MD #255: Recon Calumet and Bominaire


06 July, 2049

FR: Lt. Inez Sawyer
TO: CMDR Marcus Petra
CC: GSGT Lleufer Ynyr, LTCOL Niko Janik, MAJ Elena Heron, RADM Robin Io
RE: Reconnaissance of Calumet and Bominaire


On July 6, MD#255, the Clotho jumped to the Calumet System with the Raptor R aboard, piloted by Lt. Sawyer, with Lt. Oates as Electronic Countermeasures Officer.

The Clotho's jump was uneventful, and the Raptor jumped to a hidden location behind a planetoid. When the Raptor exited its cover, only one Skath Destroyer was detected in orbit. Lt. Oates jumped the Raptor to the opposite side of the planet. While Lt. Sawyer maintained a position directly opposite the Skath Carrier going around the planet, Lt. Oates recorded video and radio readings from the planet. There seemed to be little change from the last time the Orion Fleet had been present. The return to the Clotho was uneventful.

The Clotho jumped to the Bominaire system, and then the Raptor R jumped in closer.
This time Lt. Oates picked up a Skath Cruiser with a support ship. Again we jumped to the opposite side of the planet from the Skath ship and recorded surface visual and then dipped into atmosphere to record radio readings. There seemed to be more activity between the surface and the orbiting cruiser than on Calumet. The recording was interrupted by the DRADIS warning that the Skath Cruiser was trying for a lock on our position, so we exited atmosphere and jumped back to the Clotho.

From Bominaire, the Clotho jumped back to the fleet without incident.

The Recordings taken by Electronic Countermeasures Officer Lt. Gloria Oates have been attached to this report.




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