PWD #21: Rec Room Digressions
Rec Room Digressions
Summary: In which many converge in the Rec Room.
Date: 14/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Rec Room — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
PWD #21

It's late evening and the Rec Room is fairly empty as most people are out getting dinner. What better time for mischief to be managed? Theo, sporting a fresh tan that makes his pale eyes stand out strikingly and with sun-bleached hair, has recently returned from his super secret away mission with the marine JTACs. He didn't even wait a day to get back to business. His latest mischief?

It probably involves the pinball machine that he's just finishing up the installation of in the Rec Room, bolting it down to the floor and making sure it's receiving adequate electricity to make the blinking lights… well… blink. Any resemblance to the pinball machine that mysteriously disappeared from the Viper berthing only to be replaced with a disco ball and strobe light is completely incidental. Really. Honest.

Orange coveralls tied around her hips by the sleeves, Kelsey saunters in from the hallway with a smile and a big, scratched metal cup in her hands. It steams up and she holds it up close to her chest protectively as she walks, an arm turned up as if to cradle it away from prying hands. But at seeing the pinball machine she blurts out, "Cool!"

Phin strolls into the Rec Room. In his off-duties, so plainly here to kill some time in one way or another. He spots Theo and heads in that direction, though he pauses to squint at the ECO. "Dude. How did you get a tan?" More squinting at the pinball machine. "Is that our…?" But he trails off from actually asking that, and just holds up his hands. "Never mind about that. I am so not involved in whatever you did."

Cool? Cool? Surely Noble has been summoned. The devil-may-cry marine is in his off-duties as part of the post-dinner rush. Leaning in first, he cranes his neck through the doorway and scans the room. Spying that the video game system is unmanned, his eyes light up and he pushes the rest of the way through. Doing his best to avoid knocking over Kelsey in the process, he manages a sort of spaceport crowd-dodging sideways turn move to avoid her. "Scuse me miss, scuse m—" He grunts and launches himself over the back of the couch. Dropping onto the cushions with a little laugh, he reaches out for one of the controllers. "Hey folks I'm calling dibs on this thing, no one's signed up. So…it's zombie time."

Check-in is finally done. Cassie's got seen by the appropiate people and even got a quick physical, proving that she is indeed fit for duty and ready to fly. And since she has a bit of down time before she actually has to fly there's need for occupying the hours that would be spent bored otherwise. After a bit of wandering the rec room is found and she steps in, her eyes narrowed slightly as she scans it from wall to wall.

THe pinball machine is noticed almost immediately but she doesn't say a word. What she does instead is approach it after pulling a coin out of a pocket.

Theo rocks back onto his heels, expression a touch smug before he schools it to his usual cheerful friendliness. "Hello, Dolly." He greets Phin, lithely rising to his feet and stretching in a single, fluid gesture. He grins broadly at the question about the tan. "The Gods reward good behavior." He says in a mockery of piousness. "I just got back from an extended mission down south with the JTACs." As far as the pinball machine goes… Theo taps the side of his nose, and winks at Kelsey's exclamation.

Oh hey, its Phin. Kelsey turns at the sound of his voice and stares at him for a few moments with a stupid smile on her face. "Hi, sir," she manages, looking goofy. She sways her hips to look away and step over towards a table. Ahem. But as she turns away she nearly crashes into Noble and she freezes like a deer in the headlights as he dodges around. "Holy cow," she breathes, watching him hop past. Okay, over to the table and she sits down in relative safety. She smirks back at Theo and looks down as she sips at her cup. Smells like hot cocoa.

"Cocky," Phin replies with a smirk to the use of his callsign. He doesn't sound too put out about the moniker anymore, though. Not when there's geography to get all excited about. "There are better climate zones on this planet? Sweet.. Everything I've seen's been freezing. What's the beach like?" He offers a general "Hey" to the others. Still looking more than a little uncomfortable at being 'sir'd.' He looks tempted, for a moment, to try and muscle Noble for first shot at the pinball machine. But finally he just sighs. "Bet you can't beat my high score."

Noble, from the couch, lifts his shoulders so that he can crane his head around to see that none of them are fighting him for supremacy of the sofa. Video game controller in his hands, he very slowly presses the start button, which sends a signal to the game system to fire to life. "Hey there, Pitera." He calls out to Cassie. "You getting settled in okay? Did the grand tour do the trick or are you still getting around with a map?" He asks, and then leans towards Kelsey and Phin to let them in on the inside joke. "Guess who got tagged for welcoming party duty that day. Me. That's who."

