Lieutenant Randolph Flynn
randy1.jpg Flynn, Randy Kae
LT Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position EOD - Dog Platoon Leader
Age Sex
49 Female
Hair Eyes
Brown Green (Arpay)

RP Hooks

  • EOD: Randy is one of the EODs attached to Charlie company. If your character is interested in having explosives used defensively or offensively for missions or other more utilitarian purposes such as mining, rescue, or investigation, Randy has some skills that might come in handy. She has extra training in advanced IEDs. She has EVA, chemical, nuclear, mines, underwater hazards, missiles, ships-as-weapons, etc training. She has attached to special forces teams before.
  • Mining: Randy has some background in the use of explosives when it comes to mining, both in terms of structural expansion, safety, and in rare cases, extraction. She has some basic experience with exotic/extreme environments such as EVA based, deep-sea mining, belt-mining. She has also consulted for the fleet on the expansion of ANVIL post-war day.
  • Weed Farmer: Randy's farm started a monopoly business on Piraean weed and various products during the 22 year leap. If your character smokes or vapes weed, it's probably because of the work Randy did, even if it's from a competitor. She also developed limited runs of vaporizers, but this was not the company's main commercial venture.
  • Son In Service: Randy's son is a Corpsman. Please give him Hades for having his mum on board, or her!
  • Arpay: Randy has Arpay eyes (big) and ears (pointy, see pics). Feel free to discriminate against her for it, over or underestimate her, etc. She has extremely good hearing, and can hear heartbeats in an 8 foot radius. She also has excellent night vision and generally amazing vision. Yes she can hear what's going on in your bunk. There are other weird things to do with her Arpay augments, but you'll have to RP with her to find out.
  • Aquarian: Aquaria is the place Randy has the strongest connection to. If you want deeper ties here, toss me a +mail!
  • Virgan: Randy held dual citizenship on Virgon, when it was still a thing not becoming a belt. She lived there for a few years going through the foster/group home/adoption system and finally getting adopted during high school.


File Image Name Notes
Elena_icon.png MAJ Elena 'Phalanx' Heron Ex-wife. She proposed to me in a game of truth or dare (also how we met), and we got married down by the river right after. I ended it just this last year right before the galactic frakking core. Our children Rowan and Julian don't even know.
Kelsey_icon.png LTJG Kelsey 'Aegis' Wescott Was missing, considered deceased. My wife's mentor in the service and a good friend. We rescued her from some APF frak that managed to become her ECO. Bitch pulled some astrophysics feat and got Wescott's jump stuck before completing. We rescued her, somehow. She came back still a kid. I told her to go live at my place, take care of it for me. The ghosts tell me she died. No. They frakking executed her. Hung her in town, those loyalist bastards. Her husband and children still live. She is missed, but we call her family our own now. We will avenge her.

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