AWD #280: Ready Room Hangout
Ready Room Hangout
Summary: Alejandro finds Phin hanging out in the Ready Room watching flight tapes. They chat about home and the war, then are joined by others. There's a brief spat over cigarettes between Hobo and his sister, Zhen.
Date: 13/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Ready Room, Deck 2, Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
October 13th, 2005

Phin is spending some of his down time - such as anyone gets these days - in the Ready Room. He's the only one in it at the moment, and he has the lights down and some gun camera footage playing on the display screen. Old stuff, judging by the '01.03.2005' time-stamp on the corner of the screen. Some sortie taking place in atmosphere of some planet, though it's hard to tell precisely where, given the speed of the images over the terrain. It doesn't look like anywhere they've been on Picon, though. He watches it slumped in a seat in the front row, guzzling coffee and not taking any notes, though he's brought and pad and pen for it.

Alejandro arrives, peeled out of his flight suit and showered but not yet ready to collapse for sleep. Man, it's been some rough days. His last run brought his Viper in pretty banged up but miraculously to his own thinking, Hobo himself was mostly unscathed. He's changed into his duty blues though he hasn't bothered to button his jacket all the way up. He's carrying an electronic notebook and once he's stepped through the hatch, pauses to see who's here and doing what. Ah, more or less doing the same thing he's come to do, watch tape. So Ale slides into a seat near to Phin and after a brief pause, his tenor says low, "So, we get'n to the make out scene soon?"

Phin is still in his flight suit, albeit with it peeled down to his waist. He's got a blue-green 'Silverstars' Pyramid t-shirt on underneath it that probably isn't regulation. Not that one'd be able to tell if he had the suit on entirely. His neck cranes around when someone else enters the room. There's a flicker of surprise on his face. Or maybe he's just half-startled into a state of more awareness. He wasn't sleeping, but he wasn't far from it, either. "Oh. Hobo. Hey." He chuckles at the comment. "Not that I recall. I was just going back over some old tapes. Air support over Aerilon we ran…gods, like nine months ago, I guess it'd be."

"Yeah, I didn't think so. You were about asleep." Jandro smells Phin's coffee and brought himself a thermos which he starts to open up to pour himself a cup. Pretty much all the coffee on board is fake stuff and Gods only know how they haven't already run out of that too. "Aerilon? Any particular reason? I feel like I need to brush up on … like, everything. But I came to watch recent stuff that's been going on over the past few days that I haven't been able to keep up with, outside of my own assignments."

Phin gulps the instant drudge that's passing as coffee without complaint. He's used to the stuff by now. The question makes him shrug. "Haven't reviewed these tapes for awhile. Maybe Aerilon's where we'll go next, after Picon's done." The footage is notably choppy, more due to the movements of the Viper the camera's attached to than what's going on in the fight itself. "Just…wanted to see how it was again, I guess."

Alejandro runs a hand over his face, "Most of it looks like the same stuff over and over again. I've never been very good at tape review. But sometimes I get someth'n out of it." His Scorpio accent is pretty faded, more a Canceron twang but there are hints of it. "If … if we can hold Picon, if they don't nuke it out from under us, then yeah. I figure Aerilon makes sense. They're fight'n hard. Need the support, and they aren't far." Hobo takes a sip of his coffee, then leans over and pours Phin a warm up without asking, "If we /ever/ make it as far as Caprica, she's going to be a serious bitch." Big if there.

Phin's Scorpia accent is a little more apparent lately. He usually makes an effort at more 'generic Standard' diction, but exhaustion is making him pay less attention to that. "If we can hold Picon. Right." It's unclear whether he thinks they can or not. Above his paygrade, and he's probably not exactly sorry about that. "Makes as much sense as anywhere. They've got a resistance effort there. Lots of people still alive. Or maybe Leonis. Try and free the prisoners there. Or Caprica." He barks out a very short chuckle. "Caprica's always been a bitch. But it won't be pretty, yeah, with all the jacks the Cylons are supposed to have there. Who knows, though. Maybe the brass'll want it back. It is Caprica, after all." He murmurs a "Thanks" when his coffee is topped off.

