ALT #326: Put On A Smile
Put On A Smile
Summary: Fischer and Leightner spend a little time on the courts with Fischer's daughter, Amanda.
Date: 30/November/2013 (OOC Date)
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Fischer Leightner With a special appearance by
Amanda Fischer
Pyramid Courts, Piraeus
Pyramid courts are here for those who enjoy playing and watching the sport. Courts are separated for different games to be going on at the same time. A tiered seating area is placed on the left and right sides of the court. Lower benches are also in place around the court edge.
AWD #326

With her grandma sitting and doing needlework at the side of the courts, Amanda is on the courts and she's bouncing a ball. She's gotten a little bit better, only occasionally does it hit her boot and bounce off towards the side. She patiently runs after it, scooping it up in her small hands and bounces it again. She's wearing jeans and little combat style boots, and a blue shirt. Her blonde curls are pulled back in pigtails.

Stepping into the courts area a bit slowly, Fischer is keeping quiet for the moment. Coming to a stop, he just watches Amanda bouncing the ball at the moment, a smile on his face. While he may not smile that often the rest of the time, but his daughter always brings that smile out. Glancing over to the girl's grandmother, he offers her a nod and a smile as well, should she look his way, before he looks back to the girl and the ball.

Amanda continues bouncing it, till she is near the goal and she tosses it up. The ball hits the rim and ricochets off the side, hitting the ground and rolling towards the side where Fischer is. When the little girl turns to go collect it, she sees him and a beaming smile appears as she runs full blast towards him. "Daddy!"

Fischer ducks down towards the ball as it comes rolling towards him, moving to pick it up, before he holds out his arms towards his daughter now. "Amanda! Do I get a hug today?" he asks, smile going even wider than before. "And it was a good try, when you tried scoring the goal."

Amanda runs and launches herself into his arms, her hair bouncing merrily and her smile brightening even more. "You get two hugs, daddy! Or even three! I missed you! Was you workin'?" She hugs him tightly, three times in a row before she kisses his cheek and hugs him again. "Did you come to play with me?"

"Even three! I'm very lucky," Fischer replies, with a big grin now. "And I've missed you too. Very much." Nodding a bit at the questions, before he kisses her forehead now. "I was working, yes. But all the time I was looking forward to coming here to play with you." Holding the ball out to her now. "You have been practicing, I see."

"I have!" Amanda says importantly. "I was practicin' and learnin' and know what? Gramma says that I'm the bestest kid ever at playin'. An' she's smart, you know." She smiles and glances at the woman in question before whispering. "But not as smart as you."

Fischer smiles, nodding as he listens, "She is. A very smart woman." A brief pause as he hears the last part, and he's not able to hold back a little laugh. "Don't say that so she hears it, she might be sad." Pausing for a few moments, before he adds, "What do you want to do today?"

At the edge of the courts Fischer is standing with a little girl about six, almost seven. Her blonde curls are up in pigtails and she is wearing jeans, combat boots and a blue shirt. Her red hoodie is at the side beside an elderly lady who is stitching. Amanda gives a solemn nod, but merriment is still dancing in her eyes as she lifts a finger to her lips in the universal shhh sign. "She won't be sad, daddy." She giggles, so girlishly. "Will you play ball with me?"

Leightner moves amongst the Pyramid courts, talking with the Tauran here and there, making general rounds, recognized from the Mines as the 'Wierd virgonese Military Medic.' From that whole oddessy. He is shaking hands, answering questions and generally trying to stay in touch with the Taurans now they're here.

Fischer smiles as he hears that, nodding a bit now. "That's good," he replies, before he reaches out to ruffle his daughter's hair a bit lightly. "Of course I will play ball with you, Amanda." Bouncing the ball lightly to her now. He hasn't noticed the WVMM yet.

Amanda manages to catch it and holds it as she skips back out on the court. She doesn't bounce it until she's come to a complete stop. "C'mon daddy!" Her childish voice calls happily. Bounce, bounce, bounce goes the ball. "It's the best fun ever!" She picks up the ball and tosses it at the goal. It misses again but this time ricochets towards Leightner, rolling towards him, so the girl goes skipping over to collect it.

Leightner gives a name to a man and where to find the guy, and nods as the Tauran man heads off. He turns and crouches as a strange alien life form rolls up to him. It's a ball. Hmm. He picks up the ball, crouched, Medical brassard, medic bag, sidearm, yeah he's a medic. He looks up as a little girl approaches, "Hullo thar." He says offering the ball in her direction, "This yer ball?"

With a laugh, Fischer steps out onto the court, unable to hold back a grin as he hears the words about it being the greatest fun ever. "Yes, it's very fun." Watching as the ball misses, he adds, "Great try. Next time you will hit it." Then watching as the ball rolls over towards Leightner, and he steps over in that direction as well.

