Air Wing Qualification Chart

Do not edit this page other than to add your character's initial (if LTJG or higher) Tier 3 qualification. All other additions will be done by the CAG or Staff.


  • X - Obtained
  • Y - Pursuing

Tier 3

Name Dogfight Weasel Ordnance Survival
LTCOL Niko "Scythe" Janik X X X
LT Gloria "Dodona" Oates X X
LTJG Melissa "Billboard" Wescott x

Tier 2

Name Liaison Enemy Air
LTCOL Niko "Scythe" Janik X

Tier 1

Name Air Battle Air-to-Ground Medevac
LTCOL Niko "Scythe" Janik X
LT Gloria "Dodona" Oates X
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