Truth is, Hobo is exhausted but he's used to running on fumes a lot more than some here. He was in a Cylon slave labour camp for almost a year. Something he doesn't talk about much. Alejandro sips from his cup, still pretty hot. He's on stims but nothing as bad as Captain Bennett's been. "Yep. Jacks … they have got to be up to something with them. I barely escaped being jacked myself." He lowers his cup, "They find out any POW was an officer, they took'm away in the night. Never see'm again. Whispers were they jack'm and send'm off somewhere but nobody knows where. Transports get outfitted to carry out people and busted up Centurions. Deep into Cylon space somewhere maybe but … why?" Ale frowns, staring off at nothing and he raps his long fingers on the desk for a heartbeat.

There's a redness around Phin's eyes that's a clear sign of stim intake. But given how tired and semi-glazed he looks, he must be on the down end of his last dose of them. Alejandro's tale definitely holds his attention, though. "Damn." He lets out a long breath. "Get more robots - flesh or chrome or whatever - to fight on their side? I don't know. The whole thing creeps me the frak out. The skinjobs, the jacks…it's like it's not enough to kill us. They've got to turn us into slaves, too."

Alejandro refocuses on Phin and rubs his face, trying to stay focused himself, "Yeah, maybe. But we haven't /seen/ any jacks fighting for them, have we? I mean, not more than a few. Nothing like how many people are being disappeared. I only lucked out because I though it smart to try'n pass myself off as the son of this family that found me hurt, took me in and tried to help me. He was an enlisted mechanic. Thankfully I can do a some repair and I got by." Hobo frowns, "I had no idea at the time about them jack'n or disappear'n officers. I just got lucky. Figured being a nobdoy might be safer. Not watch me as close."

Phin shakes his head, though the gesture is more non-committal than negative. "Don't think so. Not like I've spent much time on the ground, though. Especially not places like Caprica. Maybe they are taking them back over to Cylon space. Or putting them in camps like the ones on Leonis. I try not to think about stuff like that but…gets harder now, being back in Colonial space. Like, the idea of getting some of it back kind of reminds you how frakked up it all is." As for the rest of that, he nods. "Smart. Do you think there are still prisons like that on Picon? In the places the Cylons are still in control of."

Hobo listens without comment until the question at the end. He puts his coffee cup down, "Yes, definitely. Slave labour is valuable to them. Frees them up to fight, oversee. This Crandall base was one of those, and where I was kept was another that Spree's people busted up. Probably lots of them. But, I don't really know. Even what I have said is based on heresay, not what I saw with my own eyes. A whole lot of don't know, but some scary guesses based on … gut maybe." Alejandro shrugs and then smiles, "Anyway, behing here sure beats the crap out of being stuck in the camp, scared. Picon is at least promising, just now."

"I guess Spree's people might have the locations of more of them. And we can look for spots they might be using, during fly-overs and stuff, when we've got more breathing room." Whenever that'll be. Phin sips his coffee. Mechanically, drinking it like an exercise rather than out of any enjoyment. "Yeah. I was really lucky, all things considered. I was posted to the Orion just a couple months before the bombs fell. First real assignment. I'd just gotten done with flight school on Picon. Can't even imagine how things would've turned out if I'd still been on-planet when all this went down."

Alejandro twists his mouth, "It was … pretty ugly. I was out here when War Day hit. Just transfered up from Leonis to brush up on some school'n I was due for. Refresher training. Man, we fought hard. And they totally kicked our asses. I went down down after a few fights. I managed to get picked up the first time by Fleet and went right back up. That didn't last long before our squadron was shot to pieces. Second time I was still lucky to be in atmo but, not as lucky when I was picked up." He shakes his head, "When Spree's people got me out and put me right back into a Viper, I was scared. Wanted to frak'n piss myself, Dolly."

After a moment he looks to Phin, "You been shot down yet?"

"Once." Phin's reply is short and immediate. Those aren't events he has to struggle to recall. "Over an asteroid field. Took a hit to my wing. Shouldn't have been anything, but it hit at just the right angle and threw me off. I couldn't regain control and my Viper was headed toward one of the rocks so…bailed out. Got picked up my Superstar's Raptor. Was really lucky, all things considered, that it happened out in space. Almost went down on that Predator bombing run over Caprica. My ECO took control of my ship when I got knocked out, though, and Storm held off the anti-air until we could get the frak out of there. If I'd had to bail out there, I would've been good as dead. Probably better off dead."

