AWD #273: A Quiet Interlude
AWD #273: A Quiet Interlude
Summary: Tensions on deck between Toby and Kostas, a PJ and a Corpsman there to intervene if necessary…and at the end, a violin. Sadly, no punching. This time.
Date: 6/Oct/2013
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Observation Deck - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
AWD #273

In the Obs Deck, Jena has only just arrived and Callen had been playing his harmonica. As she had walked up, she had just assured him she liked the song. When he turned to face her, he had offered her a hug and she had hugged him in return. Now though, she tips her head to the side and grins. "Yeah, I was door gunner, Milkshake, your favorite ECO, got hit in the neck just as we were leaving."

Toby is tired, as is everyone most likely. He's back working on deck, that much is apparent from the orange he wears, although the stiffness in his hand as he flexes it suggests that it's perhaps not quite full duties yet. Stepping into the Observation Deck he makes first for the armoured window, staring not at the planet below but out into the stars. Tauran is out there somewhere, but he doesn't know in whih direction. Nor he he seem to be seeking something specific, apparently content enough to just look for now,not even yet bothering to see who else is present.

A peck on the cheek is given to Jena from Callen, holding the hug for a moment longer before breaking away. "Well, you look like you're in one peice, so that's good." he nods, before his face blancehs slightly. "Frak, in the neck?" he asks, brow knitting. "She okay? I mean, I can handle her comments just fine, but damn, I hope she's alright."

Stepping back, Jena nods, glancing towards the window when she mentions the injury. "Yeah, I think it ricocheted just as the hatch was closing. It was pretty messy. She'd already hit the jump coords, so.. She's in sickbay now. I'll go check on her soon." As Toby walks in, she looks over and offers him a smile. "Hey, Crewman." Everyone is near the big window, the stars a background. "How's the hand?"

Toby leans his head against the glass a moment, although if it's out of tiredness or mere reflection even he couldn't say. As he hears Jena call to him he lifts his head again and glances over, then heads to join the parajumper. "Getting there," he states with a shrug, clenching his fist and then releasing it slowly as if to prove that, "not yet back to full dexterity but I can squeeze a trigger on a doorgun and do some of the basic fetch and carry deck work, so it's back into the fray once more."

Kostas steps onto the deck area with a surprisingly soft step, the footsteps not quite as clipped as usual. Here on the ship, there's less of a need for hypervigilance, so her stalk is more relaxed and fluid. She's even got some kind of tin cup thing in hand, maybe out of regs for walking around, but nobody's stopped her yet. She too starts to move towards the window, though the opposite edge from the others, her periperal vision a kind of guide towards solitude, her attention on the stars and planet beyond and "below".

Leightner comes into the Obs deck, a small soft case in one hand as he walks in in off duties, looking pretty calm for him really. He starts moving to the plush couches. Plush couches are good. He swallows as he heads that way. He's not quiet or loud, really, not worrying about much.

Jena, likewise in off duties, reaches for Toby's hand, noticing the stiffness in it. "May I?" She'd been caring for it off and on and now she wanted to get a better look at it since the bandage is off. Holding his hand, palm up, she looks at the lines there from the wound. Her brow puckers, but not anything alarming. "I have an exercise ball. Would you just randomly walking around with it several hours a day, squeezing it? It'll help you get the mobility back. It'll take time though, I warn you." Lifting her gaze to him to get his answer, she looks a little tired. Probably like most of the others on the ship. At the moment, she'd not immediately seen Kostas or Leightner.

Toby makes no move to stop Jena as she examines his hand, enough other medic types have over the past week that he's entirely used to it. Kostas' enterance he doesn't immediately clock, but with Leightner making more noise that does draw his attention towards the interiour of the room. The Corpsman gets a brief nod and then his eyes light on Kostas. It might not be immediately obvious to most when that occurs, but Jena, being in physical contact will likely notice him tense at the sight of the marine. Shifting slightly, so he can talk to Jena without letting his eyes off the officer he answers quickly, "if you think it'll help."

