "Asking her to verify her history doesn't do much good. She's downloaded her experience to the other Nines, so they all have her memories, unless as I understand it, she successfully managed to hold some of them." She steps close to the bed unless the MP's or Elias stop her. "Hello, Ceres. What has brought you back to us?"

"No, it's not that easy. I was flying one of the Raptors. I was transporting Knox to the tribunal hearing. You were in the lead Raptor. When yours was shot down.." Maia hesitates, remembering that more in detail. "You tried to save the rest of the crew. The Pilot, the ECO, the Marine accompanying you. I heard you over the coms. That wasn't the voice of a cold blooded killer, Redux. I spoke with Knox when he was in his.. cave," spitting out the word, "they kept them in before the hearing. He was heartbroken." Looking between the others, the more ranking officers, she requests. "Permission to approach the patient?" One thing Maia knew for sure would prove it, if only to her.

Leightner smiles, racking a bag, and connecting a drip chamber, leaving the coil to pull a butterfly shunt and moving to settle a needle into her vein. Taping it down, he looks to her. "Leave ya with a good hand." He says in a thick Virgonese Accent, Northern Virgon. He grins as he connects the line releasing the saline solution to hydrate her and allow her to recoup fluids.

"Begging your pardon sir, I was here before you," Devlin tells the Captain with a smirk, but its in a good natured way, even with the fact that there's a nine in the room with them. Devlin's eyes take in the newcomers, the latecomers, and the speaking toaster. His hands rest at his sides for a moment, looking back at the Nine, "She's probably getting tired Sir, but folks are gonna want to come and stare, confirm the rumours that are already spreading. Someone should probably make some official announcement, or such, then again there could be a whole horde of lookie-loos." He shrugs his shoulders and then slides to the wall to stand there, making room for everyone else.

The MPs look uncertain, but end up not stopping the Chaplain. It's Elias, who has been listening to Ceres and Maia talk with a look of deep unease, who does attempt to step in her way. "Sister. Unless there's some way you can help I'd appreciate it if you stayed back." And then there's Maia asking for permission as well. "Not now, Lieutenant. Everyone just stay back and let the Corpsman do his job."

Phin's lips tick, very slightly, into a half-smile at Ceres. Though his blue eyes are still hard to read, beyond just 'tired.' He seems to have no interest in getting closer to the Nine, though, or of saying anything to her. Instead, he looks over at Elias. "Is she going to be on the ship long, sir?"

"Good, Corpsman, because the last time I gave life a go I had a nearly dysfunctional left hand," she nods to him and turns her arm for the IV, going still again even as the Chaplain hurries herself forward only to be told to stand back. "I again, have to agree that you listen to the Captain. Caution is key," she says with some of that edgy wryness. "Good and bad luck, sister, depending on how you look at it. I havea need to speak with you," there is a soft need there, something near emotional that tries to drive its way past her seriousness. Eyes sweep back to the others, lingering on Maia. "It's been hard, not having him around, but you know, someone has to try to help you all out down there, you know?" She smirks some and then glances to Elias and Phin. "Captain, I plan to remain. I have information for the Orion," she intones and keeps her eyes on Elias to indicate him before she notes Phin again, her seriousness drying up quickly before she averts her eyes, clearing her throat in emphasis.

Prevented from closing the distance pretty much shuts up Maia, but she doesn't push the boundaries. Instead, she withdraws slightly, moving to stand beside Phin, offering him an encouraging look. "Hey, can I talk to you when you're finished here? It won't take long." Glancing towards Ceres meaningfully. If the Officers wouldn't allow them nearer Ceres, they could go elsewhere and talk in private, without the audience. When addressed by Ceres, the look of understanding is there in her eyes. "I know, Redux. I trust you." Openly and blatantly. "Thank you for the help."

Elias is turning to speak to Leightner when Phin asks his question. This causes Elias to pause and glance at Ceres quizzically. Enough time for her to answer Phin herself. The Intel Officer just nods his understanding and leaves it at that. Then he addresses the Corpsman. "I assume she can be moved, Petty Officer? What sort of regular care does the wound require?"

Leightner looks over his shoulder at the Chap, then doubletakes on her, swallowing, before looking back to Ceres, "Aim ta please, sir." His hands move, getting a syrenge. "Antibiotic spectrum." He sinks the needle into the IV line port as the drip chamber drip drip drips. "Soon as ya feel pain in ya shoulder, I need ta know." He turns to get a tray of cloths and water as he begins to clean the wound, focused on work, intently. He looks up to Elias. He smiles, "We can roll this gurney anywhere in two minutes if it's an emergency, sir. Right now I -Could- slap a pressure bandage an hard armor on her, but that's drastic. We can move the gurney.

