AWD #156: Raptor Spotting
Raptor Spotting
Summary: A recon over recently cleared area at Picon. They do come across something interesting.
Date: 11/06/2013 (OOC Date)
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Agrippa Evans Luc Maia 
Somewhere over Picon
AWD #156

The briefing is only a very short and quick one. The basis being that after the last few missions around Picon it has made the units on the ground and air both clearing enough room to now leave former Cylon occupied lands to be cleared quite nicely. Although not fully explored. So now a raptor with escort is to be sent out to see if there is anything of use at the area. To be on the safe side two have been assigned to do so. In case there are unknown enemies in the area. So after that brief explaination of the mission the people had been sent off to start.

Luc is one of those flying escort. Although from the look of things not much will truly happen. Just him and his wingman flying easy escort from the looks of it. Making his own way to be sent out.

Once the briefing is over, Maia had headed for her Raptor, performed the pre-flight then snapped her helmet in place, glancing back at Chatterbox. "Ready for the journey?" Not having flown with him before, she's not sure what kind of ECO he is, but she does go by the book and watches Luc's Viper readying for being sent out. "Just give the word when you're good to go." Offering him a friendly smile.

The mission sounds straight forward enough and with a second Viper accompanying the recon Raptor, it's chances of survival and not being torn up in the air increases significantly. Already climbing into his own fighter, Agrippa reaches the top and lifts one leg into the cockpit before slipping on his flight helmet, looking to the others who are participating on this mission, giving them a nod. Then he climbs inside and takes a seat, buckling before going through the checklist of all systems. Once that is done, his Viper is taxi'd to the catapult and soon awaits the green light to be launched.

Evans smiles brightly at the question, "Hey, its not shuttle duty, are you kidding me? Hell yes I'm ready to get off of the ground for a while. I thought you'd never ask me out." He winks and settles in, waiting a moment before pulling the hatched closed and running through his checklist, then tosses the clipboard into place and clicks the harness on, "We are up and on and bright and ready whenever you are good to go, Lieutenant. Congratulations, by the way."

Luc is indeed ready with preparations and sounds off for the clear. Smiling a bit to himself. Soon enough, when everyone seems ready, he will launch.
After the launch he will make another check of the cockpit as well as making sure that the coast is clear before turning to the wireless.

[Into the Wireless] Luc says, "Flight, this is Bigmouth. All is clear, ready to proceed."

Chatterbox. Right.. Glancing back, Maia can only grin, plucking the words that they are good to go out of all the others, she powers it up and indeed they are good to go. And so they do. "Hey, you've got to stand in line with the rest, Chatterbox. No special privileges for you." Teasing him in return, just to lighten up the newness of getting used to each other. Speaking into the comm, she gives Evans a thumbs up.

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Bigmouth, Centerfold. We're riding up, clean and clear and good to go."

Once the light is green, Agrippa gives the flight deck crew a thumbs up from his cockpit before his engines kick on, in combination with the catapult and he gets flung out of the ship that carried them here. Doing a quick roll to the side, as if to ensure that there is no issue with the Viper's maneuverability, he moves into formation with the Raptor and other Viper.

[Into the Wireless] Agrippa says, "This is Punchie, all systems green. Centerfold, looking forward to your first AAR after this mission? *Some amusement can be sensed in the tone*"

Evans awws softly, "And here I thought my sparkling personality was good for something." As the group settles in for launch, he just grins to himself and adjusts a couple of the DRADIS settings, letting Maia go through her launch phase without him nattering at her. Instead he simply returns her thumb up and holds on to the console's edge, offering in a belated murmur, "They give you any idea what we might be able to find out here? I don't recall jack other than 'cross your fingers'…"

There is a chuckle as Luc hears Agrippa's last words over the com. Perhaps a bit relieved that he doesn't have to write the report for once. Once they are all launched and on their way Luc joins in on one side of the raptor to allow Agrippa to take the other side. Flying rather calmly for the time being.

It won't take them too long to reach the uncovered area. Not fully certain what they would find but so far there are the broken remains of wings, a few dead Cylons and perhaps even a body or two. Or, most likely, quite a bit more than so. A battlefield indeed. Although so far there isn't much to have find. Though all eyes should indeed be open.

"AAR? What!?" Maia voices that inside the Raptor, looking at Evans with an almost panicked expression. "No one ever said paperwork was required with this promotion." Forcing herself to breathe, she replies back to Evans. "Not exactly sure what're we're looking for, but at the briefing, just… anything that's there or no longer there. Mostly just recon, I think." Once they are on their way, she relaxes a bit, comfortable with Evans being ECO, he seems to be capable. "How are things looking on the DRADIS from where you sit?"

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Bigmouth, Centerfold. "Sure thing. Can I ask you to assist me in writing up that first AAR? Punchie? Thanks for the reminder. Next time I'm bringing in higher rank." Laughter follows her words."

