MD #018: Randy Room
MD #018: Randy Room
Summary: The Airwing Ready Room gets randy when the CAG calls in the Marines and MP's to take suspected APF into custody for questioning. All hell breaks loose. Tazer's and bullets fly and the floor gets bloody. (Niko's presence is inferred even if his player was absent)
Date: 26/04/2017 (OOC Date)
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Ready Room, Deck 2, Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred fifty seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. Each seat has a display screen in front of it, controlled at the front, with a small printer to give paper copies of what is on the screen. The head of the room has a small dais with a podium for the briefer and on the wall behind it are a pair of large LCD screens. The ceiling has a projector with the ability to display a large holographic image behind the speaker. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear of the room is a banner display with many photos of the Second Cylon War.
Sat Nov 11 18:22:00 2028

The Ready Room is pretty empty except for Niko and Elena for a bit beforehand. There isn't much to be said. Its going to happen. The screens behind the dais are already set up with a map of Libran and it looks like that's where the strike will be going - even if it isn't what will really be happening. Very little information has actually been passed to anyone yet. But a few minutes til the meeting the squdron leaders begin to file in. Major Katy Donovan, a Viper SL, is the second one to arrive. Her and two other Majors are in their flight gear with survival vests, sidearms tucked up front. They're supposedly on war footing with something happening Friday. Setting the example, dontchaknow. Other than Idris and Melissa, there's four Majors and two senior Captains making up the leadership in this room. They all take seats decently close to each other and near the front despite the expanse of the room. Everyone looks cool and calm, relaxed, chatting casually about the happenings around the ship or how tired they are. Shift rotations hit everyone the same. That is until they notice that Libran is up on the boards. A few of them look to each other and there's a few muted whispers and shakes of their heads. Shrugs. Donovan leans over to a Captain and just looks at him, two inches from his face. It shuts the guy right up and they all go back to waiting.

Melissa enters a minute late, just pulling on her flightsuit and zipping it up. She's unarmed and carrying a small flight satchel with her. The new Raptor squad leader heads to find a chair just as the group is falling silent. Sitting near to the core group of leadership in the wing, she doesn't really fit in with the rest and its obvious. Like Idris, a rookie squadron commander is hanging a bit on their own until they prove themselves. She's no exception. Sitting quickly, the Captain opens the satchel and removes a pen and a pad of paper. The datapad is brought out but left to the side, intending to take manual notes. Old habits die hard.

Major Heron is in the front row, waiting. She turns when Donovan enters, raising her mug of tea in a casual greeting. She sips as she waits, turning her torso back to greet the Viper SL. "Hey, Donny, how's the wrist?" she asks, gesturing to the woman's left hand with her eyes. When Melissa enters, late, she gets a Look. The next look goes to Niko, sitting by her side. Go time.

Captain Idris Bloodfeather arrives with the others and gives Elena and Niko a nod. He's new to the Orion compared to the others and he's been keeping to himself, not real friendly and definitely not talkative. He's in his flight suit as well in case they are being sent right out after and takes a seat a bit further back. No helmet, no sidearm on his person, but he too has brought old fashioned pen and clipboard with paper to take notes. The Canceron's two small marks cut into his left cheek bone have healed, leaving small raised scars.

"Fine, sir. Just a little too much of the same motion." Donovan makes a drinking gesture and the others laugh. "I think I might be getting carpel tunnel." Donovan and Heron are the same rank, but the position Heron holds affords her positional authority. The woman relaxes back in the seat, taking up the datapad and seems to be ready for the briefing. Meanwhile the CAG stands to the side and watches for the moment. Seeing the glance from Heron, the Colonel walks over to the phone at the side and makes a quick phonecall. "Sir, CAG. We're all here and starting. Waiting on you." A pause and he hangs up. Probably Petra or Admiral Io. Or the new XO. He moves off the wall, waiting. "Just a few moments, party is on the way."

Melissa gives an apologetic look to Elena. Yeah, she knows. Ahem. The woman waits patiently, watching Niko go for the phone. The woman looks kinda tired, but alert enough. Damn these comfortable chairs. The Ghost SL settles back, putting her heel on the chair to use as a writing pad as she watches the front.