When Amanda reaches the man with the ball, she grins, dimples dancing in her cheeks. "Yep! It's my daddy's." She hitches a thumb over her shoulder towards Fischer a proud look on her face. "He's gonna play ball with me." Placing the ball at her feet, she offers her right hand all important like. "I'm 'Manda Fischer."

Leightners brows go up and he, somehow manages to affect a positively prim attitude.. while crouching. It's a fascinating piece of physical business. He reaches out and take Amandas hand, formally, and with all approperate Gravitas, "Well, Miss Amanda Fischer. I am Petty Officer Second Class, Ian Leightner. I am a Corpsman who work wit yer Da and helps him when he's out. An I am very pleased ta make yer aquaintance." And he talks funny too. A low Northern Virgonese Accent can be just fun to listen to and that's exactly what he's doing now.

Fischer smiles, as he steps the rest of the way over now. "He's one of those that puts on band aids when I hurt myself out there," he says to Amanda, with a wide smile. "He's very good at that too."

Blonde pigtails bounce as Amanda bobs her head up and down, her smile filled with delight when he gives his big, long name and stays on the same level as her. "Corps man." Saying it two separate words. "Is it like Punchie's name? Cause he punched someone and got his name. Is it like that?" She studies him as he talks, giggling at the way his words sound before she takes her hand back and picks up her ball. "Daddy?" She looks up at him, "Can he play too?"

Leightner grins, kid knows what a callsign is. THATS cute. "No, Corpsman is me title, I'm tha medic. Tha man ta help when people get hurt." He looks to Fish and smiles, "Just meetin young Amanda here. An I got nuthin ta do ta keep me from joinin tha game if thars room."

"Of course he can," Fischer replies to Amanda, before he adds, "If he wants to." Nodding a bit at Leightner's words, and he smiles. "Looks like we'll all play, then."

Amanda tips her head back to look at her daddy. "I don't like when you get hurt an' need bandaids." She then looks back at the Corps man. "I'm glad you take care of my daddy cause I don't want him to get hurt. You won't let 'im, will you?" When her daddy agrees she one arm hugs his leg. "Thanks daddy, you're the best!" She lifts the ball, offering it to him first, then slips her hand in his and reaches for Leightners too. "C'mon and play with us."

Ohhh this is why Cynical Military men exist. Cute little girls wanting him to promise to not let Daddy get hurt. Then Daddys chunky salsa in an artillery assault, then it's that voice echoing around in his head, blah blah blah. He rises ans lets his hand get taken, he's in it now, and looks to Fish, smirking.

Fischer smiles as he listens, reaching out to ruffle Amanda's hair a bit lightly as his leg is hugged. "No, Amanda. I'm good, but *you* are the best." Taking the ball as it is offered, and then letting his hand be taken, he smiles. A whole different person than the one he is aboard the Orion and out on missions.

Amanda takes the lead, walking with the two over to the center of the court before letting go of their hands. "I can't make it in the goal, but I can bounce it good." Resting a hand on top of her own hand, she smiles. "Maybe when I'll tall like my daddy and you then I can make it in the goal."

Leightner nods, "Well, ye know, Miss Amanda,". he says, looking at her seriously, "I think ye can get taller pretty quick wit yer Da around. Hold tha ball real tight an Let's see if yer Da strong enough ta lift a big girl like ye ta help make it in, eh?" He looks at Fish, like, 'C'mon man.'

Fischer grins a little now, as he hands Amanda the ball again. "Ready to get the goal?" he asks her, before he starts lifting her up now.

Lifting her chin, Amanda looks at the Corps man. "You think I can make it?" She looks at her daddy and takes the ball tight like the medic said to do, holding it as her father lifts her. When she's good and tall, she smiles and throws it at the goal as good as she can and it makes it in the goal! Amanda claps and wiggles around. "Yay! I did it!"

Leightner lets his face drop for a moment as Amanda is focused on her flight and shot into the goal, he touches his forehead, then runs his hand down his face, almost literally wiping the expression off and looking back to Fish and Amanda, smiling brightly. On command.

Chuckling as he sees the shot go into the goal, Fischer hugs Amanda while spinning the two of them around a few times. "That's my girl!" he says, with a wide smile. He doesn't notice Leightner's drop of the face right now.

Amanda turns and hugs her daddy, looking at the Corps man as she does, to see if he is happy too! Seeing his bright smile, she offers her small hand to him for a high five. "We did it!" She's proud! "You an' me an' daddy! We win!"

Leightner has indeed his bright smile back and he moves forward to slap Amanda a High five! "Thas right, You an yer da Win!" He laughs and moves back a bit to let Fish enjoy the moment with Amanda. not for the worlds would he intrude on that. Just here to prompt the games.