"Oh for the love of the gods," Cass grumbles when she sees Noble and the others swarm the various game machines and what not, it causing her to huff in disappointment. "Boys will be boys," she laments before she leans in a bit, trying to speak to the orange-wearing Kelsey. "I say we shank the whole lot of them and take their turns," comes a conspiratorial suggestion given as a joke meant to break the ice.

"He's full of bull, but I wouldn't call it divine." Theo tells Kelsey consideringly, with a quick once-over of Noble. He then grins at Phin. "Climate's much nicer when you get into the southern hemisphere. Near-tropical, in fact. The beach we picked to set up camp was nice. There was a reef not far out. Dub and I took some photos both with my Raptor and during a dive. The waves were pretty tame, though." Pause, and then he glances over the pinball machine. "I don't know what you're talking about, Phin. There are no scores on this. It's brand new."

Kelsey snorts a laugh at Theo, nearly snarfing cocoa out her nose and she coughs twice. Its wiped on the back of her hand and she reaches for a napkin. "Well-played, sir," she recovers, smirking to Theo. The napkin is dapped and drug across her lips and she nods to Cass. "Aye, sir. I'm all for it. We can hide their bodies in the library. Last place anyone will ever look." Innocent Halo. Ding!

Phin looks a touch disappointed when Theo mentions the tameness of the waves. Though still very interested in this whole beach thing. "Can you show off the pics? I don't want to go asking for classified mission intel or anything." He does not ask about the reasons behind the jaunt itself, and if he has any curiosity in that direction, he keeps it to himself pretty well. His comment about scores on the machine just earn arched eyebrows. "Uh. Yeah. Right. 'Course it is." For his part, he heads over to get a cup of coffee. "You ladies can play ahead of me if you want. Wouldn't want to get shanked."

"Am I hearin' that right?" Noble speaks over his shoulder while his attention is focused on the screen. The man has his video game lean well developed, choosing to sit slightly on one hip with the arch of his booted foot planted on a coffee table. Unlit cigarette in lip, the little taps of thumbs on buttons can be heard from the controller in his hands. "Girl in an orange jumpsuit part of a conspiracy to shank a couple of guys? Sounds like jail to me. You guys should make them prove they've got a shiv first."

"I never trust someone in an orange jumpsuit." Theo agrees with Noble, wrinkling his nose at Kelsey even as he hands her a napkin. "Especially with a face like that. Innocent faces mask diabolical masterminds. Why, I bet she's the one that planted Maenads in all the Vipers." Still not taking credit for that one. Nyah. He grins at Phin. "Yeah, I got pics. There's nothing classified about 'em. It was gorgeous out there. I might talk to CIC about recommending it for a secondary settlement. Politicians do love their beach resorts, even on fallout worlds."

Cassie reaches up to itch the tip of her nose with the pad of a thumb, attempting to conceal a smile and almost succeeding. "It's alright," she assures Phin before choking back on some laughter, her face going red from the effort it takes not to laugh outright. The effort has to be doubled once Noble speaks up, her eyes bright. "You will have to frisk us first, sir," she points out only to then go quiet so she can listen to the conversation from the others.

Kelsey beams at Phin and shakes her head. "No, sir, I think we'll leave you out of the shiv contest." She sips at the cocoa and looks over at Noble and leans to the side slightly as she tilts her head back juuust a smidge and laughs. "I cannot escape that name. People on the deck call me 'Jailbait'. Especially Sera- err, Petty Officer Rutlii." But she takes the extra napkin from Theo and preens. "Diabolically evil! Don't mess with me or I'll.. I dunno. Get creative. With. Uhm. Air tools! And no, I was not the one with the Maenads. But it was a fanstastic feat. I wish I could take credit there."

And in walks a blonde. Well, one of the blondes. There's actually a couple of blondes in the Gentlemen Ghosts, but this one has a positively sunny smile on her face and does a widely inclusive, "Hey everybody!" Oh gods. Someone turn down the happy.

Pause The screen has an undead monster, frozen in time as the character on the screen is pointing a shotgun towards its face.