Elena gets up and heads to the podium. She catches Melissa's look and nods curtly, then starts clicking and looking at the monitor, pretending she's pulling up a part of the presentation. She scowls and huffs, as if she's having some trouble with the technology, buying time. Old people, amirite?

From down in the Security Hub, the Marines move out - led, unusually, by Major Penta. They look casual, albeit dressed in black combat uniforms complete with body armor and helmets (and gas masks). They're armed with rifles, tasers, flex cuffs, and stun batons. In a few seconds, then, they're at the doors to the ready room, and nobody's knocking. With a few hand signals, Penta indicates what's to happen: Lleufer throws in a flashbang grenade, followed by Clara and Penta entering with the teams to actually make the arrests. Then, finally: Execute.

Bloodfeather is looking over his notes on something else entirely. Viper stuff surely for his Squadron. He lifts a hand to rub over the back of his head and looks completely unconcerned. He sits relaxed but does flick his dark eyes up to keep tabs on what others are doing when they move around the room, waiting on someone or another to arrive.

Charge in with the Marines? Oh hell no. Petra's out in the corridor with his sidearm, sucking on a tooth while he listens to Penta giving orders, and building a map in his head of the room and where people are based on the noises while he eyes the Ready Room hatch and waits for the all clear. You know, like you do when you might present a 'high value target'.

Lleufer is with the group who gather at the Security Hub. The Master at Arms is kitted out in his combat blacks and also has his MP gear on his belt. His MP brassard is bold upon his upper left arm as he checks people are suitably geared. Then he gives Penta a nod and lets the Major lead the way. Ynyr falls in with the rest, moving quietly. You know those Marines and their constant exercise drills. When they get into position the Staff Sergeant moves up and removes the flash bang from his vest to make ready to toss it towards the back of the room when they open the door. As far from the CAG and DCAG as he may, but hopefully bouncing off the back wall to give the pilots a hell of a surprise. Lleu sets his back to the bulkhead by the hatch and waits for Penta to open that hatch. Party time.

Penta opens the hatch without knocking or pretense, gesturing to Lleufer beforehand to throw the flashbang as the other Marines get ready to storm in. It'll happen within seconds, hopefully: The grenade goes in as the Marines storm in, noise and confusion disorienting their suspects.

Lleufer spends 1 luck points on Don't screw up..

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Gunnery: Failure.

The little S2 is in the mix somewhere, also suited up in her combat blacks and armed with a rifle, taser, cuffs and a pocketful of zip ties. Her face is impassive as always, and when the call comes to move, she takes point along with Penta. At the door to the ready room, her shoulder bumps the bulkhead wall and her rifle comes up. And then the smoke grenade is flung inside, and she pivots and moves in.

The hatch opens and the flashbang sails through the air. Enough eyes glance over to see something flying through the air that some of the squad commanders doubletake, trying to track it with their eyes. Most of them have no idea what it is except that it looks like a grenade. The lob is high enough but not quite far enough. The two and a half second fuse doesn't provide much time for reaction, by design. The Major beside Donovan reaches for his sidearm and dives over Donovan. Katy has a brief moment of panic before the guy beside her throws himself over her body and head, sending both of them to the floor just as the flashbang detonates behind a chair between Idris and Melissa. The blast is hard enough that a few chairs are dislodged and sparks fly, smoke billowing as people hold their ears. The other armed Major manages to get his sidearm up but isn't able to really aim at anything other than wave it around while the other arm hugs his head. Its impossible to tell how Donovan and her 'hero' are on the floor.

<FS3> Melissa rolls Alertness-4: Good Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls 6-4: Failure.

Melissa looks up to see something sailing through the air and she instantly remembers something from childhood. She tumbles forward out of her chair and starts trying to scramble away. As it goes off she is halfway to the end of the floor, 'running' on all fours in the other direction. Must get to door!! CHOPPAH!

Captain Bloodfeather did spend the Second Cylon War on Picon. His childhood was full of seeing death. Still, it takes him a second to react, his eyes going wide. He dives for the left bulkhead but he's not fast enough. The flashbang goes off right behind him and he hits the floor hard - his clipboard and pen skittering over the floor. Chairs are over turned and for a second, Idris is stunned stupid. It's going to take him a second to sort his wits out.

