AWD #290: Questions
Summary: Some of Lleufer's fellow Marines come to him with questions after seeing Naomi's return to the Orion.
Date: 23/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Marine Enlisted Berthings, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
Housing for a whole company of Marines plus headquarters support staff requires more than one hundred bunks for the Marines' enlisted personnel. Divided into two primary bunkhouses, each one holds sixty bunks, one bunk stacked over another against the wall with a table between each row and a thin bulkhead between the sections. Rather than the blue curtains of the naval enlisted, each bunk has a dark green barrier with the crest of the CMC done in black. The lockers for the Marines are triple the size of the Navy's allowances, each locker holding a Marine's personal bodyarmor and several different sets of uniforms plus combat webbing and helmet. The space physically provided in the lockers might be larger, but the allowance for personal space is less, though the drawers beneath each bunk help alleviate the problem somewhat.
October 23rd, 2005

In the few hours since the Cylon Eleven's return to the Orion, Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr has returned to his bunk in the Marine enlisted berthings. He's been quiet, laying himself down to rest on his bed he's only slept in once since his return from Picon. Lleu lies there now with his hands folded over his abdomen, staring up at the bunk above. Thinking, one assumes. His C-bag remains packed and ready to load onto a Raptor, set aside to wait. Others move around the berthings mostly in excellent spirits, preparing for leave rotations or coming back from a few days down on Piraeus. Voices are cheerful, more than a few smiling. But there are also a few glances in Ynyr's direction.

Brina had trailed behind Lleufer to make sure he got to his bunk alright but then excused herself, going off for parts unknown on the ship for only the gods know what reason. When she returns she's sweaty and flushed in the face and the clothing she wears is in a bit of a mess as well. "Sorry about earlier," she mutters towards the thinking Sergeant while opening her locker to get a towel and her shower kit, the last set on her bed to be used later.

Reed, not really one for drinking nor partying, returns from some where with in the ship. Any that would get close would catch the unmistakable odor of sweat and burnt gun powder. A towel is about his shoulders, one end is used to wipe the beads of sweat that dot his forehead. Entering the berthing, he has to pass the bunk of the Sargent's. "Good to see you out and about, Sargent, how you feeling?" But there is obviously more that Reed wonders about. A nod of his head is given to the MP "Brina," he greets, glances at Lleu then back to Brina "been working out I see."

Lleufer turns his head at Brina's return. He stays where he lays on his bunk but watches the Lance Corporal for a short time before he tries to speak, "Why ssorr-y?" Ah, and there's Reed. Yes, that's the other fella's name, isn't it? Ynyr gives a shrug for answer, then moves his legs to put his feet down. His boots are off, otherwise he's dressed as he was earlier in tanks and cargo pants. "Ah riight." Lleu rubs a hand over his face, laying his forearms over his knees to watch the other two. "An-y moore nnewz?"

The Lance Corporal, who is dressed in civvies since she's technically on leave, shimmies out of her pants after kicking off her shoes and then tugs her t-shirt up over her head, leaving her in dark green unders that are waaaaaaay too fancy to be military issue along with a pair of light blue socks. "For letting my disappointment and confusion get the better of me." Reed is given a tight smile, the flush slowly starting to leave her face. "How's it hanging," she asks the Corporal, her voice kept fairly quiet in case people in here might be sleeping.

A nod "Good, glad to hear it, Sargent." He flips the towel off his shoulders and it lands on his bunk "Any news? Um," there comes a shrug "none that I know of." He looks over to Brina, as she speaks to the Sargent, not his business really. "Not bad, Brina. Found the shooting range so been spending time there." Finally after a pause "Ok, I have to ask, who was that in the Hanger Bay earlier?" He looks to one first and then the other "No one seems to want to speak of it."

Sergeant Ynyr's gaze goes back to watching Brina until she's down to her under things. Maybe Lleu should be looking elsewhere, so he directs his attention back to Reed. He skims his tongue over his teeth and leans over to snag the thin electronic notebook carry satchel out from the middle of his clothes in his C-bag. It takes him a long moment to dig it out and power it up, bringing up a basic writing program he's been working with that helps him find and spell words correctly if he runs into mental blocks. Which Lleu does constantly since his head injury. He waves Reed to come over, "Or-ders nnot to tal-k a-bout whhat hahp-ened." A breath, "Can te-ll yoou whho shee iz." However, it is getting easier for him to type things out than try to make his mouth shape so many words.

