AWD #613: Raptor Evolved
Raptor Evolved
Summary: Alastair shows off his Arpay enhanced Raptor after getting back from the Rally Point.
Date: 24/02/2017
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Hangar Bay
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.

When the Arpay fleet arrived, there was one Raptor with it. It left the Orion as Raptor 'H9768-V'. It still has the same callsign, but there hs been a lot of talk about it since it arrived. The paint job on it is brand new, a digitized forest camoflauge pattern of browns and greens. The markings on it are Colonial and all new. After flying it over, Alastair put it in park and ordered the MPs around it.

While the Deck may want to get at it, it's a strict hands off for now as Alastair requested a meeting with Command and the CAG about the Raptor. He has a lot to explain, and as he pulls on his uniform, he realizes that the next ten minutes may change.. a lot.

Elias is in his blues, clipboard under his arm. The TACCO scans the hangar, then strides toward the refurbished raptor with a purpose. "Lieutenant," he greets Alastiar. "Mission acccomplished?" The bus itself gets a quick once over, but the young Major's familiarity with the airframe only goes so far.

Robin is in her blues, a black folder tucked in her arm as she enters the hangar. Along the way there, she spotted Major Saint Clair and pulled her aside to 'come with' and 'see the new toys.' She picks up her pace when she spots the newly painted bird. "Oh, new paint job," she sidecomments before approaching. "Sorry I'm a touch late."

Bennett accompanies the CAG, spiffed up today in duty blues and a neat braid worn across one shoulder. She passes a brief smile Alastair's way, but truly has eyes only for the raptor and its new paint job.

Throwing a salute, Alastair has the brighter eyes, enhancing his already bright blues, that tell of the Arpay surgery to understand them. A polyglot, it's probably the least surprising candidate. "Sirs. Oh, more than accomplish. Two months of six days a week, and may I present the new jewel of the Combat Wing, the Raptor mark two."

"The paint job was a little touch from the Arpay." he says with a little chuckle. "They tore down the whole airframe's armor and rebuilt it. It's now four tons lighter and can withstand far more damage than it used to. Not that I'm looking forward to testing that just yet." he admits. "Next, her engines are overhauled. She can carry forty percent more weight, and has an increased range of thirty percent on a full load." With that, he goes to open the hatch. The seats and consoles have been changed. The leather chairs look comfortable, and the panels are touch screened and digitized for the most part as the interior lights come up to full.

"Colonel," Elias greets the CAG, and then Bennett, "Major." He's a man with little time for pleasantries today, but he does offer a perfunctory salute to acknowledge Alastair's. Then he listens closely as the ECO runs down the modifications. The TACCO steps aside to allow the CAG and squadron commander to take a look inside first, then cranes his neck to peek through the hatch. There is an appreciative noise for the changes. "Mmm."

The CAG plucks a pencil from behind her ear and flips open the folder. It was nestling a legal pad, as per Robin's usual habit. She nods cordially to Elias and starts to take a few notes in obvious shorthand as Alastair begins going over the changes. "Did you get them to install you a cupholder too?" She asks as she steps up inside the Raptor, not bashful about her inspection at all.

Bennett runs her hand along the raptor's flank once she's near enough, listening carefully to the ECO's description of the changes the Arpay made. "What about fuel capacity? FTL range?" She climbs up smoothly onto the wing, for a peek inside. "I have all sorts of questions, of course, about ballistic range and weapon mounts, but perhaps you were getting to that.."

"She has active jamming systems - no more need to carry the pod." Alastair continues, listening to the questions as he starts an idle boot from the Master Arm. "She can process up to 250 moving targets at once with no lag." There's a playful smirk offered at Robin. "Pushed for that and a coffee maker, no can do." he responds almost in deadpan, before his attention returns to Bennett. "Her fuel capacity is unchanged, but the lighter weight makes up for the fuel consumption change. She's capable of at least a couple of more jumps than the normal." Then he draws in a breath as he looks to the two and brings up the console.