Hobo gives a nod, "Yeah, Caprica … that would have been bad. I hear everybody and their mother's look'n for anybody to turn in for bounties." He frowns, drinks more of his coffee and then pours them both refills until his thermos is empty. Still hasn't started viewing new tape yet - whatever Phin's got playing, Ale's half way paying attention to it while they talk low. "Good you had an ECO on your flight. I've hardly flown any Preds until I got tapped for Anadyr Island." Man almost shudders at the thought of what Phin went through, "Shit, eject'n out in space is risky too. Real easy to get lost and nobody find ye to pick ye up, or they all get blown and have to run for it, leav'n you to die cold. Stuff like that gives me nightmares."

Zhen arrives from the Air Wing Corridors.

"Yeah, I heard that was good work you and Yggs did on that mission," Phin says, when Alejandor mentions Preds. "I don't fly them much, either. Handling's different enough that it kind of throws you. I wouldn't be alive if I'd been flying solo on Caprica, though, so I can't knock having a backseater around." His own expression has sombered, at mention of his near-death over Caprica, and he doesn't seem keen to discuss it anymore than that. Alejandor and Phin are the only two in the Ready Room. The lights are down, and there's gun camera footage playing on the display screen. Time-stamped '01.03.2005', so it's old stuff.

And coffee. The two of them are seated in the front row, speaking low. Alejandro has shared out the last of what was in his thermos between them as the dog fighting footage continues, half paying attention to it. "Milkshake… man, she's good. She knows what she's do'n. I was glad to have her back there." Hobo scrapes a hand through his already dishelved hair, but at least it's freshly washed and clean. "Surprised we haven't had more losses here at Picon. What with how badly they stomped us when they came." Still, losses are high enough.

Needing to check the flight schedule has Rainbow coming into the ready room, flightsuit donned but left unzipped, the upper half removed and sleeves tied around her waist. The standard tanks are worn underneat, of course. Helmet in hand, she drifts towards where the flight info can be found, her hair pulled up into a bun that rests loosely against her nape.

"She's the best damn combat ECO in the Ghosts," Phin says with a grin, as for Milkshake. His admiration is genuine, if probably not unbiased. "But yeah. We've had some casualties, but it hasn't been as bad as I expected. My guess is that Picon's pilots are taking the heavier losses. I saw them flying when we went down to bomb those anti-air installations, to make a hole to get the Marines off Santos Ridge. Some of them looked seriously shaky, though they got it a little more together after we'd cleared out some of the S-A-Ms." He's in his flight suit as well, albeit with it unzipped and peeled down to his waist, 'Argentum Bay Silverstars' Pyramid t-shirt worn under it. He has that red-eyed look of one who's been popping stims to stay awake, though also that exhausted look of one who hasn't done so all that recently. The new entrant into the ready room makes him turn his head. "Hey," he offers to Zhen politely. "Hit the lights if you need to. I was just watching some old tapes."

Alejandro gives a slow nod to what Phin says, "I've been a bit shakey myself. Hadn't flown in almost a year and get'n shot down three times … rattles your confidence." But, he's been doing pretty well considering that. Hobo's wearing his duty blues but he's only half buttoned his jacket. He turns in his seat to see who's arrived and he suddenly smiles, puts out a hand to welcome the new arrival. To Phin he adds, "You met my sister, Zhen? Rainbow's her handle, Raptor ECO. Zhen, this is Lt. Phin 'Dolly' McBride, a fellow Viper pilot, from Scorpio." As if Phin's place of birth must make him extra all right.

Zhen grins and shakes her head, that being at the offer made by Phin. "That's cool. Think the screen's putting off enough light." And sure as anything it is and she's able to read when her next fight is. Thankfully it isn't until later tonight and she can relax for a bit. Flopping close to her brother, Alejandro gets his hair tossled by her before she leans over to give Phin a smile. "Hey. Nice to meet you." A hand is offered quickly. "When are you guys flying next?"

"Not sure if they had much proper flight leadership down there or not. We've had people sent to the Orion for instruction I guess they couldn't get with Spree's outfit," Phin says. "Spree seems like she's more used to commanding ground ops." He shrugs. "Hope we'll be more able to coordinate now that we're all flying together. Gods know we need more sticks." He chuckles slight when Alejandro gives his planet of origin, along with the rest of his info. "Rainbow, huh? I think I've heard the callsign a couple times over the wireless. Not sure if we've been met proper, though. Hey. Sister?" He hadn't put that fact together. "Wow. Were down on Picon, too? When the bombs dropped, I mean." As for her question. "Dunno. Wherever we're ordered to go when the klaxons go off." He takes an uneasy look around, as if expecting his words to make them sound. They don't just now, though.

