AWD #023: Rebirth
Summary: Eden asks Zachary to come home to share news.
Date: 29/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Zachary Eden 
One of the housing areas on Piraeus
One of the housing areas on Piraeus.
29 January 2005

The day before the attack on Aerilon, Zachary returned to Piraeus to spend some time with Eden before he has to head off again. He called her from the base, letting her know he would be there soon.

Eden is attempting to cook again, but its something basic. Acorn squash, small, but having sprouted is cut in half and then submerged partially in water upside down while the coven warms. She is busy trying to find the brown sugar at the moment and she is humming. Barefeet. She may be proper most times, but she loves bare feet, goes hand in hand with dirt.

She pushes a small wrapped box out of the way and she then move sit to the table. Life as normal. Life as now and here. Life without nukes and cylons on her doorstep. The war is far away. She is here.

There's a jingling of keys, and then a sigh. "Again." Zachary sighs as he lets out a long breath and rings the doorbell. "Eden, love, it's Zach. I forgot my keys, again." And there they are, right on the bar where he left them.

She knows he left them but it takes his voice to rouse her from her thoughts. Turning, she glances towards the door and then moves for it. SHe's in that halter dress, backless with her hair down. She opens the door with a click of locks here and there. She then steps back, opening it. "You would forget your head if it was not screwed on." She teases him lightly. Such a difference from when he came back from Picon.

He puts on a smile on his face. "I've had a lot on my mind, love." Zachary says as he steps in and slips his arms around her, placing a long and lingering kiss on her lips. "I love you." he says, staring down at her. "Can we have some dinner and then just totally.. go to bed. And work on making a child?"

Putting a smile on versus actually having a smile does not go over her head. Eden notices it, the way he requests things instantly and says he loves her. Something is wrong, but she doesn't press. "Sure, I have salad and squash…I was afraid to cook meet." She says faintly and then bites her lip. She lets out a breath and then laughs. "The squash will be done in fifteen minutes."

As she walks away, he nods. "Fifteen minutes. Let me change into something more casual?" he suggests as he gives her one more kiss and then slips away, heading to the bedroom to change and take a shower. It feels nice under that water and to be alone with his thoughts.

"Sure thing, love. I will get things ready." She kisses him back and watches him go, brows furrowing. Eden lingers studying his back before she slips back into the kitchen. SHe lifts up that box and then holds it a bit more tightly to her and positions it where he will find it on the table. Its small, tiny actually but its something. She checks the squash and sets out the apple, goat cheese and walnut salad. Walnuts candied with sugar. Out comes the squash with butter and brown sugar. Its a good fall or late summer meal, all thanks to the greenhouses.

And after about ten minutes, Zachary returns. He's wearing one of his t-shirts and a pair of blue jeans. The man that usually took Eden out on dates. He sniffs the air. "That smells really good, sweetheart. I think you're trying to turn me vegan." he teases her as he moves to take a seat at the table, and catches sight of that box. "What is this?" he asks, lifting his eyes to his wife.

"Well, it was either ruin meat or attempt something. I figured you could dine on greens tonight, love." Eden says and turns to look at him. The box noted, she draws closer. "Its the first successful cross.." She begins to explain. "Of a colony maple tree and one of the larger strains out here. Maple was the tree that we carvd are name into on Leonis." She says softly and slowly lowers to sit next to him and reach out her hand. "We can plant them on our land come spring..well I mean I can start them in the greenhouse. I mean.." She's flustered. "I have saplings in the greenhouse already. Those are for framing."

He reaches out and takes her hand. When she mentions the marriage tree, his fingers tighten on hers. "..I saw the field I proposed to you in when Major St. Clair did the fly-by." he says quietly. "I didn't see the tree." he admits as he finally reaches for the box to open it and look at the seedlings inside.

"Then we will make another and it will grow big, bigger than the last and stand for longer. ALl sorts of people will come there even after we are gone." She says. This might explain why she's wearing that halter dress. Her hand tightens on his and she leans over to kiss his cheek and then rest her lips against his shoulder. Finally her cheek finds his arm to look at the small seeds. "Everything has new life..there is always hope." She whispers. How does she say it. "I…Zach…" She lets out a breath. "I am late."

Zachary is studying the seedlings when he hears what Eden is saying. And exactly what she is saying. And then it hits. He looks from the seedlings to her. "How late?" he asks, trying not to get excited. This happened before, just before the first Piraeus mission. "Do we need to go to Orion and have you checked?"

"Couple of weeks..Zach. Just a couple. I mean it could be me stressing. But it might be best to double check." Eden looks him over. "I mean if we were back home I would have just gotten my own test..but.." Her voice trails off and her smile grows. "I think its really happening. I think we are pregnant…I mean I hope we are." She is trying not to get his hopes up, but one can see she is already given in to the idea.

"Do they have the facilities here to check, or do we need to go up to Orion?" He wants to go now and know. His eyes light up, his smile is infectious. But he tries to keep it in check. "…two weeks isn't very long, Eden."

"No where thats open right no ground, Zach." Eden admits. His excitement causes a flutter of anticipation through her and she drags a breath. "I…its long enough for a possibility." she says and grips his hand a bit more tightly. "We can wait longer if you want. Another week?" She offers him and runs her thumb over his hand. "I should have waited to tell you.." Shes ays with a bright smile.

"Morning. When the clinic opens in the morning, we'll go." Zachary says, and standing up, he picks her up and twirls her in his arms. "We're going to have a baby, Eden!" he says in excitement, like she didn't already know that. "Oh my gods, love.. do you think I'm ready to be a dad?"

There is a soft laugh and Eden grabs at him. "Careful, I am carrying precious cargo.." She reminds him lightly and then looks up into his eyes. "If you can herd those cats up there, you are more than ready, love." She admits and lifts her hand to brush fingers to his cheek. She smiles brightly for him and leans up to kiss him. "Doesn't mean we can't make sure, eat and we will try."

Leaning into the kiss, Zachary shakes his head. "No, dinner can wait." He sets her down and gives her rear a squeeze to shoo her along. "Go get ready, I'll put the oven on warm." he says, moving towards the kitchen. Aerilon is less than 24 hours away, it can wait for now, as he plans on shelving aside his own thoughts to make Eden as happy as possible.

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