Slipping on the headset, he glances to the others. "Sirs. This bird's wiring is upgraded with the latest technology from the Arpay. Crystalline based, the drive systems, avionics, and ECO are all interconnected and upgraded. She has an improved turn radius and her hard points are capable of carrying a heavier payload." But now, comes the hard-sell. And he knows it. "She's also fully integrated with the newest network technology. Unhackable, unbreakable." he says as he moves to plug one of the three tablets next to the station into the hardpoints along the ECO station. All of the navigation systems show on the small touch-screen for maintenance and use by the ECO, including the gun cameras and jump log. With other ships modified, particularly assault craft, one Raptor can serve as the eyes and ears of up to 20 Vipers."

Elias is listening from out on the wing, not crowding those with more direct interest in the new bird. But he does interject when the networking is mentioned. Yes, he's leery about that. "I assume everything's been replaced with the Arpay quantum computing technology?"

Bennett doesn't disappear fully inside. She lingers in the hatch, listening to Alastair speak, and there's the slightest crease between her brows when he mentions the integrated systems and networking upgrades. There's a glance to Robin, a quirk of her brow. That's a decision for Command. To all of those assembled, "I would like to propose a test flight as part of this a

Bennett says, "I would like to propose a test flight as part of the acceptance procedure, assuming of course that everything else passes muster."

"Networked with what?" Robin asks directly. "And for what purposes?" Always earning her reputation of being direct. Robin sits down in the pilot's chair so she can prop her writing up on her leg. She says nothing of the improvements, but does jot down a few notes. "Well yes, we'll need to do that," Robin agrees from inside the cockpit. "Deck is just going to love us for dumping something that will produce reeeeeams of documentation," she chuckles softly at the irony of new toys.

"With each other, through the Arpay Quantum Link." Alastair starts to say, before Elias starts to excuse himself and he sighs. He knew this wasn't going to be easy. "Other vehicles would need to be upgraded to interact with the Raptor. I did have a redundancy built in so she can be flown without the network." It was neccessary since she has nothing to network with at the moment. "However, there is one other thing it can do. It can guide smart munitions to target. For instance, a Battlestar can launch missiles from out of range, this Raptor can jump in and guide and course correct to target."

"Yes but what's the purpose of the network outside of maybe…voice communications?" Yes, it is going to be difficult Al. Robin is a curious CAG. "Hot potato….Handy." She looks up from her writing and inquires, "Does that require any extra performance demands on the ECOs?"

Bennett looks over at the mention of smart munitions, momentarily distracted from her perusal of the weapons console next to Robin. "Sir, this would be a huge advantage for us. We would need only commit a single raptor, instead of an entire battlegroup, to strategic maneuvers of high value and high risk." Alastair receives a brief, pleased smile.

"Only if the enemy doesn't outrange us…even with our boosted range. It depends," comes Robin's response, not quite yet convinced without numbers or practice.

"Besides voice communications?" Alastair straightens up. "Say a Viper loses DRADIS. Or they're in an asteroid field or nebula and need to know what's up ahead. The Raptor can be the eyes and ears." he says as he shakes his head. "None more than what we already have to do with the manual systems, sir." he offers.

"What about parts?" enquires Bennett, somewhat pragmatically. "As you know, we already have some logistical issues with the raptors, since we lack manufacturing capabilities. Also, are the munitions standard Fleet-issue, or are we looking at modifications there as well?"

"Okay, well I definitely want to be on this test drive," Robin says in response to Alastair as she pushes up from the seat to move towards the hatch to jump down. She nods to Bennett at her question about parts.

"I brought back some of the metals to be tested against what we have. We should be able to fabricate it. However, the Arpay want the lead in the upgrades. This is just to show us what they can do. They're here to show us what we can do to upgrade and it seems to be an all or none package." Alastair says thoughtfully as he looks between the two. "And I'm supposed to convince you of that."

"We'll need to have the encryption looked at. Wait they are volunteering to do the shipbuilding for us? Or letting us use their tech to do the upgrading?" Robin smirks at Alastair's words and says, "Convince me that it's an all or none package or that I should take gifts when offered?"

Bennett doesn't have much to contribute at the moment, though she listens in curiously while skimming through console logs for the master arm boot sequence.

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