MD #003: Quiet Chat
Quiet Chat
Summary: The Master at Arms is busy having his MP's go over critical areas on Deck 4 that are the most obvious targets for a bomber. Mara arrives and they have a quiet chat.
Date: 11/04/2017 (OOC Date)
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Mara Lleufer 
Aft Corridor, Deck 4 - Battlestar Orion
The hallways are the standardized thoroughfares found on nearly every ship in the Colonial Fleet. Tall enough to accommodate heavy equipment, their half-diamond arches rise almost twelve feet off the decking. About a quarter of the overhead bulbs are Vitamin D lamps, smoothing out the harsh edges of standard-issue fluorescent bulbs. Wired phones are posted every hundred yards and in adjoining halls as well. Heavy bulkhead doors section off the ship into different areas, and each hatch is clearly labeled no matter how large or small.
Fri Oct 27 19:59:32 2028

Deck 4, the bowels of the Orion with it's all new Arpay technology is a place that usually only the ship's engineers see much of. Unless you are a Marine, then you may pull duty shifts down here regularly. Especially the MP's. It's also the sort of level on the Orion that might interest an Intelligence officer if she were of a mind to look around, or maybe happen to be thinking about bombs and where someone might want to put them for best effect.

As it happens, Gunnery Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr is already here. He's been down here a lot the past two days, and all over the ship. Lleu's not looking like he's seen much sleep since the hangar bombing. Getting shadows beneath his eyes, but he rubs his stubbly face and looks at his dataslate again with two pairs of MP's. "All right. That's done. Now Beta Team, I want you to go here and search this section very carefully. Pay particular attention to nooks, behind beams, pipes, conduits, anything that can conceal. If you can't see, use a light. If you still can't see, use your hands. Keep your gloves on and if you can find anything suspicious, or anything you can't ID, call back. We have engineers to ID. If they don't know what it is, you clear that section and seal it off. Then we'll get an EOD team in there. Clear?" There is far, far too much to search and not nearly enough time even for this deck, so they are hitting the most critical systems.

They acknowledge. Salutes are passed back and forth for orders acknowledged, and one pair of MP's head off to start their search. Lleufer listens to their report and marks off the section they just finished.

Moving through the ship, Mara's more familiarizing herself with the ship than actively searching for anything suspicious. She's taken a little break from her computer, but her tablet is firmly in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Scutt murmers about the woman never sleeping, but the Lieutenant looks just as fresh as she did the last time Lleu saw her, hair neatly braided, uniform squared away and tidy. She comes 'round a corner to see the MP giving his team their little chat and stops to watch him silently. Her small, somewhat dark form blending reasonably well with the slightly darker areas. Not that she's trying particularly hard to hide as such. Just watching silently. And when the pair of MP's move past her, they start slightly, seeing her at the last minute. She doesn't acknowledge them, though, just tracks their movement with odd eyes, until they disappear from sight, then her attention returns to Ynyr.

Soon as the second pair start to move off, another two are coming from another section. The place is crawling with MP's and Marines. Lleu rubs his eyes, "Gods, doesn't the Chief Engineer believe in a coffee machine down here? For frak's sake." Ynyr holds his arms over his head for a second and stretches, popping his back. Then he picks up the data slate and takes a few idle steps as he waits for the MP's to cross through to report.

One of the MP's mumbles that it'll take them weeks to search everything as thoroughly as the Gunny wants. Lleu gives her an unamused look, "It'll take however long it takes. First this deck, double shifts, then we'll seal it. After that, nobody's coming in or out of Deck 4 without being searched. And we'll keep at it for weeks, or months if we have to." The pair look at each other, then say their 'Yes Gunny' to acknowledge.

The Mp's that walked past Mara and noticed her don't keep going. They stop and one of them asks for her ID, "Sorry, Lieutenant. We need to check and log your ID, sir. Access to Deck 4 is being restricted."