"That makes sense." Jandro says about Spree, she being a Marine. "I hear they are getting something around a dozen ships online a day at Crandall and filling them with downed pilots as fast as they can crank'm out. Some will remember their training well enough." Hobo smiles at Zhen, "We only recently met back up here on the Orion. I haven't seen her in about … 12 years or more. Not since we were kids."

Zhen nods slowly, the guester given as the conversation goes on. It isn't until she's addressed directly by Phin that she speaks again. "Here's for hoping they don't go off any time soon. I think we're all due some downtime." When the situation between the siblings is explained by her brother she pauses, actually finding herself having to do the math. "Frak. It seems a lot longer than that, sometimes," is huffed before, with a chuckle, the ECO shrugs.

Phin nods to Alejandro. "And the ones that don't…I don't know. Maybe there's something we can do to help them along." He doesn't seem sure what that'd be, though. They're under enough pressure on their own squadrons. There's a flicker of surprise across his face. "Wow. That's unreal, that you guys'd meet up here again. I can't even imagine going that long without seeing my brother. I mean, we lived in different places for a lot of years after we left Scorpia. I went off to the Academy on Leonis, he went wherever the Marines sent him. We tried to visit whenever we could, though. And I put in for a post to this ship when he got his assignment here." The lights in the Ready Room are low, and Phin has old flight tapes queued up on the display screen. Really old ones, time-stamped '01.03.2005.' It looks like a planetary sortie, though plainly not Picon. He and Alejandro are kind of watching it, but mostly talking while drinking coffee. Zhen has just come in and is looking at the flight assignments.

The hatch opens and Warren pushes in, coffee in one hand, clip with notebook under one arm. Theres a bit of a yawn that he stifles before taking a sip of coffee. He blinks, not having seen the ready room this filled since the last major briefing. He hmmms a bit and nods to those down there as he starts making his way down towards the front not wanting to interupt.

Alejandro is restless due to the stims, tappity-tapping his fingers or his foot and can't help it. He grins at Phin, "She was the smarter one. Let out at a young age when our mother was a few years dead and … our father was kind of not keeping shit together. It was rough and she got out. I did too eventually - only didn't know she'd joined the service like I did to escape. Slums is no where to grow up, be'm Scorpia or Canceron." Weird how his accent is a mix of both. Zhen joining them has brightened Alejandro quite a bit. He sips is own cooling coffee out of the thermos lid, "I used to look out for her and she for me, I guess. It's good to know she's all right." The sound of a new arrival turns Hobo's head, "Captain, even'n, sir."

Phin has that red-eyed, slightly glazed look of one who's been taking his stims. Though exhaustion is creeping back into him, so it's clearly been awhile. He's still wearing his flight suit, albeit with the sleeves peeled down to his waist, 'Argentum Bay Silverstars' t-shirt worn under it. He nods, with some measure of understanding, when Alejandro talks about his family. "I hear that. My mom…was not great at keeping stuff together. Never met my dad, so, assume he wasn't either. What part of Scorpia were you guys from?" He adds, "I was born in Argentum Bay. Got out when I was fourteen, though. Got sent off to a school run by the Cult of Ares." The 'got sent' makes it sound not strictly voluntary, though he adds quickly, "Probably best thing that ever happened to me. Toast, hey." He stands respectfully for the captain.

Warren gives a nod towards Dolly, "No need to get up on my account Dolly." He glances up at the footage and the date and raises an eyebrow, "Thats pretty damn old" He moves to go take a seat of his own, before taking another sip of his coffee. He looks a bit tired, but they all do so thats not overly surprising, but once again he hasn't bothered to change out of his flightsuit yet. Its unzipped, pulled down, and tied by its arms around his waist. As he sits he puts his notebook and clipboard down and takes another sip of coffee.

Zhen's just settled in, having chosen a seat next to Alejandro when she does. As was fairly per the norm for the brother-sister when they were younger, he's allowed to speak for them both. Some kind of sibling higharchy. What she does do is crane herself in her seat until she can see Warren who gets a nod and a smile. "Hello, sir. How are you?"

