AWD #370: Rebooting a Nine
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Summary: A team from the Orion takes a comatose Nine down to Piraeus in an attempt to revive her.
Date: 26/06/2016 (OOC Date)
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The Wilds of Piraeus
It's a big field, in the daytime.
AWD #370

The Nine was brought aboard nearly dead and had already died once enroute. That was six weeks ago. The Marine she was brought in with had died in transport and could not be revived. The rest of the Marine team was killed. She holds all the answers as to what they were doing and who she is. But most importantly, is she hostile? 'A Source' had told them to take the Cylon to Piraeus to wake her up. After this long in a coma, it was time to do just that. A clear field has been selected about 100 miles south of Sheridan. When the Raptor touches down, Security is out first followed by the stretcher team. High above them, much like with the 12, a gunship circles with four 2000 pound laser guided bombs tracking their position and movements. So far, there's nothing. The Cylon's EEG scans on Samtara's monitors show the same low level activity as if in a deep sleep, but nothing new yet.

With part of attention the read out from the EEG and enough attention on the surrounding to ensure that she doesn't trip of some random facet of nature, Sam spares a brief look around the field that has been selected for this particular mode of therapy. Exhaling a breath of a sound that is noncommittal, at best, and outright skeptical at worst, she shares a nod with the stretcher team as they lower the stretcher and the body of the comatose cylon in place and set the stretcher on the ground itself. She waves them back with a gesture, walks a circuit of the stretcher itself to do one last physical inspection of the patient, mindful to not actually set hands on the patient, as she has strenuously advised her staff from day one, then backs up out of the way.

Dressed in his duty blues, Elias has come armed with a hand held audio recording device. He's left his side arm back on the ship, it seems. As he boards the Rator the Intel officer greets the members of the main ground team in a business-like manner. Then he gets himself strapped in for the ride down to Piraeus. Once the security and medical teams are out on the ground, he follows after. Elias hangs back a few paces, out of the way but near enough to observe, and lights up a cigarette. Content to smoke and watch for a few minutes, Elias finally clears his throat and asks Sam, "Any change, Doctor?" It sounds like, so far, this has not have been as dramatic as he expected.

Lleufer has come along to serve as security on this detail. He's not dressed in his MP uniform though, he's kitted out in combat ground kit with his MP brassard on his upper left sleeve and a few of his more usual MP things like handcuffs and tazer on his belt. Yes, definitely the tazer. Somebody said that at it's highest setting it would work on even a skinjob. Ynyr doesn't know if that's true but he may find out today. The Marine Sergeant keeps his mouth shut and his eyes and ears peeled as he rides on out with the group. He's here to follow orders. Like Elias he hangs back out of the way but also at an angle to have a clear line of fire, mindful also of what's beyound the Nine that could get hit if things go nuts.

Petra didnt seem to bother with armor either or a sidearm, in his duty blues like someone had just dragged him out of the map room and shoved him in a Raptor without so much as a 'by your leave'. He's quiet for the take off and most of the flight, but when they are unloading and heading out and Elias asks about the patient's status, his attention drifts to the Nine, then to Sam curiously, waiting for a moment before adding to Elias, "Do we have a general plan if it does wake up? Just so we know the precise moment things go sideways, when the survivors write the AAR." He's joking right? He's not smiling.

Nothing is happening. Nothing. Just like they were told, leave her in the sunlight and wait. And they do. People might even be getting bored because sitting there, staring at a sleeping skinjob, is not terribly exciting. But at some point when they look back at her, there's something strange. Her lips are just barely turned up as if in a very subtle smile. A few seconds later there is a very deep inhale from the Nine as if taking something in - like the air. Her hand, then her arm, slowly stirs. Then the other. She moves as if trying to rub at her face. "Oh Gods, Sam, what time is it?" is whispered from her, her voice and throat dry. "Can you hand me my camelback?" Vocal chords have been dormant since she was last seen screaming in anger at the Centurions, nearly melting the barrel on her M60 with the rate she was putting 762 down the pipe. Lleufer can probably remember watching the tracers cook down the barrel, white against the deep orange of the steel.