When the door opens, Heron hits the deck, sheltering behind the podium. Just in case, she unholsters her sidearm, turning off the safety. She crouches and waits.

With the flashbang going off, Penta storms the room alongside his Marines, barking commands. "MPS! DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" His taser is out even as his rifle is slung securely, and he looks ready to tase the first person he sees armed.

<FS3> Melissa rolls Stealth: Success.

The flashbang is tossed in but Ynyr doesn't rush in after it. He ducks back for just that brief second or two until it goes off to protect his own eyes and ears. Goggles on, soon as they start going in, he heads in as well. Lleufer shouts, "MILITARY POLICE! STAY DOWN! HANDS ON YOUR HEADS!" For those who can actually hear him shouting like a Drill Instructor! Hey, he's had practice. Tazer out to zap anybody who goes for a weapon. Hopefully he and Penta weren't shouting over each other.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Great Success.

<FS3> Penta rolls Alertness: Great Success.

And so the show begins. Petra takes a deep breath and lets it go. The suspects react badly, and gunfire might erupt any moment. Maybe subconsciously, datapad gripped in one hand, he reaches down to unfasten his sidearm and take the safety off, leaving his hand on it as he watches the open hatch. How long has it been since he actually shot at someone?

<FS3> Melissa rolls 0: Embarassing Failure.

Armed, goggled, helmeted, and kitted out with sidearm, flex cuffs, tazer and a stun baton, Palermo is through the hatch once the signal is given to move ahead. The flash-bang and accompanying blinding light and stunning noise does the job that it's supposed to do, and she has her head ducked down, chin against her chest, eyes squinted for the moment before then immediately after the flash bang goes off. Tazer held ready, she is scanning for the nearest target and listening to the MoA and Major using parade ground bellows to communicate with those in the room.

<FS3> Clara rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Clara doesn't add her voice to those hollering as they barge into the room. Her rifle's slung across her shoulder but ready to grab should the need arise, and she waits for the smoke to clear enough so she can hoof it for a target of opportunity.

The Major waving his sidearm blindly squints towards the door, seeing shapes. People coming in. MP's. The guy fires mostly blind and blows a round through the head of the Captain sitting next to him, vacating brain matter across the room in the direction of the MP's. The Captain's body slumps forward and falls to the floor, the guy firing two more shots. One hits the ceiling and the other plugs into a wooden trophy plaque on the wall. Meanwhile the guy on top of Donovan shoves her to the ground beneath him and he turns, trying to aim the sidearm at shadows in the blinding white light of his sudden migraine. Nearly sitting on Donovan, she's trying to get away, yelling something at whomever is on top of her to get off while she tries to reach underneath her. Meanwhile the other, non-PC, squadron leaders are tucking and trying to get down and out of the sudden sound of gunfire.

Melissa hears gunfire and just keeps going, getting off her knees a little. She gets to the end of the row of seats and turns, putting her back to it and slouching down. Her eyes look towards the door ten feet away and its clear she is thinking about running for it. She might be able to hear, but there's gunfire. There's a quick look to the podium, looking for Elena.

Elena stays put, watching through a hole in the back of the podium that's meant to put cables through. She's ready in case she has to move, but she's also quietly praying it doesn't come to that.

By the great Sand Worm's guts! Idris starts to get his ass up, then hears the shouting - sort of. He's mostly deafened and his head feels like it's splitting. MP's. What in Hades?! He lays himself back down flat on his stomach and puts his hands to his head but he twitches when a gun goes off! More than once. Bloodfeather looks like he's about to start shouting at the Major but suddenly thinks better of it. Keep his mouth shut, not draw attention to himself while he tries to figure out what's going on. Fallen chairs partly mask a clear view of him as he tries to make out the Marines coming in.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Firearms-2: Success.

<FS3> Penta rolls Firearms-2: Failure.

<FS3> Clara rolls Firearms-2: Success.

Penta moves quickly. He aims and fires his taser, aiming for the officer on top of Donovan. And, yup….He whiffs it COMPLETELY! Embarrassing.

Palermo spends 1 luck points on Target practice FTW.