Everyone's in their flight suits except Ale who skinned his off and showered right before he came to the Ready Room. He's dressed in his blues though the top few buttons aren't done up. He considers Dolly's question, "Frak if I remember." He looks to Zhen, "I was about ten when Dad took us to Canceron. Zhen was a few years less than that." Hobo scratches beneath his chin idly, "Banthum, or something like that. Big city. I remember a lot of rain and then our new place? Dry as a bone, dusty. New Augustine, of which nothing was new and nothing August about it. Place was a mining dump but Dad had access to the get up to the shipyards." Alejandro pats himself down and finds a battered pack of cigarettes. He digs one out and stuffs it into his mouth before he lights it up - with a very cheap looking lighter. Hobo gets a drag off it before he looks back to Warren, "Paperwork, Toast?"

Phin flops back down gratefully when Warren gives the OK. When he notes the age of the footage, Phin nods. "Yeah. It's from one of our air support missions to Aerilon not too long after the bombs fell. Back when I was still an ensign." Which isn't that long ago, all things considered, though it helps to explain the jerkiness of the Viper behind the camera. "I just…I don't know. Kind of wanted to revisit it. Maybe Aerilon's where we'll end up next, after we're done with Picon." He tries to sound like he believes that day will come, when they're back in control of it. To Alejandro, he nods. "Banthum, huh? Never got there. The 'Bay was on the gulf coast. And the Ares school was just outside Celeste. I kind of liked the capitol. Parts of it I got to see, at least. Didn't get to spend much time in the city itself."

"Tired. But who isn't?" Warren responds to Zhen before smirking at Alejandro, "Paperwork never ends. Repair logs, mission reports, asignments. All the fun stuff" He takes another sip of his coffee before he sits it down and slips back up to walk over and pick up one of the ashtrays before coming back and sitting down, "Always good to go over old footage."

Coffee. That's what Zhen really could use some of but she's feeling lazy and instead of getting up and getting her own she gives Alejandro puppy dog eyes as if fully expecting him to know what it is she wants. The attempt at that ends swiftly, however, and she instead gives him a cheesy grin that then gets given to the others. "I can honestly say I am tired as frak myself," she says to the captain. There is silence from her for a second before she addresses Phin next. "I think there is almost always some good to be found, no matter where you wind up."

It kind of works. Alejandro raises a brow at Zhen and then digs his pack of cigarettes back out to offer his sister one. Only two left in there and to get more he'll probably have to sleep with some really ugly woman in trade. The horrors of life's obligations. "Soo… do we have reports on how things are shaping up down on Picon, Captain? Or still only scattered hersay?"

"I can catalog the repair logs if you want," Phin offers Warren. "I did a lot of that when I was on light duty, after Caprica." And the whole Predator exploding directly into his chest thing. "I couldn't get to sleep after I got off, so, kind of trying to wind down." To Zhen, he shrugs. "There's good and bad everywhere, yeah. All about your situations, and some are more frakked than others." He speaks no more about that, though, his focus going to Warren after Alejandro asks that.

Warren shrugs to Alejandro, "I'm sure someone has some reports yeah. Me I don't really. Middle management and all that. Maybe Storm has some better info. I'm just trying to keep up with everything." He smirks at Phin, "Nah I'm mostly caught up with things. Just todays logs and such to deal with at the moment. You can deal with tomorrows if you want."

"Whu… ew, no. No, no, no!" The look combined with the reaction Alejandro is given by Zhen is probably comical and maybe even a little bit distracting but while it is debatable as to whether that'll interrupt the others talking how she moves might distract it will undeniably be one when she tries to snatch them out of his hands so she can then attempt to throw them out. "You're going to quit that right now," she orders from where she's sitting next to him while Phin and Warren talk about repair logs and all that.

Well… that gets a reaction out of Hobo /fast/! He goes from reclined and half sleepy eyed offering his sister a cigarette to leaping up and about knocking over the chair, coffee cup, thermos, electronic notepad and all. Some things clatter to the floor, "No!" Alejandro makes a grab for those cigarettes, "Those are too damned hard to come by! Don't you dare!" And maybe if he can't snatch the package back, he'll try to grab her. Chlidren! Kids, behave. "Are you out of your bloody mind?" He had to sleep with some phat, smelly, /very/ ugly woman to get those, damnit. Maybe.

