AWD #010: Event - Raptor Meeting
Raptor Meeting
Summary: Raptor Squadron come together. Unfortunately, there's no baked cookies. Because Zachary tosses his.
Date: 15/1/2013 (OOC Date)
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Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.

Cole is busy juggling (though not literally) a note pad and pen, a lit cigarette and the buttons on his Duty Blues. He's busy trying to balance/smoke/button while he enters the Ready Room, fresh from a post shift prebriefing shower. At least he had time for the Marine Triple 'S' combo before this little shindig. A viper stick in a Raptor world. What are the Colonies coming to? Who cares, they dun blowed up.

No baked goods tonight, kids. Zachary instead is working with a thick file, and looking just a little frazzled as he carries a bottle of water and drops into a chair in the back of the room to wait for the meeting to start. He'll handle his part when they get started.

Yggy is sitting pretty in one of the seats, her long legs stretched in front of her and wedged into the space between chairs in front of her. She's doodling in a notebook as she waits for the meeting to begin, blonde braids dangling against her shoulderblades.

"…see what they have to say." Thaddeus's cigarette-scratchy voice enters the Ready Room before the rest of him. He twists in through the hatch, holds it open for the person he's talking with — Lieutenant Teague. He flicks some ash off his cigarette into the hallway before continuing in. About halfway down the main aisle, he pauses, frowning mildly at Cole. "Since when did you climb into a real bird?" he asks, flicking a tired smirk toward the shiny new Captain.

Having gotten in a bit early, Jason has found himself one of the chairs, and has seated himself rather comfortably now. Looking around at the others present for a few moments, as he leans back a little in his seat, expression rather thoughtful for a few moments now. One hand's fingers drumming against the notebook, a bit thoughtfully.

Sebastian looks rough; Split lip still sporting stitches, although stubble covers most of the bruise on his jaw and he's managed to shake off the limp. "If they get too boring, we can play hangman." Sebastian says philosophically to Thaddeus, waggling a pad of paper at him. He gives Zachary one of his quick smiles, crooked with the care he takes not to pull his stitches. Cole is given a lift of his chin in greeting, and a hint of a smirk at Thad's words.

Bennett, unlike the DCAG, is seated on the top step of the dais, hands clasped out in front of her, elbows resting on her knees. She doesn't have a file folder with her, or anything else resembling paperwork. Maybe she really does plan on keeping this brief.

Once most of the squadron has filtered in, and a glance at the time tells her they're already over by a few minutes, she rolls to her feet smoothly and steps up to the podium. Her fingertips rest lightly on the worn wood. "Good evening, everyone," is pitched to the room at large, with a smile that lights up her face. "I promise I'll try not to take too much of your time, tonight. I felt we should have a quick get-together so the Major" Zachary is indicated with a nod. "and I can update you on a few matters of business. And perhaps equally as important, I wanted to share a few words with my squadron. Our squadron." She casts her eyes over the faces of those gathered, and takes a breath before continuing.

"Really, I don't have too much to say, because quite frankly, you all have blown me away with your exemplary performance out on the battlefield and here at home." Yes, home. "With your dedication, your bravery and your strength in the face of adversity. I am not going to stand here and blow smoke up y'alls asses, but I do want you to know that my door, and my ear are open, if you should ever need them. We have some dark times behind us, and some dark times ahead, but as men and women of the Colonial Fleet, this is what we have been trained for. And I believe I speak for both Major Sheperd and myself when I say that we will accept nothing less than your uncompromising best."

While Bennett is talking, Zachary opens the file and starts passing out copies of the current AARs from the recon. He's quiet, just a simple murmured, "Take one, pass them around."

Good thing Cole is done buttoning his shirt and his cigarette is now between his lips. Frees up a hand to take care of that scratch on his nose. He just so happens to be scratching it with his middle finger, and just so happens to be looking at Thad when he does it. "'Bout the time the Mark Twos rolled off the assembly line and I was done…" Oh right. He clears his throat and makes a little tick of his head to his new shiny Captain's pins. "I get to sit in. One of the perks of the new job." That being the Lucky Strikes' SL. That little upnod is returned to Sebastian, "Congratulations, you two." Because he hasn't had a chance to say such yet. Oh shit. Bennett. He quiets down and takes a seat before he loses any of his said perks.

With her little speech out of the way, Bennett steps to the side and nods to Zachary, who is seated somewhere near the back of the room. "Major, would you like to come up and speak on the current status of the recon to the colonies? I am sure it is the question on many of our minds, tonight."

