AWD #447: Recruitment
Summary: Kelsey tracks down Randy to recruit her for an off the books mission to some creepy coordinates on Pireaus. Randy has stipulations and obtains an unnamed favor. They discuss quasi-potential issues with the mission.
Date: 11/09/2016
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Kelsey Randy 
Checkpoint Charlie's - Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.

The EOD Sergeant probably wasn't difficult to track down after asking around. Just about everyone says one word, "Charlie's." She must be working on her second drink. Two tumblers, one dry, one full sit near her left hand that rests across the table she's set up at in the back corner. A small hand bound booklet lays splayed out before her, a cheap pen in her hand.

Kelsey doesn't mind having to go to Charlies to find someone. Coat, casual shirt, and a pair of jeans. She's got her mp3 player and buds in her ears when she walks in. Everything about her looks relaxed, even the lazy ponytail. Sunglasses popped to the top of her head, she spies the EOD Sergeant and heads that way. She's well aware that she's got the reputation for being the pilot that pals around with Toby - the Marine hater. For now she's probably hoping this won't be an issue. "Heya," she greets Randy as she leans forward on the bar beside Randy. "How ya been, Sergeant?" The smile is warm, though. Kels doesn't have to fake that.

For Randy's part, everything about her looks like she got off duty, slid on some jeans, and high tailed it down here. She crawled into this low lit cave of a bar and hasn't come out. Her bomber jacket is laid over the back of her chair. She reaches up to rub at her forehead a little. "Oh, hey," she blinks as Kelsey suddenly injects herself into the Sergeants bubble of a world. Randy leans back and stretches her arms back behind her. "Been better." It's very easy to see that the notebook is scrawled with handwriting exercises. She offers the pilot a soft, if slightly weathered grin. "And you?" She reaches for her glass and steals a taste.

"I hear you. It's been a crazy week. I'm not exactly looking forward to heading back to Aerilon." Kelsey props her chin up in the cup of her hand, looking at Randy. "Been worse. Been better. I think my CO finally believes I'm sane and a good officer. Fooled her." She winks at Randy saucily. "But I'm actually down here to find you. I've got something next week that is sort of off the books, but sort of also on the books. I need a couple Marines I know won't crack under potentially strange situations. Just don't- don't agree yet. I want to explain what this is first."

Randy is easy enough to charm with good humor. She sports an easy smile as she signals to the bartender. "Always a useful skill for getting back into action." She smirks and then orders another of whatever she's drinking and a round of beers for both her and the officer. As Kelsey begins to reveal the targeted nature of her visit, Randy closes the little notebook and shoves it aside. "I'm listening."

"It involves Toby." Ahhhh yes, Mister Shackleton. "He wants me to fly him out to a location about twenty miles southeast of here. Or at least fly out there myself and check it out. This isn't a random outting, either." Kelsey takes the beer with a whispered thanks to the tender, then looks back to Randy. "This ghost Captain everyone claims to be seeing? Apparently he asked her a very specific question and she gave him a specific answer. He asked her who it was they had been fighting and why." Easier to understand why she isn't speaking louder at the bar. "She told him that rather than just telling him, she thought he should see it with his own eyes." Kelsey is looking right at Randy. "I've checked the sat photos, Sergeant. There's something strange about the location but I don't know what." Thumbs tap together. "I've got under-the-table permission to go out there and check it out and use a training mission as an excuse. We just have to be really careful how this goes down if we land. If we do and this goes south then we're all in deep shit." A small pause while two people walk by and then she looks back. "But this comes from that ghost lady. I don't buy into her. Yet. So that's why…" she's here. Kelsey wants to help, she's done her best to get it set up. The JG isn't so sure about hanging her ass over the side, though.

The Marine's brow furrows slightly at the mention of Shackleton. She doesn't interrupt though. Most Marines would probably find some way to butt in and bow out what with Toby's reputation, and it isn't like Randy's run ins with the man have been wildly successful in particular either. As their drinks are delivered, Randy reaches for her beer first. The nature of the ask is, well, rather tempting on its own to the Marine, like the blood of a fox to a hound. It's in her makeup, perhaps a gift from her father…or mother. Randy lifts her mug in thoughtful contemplation. "I'll do it, but you frakking owe me Wescott." Yep, she commits before she asks details, but she also knows, that given the nature of the mission, doing so commits her to secrecy, allowing them to speak more freely, save for their surroundings. "What about thermal imaging? Essentially, she's going to show us her enemy Squire. Have we thought about that fact that we could be stumbling into something we /don't/ want to poke?" Her eyes drift about the bar as she massages her right hand with burgeoning grimace.
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"Yeah, I'm eight feet deep in favors. Turns out Toby wants me to see about helping this Deck gal who had an abusive husband." Kelsey rubs her face. "Between training myself and a fresh Ensign, I'm pretty sure I owe or have to call in ten favors to everyone." The other hand goes to hold the beer. The pilot is clearly doing better than she was, but Wescott is busy. What's another person owed. "Thermal is worthless if its under the surface. And yeah, that thought kept me up last night. If we open up Pandora's box down there then we're in a world of shit. I got about ten minutes into that train of thought and was actually walking to Shackleton's bunk to tell him it was a bad idea when something occurred to me." Kelsey sips the beer, looking away then back. "That's why I'm here right now. You've seen this ghost lady. Do you think she would lead us into a trap like that? Does that make sense? IF she really is some kind of ghost, why would she even need us to poke something when she could have someone or something else do it? Why Toby? He admires this lady."