Mara stares at the MP's for a long, long moment. Then finally shows them whatever ID they request. It's not reluctant in the slightest, just a sort of not really caring one way or another. Her expression blank, eyes intense, watching them like a hawk. Rook doesn't look back toward Ynyr, just waits patiently for the MPs to clear her.

Lleufer has turned his head at the voices, what with his acute Arpay hearing. He studies Mara only for a second and starts to walk over. "Lieutenant Rook is not restricted. She may come and go as she likes." The MP's check and log her ID anyway, then offer it back, "Thank you, sir." The pair of them head on off to go to their assigned section. Lleu waits a moment watching her, then says low, "I found out you'd been in the Arpay Diplomatic Corps." Has somebody been prying? "Two tours. Impressive, Lieutenant." Ynyr's attention slips from her to look towards the fusion reactor sections further on, "Things are … a little tense."

Silently, Mara takes back her ID and pretty much dismisses the MPs, not bothering to respond to their thanks. She looks over at Lleu as he approaches and watches him quietly as he speaks. Finally, the Lieutenant just offers a slight nod to him mentioning her tours with the Diplomatic Corps. But doesn't address that either. In fact, she seems completely nuetral on the subject. When he mentions things being tense, she nods again. Then brings up her tablet and scrawls a quick note on in, handing it over for the Gunny to look at… -Understandably tense.- is the succinct comment. -How is your investigation proceeding?-

Whatever he's found out, Ynyr seems to be more relaxed with Mara and less intense, bold and challenging than before. He skims a hand over his shorn hair after glancing at her note. Lleu keeps his baritone very low for her ears only, "Raising far more concerns than it's put to rest, so far. Probably dealing with at least one or more saboteurs yet. I sent an update up through my CoC a couple of hours ago. If you are assigned to it yourself, I'm certain Commander Petra can let me know to CC you on my findings in detail, as things progress."

Mara takes her tablet back and wipes the screen clear. She nods to Lleu and her gaze wanders slowly around the area, not seeking as such, but observant nonetheless. Another note is tapped out on the tablet and shown to the MP, -It's going to take some time. We're too far from the colonies now to access indepth information. But we'll get there.- She lifts her gaze from the tablet to watch him for a moment. Her stare is no less intense than it ever has been. -I'm usually in CIC if you ever need to contact me.-

Lleufer cants his head over to read her note and nods, "We are far out but we can send a Raptor back for anything we need. We just need to be sure we hand pick who's allowed to go. I'm working on that now and will meet with the CAG perhaps tomorrow. Try to get us some bomb sniffing K-9's from Piraeus." Ynyr smiles softly at Mara, "See, I set up a breeding and training station for EOD and other K-9 units back at Sheridan durring the war. So my MP's and other Marines could have access to such dogs. Hopefully nobody scrapped that program in the years since."

Mara listens to Lleu talking about the bomb dogs and is silent for some moments. She wipes the tablet and adds another note. -Dogs are useful. I don't know if they

Mara listens to Lleu talking about the bomb dogs and is silent for some moments. She wipes the tablet and adds another note. -Dogs are useful. I don't know if they have a place on the Orion though. It's not a healthy environment for them.- Is that an actual show of empathy? Possibly. It's hard to tell though since her expression gives nothing away and her eyes remain cool and after a moment she dips her head in a slight nod. Another note is added to the tablet. -I must go. I'll let you know if anything comes my way that you might find useful.-

Lleufer quirks a brow at her, "What do you mean? We had the first K-9 unit on the Orion. Odysseus was assigned to Lance Corporell Brina O'Connell and I helped train them." Another look to her tablet and Ynyr nods, "And I can find you in CIC. Thank you, Lieutenant." Nope, he doesn't mind at all if she prefers to write rather than speak. "Sir." He gives her nod and turns to head back to the two MP's now waiting to report and get their next assigment from the MoA. It's a lot of ship to search one compartment at a time.

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