Staff Sergeant Rance Hood (Ret) (NPC)
Rance1.jpg Hood,
SSGT (Ret) Civilian
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Contractor
Age Sex
29 Male
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


Rance Hood first appeared back before the Lines had even started defecting. He and a Twelve had volunteered to come out to the Orion to see what it was that people were talking about with Piraeus. Nobody was shocked that a Seven, Boldness, would be one of the ones to come out. Until the moment that his feet hit the deck of the Orion, he had been a card-carrying member of the Skinjob community that believed in aiding the Cylons in their task — a fact he doesn't dispute. The moment he met the fighting fleet and looked some members in the eye, he began to doubt that they had embarked on the correct trajectory. Rance knew they had been wrong by the time he left Piraeus the first time. The planet changed him and opened his mind in ways he could never have expected. Rance and the Twelve returned to the Colonies with a report for the other Lines. They reported in, sure, but only after killing themselves and infecting their Lines. Rance spent the rest of the Second War with a rifle at his shoulder, killing for the resistance and hunting Line members down while aiding the Orion.

After the war Rance had a difficult time. Like a lot of Line members he had trouble coming to terms with the things he had done to humanity before he had turned coat. A year or so afterwards he went to visit Coop Knox on Picon and see what might be going on with him. Coop was busy setting up the new JTAC school and couldn't spend a lot of time with Rance, but saw that the man was hurting. Knox put Rance to work training kids how to be efficient killers with radios. It convinced Rance to enlist in the Marines. Given his experience and ability, he finished out basic and was sent right away to special warfare selection. He spent most of his career on Libran, working out of the base there. SSGT Hood retired after ten years on the teams and returned to Piraeus to spend out a retirement hunting, finishing, and meeting newly woken Lines.


During that time he met a young woman from Leonis that reminded him what it was like to really love his life. It was his first time getting involved in a relationship on that level and he loved every moment of it. It was a situation of 'distance makes the heart grow fonder' on both sides. He even had a daughter with her. They had planned to get married when she was killed during a construction accident. Her sister, who never approved of her involvement with a Line, took custody of the daughter. She, of course, eventually found out what her father was. It wasn't until she found of who her father was that she applied for Marine Officer at Polk Campus on Picon. She was there when Orion vanished and would likely still have been there when the Skath landed.

Rance came aboard with his friend, Dr Damon Pershing, another Seven just before the Orion left for Calumet — even bringing his personal firearms to store in the Armory. Rance has been serving as a contractor with the Marines. In that function, he has joined the roving security patrols and also participated in several missions. The Marines had urged him to put the uniform back on, but Rance seems reluctant to make it official. A lot of the vets have their reasons for not going back down that road. However he does serve with distinction and the terms of his contract require him to obey orders and the UCMJ — a fact he seems to have little trouble with.



Rance is clearly a Seven appears to be in his early 40's, though his beard and usual accompaniment of a hat and sunglasses make it hard to tell. His beard is a pepper of mostly gray with some brown and blonde through it. Rather than let it become a birdsnest, he actually seems to keep it trimmed well enough. The deep lines of his face are mostly around his eyes and mouth, giving him an appearance that maybe suggests his body is older than it looks, but he just says it gives him character. His eyes are a rich coloring of green and brown, which give him a darker expression. The brown and blonde hair is long and covers the back of his neck but, like the beard, is trimmed to that length.

This Seven is wearing a gray t-shirt and green duty pants, complete with cargo pockets. He doesn't wear combat boots, though, but instead had a pair of trail running shoes he swears by. On his head is a faded green baseball cap with a patch over the curved bill, the pictogram showing a crazed smiley face, a greater-than symbol, and the silhouette of a very large rat next to an outhouse. 'Crazier than a shithouse rat.' Sometimes this patch is replaced with a subdued Colonial flag. The plate carrier he wears is very well used but is clearly something he has set up with a lot of care. Grenades, his sidearm on his chest, the extra mags across the midsection, the attached dumpbag for expended magazines, everything has a place. The camouflage color of it is very close to the Marine's newer pattern but is a more brown mottle with the fatigue.

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