Evans chuckles softly at Maia's reaction, holding up both hands in a classic 'hey, don't look at me' expression, "Before this war started, I was a glorified shuttlebus ECO for Fleet Command. If you think ANYTHING that ever happened there justified an action report, you are sorely mistaken." With that said, he shakes his head at her question and keys the mic when he answers.

[Into the Wireless] Evans says, "Bigmouth, Punchdrunk, Chatterbox. All my toys are clear at the moment, but I suspect it wont stay that way for long. All I see right now are bits and pieces of the last party they had here, over."

As they start entering the area where they need to recon, Agrippa gooses his thrusters a bit so that his Viper takes a more forward position in the formation, pretty much like taking point in a marine ground patrol. His eyes are peeled though over the area, to see if he can see anything out of the ordinary visually. He could easily glance down at his DRADIS if it picks something up with the 'ping' sound.

There is a laugh as Luc hears the words from Maia over the wireless. Shaking his head and as Agrippa takes point he does fall back a bit to cover the rear. Slightly lower than the raptor in case enemies would come from below.

The area continues in much the same fashion with a bit more mechanical parts. blown up vehicles and whatnot. Most things not seeming to be in usuable shape, so far.

[Into the Wireless] Luc says, "Centerfold, Bigmouth. Sure, I don't see why not. But you'll owe me. (Teasing tone at that). Chatterbox, copy that."

<FS3> Evans rolls Alertness: Great Success.

"Sounds like Alert Five.." Maia teases in return. "Sitting there waiting for something that never happens, almost wishing it would, to alleviate the boredom.. till you realize what the consequences would be to that." So Maia finds herself in full-on Chatterbox mode and when that dawns on her, she shuts up and looks out the canopy for anything out of the ordinary.

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Bigmouth, Centerfold. Course I'll owe you, what'll be this time? Laundry again?" (Already she was going to end up doing the entire Air Wings laundry with her big mouth and quick bets.) "No comments from you, Punchie."
You paged Evans with 'On the ground. Crashed. But the damages uncertain. :)'

With them entering potentially hostile area, Agrippa is no longer in a joking mood as he is fully focused on the task at hand, still looking about the area to see if there is any moving metallic parts outside as they continue on their recon route.

Evans grins to himself at Maia's chattering. Hey, he's contagious! Then a soft 'err' escapes him and he clears his throat, "Well, shit, making me a liar already, hello there, precious…got something. One of ours? what the hell…I didn't see any SAR alert before we took off."

[Into the Wireless] Evans says, "Flight, Chatterbox. I got contact, looks like a Raptor on the ground, system is still hot but it doesn't look like it went down light. Bearing two-two-five at range of one click. I still see nothing else on DRADIS."

Definitely contagious. "One of ours?" Maia does seem genuinely confused at that little cog in her sense of right and wrong. The frak? "A Raptor?" Looking down, trying to see what's going on. "Wonder who or what made it sit down so hard." Suddenly serious, she maneuvers to get a better look.

Luc grins as he listens to Maia over the wireless but before he can say much it seems they have found something. Making sure to be on alert now. Seeing as if they spot the signal others could as well.

IT doesn't take too long before they do reach the raptor, with little issue. The raptor itself indeed having taken a hard landing. While it does seem quite intact it does not look like it is able to fly. Why is hard to tell from such a distance. There doesn't seem to be life signs around.

[Into the Wireless] Luc says, "Chatterbox, Bigmouth. Copy that. See if you can get a closer look. We'll make sure to cover you. Do you see anything else?"

[Into the Wireless] Agrippa says, "Flight, Punchie. Let me do a quick flyby first, just in case it's a trap. Sending a larger Raptor in first is risky."

As they approach the area where the Raptor had taken a hard landing, Agrippa looks out and spots the metallic bird on the ground. Aftering hearing the chatter on the comm, he pipes back over the Wireless before angling his Viper down towards the downed Raptor, still wary of this odd find.

Evans shakes his head mostly at himself, frowning as fingers fly over the controls, "If they just abandoned the thing, it had to be recently…Centerfold, try the emergency band and see if someone answers?" He clears his throat and keys the mic after hearing Luc and Agrippa.

[Into the Wireless] Evans says, "Flight, Chatterbox. I got nothing. Its like they just walked away or they never left. Recommending Centerfold try the emergency band in case someone got out and has their emergency radio on."

[Into the Wireless] Luc says, "Chatterbox, Bigmouth. Copy that. Punchie, go ahead. Just be careful. I'll be on the lookout."

Keying it up as soon as the suggestion is made, Maia doesn't say anything immediately, leaving it clear for someone to speak. After a moment though, she does. "This is Raptor three, six, seven, Bravo. Reply if in need of assistance." Following Agrippa at a distance, she moves in to look it over also.

After his words through the wireless Luc just moves to keep looking over the area.

As one does come closer to the downed raptor they can see that the engine seem to be busted. Traces of blood. Most likely leaving two options. Either they left or they didn't make it. There seem to be nothing of danger around the raptor though. As the radio signal goes there is no reply.