Noble blinks and turns on his hip to look at the three near the pinball machine and then blonde newcomer. Cigarette dangling from his lip, there's the sound of a light scratch that accompanies the sparking of the flame that lights it. His gaze travels from Theo, to Phin, and then they land on Cassie. "I do plenty of guard duty, miss. I can frisk with the best of them. Don't ask for what you can't put down."

Noble gives Ygraine a wave and then looks over to Kelsey. "Jailbait? No shit? That's the name you got from Sera Jane?" Noble tsks and goes back to his videogame. "Diabolically evil jailbait? It's gonna be a long eighteen months, ain't it?"

"I say we make him prove his frisking ability." Theo tells the ladies with him, wryly, "Granted, my shiv is a little easier to find than what you two might be packing." He then wiggles his eyebrows at the girls, before turning back to Kelsey. "Nothing wrong with a nickname. I got saddled with Peacock." He grins, broadly, to show just how much he dislikes the name. The new arrivals given an wave.

"Don't frak it up with tourists, man," Phin says with a grin to Theo, settling on the back of a nearby couch. Just balanced on the back of it rather than properly seated. He drinks his coffee with barely a grimace. His tastes buds are deadened enough to handle what's available in the rec room. The ECO's comment about the maenads just earns a snort. He grins when Ygraine enters, raising a hand and offering her a quick wave and "Hey, Iggy. How's tricks?" Though Kelsey's comment distracts him, and makes him snort. Jailbait? He doesn't ask. "You don't have to call me 'sir' in here. I don't think." He's not precisely sure.

"Aye. Apparently its what everyone called Rutlii. But not she's a P-oh-one and can hurt people soooo they kinda refrain. I just think its ironic but whatever." Kelsey rolls her eyes with her big smile and sips at her cocoa once again before she rises. "I think that where I hide my shiv is my business. Though I'll take a raincheck, most definitely!" To Phin, as she steps to the side, she sorta tosses her hand at the wrist. "Sorry. I just, you know. I see you on the hangar deck and its all 'sir this' and 'sir that' and. And." Another sip of the cocoa. "I think I'm going to grab some actual food rather than just liquid fake-chocolate. Byee!" she waves to the people and moves for the door.

"If I frisk and find a shiv, I'm punching the shiv." Noble side-comments, tapping away at the controller. The lit cigarette bobs while he speaks.

"Happier than a heifer when it's just gotten milked, Phinny." Ygraine chirps. She wiggles a hand at Theo as she heads for one of the couches, turning her attention toward the conversation in an attempt to catch up with it. She blinks at Noble. "Wouldn't it be smarter to punch the person with the shiv?"

Knowing that there's a fine line between playful banter and red light territory causes Cassie to proceed carefully from here, not knowing Noble well enough to know what he is or isn't alright with. "You can try," she adds before straightening, looking at the others. "I am sorry. I was rude and haven't really taken the time to introduce myself. I'm Cassiopeia Pitera. Called Redeye. Nice to meet everyone." She gives Kelsey before she can leave.

"Well, if shiv was code word for P-E-N-I-S, I needed to let that pilot guy over there know that if I find a shiv, I'm gonna punch the hell out of his shiv. Ya read?" Noble smirks, casting a wink towards Ygraine. It's all code-talk tonight in the Orion's Rec Room.

Giving the coffee table a little nudge with his boot, he hops in place on the sofa to get more comfortable and then continues his video game playing, though he does cast a long, curious look towards Cassie that includes a glance over her from head to toe. He then turns back to the screen. "Redeye. Heh. Nice. Hey Jailbait?!?" He calls out to Kelsey. "You tell your PO1 that Noble's keepin' watch on the new fish. She'll know what that means."

"I hear they charges good money for that kind of stuff on Scorpio." Theo notes, regarding shiv-punching. "Unfortunately, I'm just a poor little ensign. I'll buy you dinner, though." He bats his lashes at Noble, before nodding to Kelsey. "Nice to meet you, Jailbait." He says cheerfully, and with one last fond pat of the pinball, he stretches and nods to Phin. "I'll track you down soon with the photos. Maybe next time they give us 48 hours off, I can arrange a camping trip down there for more people. It was nice." And he makes his way slowly towards the exit.

