Corporal Demi "Echo One-Niner" Rakes
Rakes05.jpg Rakes,
Demi M.
CPL Marines
Station 3rd SALT, 4th ANGLICO
Position Wirelo (JTAC)
Age Sex
23 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown

"Maxim #36: When the going gets tough, the tough call for close air support."
Howard Tayler, The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries

Corporal Demi Rakes (Callsign Echo One-Niner) is an enlisted Marine JTAC who once upon a time survived a combat deployment. It still didn't prepare her for Warday when she was on leave. That left her stranded on Picon. In surviving the resulting occupation she managed folding into Site ANVIL. She's done her fair share of land operations. Field experience and, rumor has it, being a member of 4th ANGLICO has had her transferred officially up the gravity well to Battlestar Orion (BS-114) circa AWD 300.


An average woman in her young twenties. She' stands about 5'6" with a slim, athletic figure. She keeps her dark-dyed brown hair cut short right now, only allowing it a handful of inches and styled into a boyish pixie fashion. Her warm brown eyes are slightly narrow and tilted from a mixed colonial heritage and her skin tone is a light, fairly unblemished olive hue. She has a colorful, fiery tattoo dedication to Ares on her upper right arm and shoulder. There's a small cleft to her chin.


In the city of Hedon, Leonis, there was a retired law-keeper and private investigator by the name of Murphy C. Rakes. Like his military forebears, he helped people. Humanity. He had plenty of mysteries to solve, and adventures in his time in the private sector. However, his best case involved marrying a Sagittarion expatriate novelist by the name of Sarit and welcoming a child into the world just over two decades ago. Their daughter back then would grow up to become the Demi Rakes that is today.

The Demi Rakes that is today has done plenty enough so far, in her opinion. She grew up well enough in a middle-income household. She had friends while growing up. By the age of eighteen, Demi was attending Nemean University with the hopes of becoming a teacher. In 2001, she placed her schooling on hold in order to enlist into the military. She likens the decision to wanting have been more like her father and his forefathers who served the colonies physically in some fashion, mostly military. By the end of 2003, she had seen real, intense action with the Marrakesh Bombings and Kalonimos Civil Uprising on Sagittaron. She was young and impressionable back then, only twenty-one years old.

She reenlisted in order to continue service with her fire control teammates, basing themselves out of CFAB Nike on Caprica. She had a bright, promising future until Warday. 3rd SALT, 4th ANGLICO was recovered when the bombs fell. She, however, was not. The 4th were broken and splintered across the remains of the Fleet, and Rakes was caught on block leave visiting family on Picon.

Among colonial ruins, she joined the resistance at Site ANVIL. For four months, Rakes fought alongside less-than-familiar marines. At the arrival of Orion personnel her experience with the 4th ANGLICO placed her temporarily in the Battlestar's care and oversight. One of her first memorable moments was witnessing the tribunal of a former friend, now Humanoid Cylon.

By the end 2005, Lieutenant Colonel Spree made certain Rakes was attached to the Orion and in close proximity to a skinjob.

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