<FS3> Palermo rolls Firearms-2: Failure.

Soon as he sees a gun being waved around, let alone discharging, Ynyr turns hard and aims his tazer. He's the only MP among them who's actually trained to use it but he'll have warned them shooting pilots in the vest or anywhere else the prongs can't sink into flesh, is a waste. He gets the Major in the arm and delivers a charge but the zap isn't a sound enough hit to drop the shooter right off, damn it. The Staff Sergeant bears his teeth and Lleufer tries to move in closer to either shoot him again or kick the mother frakker in the face! It's hard to tell which, gun or no gun.

Gunfire going off, shouts and chaos and out in the corridor, Petra frowns, eyeing the MPs left outside the hatch to keep the area contained. Under his breath, he mutters, "Sounds like someone didn't want to come peacefully." The sidearm is pulled out and the weapon checked, tongue stuck into his cheek, "At least we know we weren't entirely wrong, potentially."

<FS3> Melissa rolls Presence+Presence-2: Failure.

Clara is right there to back up her boss, thankfully. Her keen eyes pick out a couple of high priority targets in the mess that is the Ready Room at the moment, and with Lleufer handling the major, she lines up a shot on Donovan's assailant with her taser. It snags him in the back of the shoulder, and she has a free hand ready to move to her rifle if he so much as twitches with that sidearm of his.

<FS3> Clara rolls Body+presence-2: Success.

Clara spends 1 luck points on don't shoot self in foot.

<FS3> Clara rolls Firearms-3: Good Success.

Taking aim at the Major who's gone trigger happy instead of standing down, like he'd been ordered two by not one but TWO marines using parade-ground-bellow to get the point across, Palermo fires off the tazer while dividing her attention to the rest of the room in quick sweeps. Corners are checked and an equally quick glance is spared around then back; in any other setting this would be entertaining as hell. Getting to taze officers? Just not here/now.

The wildly firing Major takes two sets of prongs to him, legs for one pair. The other pair? On randomly latches into his neck and the other his arm. There's an incessant electrical clicking and burnt smell in the air as the guy drops his gun and falls to the ground over the dead Captain, twitching until they stop shocking him. Meanwhile Clara hits the guy sitting on Donovan. He lurches with the strike and lifts his gun to fire. Clara, a Three, reacts instantly. The tazer dropped, she takes up her rifle and drills a single round into the guy's shoulder. The round clean passes through, ricocheting off the floor and lodging into the wall near Melissa's head. That Major twists and cries out in pain, but lifts his weight off Donovan. Major Katy Donovan seizes the opportunity and reaches for the other Captain beside her, drawing her sidearm. Barely getting to her knees, she takes the guy into a chokehold with one arm and looks at the Marines as she presses her sidearm to his ear, shoving hard. If that particular Captain was a traitor, he sure as hell looks scared right now. "DROP YOU GUNS! BACK OFF! I'LL KILL THIS MOTHERFRAKKER! BACK OFF!" she screams, slowly rising to her feet. Meanwhile every non-PC squadron leader in there is busy trying to get as close to the floor as possible.

Melissa hears and feels the round pass right by her. People are still shooting, people are dying. To her, this is something that sounds worse than it may be. Elena didn't look at her. Is this a mutiny?! She runs for the door, ten feet away. She can find out later.

<FS3> Melissa rolls Body+Presence-2: Good Success.

Captain Bloodfeather hasn't moved. He lays there watching what is going on but unless somebody pays him close attention, at a glance he might look like another dead body lying on the floor. Idris isn't armed and these people /do/ look like Orion Marines to him. Confusing as hell but he stays down.

Penta evaluates the situation calmly, looking at Donovan. Then, he aims his taser…Maybe the second time won't suck as badly? He's aiming for her neck, so hopefully this will work. Hopefully, he thinks as he fires.

Elena moves to one side of the podium, keeping most of her body behind it, but aiming her sidearm at Major Donovan. "DONNY!" The redheaded DCAG bellows. Very few, if any, of the people in this room have ever heard Heron raise her voice. The soft-spoken woman glares at Donovan. "Drop the weapon!"

Penta spends 1 luck points on C'mon dice WORK WITH ME!.

