ALT #464: Rack Time or Frak Time
Rack Time or Frak Time
Summary: After the latter, Phin and Ygraine discuss where they go from here.
Date: 15/04/2014 (OOC Date)
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Phin Ygraine 
Somewheres — Piraeus
A barter-by-the-hour room.
Sat Apr 15 2006 AWD #464

It's amazing what the right amount of cubits combined with persuasion and a handy box of condoms for trade will do when it comes to getting an honest-to-gods lodging for a few hours, if not a night. There's been a market for such lodgings on Piraeus for when the soldiers have overnight leaves, and neither Ygraine nor Phin could tug the other hard enough in that diretion after initial confessions of their feelings got out of the way. Neither has ever been terribly inhibited about what they want and when they want it, only about who they've wanted it with.

They're young and healthy and even if Phin hasn't, she's certainly spent time now and again wondering what it would be like. So the first time is a rush, a race to a finish line that they only just realized they were running together. The second time is when things slow down, when it's mapping each other out with eyes and hands and mouths. When they fall asleep, they're spooning of all things, and when Ygraine wakes up first, she realizes two things: that they still have a few hours before they have to get back on board Orion, and right around now is when under normal circumstances, she, or in another scenario, Phin, would be slipping out the door.

Phin has definitely spent his share of time wondering what a night with Ygraine Vashti would be like, and then making himself not think about this. He isn't a guy who lets himself have exactly what he wants all that often. So, he's pretty intense when he actually indulges in exactly what he's feeling at a given moment. Which is a great deal of love and passion for a blonde, freckled Leonine girl just now. He's quite content to linger on Piraeus when they're finished and drift off to sleep wrapped around her. He's still asleep when she wakes up, chest rising and falling.

She's not going to run. But her heart is hammering in her chest, because even though most of her is certain won't, the rest of her knows Phin McBride and how he's operated before now. And now would be - well, maybe not Coyote Ugly time, but definitely time to part ways before things get messy. But he does certainly seem to be content where he is, so she decides to lift her body in order to turn around as quietly as she can so she does't wake him while she resettles.

Phin sleeps awhile longer, though it's not much more than ten minutes before he starts stirring. Making an "Urm" sort of groaning sound, yawning, blinking his eyes open, and raising a hand to rub the sleep from them. Gaze going over to Ygraine as he does so. There's a brief look of sleepy surprise to see her next to him. Like he's trying to sort out how much of the previous night was a dream, and how much wasn't. "Hey…"

She had started to drift off herself, but her lashes lift once more to look at him. She's not surprised. Her eyes crinkle into something merry - sleepy but merry. "Hey." she echoes softly. "Let me sort it out for ya - yes it happened, yes it happened more then once, and yes, that thing I do with my mouth is amazin'."

Phin can't help but chuckle at that. Not that he disagrees. "You do OK at the piloting thing when you want to." He sits up a little, reaching a hand over to touch her shoulder, then letting his fingers run down the length of her arm. Like he just kind of enjoys the idea of touching her. He doesn't seem primed to bolt. Even if he does look like he's still trying to wrap his slow-to-change mind around this. "So…that was nice." That sounded inadequate. "I mean, that was really nice. I mean…" He chuckles again. At himself this time.

"Ya have a gift for understatement." She stretches like a cat when he strokes his fingers along her skin and she confesses softly, "I feel dumb for waitin' this long." She does relax as she realies he's not going anywhere, and when he does, they'll be going in the same direction.

"Yeah…I thought we established that I'm kind of an idiot," Phin says wry. Except Ygraine might not have said 'kind of.' He notes the way she relaxes, and scoots a little closer to her. Totally not going anywhere. "I don't know, though. I mean…what do you figure would've happened if we'd hooked up back on Leonis? Or right after we got posted here?" Bolting might have been more of a part of all this. "You know, I meant what I said last night." Which, in case that's unclear, he quickly adds, "I mean, the I love you thing. I mean, I love you." He's still kind of getting used to saying it, but he sort of rambles it out like he likes the sound of it.