Oblivious at the moment, her guard down, the marine officer slurps whatever she's got in her cup. It comes out, perhaps, a little more loudly than she intended—Kostas glances around a bit sheepishly, before quickly turning her eyes to the window, the momentary embarrassment fading to something a little more blank as she tries to get a glimpse of Picon, her free hand moving to scratch idly at the back of her head. For a moment, her gaze moves to the Tauron, though it's in the viewport's reflection, and not direct. She doesn't say much, though there's a silent sigh. She rolls her shoulders back, closing her eyes from the luxury that probably only someone who's worn heavy armored vests or body armor for the last week save when racked is going to bet.

Leightner moves to settle into a plush couch with a slow sigh, then stops, just relaxing, hand to his chest as he looks up, watching Kostas moving to take in the view. He nods to Toby, and Jena, letting his head settle back, closing his eyes, small case on his lap.

Once she has checked his hand, Jena gently releases it. "Yes, it'll help a lot." Catching the look on his face, she turns to look at who he has seen. Kostas? She'd met the Marine before in this very room, then worked with her on a mission once too. "Are you okay, Crewman?" A look is given between the other two now, but finally she looks at Leightner. "Rough mission? You look tired." Noticing the small case, she doesn't immediately ask, but she does walk towards the window and looks out, missing the somewhat familiar Piraeus. Kostas gets a friendly nod.

Toby is watching Kostas directly, almost one might say, like a hawk. Since their eyes don't meet he assumes she's watching something else, something out the viewport, although he doesn't turn to try and see what. Instead he forces himself to relax again, or mostly at least, but he keeps himself in such a postion so that he can still see the ensign, even if he's speaking with Jena. "All right then," he agrees with a slight nod, "leave it on my bunk if I'm not there and i'll give it a go." Then, to her other question, an ever so slightly forced, "I'm fine, don't worry."

"How's th' ECO doin', PJ?" Kostas asks Jena after a moment. "Make it t' surgery ok?" Another sip from her brewor let's hope that's what it is. "Shackleton." It's a calm greeting, though blank, neither overtly friendly nor coldgiving the man his space, while not pretending he's not there. She doesn't take her eyes from the window—though surely there's not too much of interest to be seen down below.

Leightner smiles, and opens an eye looking at Jena, "Well, I got shot." He smirks weakly, looking to Kostas, "Right in tha armor." Aww yeah. that particular lovely deep ring bruising. He looks back to Jena, smiling, "But tha team pulled through, only death was the beauty of Sergeant Knox." He's exhausted, melting into the couch.

The positions of the bunks was rather convenient. They were neighbors. Jena offers a nod to the Crewman, but still the look makes her curious and still, she doesn't question it further. "She never lost consciousness, but I left her to the care of the doctor in the medbay. She was holding her own last I saw." With the warmth that Jena usually greeted others, the complete lack of inflection in tone as the Marine greets Toby doesn't go unnoticed. Looking back over at Leightner when his eye opens, she grins. Aaaaaand then it fades. "You got shot?" Ahh, the punchline, as it were. "Knox hurting pretty bad?" Scars were scars and so common, she doesn't ask where the next one was going to be. He does look exhausted though. "Want some orange juice?" Into one of the lower pockets on her pants, large pockets they are that any PJ would be proud of, she tugs out two bottles and walks one over, placing it on the table beside him. "You could use the vitamins."

"Sergeant," Toby replies back to Kostas, tone neutral, almost expressionless. There's a slight inclination of his head as he does so, an acknowledgement of her presense and of her acknowledgement of his, but that too is a very neutral gesture. With Jena moving over towards Leightner his eyes flick to the Corpsman as he mentions Knox, hoping that it might be good news. Once it's apparent though that the skinjob has survived he looks less impressed with the news. Sticking his hands firmly in his pockets in a gesture designed to tell the universe to frak off and leave him along he turns to gaze out of the window once more, although not so much as he can't see Kostas in his periferal vision.

Kostas chuckles slightly, not an affronted one, though there may be a tinge of sadness in it, for those keen on detecting those things. "Shit, Shackleton. They kicked me upstairs, th' bastards. From throwin' rocks at the CMC one day t' an officer later. Fuck me sideways. Got two sixes and a one t'day though." Another slurp from her mug. "They finally lettin' ya in on some action?" So careful to stay nice and easy, careful and calm. Who'd've thunk it from the normally bull in a china shop Ensign. "Heard maybe so."