"Why do you think I bought you a beer," Randy chuckles wryly and holds up her pint in cheers before downing some more. "I think this ghost lady believes in us, for what purpose or role I don't know," the Marine says thoughtfully as she swills her beer in the mug. "I don't know if she even has human values around what is a good outcome or a bad outcome. For all we know she's got the word 'FATE' tattooed across her cheeks. I trust /precaution/ and my instinct Squire. That and blind luck are the only reasons I'm still alive. My guess is she's talking to Toby /because/ he admires her. She's been trying to hang out with me ever since we met, but Kapali keeps chasing her off," she explains with a shrug. "I don't know enough about this place to say one way or another. And I'm more concerned about us doing just that…opening some pandora's box we aren't /ready/ for. You said you've got some reason to believe there's something off about it? What's strange about it?-Also, we do this, I won't have him frakking up the mission. He's a frakking powder keg and he can't be in charge. If he is, I'm out."

Kelsey returns the cheers. Seriously. She sips the beer and ends up looking at the liquid while Randy says her piece. The pilot maintains her silence, a lot of conflicted things crossing her mind and face. It's difficult to really articulate everything about this. "I told him that I wanted to bring Marines because I wasn't landing on unsecured surface without a couple. I have a lot of reasons for wanting Marines, Sergeant." Kelsey finally looks back to Randy. "If things get strange I need level-headed Marines who, like I said, aren't going to lose it. And that includes protecting mission integrity." And that's where Randy can tell Kelsey wasn't born yesterday. She knows Toby is a believer. She loves the guy to death, but she needs people who will keep him secured if they need. But she doesn't have to tell Toby that. "I'm flying the Raptor. I'm in charge." After another sip, she looks back down to the bar. "I have no idea why she wants to hang out with people. She's a ghost, if she is anything. What the hell. It's not like she is or was a real person or something. Plus a skinjob." Kels shakes her head. "Course not like I have a good opinion. Kapali sounds like I might be, though no idea why she's the way she is." Kels waves off her hand getting back to the point. "Looking at the sat imagery, there looks like there might be shapes in the woods, beneath the trees. A couple of sketched shapes. The snowline isn't much further up the hill and there's more there. I mean it could just be oddly fallen trees in some straight lines, but I don't think so." She swallows. "And if this is one place we find something, how many more have we missed because we didn't know to look for them."

Randy is a Marine first. Not some intelligence trained operative. Putting the pieces together beyond an IED showdown is certainly something she's wading through for herself, but it's similiar enough in skillset to the puzzles and problem sets she likes to go after in her free time…that is, full of unknowns and unguided problem solving, so she's hooked. Randy nods idly, satisfied for the time being seemingly by the fact that Kelsey will be in charge. "I'll just need to be prepared," whatever that means. As Kelsey ruminates over the ghost captain's motivations, Randy's brow crinkles slightly, as if something falls into place for her. She tilts her head and looks at Kelsey, "Maybe she's trying to build trust? If she has important things to say, she wouldn't just entrust them to anyone," Randy shrugs. "Next time I see her, I'll make more of an effort," she says, as if that decision is enough thinking on that front for her. She finishes her beer as she listens more about what the sat imagery has uncovered. "Don't worry about that yet Sir. It hasn't hurt us so far has it? I mean that we know of. Let's save the worry for when we need to be worried. We've got enough of that as it is right now…existential problems," what with everyone waiting for the kid troops to show their faces again and utterly detroy what's left of their souls.