Iphigenia stops short only a step past the MPs before she regards first Elias, and then Ceres. It takes her a moment to quell whatever she's about to say, and then, "Of course. Ceres. You're entitled to a visitation when you feel ready and once these good soldiers allow. Which I trust will be soon." Taking a step back, she remarks softly to Leightner, "That's an accent I've not heard in some time, Petty Officer. It's a comfort to know it has not been lost." Lacing her fingers together, apparently she intends to remain a presence.

"Good to see you again, Redux. Be by later," Phin says simply to Ceres. For now, he seems content to leave it at that.

It strikes Maia just about then. "She never got her tribunal hearing. She's due one according to the laws from the JAG." Piping up with that little tidbit of information. "She was on her way to it when her Raptor was shot down." Once she has said that, she nods to the others and dips out.

"Going to be off with me already? I remember the brig from right before Picon last time. I could find my way there if you want me to, Captain." Ceres is willing, but it seems she is also growing a bit tense at the idea. Looking to Maia and Phin, she offers a faint smile and nods her head. "You too, Dolly." There is a growing warmth on her features for that but she makes no comment or pipes up about her tribunal. Instead she looks to Geni. "In case I can not come see you, I will hope to see you if they will allow you near, sister. But it seems I am about to be moved to more 'secure' holdings."

Elias offers the Sister a tired but vaguely apologetic smile when she doesn't say more, and accepts his request with good grace. And now he seems to have come to some conclusion, once he's heard the Corpsman's medical opinion and there doesn't seem to be any obstacles there. He waits until the pilots have had their say, then turns towards Ceres, his expression smoothing over into a guarded neutral. "Yes. I am afraid I'm going to have to ask you to stay there for now. Until we can find a way to verify your identity. I think that may be best for all concerned. But there's no need to walk." He motions to the MPs to be ready, then asks Leightner "Can you handle moving the bed, Corpsman?"

Devlin's pushing off the wall to make room, headed towards the exit, though he does pause to come to attention before the Captains and those that outrank him, "Unless you need me, Sir, I'll make more room in this small place, got duty in less than a few hours, would like to have a couple of those in dreamland, Sir." He nods his head towards the exit, looking about ready to head that way if he's dismissed. His blue eyes take one last glance at the Nine, curious, but ready to be gone.

Leightner nods, starting to move, looking to the Chaplain, "Aye Dachee." /Virgonese: Milady/ He says as his hands hook the IV to the gurney and he takes some of the equipment. "Assuming you'll sign off on my using Sickbay materials for this with yer Brass, sir." He straightens, taking the recorder, and stepping on the brakes, "Clear to move." He looks at Ceres, "I'm piloting." He says sternly.

Elias gestures for the MPs to lead the way while he backs off to let the flying bed go first. Devlin's question is met with a nod. "You were on the rescue flight, Lieutenant? Make sure there's an after action report as soon as you can manage." He realizes he's forgotten Devlin's actual question and quickly appends "Dismissed." Leightner's mention of getting clearance causes Elias to sigh lightly. "I'll speak to the CMO. In the meantime, if there's a problem just tell them it's on Captain Gray's authority."

"According to the articles concerning Cylon skinjobs are prisoners of war. Prisoners of war are entitled to visitation by a chaplain as long as security standards are adhered to." This is offered to Ceres before Iphigenia's eyes flit to Leightner, her eyes warm but sad. "Virgon will soon be little more than an asteroid belt, Petty Officer, and there is no more Crown. Your words are kind as a remembrance, but we are truly equal citizens now. Go with the Gods."

"Good, then I will ask for you soon," Ceres says to Iphigenia, though her attention flickers to find Phin gone. Just gone. This causes her to frown and she briefly returns Devlin's gaze before she lets out a tight laugh, her attention drawn back to Leightner, "Well this man is in charge of both of us, I suppose you are in charge of me…drive on," she replies, letting herself rest back in bed even as she nods at Elias in understanding.

Stuck with Eh Eh Arrrrrr (like a pirate) duty, has Devlin inwardly groaning, but then he's seeing the retreating form of Centerfold, she outranks him, "Aye, Sir, as was Lieutenant Kane, she was leading the squadron," he explains, not one to find any reason to skip out on paperwork, afterall he's got two hours of sleep to catch. He nods his head quickly and hopefully sneaks away before any other duties are left on his plate.

Elias does not dispute anything Iphigenia says regarding prisoners of war. In fact he seems more interested in the side-exchange between the two Virgonese. But then the Corpsman is starting to push the bed and he shrugs it off, moving to follow along. Yes, he just took responsibility for this whole mess, and he does not look entirely pleased about it.

Leightner looks at the MP's "Clear the Halls, 2 by 2 formation, ten meters." He nods and they're off. Moving along making for the Brig. "Don't worry. you'll be out of this gurney pretty quick." And in a Cell, but well, whatever, ride! Wheeeeeeee!

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