Leightner smiles, looking from the bottle beside him to Jena, "I told ya one day, you'd be extractin me from tha shit. Ya thought I was kiddin." He points at her, remembering the Armory. More of a 'ha ha' I was right gesture before reaching to the bottle, "Ta luv." He grimaces as he's not on adreneline and is in fact on endorphins from sitting down post battle. He hurts, but it's kinda good. He looks to Kostas, and opens the bottle, smirking, "Was a hot one alright sir."

Once the bottle is plunked down on the table beside the seat that Leightner has taken, Jena moves back towards the glass, perhaps putting herself deliberately between the Marine and the Crewman. A buffer of sorts. Toby is given a curious look and despite his frak off posture, she doesn't. "I'll make sure you get that ball tonight." Turning back to Leightner when the talk lightens, she grins in response. "Yeah, but there you were superheroing and carrying Knox and evading Cylons."

While it's true that Toby's mood has darkened considerably in the past few minutes, there's something in what Kostas says to him that quite obviously prickles. Where as before he had largely managed to cover the tension, this time it almost radiates as his whole body reacts. He doesn't move for several moments, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly instead. Turning on his heal he straight-out watches Kostas again before offering a cold, "if you'll excuse me… Sir," before heading for the door. On his way past, Jena and then Leightner get a nod, and the PJ a "catch you later," although it's obvious that it'll take a while to salvage anything of his mood.

Mahasti is carrying under arm a battered violin with bow and a bottle of what appears to be whiskey. At the crowd she sort of blinks at the crowd she sort of backs up within the hatch. "I guess I could go play in the laundry room." she murmurs, voice soft to herself, messy curls sort of bobbing with her. She sort of watches Jena for a moment, shifting her violin up against her chest to protectively hold.

Kostas glances up as Toby turns on his heel. "Evenin', Crewman," is her mild response, "See ya 'round." She doesn't seem afraid to meet his eyes, giving him a respectable nod before he turns to go. Then it's back to watching her window, another slurp of her mug. "How'd things go in th' birds, Cruz? Heard ya kept a shitton of stuff off us." Her expression though is more guarded, though still calm.

Leightner looks over his shoulder, wincing in pain as he applies torque to his chest slowly, looking back at 'Welcome to the Dolphin Adventure! PICON'. He blinks at the pink on the Battlestar. He blinks, looking at Mahasti, trying to make sense of her. He looks to Jena as if hoping she knows what's going on. He's not up to speed completely.

Stepping back when Toby makes his exit, "I'll see you soon, Crewman." Jena watches him long enough to see Mahasti enter with her interesting combination. Brows shoot up automatically, but for the moment she says nothing. The doctor does get a nod. Kostas though captures her attention. "It was pretty eventful, killed several groups of Cylons, both ships did. I love seeing them fall. How did things go on the inside? Successful mission?" Looking at Leightner, she notices his look and lifts her hands. No clue?

Mahasti snaps her left hand at Leightner then Jena "Well this is a bloody first. Did I spill mustard on myself again? Is something hanging out?" she asks curiously. She brow lifts "I didn't realize there was a party. I couldn't sleep and ah was going to try to play a bit today." she sort of pulls at her shorts with her whiskey having hand, as if concerned about her shorts. "What is wrong with your back?" she asks towards Leightner, hesitating " 'Ello." she addresses to Kostas before setting her whiskey down and then the violin, wiggling her feet in her ugly med shoes. Her leonese accent is sharp, thick, and apparently hates the letter H at the beginning of words.

"We done pretty good. Worried that th' firefight might slow us down too much, but th' boys was hot and we got 'em down. Just in time too, the Big Shit was tryin' ta make his escape. Think Knox will be all right too. Frakkin' strange shootin' things't look like yer JTAC in th' head." Kostas makes a face, and takes another sip from her mug, lifting it slightly towards the doctor. "Evenin' doc," she greets, before adding in as an aside to Leightner. "'Course, everything go better when ya got a corpsman ta kick ass." she winks.

Leightner looks from Jena back to Mahasti. "I cought a bullet in me armor earlier today. Bone bruise on the breastbone, Sorry, who are ya? I'm PO3 Leightner, Corpsman." Virgonese. Hard rough Virgonese accent. Northern Virgon. He glances at Jena as she asks Kostas about the mission, looking back to Mahasti, interested. He looks to Kostas, grinning, "At yer service sir." He looks back to the'doc' now, interested more.