<FS3> Penta rolls Firearms-2: Great Success.

Well, the yelling at least gives Petra an idea of what the hell MIGHT be going wrong inside. Slightly, he shakes his head, but doesn't say anything to the two Marines outside…at least he knows better than to distract when gunfire is going on. He does, however, blink and immediately raises his sidearm right about the same time the MPs do, when Melissa stumbles her way out of the hatch, one of the MPs raising his voice to command her to freeze. Petra blinks and yanks his weapon up, grumbling, "Godsdamnit, Wescott." He sighs and points to the side of the corridor where she wont be in the line of fire of a stray shot, "Your mother would come back and haunt me for the rest of my life if I shot you. You intact?"

Penta evaluates the situation calmly, looking at Donovan. Then, he aims his taser…Maybe the second time won't suck as badly? He's aiming for her arm, so hopefully this will work. Hopefully, he thinks as he fires.

Clara takes note of the fleeing Melissa, and the round from her rifle that lodged itself in a bulkhead wall a little too close to the woman's head. Her brows knit slightly, but she doesn't waste precious time worrying about it for now. With Donovan escalating things, she stands down her weapons and flicks her eyes to Penta for his orders.

Penta evaluates the situation calmly, looking at Donovan. "You really that stupid?" He asks. "You shoot him, you're captured. You let him go, you'll be captured, but we might not torture you for fun. Drop the gun, *now*!" His taser remains pointed at Donovan.

Keeping a wary eye on the other officers in the room, especially those who are hugging the floor and trying to blend in, Palermo scans carefully from one prone form to the next. Just because they're hugging the floor doesn't meant that they're not plotting while doing so. Healthy paranoia, check.

Melissa is quick like rabbit. She yanks open the hatch and nearly dives into the hallway. She hits the otherside with her chest and hands, shoving off, getting ready to sprint. Doodle takes a big step towards Petra and the MPs in the hall and skids, her momentum carrying her to slide to the floor, heels first. She ends up on her ass and suddenly trying to get away. That face is ghost white and there's a look of moderate terror there. Nope, clueless. But she doesn't look like she has any intention of just sitting there all cool like a cucumber. Quick to her feet, she backpeddles and two MP's grab her and haul her up, throwing her against the wall. Zipcuffs are applied quickly to help stop her from running and raising some kind of false alarm.

Lleufer has retracted his tazor prongs and immediately moves to cuff the Major who's down, but picks up the sidearm first to take control of it. Once it's secure in his vest he's busy with Mr. Shoot'mUP until the hostage is taken. The he freezes for a second, watching but still kneeling down by the Major. He glances at Penta, then finishes what he's doing so his hands can be free. If he can he shifts his position subtly to get ready to make a leap for Donovan, his Arpay eyes keen upon her like a preditor eager to go after prey. Wanting it.

Donovan presses the gun HARD into the Captain's ear and he genuinely looks terrified, mouthing 'Help me!' to the Marines. Eyes wide, he's either not complicit with this or he was and no longer wants to be. "I SAID BACK OFF!" Major Donovan rips the gun from the Captain's ear and fires a shot into Idris, putting a round right into his back that cuts a clean pass through and out his side. She is backpeddling away down the aisle, holding the Captain as a bodyshield. There is pure hatred in her eyes, that fire burning with fuel from someplace deep. She isn't going to be taken alive. The woman swings the pistol and fires off a single round at the Master at Arms.

<FS3> Melissa rolls 4-2: Success.

Petra grumbles softly, "Wescott…" He steps forward to take her off the MPs hands when more shots go off inside. He frowns and makes the decision that the men TRAINED with the guns, wearing body armor, are better watching the hatch than he is, and grabs one of Melissa's arms, nodding at the MP, "I got this. Rather have you watching the hatch…" then lower to Melissa, "Relax."

And here Captain Bloodfrak'nFeather wasn't doing a darn thing but lying there, watching! Maybe thinking about kicking that chair to skid over at the Major, but… the next thing he knows that gun goes off and something HITS HIM hard! Flight suit or not, the bullet punches right through him and his whole body twitches in a hard, involuntary thrash, a leg knocking into said chair and making it skid away from him. Surprise! He tries to get up, instinct to try and find cover but the deck is suddenly slippery with his blood and the next moment he's face down on the floor, trying to suck air.