"Ninety nine AARs on the wall." Sebastian mutters in response to Zachary wryly, as he passes the AARs on. He goes to claim a seat as well, letting Thaddeus do his own thing. He then listens closely to Bennett.

At this point, Ygraine lifts her head from her doodle, her heart in her throat.

Thaddeus slouches into a seat with nobody in front of him, and immediately draws up one knee to prop his foot against the back of the seat. As Bennett starts to speak, he glances to the side, flicking more ash off his cigarette with his thumbnail. He bumps shoulders with Sebastian, sharing a quick glance — and a discreet wanking gesture.

Cole finds himself a quiet seat in the back. Observer Cole is here to observe. He does, however, help himself to an AAR as it's passed around. Even if he's seen them before.
Ceres has arrived.

Bennett might've caught Thaddeus' wanking, or she might not. Either way, her attention is squarely on the DCAG as she waits for him to speak.

Sebastian doesn't chuckle at Thaddeus' wanking. There's a hint of a smirk, but he otherwise doesn't say anything… But starts taking notes on his pad of paper. Or, maybe, plays hangman with Thaddeus. Who can tell?

Once the AARs are handed out, Zachary makes his way to the front and turns over a whiteboard to make notes on. "We're going to stat with Alpha." he offers quietly. "And it's going to be blunt and bad, I can't find a good way to soften the blows that are coming, folks." he offers quietly, before he begins.

"Tauron is dead. The Cylons made sure there will be no chance of survival. Minos.. was stricken just enough to mortally wound the planet. Booboo and I agree that this was an intentional act to force the residents there to suffer a slow death while they watched their homeworld burn. Even if we were to mount a rescue, it would take months to get a spaceport in order again to do a large scale evacuation." he lets that settle in before he continues.

"Picon stands. She's under siege, and FLEETCOM is gone according to reports, but even the civilians that survived have taken to the streets to fight the Cylons for every inch of ground that they want." he comments. "We're going to be returning Sergeant Hall there to continue her fight as soon as she is well enough, and I am going to take Major Beckett with me so that he can get a fuller report than I can on the state of things there. We already all know about the Twins. Which brings me to what we can do here."

With that, he turns to the white board and writes: Persephone. "The fueling station was captured and occupied by the Cylons. There are readings there that hostages - human shields - are being kept there to prevent any operation to destroy the station to deny it to the Cylons. Over the next few weeks, the Marines and Raptors will be cross training for dropping into the station, disarming the auto defenses, and getting in a tanker to grab and go what we can. Vipers will be providing overwatch for Operation: Truck Stop." he says simply. "Next, command believes that many vessels may have gone into hiding in the Erebos Asteroid belt. It will take us months to scan it all, but I want ongoing recon to seek out possible rescue ops. Finally, there is the wreckage of the fleet at Caprica. We can get lucky and come across supplies that we can use here or on Piraeus. It sounds ghoulish, I know. But we're not going to see a resupply for a very long time, folks." And with that, he waits to begin the next sector.

Ygraine starts, of all things, taking notes. Every now and then she looks up, but otherwise it's scrawl, scrawl, scrawl. She flinches at hearing the state of a colonies; she's also visibly bracing herself.

Sebastian's eyes go empty at the talk of Minos and Tauron. Clearly it's still something that weights on the ECO. He looks down at his notes, not writing a thing, before the talk moves on.

Thaddeus's cigarette bobs when his lips twitch. He plucks it out of his mouth, ashes it again — restless habit much? — then takes one of the sheafs of papers as they're passed along. A pen is dug out of his pocket, click-click-click'd before he draws little circles beside each colony or station Zachary mentions. Some get two circles; Picon gets three. Priorities, maybe, or absent doodling.

Much of this is likely news to Bennett, herself. She's more of a field sergeant than a Command entity, and a pen is produced from her own pocket to jot down a few notes.

Jason takes the AARs as they're passed around, looking down at them for a few moments, then listens carefully to what's being spoken at the moment. Frowning a little bit, before he writes down a few notes. Raising his eyebrows at what's being said about Picon, then at the Operation: Truck Stop.

Tick tick tick tick. Cole's pen is flicked to tap against his boot, leg crooked to rest an ankle on his knee while he watches the DCAG give out the short and dirty. His cigarette is no longer being smoked, it just hangs from his mouth by benefit of paper clinging to the moisture of his lips. Likely he's waiting for the official word of his own colony? The details are in the AAR's he holds no doubt, but he's not reading ahead of the class.