Fischer smiles as he nods. "We did it!" Smiling as he looks between the two of them now, taking a few moments to mouth the words 'thank you' to Leightner.

After the high five, Amanda wriggles to get down now so she can chase after the ball. If her daddy lets her down, she'll run after it and bounce it back, wearing a smile of pure happiness. "I like this game. Do you wanna play catch now?" Lifting the ball, she looks between the two, unused to so much attention. "My daddy takes me fishin' an' he taught me how to dig for worms an' how to put 'em on a hook."

Leightner smiles as he looks at Amanda. When she scampers after the balls, he turns, and in the same low, quiet, fast voice one passes combat information, "Make sure she's bundled warm and set her on tha back o ye neck, legs on ye shoulders." He nods, "Trus me, she'll luv it." He then turns back to look at Amanda smiling, "Did he?" He nods, "Well, yer a brave girl, then." He looks at Fish, "Jena don't bait her own hook." He nods, and looks back to Amanda. "Ye like fishin?"

Fischer lowers Amanda so she can get hold of the ball, smile widening as he sees how happy she is, before he nods a little at Leightner's words. "Thanks." Nodding a little as he hears Amanda's words now. "Fishing is a nice way to relax, and get hold of a little extra food," he offers. A brief smile as he looks to Leightner again. "She doesn't?"

"Uh huh, he did!" Amanda looks proud that he calls her brave then a little pensive. "Daddy said my mommy was brave too, alla time. And momma said daddy is brave, so I'm like mommy and daddy." Holding the ball tight, she looks at her daddy as if waiting for confirmation.

Leightner turns slightly looking at Fish, shaking his head, "Nope." He shrugs and is smiling at that. A number of people are watching, though one thing about the Taurans, they'll enjoy seeing a child playing these days. One of them a 30ish year old woman, watching the scene, absently rubbing a line on the back of her hand. Leightner, on the other hand, looks to Fish at Amandas words, slooooooowly nodding, like he's expecting Fish to do the right thing here. Or else.

There's only a brief moment that Fischer's expression changes, but it's back to the smile right away as he nods, "She was the bravest person I ever knew. And you are very brave too, Amanda." A brief pause, before he adds, "So yes, you are like your mommy and daddy."

Leightner moves around behind Amanda, glares at Fish and makes a little hugging motion while the girls is distracted.

Amanda is watching her father so when his expression changes, she drops the ball and walks over to hug him tight around his legs. "It'll be 'kay daddy, cause I'm here, you don't gotta be sad."

Leightner makes another hugging, scooping motion silently at Fish.

Fischer smiles, as he's hugged, leaning down to hug Amanda in return. "I know, Amanda. When you're here with me, everything will be okay." Smiling to her now.

"You don't gotta be sad," Amanda repeats, then lets go and silently runs off to chase the ball down where it had rolled.

Leightner nods, turning to look about as Fish and Amanda hug scratching his forehead, looking back with a neutraly bright smile. As she runs off, he looks at Fish, "Oh man." He says, smilin, "Tougher than I thought." He mutters, and looks to Fish, "Oh, aye, thas a reason ta be down here." He nods a bit, thinking.

"I know," Fischer replies to Amanda, smiling a little as he watches her head off to chase down the ball. Pausing a bit as he hears Leightner's words, "Oh?"

Amanda finds the ball near her grandma and scoops it up, talking to her a minute, her chattering, animated voice carrying to the guys. "An' you know what, gramma? I made it in the goal finally! Cause daddy helped me!" Jumping up and down, her boots thumping softly on the court. "An' you know what else? I met a Corps man an' he's nice an' he likes me too. He played with us." The words of the grandmother are softer, and there's doting admiration in the older lady's eyes as she lifts her glasses and looks over towards the men before she looks back to the daughter of her daughter.

Leightner looks to Fish, and blows out a sigh, looking a few years older. Then he smiles again, nodding, "She's a cute lil thing. Good reason ta fight." He rubs his forehead and looks at Fish, smiling, "Listen mate. All she wants is fer ye ta be a big, strong da who'll hold her an protect her. Right now, jus do tha, an yer good. Yer not normally a real physical guy, but thas how she is." He shrugs. "Ye'll get thar."

Fischer nods a little as he hears that, smiling a little as he listens. "I will do all I can," he replies, as he looks over at Amanda and her grandmother, smiling a bit as he offers a half-wave to the older woman too now.

Amanda scuffs the toe of her boot on the ground then grins at her gramma and hugs her tight, careful of the needle. "Love you, Gramma." And Gramma looks a lot like mommy but older, so it makes it easier. She turns back to the others and throws the ball their direction, to whoever gets it first. "Hurry throw it in the goal, the time is almost over!"