<FS3> Elena rolls Firearms-3: Success.

"Godsfrakkingdammit, Donny," Elena growls. She hasn't had to fire a weapon at a person since she was a guerrilla teenager, gunning down skinjobs on Picon. She breathes, aims for the Major's left knee, and squeezes the trigger.

Melissa just stands very still against the wall, looking a mix of frightened and pissed. Ohhhh she wants to fight but that's a little difficult with zipcuffs on. Feeling his hand on her arm, she turns her head against the wall to look up at him and she breathes heavily while there's gunfire. Wanting to rabbit to a Raptor is the obvious choice for her. Get into a Raptor and call someone. Its the logical step for a junior Captain. She has little authority and right now is in need of instructions. Running wasn't bad, just natural. Learning. "If you're APF just frakking kill me now," she says, cheek pressed to the wall as she looks at him. Hard to relax.

Ynyr wants to rush her but Donovan moves away from him and the other Marines. He starts to go for it anyway, tazer in hand and charged but by the look in his eyes he's feeling aggressive as hell. Lleufer doesn't hardly start moving than her gun comes up and Donovan shoots him, hitting him in the thigh! He goes down as his leg is knocked out from under him but tries to make that lunge anyway! He's not close enough and only gets floor in his face. "Gods damn it!" It's not a shout, it's a hiss. And there she goes with her hostage - it's out of his hands for the next few seconds!

Clara prefers to hang back and absorb a situation before acting, whenever possible. And there's plenty going on here without her going half cocked and adding her own gunfire into the mix. She paces to the right, trying to line up a clean shot on Donovan, but nothing presents itself. And then Ellie goes and fires, and the S2's rifle comes up like she's getting ready to provide insurance - in case things suddenly take a turn for the worse.

Petra furrows his brow when Melissa makes her comment, and grumbles low at her, "Wescott, for frak's sake. You're one of the two motherfrakkers in that room I know ISN'T one. Let the Marines take the rest down and clear the room. This is what they /do/. Insinuate I'm a traitor again and I'll make sure the Colonel has you on sim duty for a week." Holstering his sidearm, the Commander reaches into a pocket, looking for his knife, for the zipties glancing at the Marines that watch the hatch.

Donovan is about to fire again when the round through the chair hits her knee. It grazes across her kneecap, blowing it apart into pieces. She'll never fly again with the damage, unless there is real help from medical. The arm around the Captain weakens and he dives forward into the chairs, probably bruising a rib to get away. Meanwhile Donovan goes down and has one arm wrapped around her knee, crying in pain. "TRAITORS!" comes the scream. She fires a round into the thigh of the formerly-hostage Captain, who yells in pain much louder than he should have, blood immediately pooling fast on the floor. She then lifts to aim at Clara.

Clara spends 1 luck points on Plz stop bleeding people.

<FS3> Clara rolls Firearms-3: Success.

Captain Idris Bloodfeather has a bloody hand pressed against his side where he lies on the floor of the Ready Room. His flight suit is bloody, shot in the back at an angle. There's blood pooling on the deck plates even as there's more shooting going on. The man is struggling to breathe but he pushes himself to sitting up, against the wall. He's in bad shape.

Melissa looks at Petra with wild eyes. She isn't into ground combat. This is way out of her element. So when Petra starts talking to her, she starts to calm just a smidge. She doesn't seem to actually start believing it until she's cut free. The two handles dangling from her wrists, she rubs them and looks at the room. Gunfire. Finally blinking, she looks back. "Who is the other???" she asks. "We need to get them out of there!"

Clara has her rifle up already when Donovan turns to aim at her. There's a flash of something in her eyes; pity? Regret? She maintains eye contact, and she pulls the trigger smoothly and without hesitation.

Petra keeps a hand firmly on Melissa's shoulder, staying right where he is next to her while he watches the MPs, "They're working on that. You and I are just going to be in the way and probably good targets to shoot at, so our asses are staying right here until the Major calls the room clear. Got it?" With the question, he gives the pilot a look and raised eyebrows, a Parent 'I Dare You To Defy Me' (tm) look if there ever was one.