Zachary takes a drink of water and then continues on. "Beta." he says simply, and starts the report. "Leonis." And at this point, the DCAG visibly shows the first sign of the effects of the last two weeks of being thrust suddenly into command just after all hell broke loose and Bumper couldn't hack it with a stiffening of his spine and he continues. "Leonis was occupied. The Cylons have turned it into a prison camp. Thaddeus, I want a closer inspection of that transport footage you captured. If we can find out where they are bussing in prisoners from, we can intercept them before they get to Leonis." he comments quietly, as he considers, and writes: Operation: Pirate's Flag. "I want a couple of Raptor teams working with Beckett off of the Jolie Point to practice hot docking, close quarters combat, and retaking a vessel with minimal damage. If we can intercept a transport and bring it here.." a this smile comes to his face and he leaves it at that.

"Virgoron. There may be survivors, but I highly doubt it. The Cylons.. cracked the planet nearly in two with their attack. Her orbit is decaying, and it will not be long before she spins off of her axis and her atmosphere dissipates totally." A simple statement of fact. "What's left of the fleet is in the path of the planet, so salvage operations will be impossible. Hera was hit in the domes. Lost atmosphere. No survivors. But that means there will be plenty there to salvage. We do not know the state of Pallas. There is also the Ouranos Asteroid Belt that needs to be checked for possible surviving vessels." And again, another pause for reactions.

Ygraine's jaw works hard, somewhere between anger and fierce joy at the news of Leonis. It could be so much worse. A prison camp? Her strong, strapping brothers might be alive. They might even be fighting. But the news of Virgon makes her flinch. Nonetheless, she bows her head and writes fiercely on her notepad.

"I've experience with photo manipulation software." Sebastian offers, to both Thaddeus and Zachary, raising his pen to get attention. "I might be able to work the still and vid to get more details."

"Buttons opened up all the cameras from about fifty meters up," says Thaddeus. He doesn't look up from what he's writing on his papers — either more tiny circles, or some very tiny letters. "It'll be good intel. Leonis was barely touched." He concentrates on that. Better than mentioning the alternatives.

Bennett scribbles a few more things, then makes a note to herself off in the margin. Her eyes come up for a moment when the transports are mentioned, but all motion stills when Zachary mentions Virgon. Gods, if she hasn't been waiting to hear word of her home colony. And then as he elucidates, the blood drains from her face. Breathe. Breathe. She manages to speak to something else the DCAG said only after a few moments spent composing herself. "We'll chat about.." She checks the board. "Operation pirate flag after this meeting, if you like, Major? I can help you assemble a team once I know more about what you need."

Listening a bit quietly, Jason realizes he's been holding his breath waiting for the news about Virgon. And when the news comes, he leans forward a bit in his seat, one hand coming up to his forehead as he looks down to the floor for a few moments. A few deep breaths are taken as he just remains seated like that, before he sits back slowly, watching the front again. Expression hardened for the moment. No tears or anything like that until after the briefing.

"Delta recon has been postponed. I will have you the report as soon as I have it." Zachary says simply. And then he continues. "Gamma." Again, a single statement, and he continues. "Butch believes Libran to be occupied. I agree with her assessment, and we will gather supplies and gear to eventually attempt to retake the planet, when command feels we're ready."

"Sagittarion is like Tauron. Several hundred strikes, it is now uninhabitable." he lets out a slow breath, "Scorpia. The Cylons destroyed the fleet ship yards. They tumbled into the planet and spread massive destruction. The civilian casualty count is impossible to tally. "However. Many ships crashed into the planet intact and then broke apart. There are still survivors amongst the debris and the Cylons are still there. If they can organize a resistance, perhaps they can hold out until we can get them assistance. With plenty of wreckage to salvage from, I believe they could have a fighting chance." he says finally.