"I guess its possible. That's assuming the ghost is even a ghost. Part of me thinks you all are being fooled by the Cylons. Trust is- that's real. If she had important things to say, then that makes sense." Brows lift. "If she's looking for trust than this is one helluva hail mary play to get that." Which suddenly settles in on her. What if it turns out they really find something there? What does that mean? More existential problems. "If you ever see her again. Assuming she even has feelings, if she keeps getting run off then she probably got the message already from Kapali." Kelsey chuckles. "I'd rather just get this flown and get on with it. But just do me one favor, if this turns out to be something, tell Kapali to keep her opinions to herself. It's a lot of IF's, but if it pays out we need to keep our ears open."
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"I meant she's looking for who to trust. Maybe she already trusts Toby," Randy suggests as she tilts her head slightly. She grabs the glass of amberish liquid and takes a sip. "Come on Squire. One minute you say you don't think she'd hurt us then the next she might be a cylon tricking us? You can't have it both ways. Can you?" She chuckles a little bit. "If it's the cylons tricking us we're already frakked. You know that," which is not to assume they aren't, but just demonstrates Randy's devil may care attitude towards the whole thing. "I'll make sure we have a line that hasn't drank the drink yet," though there are some who have accused her of doing so herself, she doesn't mention it. "Regardless. Don't worry about Kapali. She'll understand."

Randy shoots Kelsey a I'll-take-care-of-it-look.

"If she trusts Toby, but not you and we all show up…" Kelsey looks to the side. There's a lot of complexity and diplomacy isn't her thing. She looks like she's about to jump into a long discourse when she stops herself. Nope. Down that road lies mania. "I don't think she has the capability to physically harm us, or the reason. But I can also say that she looks like a skinjob and she may be performing a mission that may hurt us down the road. We just don't know either way. You're right, I don't get to play cards to suit my argument that-" An officer apologizing. Take a photo while she sips her beer. "That's not fair." Kelsey holds her gaze on the bar, staring at it past the beer. "I've just got a lot of concerns about this. If things go wrong down there, we're on our own. I've been told specifically that we cannot, under any circumstances, fire on anything unless we are under direct fire first. I've got mixed emotions, obviously, about who or what the Captain is. But this is one of those scenarios where I hope she doesn't actually hate us all. Know what I mean?"

"Good point. Frak," Randy stares into her drink as if it must be the reason for her not connecting the dots right in front of her. "She does. I think. She made it sound like touching us wasn't that healthy for us, like a two touch kiss of death," Randy shrugs, clearly not putting all her stock in this theory, but she does throw it out there. She seems to take it easy on the pilot after calling her out on her own contradictions. "I've been thinking the same way. And if we're gambling big, let's cheat as much as we can. Your kid can be the honest one tomorrow." She knocks back the rest of the liquor. "I'll see if I can feel out how close the Captain and I are to being besties before we ship out then. You talk to anybody else about this in the Corps yet?"

"Touching a ghost doesn't sound like a good idea any way you cut it, Randy." Kelsey just says that quickly. "And no, I haven't spoken to anyone else yet. Just you, Toby, and my squad leader. We don't even have that much room left in the Raptor. I'll probably drag along Elena, my training Ensign. Show her what being a leader means." Kelsey doesn't look so happy with it all, but that's probably parto f what she wants Elena to see. Sometimes you stick your neck out and pray someone doesn't swing an ax down. "You actually planning on trying to talk to the Captain before we go?"

"Well it felt great to me," Randy flashes a grin to the pilot in return. "Heron? Alright yeah," Randy agrees with the space factor. "She survived in the resistence so she's got to be at least a little wet behind the ears. You think she's ready for something so field heavy?" Randy twists to dig into her back pocket to take care of the tab. "Well, I think that's up to the Captain, but I'll try." She has about as much of an idea on how to contact a ghost as she does of how to fly a bird. Somehow it's more complicated than just shouting to the winds and somehow flying an aircraft has to be more complicated than pointing a stick and going really fast. Randy-logic. "I'll keep you posted."

"I think heron needs to understand just how important it is what we do. She's a good kid, but she lacks confidence in her abilities. I think this will help solidify her. We show her that we believe in her, she'll pay us off with developing into a better pilot." Kelsey thumbs up just a little. "I've been in her shoes. I know how scared she is. This will help, I think. Assuming we don't all die horribly. If we open up Pandora's Box, I doubt we'll be alive long enough for anyone to yell at us." The pilot steps off and drains the rest of the beer. "Thanks for the brew, Sergeant. Plan for the end of next week. I'm not letting this own my thoughts further than that." She pushes the glass back towards the tender before slowly standing off the bar.

The Sergeant nods. She, luckily, has not been put in charge of anyone's development officially or unofficially in her career thus far. "If that's what it takes Sir. Might be a little easier than running her through a half dozen battles too," which is a statement that assumes a nugget could even make it through a half dozen battles alive. "That is the indisputable truth. If we do, hopefully, it will be swift." After paying the tab, she rises to see the pilot off. "Understood Sir. If I have news before then, I'll find you." She turns to grab her bomber jacket and carefully shrugs it on.

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