Kelsey leaves, heading toward the Recreation Hall [RH].

And what can Ygraine says but, "Oooh. Oh! Okay!" She totally gets it! And doesn't blush in the slightest. She looks back at Cassie and gives the woman one of her happy puppy waves. "Hi, Redeye! I'm Ygraine. Um, they call me Milkshake." She shrugs as if to say, 'go figure'.

A small, quiet snicker comes from the direction of the sofa.

Theo pauses and adds, "Oh. And I'm an ECO, not a pilot. I actually function when faced with shiny things." He says, before slipping out.

Hopefully no one will ask Cassie about her callsign because she's so not ready to come clean about that one just yet. "It's a lot nicer than most people have gotten roped with," she says with a bit of a shrug. Theo gets a wave just like Kelsey did but then she turns around, trying not to look like a spazzy ferret when her attention is drawn to Ygraine. "Hehe. Hey. Nice to meet you," she greets while giving her a wave in return although her own is not quite as on par in the enthusiasm department. "Seems like everyone knows each other pretty damn well here already. Looks like I'll have to play catch up, huh?"

"You don't want to touch a Scorpian hooker without a full body condom, man," Phin smirks at Theo. "Unless you like STDs and orange tanning spray." He raises a hand to wave again. To him and departing Kelsey. To Noble he just says, "That's a lot of shivving talk, man. Name's Phin, by the way." His callsign he does not immediately give. To Cassie he shrugs. "I don't know about that. I just signed onto the tour when the ship was docked at Virgon. Like half the crew seems new, actually."

"Nice to meet you, Phin, I'm Simon Noble. I'm with the CMC on board and actually…" He hits pause again and rises just in time to watch Theo walk off. He turns to face them and plucks the cigarette from his lap, motioning to them all. "…I think the one of you I know the most is Redeye there, and I've really only given her a tour of the ship. Usually you officer types are too cool for us enlisted, but I don't mind you guys so much. That whole having friends on both sides of the life thing isn't a lie. It's a good thing in practice."

"Gosh, Phin. You've picked up the darndest things in Flight School." Yggy sounds faintly admiring at her former classmate's worldly wisdom. She then sticks her tongue out in the general direction of the sofa. Because she's mature like that.

The banter gets Cassie to laugh but that is swiftly interrupted by a low growl that comes from her belly. "Oh. Must be time for me to feed my face. I best be off and get myself fed. Nice meeting you all." She gives people a wave and then even goes as far as to try and reach out to tussle Noble's hair before exiting.

"I got a brother assigned with the CMC here," Phin says to Noble. "Sergeant McBride." As opposed to the ensign version. "I put in for the post when he did. We wanted to serve together once I got out of flight training. And the cubits you can make out here are pretty sweet." Cassie gets another "Later" as she heads out. To Ygraine, he chuckles. "I just know my home colony." He still has a slight Scorpia gulf twang, though years away have tempered it. "Not that I speak from experience, fortunately, but I wouldn't recommend chasing anything on the surface if we ever dock there. Not that we're going to see any of the colonies for awhile."

Cassie leaves, heading toward the Recreation Hall [RH].

Noble lowers his head just a little and so that Cassie can get that ruffling of his hair, comfortable to let her get away with it. As she passes, he gives her a nod. He'll see her around. The ship isn't that large. When Cassie leaves his line of sight, he spies Yggy's stuck-out tongue, which he responds to with a funny look and a discreetly raised middle finger.

"Bear's your brother? No shit?" Noble suddenly blinks, looking over to Phil with a sudden injection of interest. "Well then you're practically a cousin to us grunts. I'll have to tell him I saw you the next time I bump into him. Yeah, though, the pay here is amazing. I've got plans for when this next eighteen is done. Hell, I'm already picking out the color of the car."

"Two of 'em." Ygraine chimes in to Noble, "Can you believe it?"

"Yeah, we come in pairs," Phin says. "One more and we could've ruled at Triad. Or something. I might've gone in, too, if my Academy acceptance hadn't gone through. Bear's been in awhile, but this is my first stop. Hers, too." He indicates Ygraine with a thumb. "This whole thing still blows my mind. Creating new worlds and shit. Well, sort of. I guess the scientists down there are doing most of the creating, but at least we're adjacent to it."