"That's it for the recons. I want everyone to work together over the next few weeks on survival and firearms training. I also want ECOs and Pilots to cross-train with each other. You never know when someone may catch something in the head that bleach can't kill and a pilot needs a different ECO on a moment's notice." he says simply. "Talk to the Marines about the survival training. We will pull through this. One more thing." He glances up, catching a glimpse of an orange jumpsuit near the door. "I know that many of this unit have taken Petty Officer Wescott under their wing. I've heard the rumors of the previous DCAG coddling her. I am not the previous DCAG. If she wants to be in the training pipe, I want her ready to face what we face. If she comes to talk to you, you give it to her straight. There's no more time for hand-holding and brushing away tears. She either takes it and takes it and learns, or she quits. Either way, I don't care. If you train her, great. Keep me informed of her status and I'll hope she can hack it. Are we clear?" he says. And his skin pales a bit and he turns, and bends over and proceeds to throw up into a trash can, nearly falling to his knees before he coughs a few times and wipes his mouth and pops a mint in his mouth to find his way back to his seat. He's sweating and those circles under his eyes look dark. Probably spent too long out in the cold. Or awake. Or something.

"No shit," mutters Thaddeus, on the matter of previous D-CAGs. "Your balls actually dropped." He blows out a smoky snort and ashes his cigarette again. Flick-flick, flick-fli- Pale eyes crawl back toward the podium as Zachary loses his lunch, and his eyebrows creep up his forehead.

"And with that, I turn the meeting back over to Bennett." Zachary offers a tired smile. He just soldiers along.

The DCAG is Sebastian's chauffeur. And so it's no surprise that he straightens up with a frown as Zach hurls. He leans in to murmur softly to Thaddeus before discreetly getting up and making his way to the stage. Prepared to nab the DCAG when he gets off the stage and escort him to the stage. Or medbay. Whichever. Nagging ECO is nagging.

Ygraine's knee bends, and her gut reaction is admittedly, "…Ew." Then, leaning forward, "Is he okay?"

The cigarette finally succombs to gravity, falling from Cole's lips. There is a sharp cuss word from the back of the room as he pats at the ash and ember that falls onto the chest of his Blues uniform. "Sonofabitch."

Bennett moves to her feet and steps toward the DCAG with a few murmured words and a hand touched to his upper arm. She addresses the squadron shortly thereafter, "I don't have anything else for you all, tonight. We've all got plenty of work to do, so let's hop to it, unless there are any questions?"

Bennett murmurs softly, "Major, you are unwell; shall I accompany you to sickbay, or have one of these fine gentlemen do the honour?" There does not appear to be any question in her tone of voice that it will be option A or option B.

Sebastian catches Bennett's eye with a discreet roll of one shoulder towards the DCAG, indicating he's got the man in hand. "C'mon, Pie, let's get you to that nice pretty wife of yours." Sebastian tells the pilot.

"I'll finish the meeting and go see her." Zachary's voice, weak, is still firm. "Now get me back to my seat, and I'll ride this out."

Bennett may not have the muscle to argue with the bigger DCAG— but Sebastian no doubt does. She catches his glance and nods discreetly. No need to embarass their boss.

Cole apparently doesn't have any questions, and not needing to be dismissed, he slips quietly out. His pace is brisk and his jaw is set.

"We'd all appreciate if you didn't burn out gloriously in under a month, sir." Probably no surprise that it's Thaddeus's voice, aimed toward Sebastian, Zachary, and Bennett, as he stands up and collects Sebastian's discarded papers along with his own. He looks between Bennett and Sebastian and, deeming the D-CAG adequately cared-for, starts toward the exit as well.

"Meeting's over, masochist." Sebastian tells the man wryly, throwing an arm around him to support his weight. He isn't a hulking brute like some people, but he did survive a sparring match with Holtz, so undoubtably he isn't a weakling. He mutters softly to the pilot, tone calm and conversational. "C'mon. I want to talk to you about something anyways. I'll drive you down, if you aren't terrified of a ECO driver."

Ygraine hops to her feet. "Feel better, boss." she calls out to the DCAG. "It's your wife who's supposed to do the puking, okay?" That's her idea of sympathy, it would seem.

Zachary offers a smirk, and then lets Sebastian lead him out. "Sorry, folks. I'll make some pies later or something." he mutters as he goes along.

Jason winces for a few moments as he sees Zachary vomit, before he goes back to being silent at the moment. He may or may not have heard of the meeting being over, but remains quiet, just looking

Bennett still looks a little pale, though it's hard to say whether it's from watching Zachary hurl, or hearing about Virgon in such straightforward terms. She moves off, once Sebastian has the DCAG well in hand, to gather up any spare AARs that have been left littering the desks, then heads over to the intercom to summon a cleaning crew. "Feel better, boss," she tells Zachary with a wan smile as he's led out.

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