Casting a mild look at Elias, or more specifically, at the cigarette that Elias is smoking, Sam shakes her head as she glances again at the monitoring equipment linked to the Nine. "If there's supposed to be a fairy tale sleeping beauty moment, one of you fine gentlemen are going to have to deliver the wake-up kiss," proving once and for all that she does have a sense of humor, how ever obscure. "The general plan will have to depend on how she wakes up," she notes with a nod aimed at Petra, staring more intently at the EEG unit, however, as the seconds tick by. She flicks a glance up from the EEG unit the moment the display changes, spotting the change in tandem with the subtle smile that has formed before words are spoken. She doesn't, quite, jump, exactly, but is startled to the point that she fumbles the device that she's holding and bobbles it briefly between both hands before she restores a rather more calm hold on the device and moves forward, sharing a glance with Leu and accepting the offered canteen that he extends to her as she moves forward. She cracks the lid open with a twist as she does so, "You're thirsty," she advises, "but drink slow, you don't want to get water sick from drinking to much to fast," said as she offers the canteen of water to Ceres.

Samtara's pointed look earns a wordless expression of innocence from Elias, who continues to smoke his cigarette, and he declines the role of handsome prince. There's a glance goes toward Lleufer as Elias double checks to make sure the MP is fully prepared, then he nods Petra's attention toward the Marine. "Sergeant Ynyr and the security team can deal with … any immediate violence," the Intel officer says without much apparent concern. "Otherwise my plan is to explain the situation, including the Raptor overhead, and … see how things develop." Plans do not get much more general than that. "Unless you'd care to do the talking, sir?" As the waiting drags on, Elias paces a bit, and finishes his smoke. After a moment's consideration, he doesn't light another. And when the patient finally comes around, the Intel officer only moves a step forward, clicking on his audio recorder and studying the Nine. Sam's offer of water to the patient causes the Major a faint frown, and he looks towards Lleufer questioningly.

Seeing as the Nine is strapped down to her medical bed, Lleufer doesn't look concerned about handing over his canteen when Dr. Nadir wants it. But he stays back so not to get too close, making Sam step over to him to get it. Ynyr wants to keep his line of fire clear and will adjust his position as necessary, but not getting close. Otherwise he looks perfectly relaxed as if there's nothing to worry about here. There /is/ a glance between Sam to Elias at mention of somebody kissing the Nine to make her wake up. Lleu doesn't say a word but he did glance at the Major. His rifle is in hand as he waits, patient and watchful.

Petra shakes his head slightly at Elias' question and waves a hand, "You're the one briefed on the minutia, Major. I'm here for everyone's plausible deniability in case a Command decision needs to be made. Admiral's already had enough of my ass, its just scar tissue he chews on now." STILL not smiling at that, though now, his eyes are focused on the Nine like a hawk. If he could avoid blinking, he might even be doing that, "Though if I think of something that seems to be missed, I may ask you to include it." His arms fold across the vest of his blues as he falls quiet again to listen and observe.

Wait. That wasn't the voice this Nine was expecting to hear. She opens those crusty eyes and lifts her arms from outside the securing straps and there's a frown. She can feel that she's cuffed in place in the rescue litter and frowns. Sam can read on the EEG that she's waking up rather quickly and when she tested the cuffs her activity spiked. But she does lift her head to drink. The woman needs water and she knows it. So, so thirsty. Once she has it drank down, she blinks a few times, trying to get the gunk out of her eyes - but the combination of facing into the sun, her eyes being closed for the past 2 months, and the gunk? She's probably blind as a bat. "I can't see well- who is that? Where am I?" There's some increasing concern rising very quickly, but- But one voice seems to have it hold in place. "Major… Colonel? Petra?" Those eyes try to squint and look towards the source of the voice, only able to make out shapes, but still rather concerned.

"Close your eyes for a moment, Captain, and I'll wipe them off," Sam advises as she unsnaps the medkit she's carrying and withdraws a folded square of bandages. She uses the formal mode of address as she speaks, appealing to Ceres from a more logical standpoint than addressing her by first name as she moistens the square with water from the canteen and leans forward long enough to gently swab first one eye then the other, helping clear the accumulated detritus before she leans back. "Do you need another sip of water? Colonel Petra and Major Gray are right here," she adds in that same, utterly calm, tone of voice. "You have sun in your eyes for the first time in a while so your eyes are going to sting a bit as your eyes adjust, give it a moment, take some slow breaths with me," she continues to advise, eyeing the monitors and watching as the numbers change, keeping her voice both clear and calm as she speaks.

"Doctor…" Elias moves another step closer to speak to Samtara in a cautionary tone. "Unless you know something I don't, I doubt that's Captain Delacroix." The Intel officer spares a look at Lleufer and Petra, checking to see if they're of the same opinion. It's possible he did miss something. The young Major pauses when the Nine seems to recognize Petra, giving the Colonel a moment to address that if he chooses. Then Elias steps forward to do handle his part — speaking with the Nine. At least it wasn't immediate violence. "You're a Sister of Ceres' I take it? If so, I assume you'll be able to guess where you are. And I assume it's not where you planned to be, given that you were found nearly dead on Aerlion."