"I don't know." she says. "If now's th' right time, now's th'right time. We mighta needed other people first t'realize what we have with each other." Pragmatic and romantic at the same time. "I love ya too and I never say nothin' I don't mean." She's unable to resist gliding her hand across his cheek. "Still begs th'question though, if here is really where ya wanna be."

Phin rolls his head a little, into her palm, when she touches his cheek. "Are any of us where we want to be?" he asks. "I mean…it's not like the Cylons are just going to up and disappear from the colonies tomorrow. And maybe we'll be doing this…in the Fleet, for years and years. But I'm just…I can keep fighting and flying because I have to, and because that's my duty, but that's not much of a life, y'know? I want…I want something that's…" He trails off, leaning in to kiss her rather than fumbling for a way to verbalize what he wants.

The apocalypse is put on hold while Phin kisses Ygraine. But once their mouths part, she murmurs, "That's not what I mean. There are a lot of battlegrounds in this war, Phin. And ya ain't sure you're on th'right one. Yeah?"

"It's not like any of us have a choice," Phin says, though it's still not really an answer to her question. He lets out a long breath, flopping down onto his back. "My brother was talking about trying to get sent to Scorpia, when I saw him the last time I was on Picon. I mean, if Spree sends reinforcements there at all. Which, who the frak knows?"

She takes that opportunity to settle on top of his chest, laying her arm across it and resting her chin on her forearm. "It depends. Scorpia has tactical importance, we both know that. Certainly more than Leonis." She's not bitter, she's a realist. "Easier question, then. Anythin' ya wanna do about this?" She flicks her fingers between the two of them. "We were both in a hurry…no that that's a problem."

Phin rolls his head so he's looking at her again, when she settles against him, one hand reaching up to play with a strand of blonde hair. "You'll get home someday, Yggs," he says. Like he's making a promise, though gods know he has no control over that. More immediately, though, he follows the flicking of her finger. Taking a breath and exhaling long. "I mean…yeah." It takes him a second to summon up a more coherent reply than that. "I mean…look…I know I haven't been, like, historically…good at this…the thing is…I want to try. I mean, I want to try with you. Like, I don't want to frak this up, but I want…everything with you."

"That's scary." she says, but her smile suggests otherwise. "But I ain't ever really imagined what life would be like in that way, with anyone but you." She pauses thoughtfully. "D'ya remember how we talked about a cabin by a lake?"

"Really?" Phin sounds a little surprised, albeit pleasantly so. He nods, about the cabin. "I try not to think about the future too often. That's the only thing I can really picture clear when I do, though."

"It wasn't ever about anybody else, no matter what I might have said." she confesses. "How do ya want things t'go, though. I mean…we keep as we are, but at th'same time, everythin' is different." She lets out a tired laugh, resting her face against his neck. "I don't even know what I'm sayin'."

"I…I don't know, either," Phin admits, letting out a low chuckle as her face touches his neck. That feels good. "I mean…it does feel different. Feels nice, though. Feels like…everything's out in the open. I guess, I want to figure out what that means." And, he has to add, "And, y'know, we can keep doing this. This is good."

She laughs, her breath huffing against his flesh. "We can figure out what that means." Tilting her head back, she adds, "But I still think ya may be workin' your way t'figurin' some things out." she tells him seriously. "Gettin' us solved just frees your brain up t'face whatever it turns out t'be. And whatever it turns out t'be, I'm with ya."

Phin snorts at the 'may be working toward figuring some things out' part. Not that he can really deny it. "Maybe." Though he does add, "Thanks." He's not paying particularly close attention to the time, though he does notice the growing light in the room for the first time. "We're probably going to have to head back soon."

She hmms? amd rolls briefly back onto her side so she can look over her shoulder and sighs. "You're right. So looks like ya got two options right now: squeeze in a lil' more rack time, or a little more frak time. Could always try t'squeeze two in th'shower."

Phin makes a show of considering that. "Rack time, huh?" He chuckles, rolling back toward her. He will not be going to sleep again, but he'll get in some more frak time while they've still got the room.

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