PWD #10: Lolalocks and the Big Bad Augie
Lolalocks and the Big Bad Augie
Summary: Lennox comes to the big bad Engineer in sick bay bearing gifts.
Date: 24/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Lennox Augie 
Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
PWD #10

Augie's being assisted back into the bed by a pair of nurses, and none too happy about it. "Aphrodite's tits, I can get back in my own gods damned bed!" He struggles.. weakly, though. He's completely pale from his rad dose, which means he's probably been puking again. Once back in bed, they put his ankle, which is bandaged, back into it's sleeve.

"No, no." Lola's voice filters in from the sickbay proper. "Great." Seems like everyone likes to talk to the nurses as they sneak on through into the Ward to visit the infirm — er — invalids. Recovering personages. She shuffles into the room just in time to see Augie assisted into his bed. She throws her hands up to cover her eyes, coming to a stop with a, "Woah, somebody tell me when the blankets are back up." She's visited folks in recovery before, and gown mishaps are rampant. There's a little cardboard box tucked under her arm, and she almost fumbles it during the moment of unnecessary dramatics.

"Hell, Lolapops, is that you?" Augie says, once settled in the bed. "Take a good gander, this is what that boy you were with the other night's gonna look like in a few years." A little chuckle, but he settles back in. "Seems to be a night for visitations and salutations. What can I do ya fer?"

There's a moment of silence from Lola, then she peers through a gap in her fingers to ask, "Man, how drunk did I get the other night?" She drops her hands, carefully fumbling the box out from under her arm so as not to drop it. "I figured I should make sure my flying didn't do any lasting damage to you, sir." She moves over closer, without quite drawing into a familiar range beside the bed. "How you feeling?"

"On a scale of one to ten? Thirteen." Augie answers wryly, offering a chair to the girl. "Naw, nothing on your plane can hurt me that much. And I feel like the red eye special at the Happy Hooters Strip Club on Tauron." Honestly, he probably knows every dive, dump, and strip club in the colonies. "Said I'd be stuck here for a few days while I piss, puke and crap the rads outta me. How're you doin'?"

Lola purses her lips at the intonation of piss, puke, and crap. What does a person say to that? She reaches up to brush the side of her knuckle over her eyebrow, fidgeting a little in that way. "So, I brought you some…" She straight-arms the little box toward Augie, then takes a step forward, and leans to hand it to him. Yeah, that posture's a little awkward. Must be totally sober. "It's not chicken wings and glitterboobs, but I understand radiation meds give you wicked cottonmouth. And most food makes you hoark, so this might help." She shrugs. "I mean, some."

That's what you get for asking how he's feeling, Lolapops. Augie eyes the box. "Damn, this my funeral or some shit? Everyone keeps bringing me gifts." But he accepts the box anyway. "Thanks." he comments, and chuckles before he glances at her. "I make ya nervous." he says, in observation.

"I guess you're an okay guy," Lola says, releasing the little box to his care. Inside the pressed board walls of it is approximately a handful of little sugared lemon drops. They're even shaped like tiny lemons. The bits are tart and sweet, long lasting, gourmet sucking candies. "I guess."

"I only rip off heads and eat livers when people piss me off." Augie says as he opens the box. "Hey, I used to eat these all the time when I was a kid. Thanks." he says, sincerely, then continues as he sits up in the bed to try to pop a piece in his mouth to see if it will stay down. "So far, you're good folks. You and Kelsey-bird, and that other gal you hang out with. Forming a little group?"

Lola doesn't quite take a seat at the edge of the bed, but she does settle into a more comfortable stance, sliding her hands around to clasp behind her back. "Grainy? Ygraine." She corrects herself. "We were in Academy together. Just met Kelsey. Seems nice. I'm not sure how that might go, because Grainy likes to drink and dance." Lola tips one shoulder up a little. "Sometimes on tables. Anyway, you can never have too many friends, right?"

"Nothin' wrong with lettin' loose when ya need to. I did when I was yer age." Augie says, and offers her one of the candies. "And yeah, know that. Just recently got reacquainted with a friend I served with." he admits.

"Thanks for the um… gum and cigars." A smile plays at her lips, but doesn't quite take hold. "Yeah, well. Sometimes ya get a little too loose. S'why I try to drink with a wingman around." She doesn't comment further on that, but it's probable she's not always this fidgety. Actually, her little shifts and fiddles ease down the longer they talk, and she keeps those hands still. Until a candy's offered. Ever the sugar fiend, she smiles then, and reaches over to pluck one from the box. "A good friend, I hope. Someone to paint your toenails while you're down for the count."

"I think she knows I'd kick her arse halfway 'cross the ship if she did that." Augie says, and takes a look at his toes, just in case. "Alright, if ya got something on your mind, spit it out, Lennox." he says, not really a demand, but with that voice of his, it might as well be one.

Lola's smile wavers, then vanishes as she affects a serious look, in case he glances over at her for any evidence of prank on the horizon. Nope, nope, not here. "You're gonna be ok. Just came to check on that. Say thanks for the Saturnalia gift." She points. "Give you those." She leans in a little, "You're really going to be fine right?" The little candy in her mouth clicks against her teeth.
"Docs say I'll be back on my feet in a few days. Should be back on duty in a week. Ankle was a little screwed up, took some stitches. I'm more here to purge out the rads." Augie shrugs his shoulders, and tucks his piece of candy against his jaw. "I'm made of sterner stuff than anything that mudhole can throw at me."

"Good." Lola nods, settling back to a straighter stance. A little tension in her expression smoothes out. "I just wanted to be sure. I should have known from your other story that you're harder to kill than all that, right?" She jerks a thumb toward the door. "I gotta go pick up some stuff and throw in some laundry. You want anything from the library?"

"Unless they're packing something with tits besides Colonial Geographic, hell no." Augie responds, giving Lola a slightly crooked grin and reaches out, giving her hand a little pat. "Trust me, I had a good crew with me last night. Even when I frakked up, I had no doubt y'all pull my arse out of the fire. Thank you." It's genuine, and the appreciation is reflected in those cold blue eyes of his.

The smile is back again, her little apple cheeks crinkling her eyes when Lola grins. "You're welcome, sir." Her sudden grins are like a handful of confetti and sunshine in the face. "I'm glad we could be of service. If you need a refill on the candies, I have some. And a bag of sugared orange chews. Just pass the word." She touches the edge of the bed, just over the blanket, without actually coming close to any human parts. "Have a good night, sir." Flee, Lola. Flee before he eats your soul to fuel his lapse into gratitude.

Augie must have to refuel after a smile like that. Maybe there's a small child nearby he can steal candy from. "Naw, I'm not much of a sweet tooth. See ya around, Lennox." With that, he withdraws his hand. And as she's leaving, that piece of candy and sugar hits his stomach and disagrees, and he leans over the bed to start to hork all over again.

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