Lleufer is keeping his silence. Nothing from him. He's doing his duty to be watchful and let the officers handle it. While he had met the original Ceres a couple of times, Ynyr isn't offering any opinion whatsoever as to whether this skinjob could be her or anyone of a thousand more with her face. His own face is quietly wary and he makes no move to take his water canteen back from Sam. Dr. Nadir can set it down or hand it off and Lleu can pick it up later.

Petra's eyes narrow when his name is mentioned, but at the moment, at least, he says nothing. After all, that rather than sudden violence is a Good Thing, right? A glance is given to Sam when she answers the Nine's questions, but his attention only drifts to Elias and the questions he knows are coming. For the time being, the colonel simply takes in a deep breath and lets it go, chewing on his lower lip while he returns his gaze to focus on the familiar face…even if he knows its not the same person he worked with before.

The Nine doesn't seem to have much choice but to follow directions. She shuts her eyes tight, then tries to relax them, holding her head off the stretcher. her strength and resistance to the touch feels good and healthy as if she'd never spent a day in a coma. "I'm not Ceres," she whispers, as if advising. "Thank you, though." hearing who else is there seems to bring her some very quick calm and she relaxes back into the stretcher as if flopping. "Thank you, Doctor Nadir." The slow breathes are taken, though. It does help bring down that heartrate. After a bit, she seems to calm and she smiles again to the sky with her eye closed. There's no attempt to strain the cuffs. "I know where I am, yes. I remember this as if I've been here before, but it's different. But no, it's not where I planned to be." The smile fades quickly and she tries to squint out of the sun to look towards the shapes of people. "How long have I been out? Where is the rest of the team? Did we get them out?"

Again, Sam gives that subtle startled reaction again though she simply turns and aims a mild frown at Elias,"I know she's not the original Ceres, sir," said quietly. "I was trying to help her keep herself calm while she was acclimating to the new surroundings," this said she retreats several healthy steps out of the way. The canteen is capped but she only hooks it to her belt instead of handing it back to Leu.

Elias gives Samtara a bit of an odd look, but doesn't say more than, "I see." She's the Doctor. Turning back to the Nine, he tells her straight up. "Fifty one days." And then his lips compress into a tight line before he answers her second question. "Their bodies were recovered, but no one else survived. I'm afraid I don't know the details." The Intel officer tips his head towards Lleufer, indicating him to the patient. "But Sergeant Ynyr was on the relief mission. He may be able to tell you the details." This invitation may have to wait, however, as Elias immediately adds, "What can you tell us about your own mission, Staff Sergeant?"

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Success.

Sergeant Ynyr just then isn't watching the Nine with the others at all, should they glance in his direction. Lleu's attention is off looking at the treeline, a barely there furrow between his brows. Whatever got his attention he checks it with his rifle scope but then lowers it and watches whatever distracted him for a moment longer. He glances back to the others and carefully steps up closer to Elias to say something very low to the Major.

For the time being, at least, Petra remains quiet, though his brow furrows a little at the exchange between Samtara, Elias, and the Nine, maybe some of that he hadn't heard before, who knows? When Lleufer leans in to murmur to Elias, it's enough to draw the Colonel's gaze away, but only for a moment, before going right back to the Ceres body double (sorta). This, apparently he wants to hear first.

The Nine listens and at hearing about the rest of that team, there's a pained look on her face as she tries to roll onto her side. It ends up just being her head, eyes crushing together. Its hard to fake real pain like that. She bounces her head in frustration on the litter before calming again. It takes a few before she can speak. "I'm not a Staff Sergeant. That was just so people wouldn't question me being with the team. I'd been working with Marine special warfare for the prior three months." She sounds tired. "They were using me to pop targets for them and scout locations. Sometimes I would pretend one of them was a prisoner. We had reliable reports that a couple Sixes were setting up a munitions depot nearby on Aerilon. It had to have been a trap. I don't remember much except trying to carry our wounded and getting shot. …Gods, fifty one days. I need to get back to Aerilon. My boyfriend probably already thinks I'm dead." She lifts her head, voice a little sad now. "Can someone at least uncuff me? Please? I just want to wipe my face with my own hand, not like a child with her mum." Not that the cuffs are going to keep a determined skinjob from doing anything.