"No, I can't believe two of them. I'm already getting enough shiv jokes from the one of them." Noble winks back to Ygraine and leans out to one of the ashtrays. A tap later and his cigarette's train of ashes isn't so long. "Well, welcome aboard. It's going to be a long ride and I did the last eighteen, so if you have any questions about people in the know, hiding places to take dates, good places to take leave to down on Piraeus, then feel free to ask. I'm one of the veteran babysitters."

Ygraine hops to her feet and selects a place to sit closer to Phin and Noble, possibly clambering over furniture as opposed to going around it. Girl's all leg. "I reckon this is as far away from Leonis as you can get, but it's sort of like the outlying area at the edge of my family's farm property." She shrugs.

"Hiding places for dates?" Phin is curious. "I was kind of wondering about that. You know. Hypothetically speaking. I can't picture taking a girl back to the bunks. I mean, there are guys who do but that seems kind of disrespectful. Plus…dude, nobody else wants to listen to that, you know?" He turns a little from his seat on the back of the couch, so he's more facing Ygraine and Noble. "I haven't gotten down to the planet much. Peacock was saying there's a beach in the southern part of it, but looks like all mountains around the base camp."

"You've just gotta be creative." Noble replies, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and offering one to each of them. "I mean just ask Milkshake here. Outlying area on the edge of her daddy's property? Then she'd know there's plenty of places inside of the wildlife perimeter. But there's the service access corridors, the corner of the obs deck provided you're discreet, the head, but as long as you're relatively quiet no one gives a frak if you take a date to your bunk. Really." He shrugs. "Not that I'm an expert on this topic, I didn't date a lot of girls teh first eighteen."

Ygraine makes a tsk sound. "That's what closets are for." Always happy to help, Ygraine is.

Noble's fingers turn into a gun and he points it at Ygraine. K'POW. She's got a good point.

"Point," Phin says, making a little finger-gun sign at Ygraine. "Closets seem preferable. Not that I'm really looking to date too much. It seems like it'd get weird if things went south, since there's nowhere for anybody to go. Still, eighteen months is a long time."

Noble can't help but laugh out loud at what Phin says. Scratching the side of his nose with the edge of his thumbnail, he exhales a cloud of smoke towards the ceiling, away from them. "Looks like Phin's not the marrying type, eh?" He smirks and then nudges Milkshake in the side. "So, I figured this out early on the first shift out here. Consider this place to be a vacation. There's going to be a lot less relationships being continued after the eighteen than you'd think. A lot of people just want something to help them get past the long haul. I'm pretty sure command is aware that this is the case, and everything's pretty on the down-low down on Piraeus on leave, if you catch my drift." Noble pauses for another drag from the cigarette. "Eighteen months is a long frakkin' time."

"I don't puzzle out much for there being time for that kind of thing. I mean, I get needing to relax and all, but I'm sure you can find some who'll give you a go-round, Phinny." Ygraine gives him a sympathetic look. "I'll keep my eye out for you." She shrugs to Noble. "If it realy gets down to it, Rosey Palm and her five friends will do you, right?"

"Rosey's the K-Ration of the girlfriend world." Noble comments, dragging off of his cigarette on his way to the vending machines. He fishes for a few credits.

"Thought about it once but…not so much, no," Phin replies with a half-smirk at Noble. He chuckles. "Yeah. There is always that. Not that I'd want to listen to anyone doing that in the bunks, either. But, yeah. All that stuff's just distraction, anyway. I'm sure there'll be plenty of work out here. If maybe not quite what I was expecting to be doing. The other pilots were saying it's real quiet. Not like anyone's going to come calling regular."

"I dunno, after 18 months, k-rations may seem pretty satisfying." She shrugs to Phin. "It's just one of those things. Too much? That's distracting. Not enough? That's distracting too."

"Well, in all fairness, it really depends on the population." Ka-THUNK, a candy bar falls to the bottom of the machine's bin and Noble leans down to extract it through that awkward mouth that you hope doesn't trap your forearm. "I mean if you can't find anyone that doesn't have the looks and personality of a battleship then, you know…" He makes the hand motion, jerking his hand back and forth until he finally explodes his fingers out with a little pssshhh sound effect.