Modesty really isn't a huge concern for Brina who used to get changed in and out of her wetsuit and swimsuit in some very interesting places when she was a surfer. Seeing Lleufer typing, she leans in close, just about rudely as she does all sorts of personal space invading by doing so. The blonde is quiet, letting Lleufer type and Reed come over.

Reed gives Brina a glance as he passes her bunk on the way to Lleu's. His expression is neutral as he nears "Orders. I see." Even the tone of of his voice is neutral. Something that is not the norm for Reed. He leans over, as Brina has done, and watches the typing. "So, I can know who she is but not what was going on in the Hanger Bay. I see." Repeating himself it would seem.

Lleufer glances to Brina but doesn't mind her coming close to sit on his bunk next to him to see what he types out. After both of them are close by, Ynyr gets typing. It isn't fast, it is almost painfully slow in places, but the program underlines his words that aren't spelled right and maybe one or the other of them can help Lleu make it readable. What he types out more or less amounts to the following: 'Dr Tamsin is Cylon. Model 11 skinjob who, like Knox, helps us. She is biologist working on detect skinjob research with Dr. Nadir.' A pause for Lleufer to think before he adds, 'She took great risk to help us in the war while we at Picon.'

While he has their attention, Lleu types out more, 'I used to be in charge of her MP security. Dr Tamsin save my life on Piraeus before Picon when direwolves maul me.' Ynyr looks then at Brina, then indicates the scarring that runs up his left arm, puckered snags through muscle that must have set him back a good long time to recover from. His gaze flicks to Reed, whom Lleu knows less well, expecting questions.

It is the part about Naomi's helping the war that gets Brina curious but she remains silent. The only ting that she allows herself to do at first is smile when Lleu looks at her, her gaze then drifting down to his arm. "I remember when you were still healing from that," she eventually murmurs, meaning his arm which was still suffering from nerve damage when the two met.

Reed reads the words, one for one, as they are typed. As the message takes form Reed's jaw tightens. There is even a hint of his teeth grinding together. At last he just "Huh" He thinks of the message for a time, his eyes dart to Brina where they remain for a time. At last, even past his muscle tightened jaw, he gets out "I am sure she has a lot of good qualities, Sargent. But my whole life, my whole family, my whole world, was, is, destroyed by their kind." His voice is calm, perhaps to calm, and his tone is flat.

Lleufer 's attention goes from Brina to Reed and his mouth thins, on the right side at least. He nods, then types more. 'Yes. I hate them. We all do. But Knox and Tamsin also hate them for what they do." Ynyr looks back to Reed before he adds more, 'Took me long time. No trust, only hate. Both earn my trust. Knox … read his tribunal. Ask other Marines. Distrust healthy.'

Brina looks up at Reed, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Sarge is right. They've proven to be trustworthy. And Knox has more than once risked his life for us more than once." Naomi's own efforts can't be spoken on as she hasn't really had a chance to ask about them but she can at least believe the other skinjob is not like the others. "We had run in with some Sixes," she eventually adds. "Not fun at all…"

"Knox. Another one." Reed says in that same flat tone. "This just gets better all the time." He walks away, arms swinging, and goes a good number of paces away before turning and making his way back. His eyes fixed on Brina's as he does. "Just how many are there of these, these, skin jobs," he looks to the two to see if he got the term right "that we are dealing with?"

Lleufer patiently holds up three fingers, them types out more. 'Ceres is third, may be gone again. You have questions, speak to Captain Elias Gray. Command decides.' All of this trying to type is tiring. But Ynyr continues, 'Elias release intel recently - known models. 12 or 13 in all, we know of only few. Assume hostile unless known otherwise.' Lleu seems to know a lot about this stuff, especially for only being a Sergeant.