Sending a glance toward Lleu as well before back around to the assembled ranking offers, Sam doesn't move forward to unfasten the cuffs, as she doesn't actually have the keys herself anyway, she instead wonders a question in that same calm and utterly reasonable tone of voice. "Why did you only awaken from your comatose state when we brought you to the surface?" She actually scans a look around again, eyeing the sky itself and a brief glance at the sun before she turns a curious look toward Elias. "May we uncuff one of her hands, Major?"

Elias tilts his head to listen to what Lleufer has to say, and whatever it was brings a thoughtful frown to the Intel officer's face. He looks over towards the tree line, eyes narrowed briefly, before looking back to the Nine. The woman is given a moment of silence to deal with her loss, and then Elias listens keenly as she speaks again. "So it would seem," he agrees with the Nine's conclusion of a trap, and then nods slightly for the length of time she was comatose. "Sam is your boyfriend, I assume?" The Major considers the request to uncuff the Nine, then nods his agreement to Samtara. "Go ahead."

Lleufer returns to his previous position on overwatch, for the moment watching Samtara and the Nine closely for any trouble - that first, before he'll skim the treeline again to see if he can catch a glimpse of anything else.

Petra murmurs softly…either at Lleufer or Elias, it's not clear, "We're in deep enough at this point, I don't think the cuffs are going to matter much." But then Elias is glancing at the treeline, and THAT is enough to draw Petra's gaze that direction, then a 'what?' look on his face as he glances back to Elias. He doesn't really wait for an answer though - after all, the Nine is about to be set loose, though this time, the Colonel has a question to ask, "How is this place different than the memories you have from the Captain? What has changed?"

When they make the decision, Lleufer Ynyr steps up and produces keys to unlock and remove the cuffs from the Nine's wrists. He first removes his rifle and hands it off to another Marine to hold for him so it won't be brought within reach of the skinjob. Quietly he works to remove the cuffs, keeping a sharp eye on the Nine as he does so. If she doesn't do anything sudden, like try to grab him or anything, Ynyr will step back and resume his rifle as well as his former position.

The Nine looks up at Sam and there finally seems to be some reognition on the face. "Oh, yes, Doctor Nadir. It's good to see you- again? For the first time? Isn't this bizarre..?" For a moment there's a new expression on her face like she's just another person. Blink and Sam might miss it. "It's be- well, I suppose it has to do with what we feel. I don't know why. If I would not wake up on Orion-" and her voice fades, unsure. Back to Elias, she nods one time. "Aye. Samuel. He's an armorer and my boyfriend. My love. Gods, I hope he still is." Holding up both wrists, hopefully, to be uncuffed, she looks to Petra. "Sir. It's different. Ceres- she had a hard time. We've absorbed that, as a people. We remember it. But being here now? It's like slowly waking up. I'm remembering things. More details, like I lived her experience myself. It's hard to describe. It's a lot of emotions shifting around, like an ocean's depth and weight." She was pretty upset a few moments ago, but that explains the guarded wonderment. "It makes me a little nervous. I wasn't expecting this. It's the same but maybe- more personal? Personalized? Has Knox reported anything different?"

Once the Nine is uncuffed, Sam steps forward and offers her a wet wipe from the packet that she carries in one of her pockets, mercifully not one of the alcohol wipes that she also carries. "Bizarre or unsettling are good words to use, but it does rather define the re-introduction process from a certain point of view. Are you thirsty still?" she asks, interjecting that question in the mix of ones exchanged between Elias, Petra the Nine and back around again.

While he doesn't make a direct answer to the Colonel's unspoken question, Elias does say to Petra, "We may want to return to the ship soon. I believe the trip down here has … served it's purpose." He keeps a careful eye on the Nine while Lleufer is uncuffing the woman, as well as during her exchange with Doctor Nadir. It's her answer to his own question that seems to peek the Intel officer's curiosity, however. "I see. I assume you've chosen a name?" Given she's in a relationship with someone he assumes is a human. "Have you changed your faith as well?" Her explaination for Petra causes Elias to adopt a thoughtful expression, and for his part, he answers her query about Knox with a small shake of his head.

No reason really for Ynyr to leave the Colonel out of the loop. Lleufer takes a good look, and while the others are conversing with the Nine, he says something low to Petra as well. Nothing seems to be amiss and they still have their aircraft up there circling over the area. The MP Marine is relaxed but watchful and otherwise remains quiet to let the others do their jobs without his interruption.