Phin blinks at Zhen's reaction to the cigarettes. Not that he's exactly sorry to see them trashed. He's a non-smoker, himself. He stays out of the siblings grappling, though. He doesn't seem all that surprised by it. But then, he is a 'younger' brother. To Warren, he nods. "I just fly where they tell me to, sir. Which is lots of places lately." He's sort of half-paying attention to some flight footage he's got queued up on the display screen. It's dated '01.03.2005,' so it's from a good long while ago. Mostly, though, he's just taking advantage of the opportunity to slouch in a chair for awhile.

Warren smirks at the bickering going on nearby about Hobo's cigarettes and then pulls out one of his own. He pulls out his lighter and lights it up, "Yeah we've certainly been flying all over the place. Pleanty of more flights to come though." He shakes his head and leans back in his chair as he opens up his notebook and looks over his clipboard begining to make some more notes, fill out some more paperwork.

There's that Kelsey-person again. She enters the side of the room with a notebook and heads over towards the assignments board. She's in her flightsuit and looks like she's already been out for the day, hair and ponytail matter like its been stuffed inside a helmet for several sweaty hours. She glances to the screen and then towards the group, but the dim lights and shadows make it tough to make a quick ID. She just keeps going and stands in front of the board and looks for her callsign, pad of paper in hand with a pen in the other.

Okay. So Alejandro's able to not get his cigarettes taken from him but they just might not survive the fight as Zhen's reaching for his hand so she can tighten his grip around the pack. Seems she is not above being that kind of sneaky when it comes to this. The fight continues even as Kelsey enters, her arrival watched from over the back of the seat she's now kneeling in. As for Phin and Warren, they're left to continue their chatting.

Phin looks like he's been up and down already himself, but he's obviously reluctant to get out of his flight gear. Never know when you'll need to go right back out as things stand now. "Hey." That to the shape of the new person moving into the room, who he doesn't readily identify from his position. He is reluctant to do too much in the way of moving. He does finally stop the footage, though, as it gets toward its end. He almost snickers at the sibling fight. Almost. He manages to stop himself, sort of. It turns into a snort.

"ZHEN!" is shouted in as commanding a tone as he can, then Jandro elbows her hard, right between her assets if he can, "Stop being such a brat!" If he hit, owe, that might leave a bruise. That's sibling love for you. Hobo eyes her, "Thanks for smash'n them. So much for my try'n to be nice 'n offering." And she made him spill his remaining coffee on the floor. He tucks the mangled package away, straightens his blues and then goes to pick up his already lit cigarette up from the floor. Ale tries it and it's still lit, "Ungrateful." He may as well start picking up the rest of the mess.

Warren is more focused on his paperwork than the newcomer. Theres a note there, a mutter here, a filed paper there. Yay paperwork is…Interupted by a shout from Alejandro. Warren looks up with a raised eyebrow, "Now now children, this is not a daycare and I am not your dad. I don't put you in the corner. I just put you on the most booring and worst asignments possible. So can we try not to yell? Thaaaannnks." Theres a smirk and he shakes his head before taking a drag from his smoke.

Kelsey recognizes the voice. "Hey," she calls to Phin, but she sounds tired. Not shocking. She looks over the board, though, and finds her name. Doing-so, she looks away and then back. Hard to see that expression facing the face she is. The notes are taken and jotted down in silence. She stops at hearing Warren's voice and she looks down at her uniform before going back about her business. Once its all transferred she turns and makes for the hatch without another word.

"Ow!" The blow strikes true and it's more than enough to snap her out of the urge to relieve him of those damn smokes. "Jerk. No wonder you had to hit on me in the head. You're such an asshole you can't get women otherwise." The desire to fight is over, though. Kelsey's given a wave before she reaches down and helps Jandro clean up. "Sorry I want you to take care of yourself, you dummy. I just got you the frak back…" Warren's chiding has her falling quiet after an apology and Phin gets an 'I'm sorry' mouthed his way, too.

"Assignments aren't any different than they were yesterday," Phin says to Kelsey. Assuming she's come for rotation information, or other bureaucracy like that. "Go up when the klaxons sound, get shot at, shoot back, down again until it's time for more." Though her reaction causes some confusion. He stops the footage tape. It was almost at its end anyway, and he wasn't paying it that much attention. He coughs something suspiciously like a laugh again at Alejandor and Zhen.