<FS3> Evans rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Flying to a lower altitude, Agrippa sends his Viper flying towards where the downed Raptor is, attempting to do a quick pass for not only a visual but perhaps to flush out anything that may be hiding in wait. He is also listening to the Wireless, for any instant updates from the Raptor either in the form of picking something up on their DRADIS or a response from whoever crashed down there.

Evans shakes his head when there's no answer to Centerfold's call, "Well…your call, bosslady. Do we put down and take a looksee? If the hard drives are still in th..shit!" He swears softly under his breath and slaps the mic.
[Into the Wireless] Evans says, "Crap. Flight, Chatterbox, New Contact! Raider, wasn't there a second ago, rat bastard must have jumped in, bearing one-eight-zero long range and he's banking this way, he sees us!"

At the question, Maia contemplates doing just that, but the decision is taken from her hands and she tries to remain lower and away from the Raider's target after she hears of it incoming. All set for the defensive, she leaves this one up to the Vipers, keeping radio silence for the Vipers to respond.

Hearing the signal about the raider Luc is quick to turn to fly towards it. Altough with Agrippa being closer it is no surprise that he probably get there first.

It takes a bit longer for the raider to spot them but when it finally does it seems to be turning to try and flee. Just a scout, so most likely about to get to a clear area to allow him to contact the other cylons. Leaving him quite vulnerable.

[Into the Wireless] Luc says, "Chatterbox, Bigmouth. Copy that, on my way. Punchie, take him out as fast as you can."

Once the call of a Raider in their presence is announced, Agrippa reacts immediately, training taking over. Pulling up, he gains altitude and breaks towards the bearing that was called out, searching the skies for the bogey to engage. Once spotted, Punchdrunk kicks the afterburners on and jets after the fleeing scout, trying to lead the target enough before letting his triple KEW cannons rip.

<FS3> Agrippa rolls Gunnery: Good Success.

Evans murmurs as Maia pulls the Raptor around, "If he gets a call off to Mom and Dad, we're going to have to bug out of here awfully fast. But if they shoot him down, we're probably still limited on time…maybe enough time to land and grab the flight drive from that Raptor, if we hurry, you think?"

"Yeah, I agree.." And no sooner is that said than she's maneuvering down to settle beside the Raptor quickly. "If anything happens, at least the Vipers can get out and we can jump a few places to avoid if we have to." If they have time. Speaking on the com now, she relays the plan.

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Bigmouth, Centerfold, gathering the flight recorder. Punchdrunk? Helluva nice shot!""

It isn't that hard, it seems, for Agrippa to reach and shoot the fleeing raider. While the shot might not had been a perfect one it is at least good enough to make the raider crash and burn. Soon enough being gone and indeed destroyed. The area going back to it's rather calm atmosphere again.

There is a wide grin on Luc's face as he seems satisfied with the shot and the downed raider. Turning to go back to keeping the area secure. Seeing as the raptor settles.

The area around the raptor looks relatively safe and quiet. Other than blood being around the area it seems to be little danger. Though inside the raptor itself there is a dead pilot. There is no ECO present though, oddly enough. Perhaps he managed to flee. Other than the busted engine, which would take some time to fix, the raptor seem useable. If not right this moment.

[Into the Wireless] Luc says, "Centerfold, Bigmouth. Copy that, go for it. Is the raptor rescuable? If so, we might want to tag it and come back later. Also, think you can stop that signal? Don't want this place to be crowded later on. I do suggest to hurry though, we don't know if more will come for that downed raider. Punchie, nicely shot. If perhaps slightly anticlimatic. *chuckle*"

The KEW punctures the Raider's wings and engine, not enough to cause a spectacular explosion but doing damage so that it is no longer flight worthy or able to jump. Watching as the Cylon spiral down towards the ground in a trail of spoke, confirming its demise, Agrippa returns to circling in a high protection pattern, keeping an eye out for anymore in bound threat while the flight recorder is being picked up.

[Into the Wireless] Agrippa says, "Flight, Punchie. Thanks, any sign of the ECO? Need to make sure he's either dead, rescued, or just a sign of where he or she went."

Evans is already out of his seat before the bird actually hits the ground, his sidearm out in one hand as he shoulders the hatch open, "Seal open. Gimme thirty seconds!" He sweeps his gaze over the area, noting the body, before stepping out on the wing and dropping down to the ground, making a run for the downed Raptor with the intent of climbing inside as quickly as he can manage.

Once she's landed, Maia looks back and watches Evans, hoping that he does look for the ECO. Either way the flight recorder will tell them something, but a loose ECO was bad. Cueing up the com, she speaks to the others.

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "tac1 Flight, Centerfold. Chatterbox is out looking over the scene, agreed, we need to find out about the missing ECO. I'll leave it up to him whether to tag it and to shut off the signal. I'm ready to leave as soon as he's back.""

Which isn't too long. As soon as they are ready the group heads back out from there before they will run into more raiders.

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