Petra apparently takes Elias' lead about answering about Knox, because when she asks what Knox has said, and Elias shakes his head, Petra merely responds, "Knox did not mention anything new about Pireaus recently. Seeing as how you are the first to see it from…your perticular viewpoint, I thought it was important to ask." With that said, he pauses a moment to listen to Lleufer, lifts a brow, then nods at Elias and lowers his voice, "If you're ready to go, Major, then lets not waste time. I have a bad track record of being off the boat, and I'd like to not push my luck, as it is. Or have another party enter this /particular/ conversation, which I don't believe we are prepared to have?"

The nne nods slowly. "Yes, could I get some more water, please?" The other comments from Sam get a small smile from her, though. Another one of those moments where she looks almost human. With her cuffs undone, though, she removes a couple of the retaining straps and sits up very slowly. It's awkward. Once there, she rubs at her arms as if trying to get the blood flowing, then doing the same to her legs. "Numb. Going to take me a moment or three to get functional, I'm afraid." Her eyes move to Elias and she nods. "My name is Elle. And yes, my boyfriend Sam is Gemenese. I decided that I would rather support him in his faith than hold on to my own. It was-" That's a huge leap for a Nine. "-not simple. I still sometimes regret it, but he's more important to me than my faith. I want him so I do what I must to make him smile." The intensity of Ceres is lacking. There's that fierce ability under the whole of it, but it seems something she keeps at bay. Petra's commentary to Knox has her brow furrow. "Hm. How strange. I would need to speak with him or another to verify that this is different. It may be. It may just be- It may something of that inspiration towards an individual. Maybe it is just different because its me. I do not know." She reaches for an arm to help her up. "Another party? Is someone else coming?"

Sam flicks a brief glance at Elias then another one around to Leu before she moves forward, extending the canteen toward the Nine who has chosen the name Elle. "We've done what we could in these last span of weeks to keep your circulation up, thankfully you haven't been a combative patient on bed rest, so that worked entirely in your favor," offering this remark as she glances at the extended hand and braces subtly to center her own balance before she grasps Elle's forearm with one hand and gives that careful tug to aid Elle in rising off of the ground. "Mind your balance," she warns, "you might experience some equilibrium issues or a sudden head rush as your blood pressure works the new angle, pardon the vernacular, but give it a moment."

Elias' attention strays a little as Lleufer goes to speak with Colonel Petra, and then the young Major nods quick agreement with the TACCO's comment. "Agreed, sir." The Nine's news about changing her faith is given a very quizzical look from the Intel officer, but he doesn't challenge her directly. "Piraeus is a mysterious place," is all Elias says for her question about someone else coming. "But the sooner we return to the ship, the sooner you're on your way back to Aerilon. I'd just ask you to promise us one thing." This 'request' is followed by a brief pause while Sam helps Elle up. Once she's standing Elias adds, "Swear to the God or Gods of your true faith, in the light of the star, that you mean no harm to humanity or the fleet. Please."

Samtara is right. It takes the Nine several lightheaded seconds to adjust to being vertical. Her legs are a little weak and she moves like a newly born foal. That grip stay's on Sam's arm, though. It's nearly a tumble back to the ground, but Elle saves herself. There's even a short laugh with it. But Elias' words bring some sobriety back to her and she nods slowly. "Yeah, please, back to Aerilon. As interesting as this place may be, I want to see Sam." Need to, more like it. An open palm is brought to her chest and she even glances to it, "i swear to my God and the Colonial Gods, both, that I am no enemy of humanity's survival. We're in this together I swear." Those fingers and the palm tap her heart twice, gently, as if sealing it before she moves for the Raptor.

Petra grunts softly at the answers to the Nine about someone else joining, and finally he stirs into motion, unfolding his arms and getting out of the Doctor's way. He gives Elias an odd look at that last question, but perhaps feeling a SMALL reason to expedite, pulls out the convenient wireless handset to call for the Raptor to return, "Do us a favor, the rabbits are looking at us funny, so I'd like to get out of here before someone breaks out in an animated sing along. Thank /you/." A pursed smile is shot at Lleufer while the colonel leaves it at that and waits.

The Marine MP's keep wary eyes both on the Nine and for the treeline around them. The drop back a little to give the Raptor room to come in and keep tidy lines of fire if needed. Lleufer stays a bit closer to shadow Petra and make certain the Colonel has a body guard close to hand if anything did break loose. Dr Nadir gets a brief half smile if Ynyr happens to make accidental eye contact with her but otherwise he does his job.

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