When it seems Mahasti doesn't truly know, Jena coughs and approaches her. She lowers her voice so hopefully the others don't exactly hear her. "Sir, I know you completely and totally outrank me, but… We're currently at Condition 2. I don't think anyone is allowed alcohol at the moment, because we could any of us be called out to duty at any time." Straightening, she glances to Leightner then Kostas when she tells how the mission went. There's a solemn nod. "I'm glad Knox'll be alright. He's a good Marine." Once more, she looks to Leightner. "Corpsman is a good one to have along for the ride."

Mahasti scratches at her head a little "Evening Ensign. Hows the neck?" she asks, "Did you have someone take a look?" she mumbles, "I've been to 'Adrian. Many times." she offers "It is quite beautiful in the fall." her accent is definantly a posh accent based out of Hedon, Leonis - upper class. "I was refilling my flask for my medical bag, my desk is right in there." she mumbles. She opens her whiskey, taking moment to pull it out from her waist band. It has a rod on it "I gave my flask to Winston." she offers, "You assumed I was going to drink?" she asks, laughing at Jena. "Don't worry, I have another shift in six hours." she admits, opening her flask to carefully refill "Medicinal whiskey is a legitimte tool I've been making sure my bag and captain Nadir's bags are ready to go if something happens and we're needed. I'm relaxing, not depressed drinking today."

Kostas smiles. "Did. All healed up an all, with just a bit of a scar. Bugger." She raises a brow as she listens to the rest of the conversation, rocking back on her heels to hold up the window for a moment, and taking another sip out of her mug.

Leightner watches the exchange between Jena and Mahasti. He looks at Kostas, then back to Mahasti, confused, but Jena has more of a grasp on the situation than him. He takes a drink of juice from the bottle.

"Ah..I see." Jena grins glad she'd kept it quiet, and equally glad that her shift is over and she's not being called out. "I'm thinking on getting some rack time in just a bit." But she drops on the couch and opens her orange juice, looking at Kostas. "How do you know the Crewman?" Tipping her juice in silent toast to Leightner, she takes a drink.

Mahasti smiles "Good, sorry about the scar, want some cream I give pilots to help scars heal up?" she asks, curiously. She frowns "Should I take off?" she asks towards Jena, face giving away she's slightly upset at the reactions "Well I suppose I'll just see if Sam will let me work another 18 so soon." and with that she closes her whiskey, tucking her flask back in her waist band and gathers her violin "I apologize to my intrusions." she offers, bowing her head and starting for the hatch, cheeks pink.

"Picon resistance," Kostas replies softly. "Didn't see much'f him though, especially once they ran out'f officer warm bodies and put me in." She shakes her head slightly. "Orion's lucky t' have him. Too bad some folks so stupid they run him off." Her lips purse, almost as if she wants to spit in either anger or disgust, but…it's a ship, she refrains, not *quite* that crude. She puts on a smile, shaking her head slightly to Mahasti. "Aw, doc, don't waste it on me. I'd just forget. An' it's th' flyboys and gals that got ta stay pretty, t' a groundpounder it just gives spice, neh?" She frowns slightly at Mahasti's shift in demeanor, confused, though doesn't say much other than a "Night…?"

Leightner is just silent, observing, taking another drink from his bottle, watching Mahasti, then Jena and Kostas before looking back, tilting his head, "I'm I'm sorry, sir, Who are ye? I'm PO3 Leightner?" He tries introducing himself again.

A blank look is given to the doctor. "Leave?" The voice just as blank. "Why would you leave?" Leaning her head back against the couch, Jena takes a deep breath. "No one is intruding, but.. as you wish." Lifting her head, she looks back to Kostas as she answers. "He's a good guy," she says in response. "We play Pyramid now and again. He seems.. upset with you though, or I am reading him wrong. I don't know him so well though."

Mahasti eyes Kostas "I'll keep my opinion on Pilots to myself." she offers, voice soft. "The better people on this ship have scars." she mumbles. "If you see Captain Ron Siska tell him I'm looking for him?" she asks, "I'm Doctor Mahasti Nasreen, MD LT." she offers to Leightner "You pissed off Shackleton? I thought that was my bloody job." she mumbles "I don't know, nobody seems to want me around so I've been alternating sixteen hour shifts with eight hours of sleep for the past couple weeks." she offers to Jena.