The tone. Reminds Brina of when Toby talks about the Cylon and the skinjobs, it getting her to grunt in displeasure. Lleufer's nearest knee is given a pat before she slips back towards her bunk, her locker peered into but only for a distraction. "Hey, Sarge? Would you happen to have an extra canteen or will I need to raid supply before we go down to Piraeus?" No, she doesn't need another canteen. She's just asking for the sake of having something to say although by the end of her question Brina's looking at Reed and not at Lleufer or inside her locker any longer.

A forced chuckle "I am sure that a Captain will see fit to speak to a lowly Corporal on classified matters." He pauses once again and reads what Lleu types further. Then he seems to remember "So that's how she so easily broke the zip strips," he looks at the Sargent "So not only are they like us they are way stronger than us?" As Brina moves off he follows her with his eyes and head "And you trust these skin jobs, Brina?" It is a true question, trying to find some ground he can stand on.

The MP Sergeant watches Reed, then nods to the question of the skinjobs being stronger. Lleufer glances to Brina's question, then shakes his head no, not that he knows of… not that he's been through his gear either, since he was brought back from Picon. Back to Reed Lleu looks, then types: 'Captain will talk to you. Lot that is not restricted. Lot you can look up in ship's records.'

Reed runs a hand through his hair. Takes a deep breath. "Well if you two trust them," Another run of his fingers through his hair and another deep breath. "Can't say I like the idea. No, not one little bit," he pauses as the talk turns to canteens. Then with a shake of his head "All right, then if they are as you say then that's ok with me." Even though he doesn't seem real happy with the decision, it has been made none the less.

The MP Sergeant types out a bit more for Reed, 'Only those two I know. Be very wary of other skinjobs.' Lleufer thinks on it and adds, '/Any/ other six like Knox? Kill the mother frakker fast as you can.' Lleu reaches a hand up to tap his own head wound scar, one rather simular that Knox himself sports that helps to set him apart from other Sixes. Ynyr's gaze slips back to watch Brina before he turns off his tablet and closes it up to lay on top of his C-bag.

"I do trust Knox and I will continue to do so." Brina takes out a set of sweats and puts them on her bunk next to her shower kit and the pants and shirt she took off earlier are put into the locker which is then closed and locked. "It's easy to think we shouldn't and in most cases we shouldn't. But Knox isn't like them. He's a good man."

Stepping into the room, Fischer doesn't look around as he heads over in the direction of his locker now. Humming a little to himself, he looks like he's just gotten a shower or something.

"Wait," Reed stops in his tracks "We don't know who they are, can't detect them, not till they try to kill us." He rolls his eyes and finally the old Reed returns as he smirks "Another great day in the Corps I can tell." Which is followed with a chuckle. "I am guessing the bad one's don't go around with targets on their backs, right?"

Lleufer has laid himself out on his bunk once more, hands behind his head as he rests. His cane leans against the wall. "Reead Gr-ayz sk-in jhob re-port." Ynyr makes a gesture with one hand at his own face, "L-earn th'r fazez." It annoys him when he is tired and isn't speaking as clearly. Sucks that the left side of his face is still slack, dead to the touch and his eyelid on that side droops. Lleu closes his eyes as he listens to the others.

"Hey, Fischer." Brina grabs her towel in hand and slings it towards Lleufer, grinning impishly. It's not thrown too hard so it might not even hit him but if it does it won't hit too hard. "I am looking forward to getting the frak out of here," she adds for the benefit of moving the conversation along to something more pleasant. "Might hit that lake, go skinny dipping or something, even if it is cold."

"Faces, right. Got it." Reed turns when Brina calls out to Fischer who gets a nod of his head "Hey, Fischer." When Brina speaks of swimming he was all for it till the mention of cold water "Cold water and I do not mix." Reed catches the change in subjects and moves to his own bunk "So you all are going to the planet?"

Hey! A towel just landed on him, wadded up! Ynyr starts, sits up and eyes Brina, then gets himself up. He takes his cane in his left hand to help him walk, the towel hanging omenously from his right hand. As he makes his way over towards her location, watching her, Lleufer starts to wind the towel around itself as it hangs from his hand. The one side of his face he /can/ smile with does so before he tries to snap her backside with the towel! Zap! Will she run from the gimpy Sergeant with the mean snappy-towel or counter attack?