Ooh, that's a low blow, mentioning the head. Hobo gives his sibling a dirty look and then finds something to wipe up the spilled coffee. At least he's cleaning up after himself. Once that is tossed and his things picked up, he resumes his seat and takes a long pull from his remaining cigarette stubb to spite Zhen. See? Big brother does as he likes, suck it. A slow breath before he exhales the smoke through his nose, "Yes, sir, Captain."

Warren just gives a nod to the two of them, "Much better." He shakes his head a moment and goes back to his paperwork before picking up his coffee and taking another swig. He takes a look at his paperwork again, checking something off and making another note before moving onto the next sheet of paper. Theres a moment to ash his cigarette.

"Was just hoping for something else, I guess," Kelsey says to Phin, not looking that way. It prevents her from seeing the wave, though that was probably an accident. Nope, just gonna head for the door. "Be safe out there guys." She pushes through the hatch without another word and closes it back lightly.

Phin gives departing Kelsey a funny look, then stands. "Umm, I should see if I can get some sleep, before they go off again," he says. Excusing himself from the ready room at large. "She's totally right, you know. Nasty habit." That to Alejandro before he goes, kind of following the fleeing Raptor jock.

Zhen is alright with the wave going unnoticed as she's too busy kind of fuming at her brother for a moment, it taking a few before she calms down and she leans her head against his shoulder. "You do know I love you, right," she asks quietly. There's a quick peek at him before she sighs. "Please quit?" There. Maybe that'll win Jandro over to her side.

Zhen also gives Warren a quick smile.

Alejandro rolls his eyes at Phin and has smoked shit a lot worse than cigarettes, though he's not admitting it. Especially not with Zhen right there glaring at him. He's totally enjoying this smoke though. Hobo eyes her sucking up and laying her head on his shoulder, "I love you too, but you are still such a brat. No." He knocks his head against hers and then finishes his cigarette that is about done anyway. "Last thing I'm worried about is dyin'n of lung cancer with all those frak'n canners out there."

Kelsey leaves, heading toward the Air Wing Corridors [Out].

Warren raises an eyebrow at the smile, "Quit? I'm rather fond of my delicious delicious nicotine thank you very much." He smirks a bit and shakes his head taking a drag of his cigarette almost as if for show. He flips another page and then checking a few more things off. Hooray Paperwork!

Phin leaves, heading toward the Air Wing Corridors [Out].

He might not be quite so quick to say he loves her too if he were to know that Zhen's already plotting against him and his naughty little habit. "You guys should take up a hobby to take your mind off of the smoking thing," she points out while feigning a casual air over it all. "Like faking. Fraking is supposed to be good for getting your mind off of stuff. Betcha I can find you both a hot piece of ass and you'd never think about smoking again."

Hobo looks from his sister to Warren and back again, "As long as it's not frat, I might take you up on that. I haven't had any since before War Day." But Zhen can bet her pretty ass Jandro would want to light up right after. Apparently he doesn't care the least to discuss the topic with his sister instead of covering her ears, "What about you, Captain? Gett'n any good ass?" Maybe Ale's trying to embarrass his sister for even bringing it up. "Course, not like we have much time for knocking boots around with pretty women." His cigarette is out, alas. Zhen's brother drops it into his thermos and screws the cup-lid back on, preparing to depart. "Think I'm ready for some rack'n sack."

Warren tries not to laugh at Zhen's comment, he really does, but a chuckle slips out none the less. "I already got," and he makes finger quotes, "a hot piece of ass. Thank you very much. And she smokes too. And no I'm not telling." He shakes his head and takes a long draw of his smoke and then a swig from his coffee.

Zhen flails at Hobo before rising. The tip of her finger comes up to beep him on the tip of his nose. "I'll walk you there." Because maybe she can keep him from lighting up on the short trip to the berths by doing so. "See you later, sir," she says to Warren before escoting a certain reprobate off.

Hobo has had his evening cigarette and they are too hard to come by when you have so little to trade for them, to waste any. He'll save'm. Alejandro gives Warren a nod, picking up his stuff, "Goodnight, Captain. And, good on you." Hobo grins about Warren haveing himself some. With that, he goes on out to get some sleep until his next shift, or until the alarms rouse him to fall out with all the rest. At the hatch he does try to lightly joink Zhen's pigtail.

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