Donovan lifts her sidearm at Clara and when she is able to focus on her target, she's just starting to squeeze the trigger when Clara fires. She's already lost a kneecap. The hastily fired round from Clara plows into Donovan's chest and clean-punches her lung. The round kicks off the floor behind her into the ceiling but she immediately drops the sidearm. Both her arms go to her chest and the flightsuit, trying to plug the wound. She rasps a few breathes before coughing up blood. A moment of clarity later, she wills her hands to her side and falls to her back, staring up with fury in her eyes. On hand begins trying to grasp for the sidearm, fingers finding it to her right, she tries to pull it closer as she starts coughing up mouthfuls of blood. Its going to take some immediate action to save her life. It wasn't a killshot, but she's not going to last long.

With the last armed squadron leader down, Elena gets up and dashes for the phone. She dials sickbay, then crouches back down, handset to her ear. "It's Heron. Ready room. Three men shot." Her voice is even, enunciating clearly.

Melissa looks up at Petra and then takes a few seconds. She looks like she might have a freak out but the Captain ends up taking a breath. There's still gunfire inside. She turns her head away and leans against the wall. Sliding down slowly, her arms rest on her knees, forehead on the bridge. "Who is the other, sir?" Mels asks, eyes forced shut against the sounds.

Lleufer manages to get a chair turned over and with care, he levers himself up to sit in it now Donovan is down. "Nice shots, both of you." That through his teeth. His leg is bloody but he's still ambulatory if he needs to be. Ynyr puts pressure on it, "Let's get these people cuffed and medical in here, pronto." Elena's on the med call, "Palermo, check'm all for cuffs and let's make sure nobody else is armed. I'd rather not have more surprises tonight."

Petra doesn't respond to Melissa immediately - one ear has been 'dedicated' to catching anything he can coming from that room, and Elena calling for backup and Lleu lowering his voice to something more instructional has him hesitating. Finally, however, he lets Melissa's shoulder go and murmurs, "Bloodfeather. Hopefully he survived the shootout, because you two are about to have very busy hands. Your other Squadron Commanders will not be available for a while."

Dropping her rifle into its sling immediately, Clara unclips a pair of handcuffs from her belt and moves in. Her radio is keyed briefly, and a glance is sent Elena's way as she calls for medical. Good, that's one less call she has to make. She does place a quick request to the security hub though, and Randy's team waiting there for instructions, before hunkering down to see what she can do for Donovan. She doesn't have a medkit at hand, which makes this harder. Hands on the wound, to start. Then, "I need something to seal this pneumothorax. What's the ETA on medical, Major?"

Clara nods toward Bloodfeather. "Someone make sure he doesn't bleed out, too."

"We've got medics on the way," Elena replies to Clara, standing up and heading over to Idris, kneeling next to him and putting pressure on his wound. "Can you keep her alive, Mercier?"

Clara spends 1 luck points on don't die, crazy lady.

<FS3> Clara rolls First Aid-3: Failure.

Idris is slumped against the wall. He's lost consciousness as well as a lot of blood, but the exit wound is probably keeping his lung from filling with blood and collapsing. Elena gets no response from the Viper Captain.

Clara looks back to Elena briefly, and gives a slight nod. She can. She must. It isn't the greatest idea in the history of ideas, but it'll have to do: a knife is slipped out of her combat kit and flicked open with bloody fingers. She quickly cuts away a section of plastic seat cover, then slices open Donovan's flight suit and peels it back to place her makeshift seal flat against the woman's chest wound. And then there's little else she can do.. but wait. Penta must be busy rounding up the others, as she's lost sight of him.

Randy and the fire team she's leading pour into the room and start securing any unsecured weapons, freeing up MPs to start taking the relatively uninjured to Sick Bay or the Brig as needed. Randy scans the room and spots Clara, who put in the call. "Frak," she mutters softly. "Medics ETA-" "Now!" One of the medics pushes Randy aside with a, "Sir," as he steps out and assesses the severity for a split second. Randy signals the team to move out of the medics way. Medical personnel stream in, congregating around victims with stretchers and hurriedly evacuating the most dire. If they're lucky, no one will die on their watch.

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