"I guess in the end it comes down to knowing your bunk. Most of the marines are used to turning out everything from screaming to drills going on in the background. It's kinda like how when you're in the head you just don't notice other people showering?" He gives another little shrug. "Either way, you guys are in for a treat. It's very quiet out here, there's plenty of training, the pay is off the charts, and if you're the ambitious type it's gonna look great on your records." He stops in front of them and pulls down the wrapper to his candy bar. "So kick up your feet and get used to the cruise."

"Yeah, it seems like a pretty nice gig," Phin says, sliding off the couch as he finishes his coffee. "Better than flying patrols over Tauron or Sag or something. Plus, even if there's not a ton to do besides train and watch geologists, it's kind of exciting. Maybe if this works out, the Navy'll do more exploration-type missions. More colonies, brave new worlds and shit." Glib as he tries to sound about it, there's a trace of boyish excitement at the idea.

Ygraine pauses a moment before replying to that, opens her mouth, and then shuts it, looking troubled.

"Well, not that I'm looking to really spearhead into a lot of career stuff. I might call it a career after this next eighteen, head home, get a job. They're always putting CMC back on at places back home. You guys, however, for pilots it's kinda like the more hours you put in with less issues the better, right? Keep your noses clean, that sort of thing?" Noble asks the two of them, but then notices the look on Milkshake's face. "What's up, Shakes?"

Phin shrugs. "I don't really know much about how to climb the ladder. The money's good and it's interesting, though. That's fine for now." He also tilts his head at Ygraine. "You okay, Iggs?"

Ygraine shakes her head. "I don't know. My mama's way more religious than me. But we've got twelve colonies and twelve Lords of Kobol, and I'm just being awfully superstitious and weird." She summons a smile, "I'm fine, really. I'm not a pilot though, I'm an ECO."

"Oh, that's a load of crap." Noble blurts out before he can stop himself. "No disrespect to your mother and all, but clearly when you look outside of any of the portholes there's millions of stars out there, and each of those stars could have what, dozens to hundreds of planets? As far as I'm concerned all of that number of colonies stuff is crap. Right outside are colonies fourteen through six thousand, five hundred and forty-two."

"And each and every one is going to have a portable head installed on it." Noble adds, stubbing out his cigarette.

Phin just shrugs again at mention of the superstitious stuff. As he's wont to do with such things. "Here's how I look at it. The Cylons are gone. The colonies are still united, this many years after the war." A whole forty years. It probably seems like forever when you're just past twenty. "So there's either just sticking around the twelve worlds and fighting pirates and each other over petty stuff or…trying to do something better. Maybe whoever thought to do this out here is trying. Maybe this is our future."

Ygraine looks between the pair of them. "I didn't say I agreed. Which doesn't mean that I can't account for her concerns…she's my mama." She shrugs. "Even if I think it's silly. It's hard to break out of that kind of thinking when you spent your whole life in it. Gods know if I did what she wanted I'd be stuck back on Leonis, milking the cows and jigging one, maybe two babies on my knees."

"Play your cards right you could end up going one with a baby on your knee." Noble smirks to Milkshake, giving her a little salute. He reaches out with one of his long arms and claps Phin on the shoulder. "My man's got the right of it, though. Cylons have been at their hidey-hole and Armistice Day is gonna come and go yet again, and by this time two years from now I'm going to be back home eating at Little Ori's with my old man and this place is going to have fast food restaurants on it." Noble glances down to the watch on his wrist thoughtfully.

"No worries, Iggs," Phin says with a faint smile. "I don't know what the frak I'd be doing if I was doing…whatever my mom had in mind for me. And my jaw practically hit the floor when the CO told us what exactly this place was. I just think it's exciting." Noble looking at his watch makes Phin pay attention to the clock, and he grimaces. "Except the parts of it that aren't super-exciting. I've got training in like a half hour. I got to split."

Ygraine snerks at Noble. "Gosh, something to look forward to." she rolls her eyes and says gaily, "The better to stretch out my legs. You guys get." she waves them off with a shooing motion.

"Oh, you look forward to it, Milkshake. By the time the next eighteen is up you guys are going to be going out of your minds. Don't take my word on it, though, because I'm the guy crazy enough to sign on for 3 years of my life. Colonial's gonna be paying my ass good for those three years." Noble adds with a little laugh as he's shooed away. Obediently, he waves to the two of them and hoofs his way out into the hall.

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