"Yeah. Don't think he cares too much for me," Kostas says with a slight, sad smile. "But it don't think it have anythin' ta do with me, don't think, so I don't take it personal. Wish I could change it, but…" she shrugs. "There's some wounds run deep that if ya go pokin' only gonna make it worse." Her face armors up, going back to it's affable but guarded state. "Good ta see he got folks ta take care of him here. Dunno what all he been through, but…more'n most I think." She nods to Mahasti's request. "You got it, Sir."

Leightner tilts his head, looking at Mahasti, and nods, "Hopin ta stretch ya arm sir?" He asks, nodding to her violin. "Good room fer it. I think it might be nice to have some music." He grins, "Don't have mah keyboard on me." He settles back down, "Been thinkin tha glass would sound good ta play in front of."

"I think… it's not that he doesn't care for you, Sir. I think maybe the opposite. He never acts like that unless the reason behind it was important. Like when someone says something bad about Tauron or something." Jena closes the cap on her juice and stretches, loosening the muscles in her back. "I've got to hit the racks. I need sleep pretty bad. No telling what tomorrow will bring." She nods to Kostas, to Mahasti. "I hope you get more rest soon." Then Leightner. "We can hit the firing range tomorrow if you want." A salute is given all before she heads for the hatch.

Mahasti smiles at Kostas "He hates me, so at least you are in decent company." she eyes Jena "You have no idea what he did?" she asks. Her head shakes "Sleep tight." she offers. "Be happy." she offers, she ponders "I could try but I'm rusty as 'ell. Would it bother you Kostas?" she asks, softly.

"I'm sure th' reason behind it's important, Cruz. I just don't think it got anything t' do with me. Other'n me being a Marine, and on Picon. He had a tough run 'f things there. Every group got their asshats. Seen plenty of flyin' dicks, but I ain't gonna say there ain't dicks on the ground too, yeh?" She shrugs. "Shackleton ain't one 'f the gods. Might be he could be wrong about things a time 'r two. In any case, I always liked th' guy. If he got ta hate me t' keep things goin', then let 'im have that. You gotta be careful about takin' that shit away. Night, Cruz. Hope ta see ya soon." She shakes her head lightly to Mahasti. "Nope. I gotta hop to in a few to catch the shuttle though."

Leightner looks at Jena and nods, "Find me and we'll shoot, Jena." He grins, then looks to Kostas, and smirks to Mahasti, gesturing to the viewport. "Just met Shackleton today before the mission." He shrugs, "He knows tha mess." That's all he knows about him.

"Thanks, Doctor, you too." Jena says, hesitating near the hatch. Once she listens to Kostas, she nods solemnly. "I suppose everyone has their survival methods. See you soon, Sir." Leightner, she offers a grin. "Definitely. If every bullet I fired tonight would have hit.." Shaking her head. "I definitely need more practice. Night guys."

Mahasti makes a face, taking her violin to gently lift up and begin stroking the strings with the bow. Her eyes close as she plays slowly, working on a big warm, tender toned song - an old Leonese love song. Soaring tones and elegant refinement, her posture shows as she plays, letting out her stress and tension sing out of the strings, the damaged, dented piece.

Kostas listens as she drains the last of her beverage, eyes half lidded either in appreciation or tiredness. But true to her words, the ensign doesn't stick around longer than a few minutes. She pushes off from the window, and starts moving towards the door, giving a two finger to the brow salute to the other officer, and a playful (and perhaps rather surprisingly gentle) cuff to the corpsmans' shoulder as she passes, like she would to one of her marines. It's probably meant to be a compliment. She doesn't seem keen to interrupt the playing with words, though.

Leightner smiles as he settles backinto the couch, listening with obvious pleasure. Apparently just enjoying the music as it drifts through the air relaxing with the case in his lap still, just seeming to enjoy the moment for itself. The cuff on the shoulder brings a smile from the Corpsman, taking it like a Marine would, with a small grunting exhale. Yep feeling's the same. He looks to Mahasti, watching now.

Mahasti smiles at Kostas "Artemis' speed and wrath guide you." she offers, elegantly swaying as she continues her violin song. Her smile showing - a stage smile. The song is from a movie popular around Helios Beta. She sways a bit with her bow. Despite her size and bruises, she's got a relaxed stance.

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