"Oh come on, Cassidy. Don't be a pussy. If it isn't as cold as the water I used to surf in then it isn't co… eep!" The snap of the towel against Brina's ass startles her and even stings a bit, it allowed to make contact with her flesh as she was too busy chiding Reed to realize Lleufer is on the prowl. Grimmacing, she looks behind her to see if she can look at the red spot that has to have undoubtedly left on her backside. "Well! I see how you are." Grinning, she pounces towards the Sergeant, not moving to tackle or anything as she doesn't want to hurt Lleufer by accident. "And yes.. skinny dipping," she half-squeals in laughter, that her answer to Fischer.

Shaking his head as he sees the towel attack, Fischer looks amused, although he's not quite smiling. "Someone's having fun," he remarks, before he adds, "And the water isn't that bad, really." Nodding a bit to Reed. "I go down there whenever I can, to see my little girl," he replies now.

Reed eyes Brina and then, when the snap comes he laughs deeply. A bow of his head to Lleu "Well done, Sargent. Well done." He tilts his head and does look for the red spot "Oh, that's gonna leave a mark." He chuckles again as he moves to his own bunk "Sorry, if the water's not warm then I'm not in it. Not by choice anyway." He stretches out on the bunk, ankles crossed "You all go down there, have fun. I'm trying to get some training while we are standing down."

Ah hah! That's the fiesty Lance Corporal he thought he remembered! Lleufer dodges a step back, manages to keep his balance and snap the towel with a mock attack towards Brina's face! Not with any real intention of hitting her. Ynyr's coordination isn't bad at all, aside from the left side of his face and his left leg still regaining strength from the bad wound his calf took down on Picon. The Sergeant's eyes are alight with good humor. First time he's had the chance to be a playful bastard since his head wound. Can he keep Brina at bay or will she snatch the towel from him?

The man's fast, even with his still recovering from his recent wounds, and Brina has to flail to try and keep from behing hit. It doesn't work and the towel manages to hit her in the face. It doesn't hurt but it's enough to fend her off and she backpeddles slightly. The towel is eventually grabbed for but she doesn't know what to do with it if she does manage to grab it. Pull too hard and Lleufer might be pulled off balance and fall but if she lets it go she might risk being snapped in the ass again. No matter what, Reed and Edward are being given a hell of a show.

"Whatever you guys do, don't get each other hurt," Fischer remarks, shaking his head a little bit now. "I mean, it would be interesting to see you explain the reason for the injury in sickbay…" Sounding a bit amused now, as he just watches the show.

Reed can help but laugh as the two go at each other. Then Fischer's comment makes it worse. "Don't make me call the MPs on you two." Which brings forth even more laughter.

Lleufer laughs, a real laugh, enjoying himself. He finally lets Brina catch the towel and snatch it from his hand. Then he playfully threatens to bop her on the backside with his cane, but only once. Ynyr then leans on it and smiles - smiles enough that even the /right/ side of his mouth tugs, trying to smile. He glances to the other two and tries then to waggle his brows. Or well, the left brow anyway. Back to Brina Lleu says, "To-morr-ow. Go to Pi-ra-euz. Ffind yoou-r do-g to tr-ain."

Brie smiles brightly. She too is in a good mood and it grows even better when Lleufer mentions their trip to Piraeus. "Holding you to that, Sarge." Grinning at the others, she goes to get her kit and fesh clothes, the towel now slung over her shoulder. "Think I need that shower."

Reed can only shake his head as he watches the antics of the pair. He swings his legs off the bunk and, dancing past the duo "Just keep the bloodshed down." He heads on to the door, gives a one last glance, before he heads on out of the berthing.

Fischer chuckles a little as he listens, turning over towards his own locker now. Opening it to place some things in there, and take some things out, he looks back at thie others now. "You're all crazy, you know that?" Spoken quite lightly, though.

Ynyr smiles to the others, Reed departing and Fischer's comment. Lleu gives Brina a nod, "Ta-lk to Tam-sin, firsht. Thhen, goh." Once the antics are finished, the MP Sergeant eyes Brina for a long moment longer, then turns to head out. Go down to the brig and see if he'll be allowed to speak with Naomi.

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