Captain Rahab "Dogmeat" Drahmin
Rahab3.jpg Drahmin, Rahab
CPT Airwing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor Pilot
Age Sex
35 M
Hair Eyes
Brown Blue


As the middle child, Rahab Drahmin ended not being ignored on purpose, but more accidental. Having come from a long line of a soldiering family, Rahab always stuck out as the one least likely to find himself going into the military. Which always drive his father up a wall at time. It was the kind of thing that wasnt expected out of the children of the Drahmin family, but more to the point that it was mandatory. Still, it was something that Rahab was going to fight against. It was okay(to Rahab, at least)that not all the children desired taking the oath of service.

Name Relationship Status
Ezikiel Drahmin Father Pilot/Unknown
Uma Drahmin Mother Officer/Unknown
Duma Drahmin Sister Marine/Unknown
Melchia Drahmin Brother Corpsman/Unknown
Megan Drahmin Wife Pilot/Deceased

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