Gotta love imagination.

Leightner looks at Fish, nodding, slowly, watching the Marine for a moment, "Gods help ye when she starts datin. An gods help dem." He shakes his head, then looks to Fish, "Now, Make this goal, an make it big. Yer her hero. Be it, now."

"That's when our training comes in handy, isn't it?" Fischer remarks to Leightner, before he offers a brief grin. Nodding as he sees the ball, listens, to the words, both from Amanda and Leightner, he catches the ball, moves a few steps closer to the goal, before he spins, as if to get out of the way of an invisible opponent, before he sends the ball for the goal. For a few moments it looks like it'll hit the edge of the thing and go off to one side or another, but it ends up hitting the edge and go into the goal now.

Leightner cheers, hands going up, and clapping at the goal. Not like a person, mind you, but doing a whole crowd cheering for Fish Daddy! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!

Yeah, he looks stupid, but, oddly, the Taurans are used to this crap from Leightner by now. He's known for this wierd behavior in playing with kids.

"YAY DADDY!" Amanda hoots across as she runs to him only to jump into his arms, trusting him to catch her and lift her, placing a small hand on each cheek and puckering her lips and kissing him happily. "We WON! We WON!"

Lifting both hands in the air for a few moments in celebration, Fischer lowers them quickly to be able to catch Amanda as she jumps into his arms now. Smiling very widely as he's kissed, and hugging her tightly. "We won!"

Leightner yaaaaaays out and moves back, smirking, letting Fish and Amanda celebrate winning the Colonial Grand Championship Universeal trophy of cupcakes and the whole worlds and stuff! He smiles as he watches them, and draws back a bit to the edge of the group, near where gramma is. Just holding off.

The grandmother looks up as the Corpsman stands near her and offers a smile. "You're good with kids. Do you have any of your own?" Beat. "I'm Carolyn Baca, my daughter was Chelsea Baca. Everyone called her Chase."

Amanda beams a radiant smile. "Thank you, daddy. You're the bestest Pyramid player ever, an' I love you."

Fischer's own smile widens as he hears that. "I love you too, Amanda. And when you need me to be something, I will be it. No matter what." Spinning around a little lightly in a circle now.

Leightner pauses, looking at Gramma, and after long enough to get his point across, "No." Ooo, that was long enough to be both 'Not anymore' and 'Let's move on'. He looks to the stitching, and nods, "Whotcha makin?" Moving swiftly on. Looking to Fish and Amanda, then back to the old woman, the Tauran woman watching Leightner still, considering.

Amanda beams happily when he spins her around in a circle. "Daddy are you comin' to sleep with us tonight? Can you tell me a bedtime story?"

Carolyn gets the hint and a flash of empathy is given. "I lost my two sons and now finally my daughter. I lost my husband. I have a granddaughter now and a new son. Just find something to hold tight to, Corpsman." She lifts her sewing and smiles. "A fish with a pyramid ball in its mouth. Her two favorite things."

Leightner takes a look at the sewing and nods, "No bad, I'm workin on a Unit patch fer Dog." He nods to Fish, "When tha pattern's done, gonna be a lotta Marines wantin one, Yer new son included." He smirks, nodding, "We gotta Panther in our unit, haveta kick Fish till he brings her ta meet Lil Miss." Lil Miss, his name for Amanda."

Carolyn looks at the man with interest. "If you need any help making duplicates of the patch, just hollar, I'd like something productive to do." She looks blank a minute. "A panther?" Then realizes. "Oh Amanda would love that."

Fischer smiles, nodding as he hears that. "A bedtime story? I will tell you one, I promise," he replies. Stopping the spinning, he just holds Amanda in his arms for now, smiling.

Leightner nods, looking back to Fish and Amanda, "I'll let ye know." He watches the two for a moment more, beofre looking to Gramma, nodding, "I'll vanish now." He shakes his head, turning to the older woman, "Thas me limit fer tha moment." He says, sinking into the crowd, to leave her to make up something.

Amanda wraps her arms around him and rests her cheek on his shoulder. "I'm glad cause I missed you daddy an' you always tell the best stories. Will you tell me the one mommy used to tell 'bout when she met you? She telled me you wanted to stay with us afore I was born but then you hadda come to be a marine like her."

Carolyn nods, a rather serious look on her face. "I'll explain it to 'Manda." Taking to calling her the same as Amanda calls herself. "Take care."

Fischer smiles, as he nods now. "I'll tell you a great story," he promises, before he looks around. "We should go speak with your gramma now. Just need to get the ball first." Moving over to the goal to retrieve the goal, still carrying Amanda, handing her the ball as he walks over towards Carolyn now.

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