PWD #47: Pups and Old Dogs
Pups and Old Dogs
Summary: In which Phin reports for duty, and Wisdom sizes him up. The CAG is not impressed.
Date: 12/11/2012
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Phin Wisdom 
Battlestar Orion — Deck 2 — Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
November 20, 2004 (PWD #46)

Phin is shined, shaved and pressed to perfect, freshly flight-pinned ensign 90-degree angles as he hunts down the CAG. He's just come aboard likely not hours ago and is still hauling his duffel bag with him. He can't help but slow some and take a long look around the ready room as he enters it. Blue eyes tracking to the squadron patches, then back to the wall where the photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger hangs like a shrine.

For his part, at a main desk off in the corner, over close to the rear hatch and thus the shrine. A pile of papers and files lay open there at this lowly desk-along with the log books laid open. A steaming mug hangs off close-where as the CAG himself sits behind the desk, eyes focused on the files before him, while his pin scribbles along, adding some light scratching to the soft tick of the clock over the fore hatch. No smoke, though an ashtray lies close. All and all for the man behind the desk and in the well worn and patched chair? Just another day in Port.

"Excuse me…sir?" It takes Phin a beat of squinting to parse that there's actually someone seated at the desk. But when he gets closer he's able to make out both the man and the major's pins well enough to snap to attention. Hand coming up in a sharp salute. "Sir! Ensign Phin McBride reporting for duty, sir." There's a pause like he's doing some sort of checklist in his head to make sure that was the correct amount of 'sir'ing'. Ultimately he doesn't try to tack on another one.

"Hm?" A quiet question as Wisdom does not look up. Rather, John keeps his focus there on the work ahead of him. A few more scratches before the brown eyes of the Major flick up and focus there on Ensign McBride. A muted smile given before it drops. His pen slows and then he is setting it down to look up at the other man. His hand up in a quick, but informal salute. "As your were, Ensign." John murmurs before he is reaching over for something on his desk. "Papers, Ensign?" Likely John has them somewhere on his desk-but one can always make a rook squirm.

Phin relaxes out of the salute, only to promptly start rifling through his duffel bag. "Papers, sir?" Rifle, rifle. "Right. Sorry, sir. Just a sec." He's clearly surprised the major doesn't have them, but he's not about to question him. It takes him awhile to wade through loosely stuffed clothing, books, and other personal items until he manages to locate a folder. Which he thrusts on Wisdom's desk as if the man were timing his performance. "Right. There you go, sir."

"Thank you, McBride." and with that he is looking back to the young man as the file is taken and flipped open. His own muted grin rising back, briefly-only to be hidden back behind his mug as a sip is taken. Safety there hiding behind the cool battlestar Grey and steam from the hot coffee. "CFA Leonis, and now here." he adds. "That's a quick jump. Why did you take on this assignment if I may ask, Phin?" John asks as his mug lowers down.

"CFA Leonis. That's right, sir," Phin says, allowing himself a slight grin. "Not quite straight. I did my combat flight quals on Picon. But close enough. This'll be my first assignment since I received my commission." The question he wasn't really expecting, and he plainly takes a second to try and locate the 'right' answer. "It seemed like a unique opportunity, sir. I assure you, I'm more than up to the challenge. Whatever it might be." And he likely has no real idea 'what it might be,' try as he might not to show it.

"Ah, Picon." he adds with a quick glance over to the files. "I see that here-still this is your first mission?" John reiterates before he is looking back to Phin. "It is indeed a unique opportunity. And you will not be doing the usual watching for smugglers or policing between the colonies.." And there Wisdom falls silent for a moment. "What do you think it might be, son?" and there John changes questions. "What are your hobbies?"

"I've heard a lot of rumors, sir," Phin says, as to what he thinks. Which he doesn't come out and say. "R-and-D. Some kind of advanced weapons testing you can't do near civilian-occupied zones. That's the sort of thing the recruits coming in with me were talking about, at least." Which plainly fires his imagination more than a little. He blinks. "My hobbies?" This is another simple question he was not prepared for. "Well…" More pausing to try and dredge up an answer the CO might like. He gets stuck on this.

"Rumors mean and equal Shit." Wisdom states plainly before he is looking back to Phin. "I wouldn't worry about it, Ensign. You will know everything when you need to." And there the CAG falls silent as he reaches for his pen. "Do you like to read, son? Play Pyramid? Triad?" All rattled out quick. "Or you like porn? Something? Anything? I am trying to find out who you are, son." Wisdom states. "Callsign yet?"

"Oh." Phin does not give his opinion about porn. He clears his throat before managing a reply to that. "No, sir. Not yet. Nothing stuck in training. My instructor said my flightmates would have 'fun' coming up with one, anyway." He sounds properly wary of how 'fun' this will be for him. "Sorry, sir. I didn't get a lot of personal questions on my Academy evals. I like Pyramid. Wish I played it better. Got to see the Silverstars beat the Panthers when I was on Picon, which was fun. Liked to paraglide back on Scorpia, but haven't had a chance to in a few years. And…yeah, I like to read." He eyes Wisdom a beat. "I got into Bahadur my second year on Leonis." Tauron historical fiction. "His Liberation trilogy was more interesting than the classes I was taking that year."

"Oh." John replies there before he looks back to the other man. Now the mug set down and the pen is not even moving. Rather he is giving a patented staredown of the other man for the time being. His lips barely perk up as the other man stammers back in. "This ain't the academy, pup." Wisdom puts in. "This is the big game. Either you're in or you're out.." Wisdom concludes before the Ensign starts talking again. "See, this is what I wanted to know, pup. Shows you're not some robot just trying to move up the ladder. I know this shit can seem like a stepping stone in your career to Comandeer a big boat. I don't see it like this. Some folks, yeah they're called to command, but there are a lot of us that are called to vein' pilots. And that shit is just as honorable." And there once the bit comes out about Bahadur there is a brief pause and a smile. "You read the Liberation trilogy? Well that is something.." A tilt of his head. "You're from Scorpia? Your academics puts you in the FAF before you went to the Academy."

Phin actually chuckles a little at that. Involuntarily. He's doing his very best to be a good academy robot, after all. "I don't think anyone's going to be making me commander of anything." It's sort of muttered to himself, but it's audible enough that he feels compelled to add a quick, "…sir." Mention of Scorpia relieves him of his humor. "Yes, sir. My brother and I went through the Fist in Celeste." His tone is carefully neutral as he speaks of the Ares academy. It's hard to tell if the subject makes him uncomfortable, exactly, but he's plainly not as keen to jaw about it as he was about Tauron novels.

Wisdom chuckles there. "You still shit your pants, pup. You can bet I am not letting you come close to it. I will be putting you with Captain Delacroix though and she will be my eyes on your ass." he adds, giving the young man his assignment. "Ahh, The Fist. There was said to be one on Minoa. Frak if I know what goes on. I know a lot of scabs went through it though." he adds on before he is looking back towards Phin. "What do you think I need to know about you, son?"

"It was a valuable experience, sir, I'm very grateful for the opportunities I had there," Phin says, about the Fist. Rather robotically, like it's something he should say. "And I'm not a scab. Sir." A little terse, that, though his tone is still all of the respect and courtesy drilled into young officer. He straightens his posture another notch. Which may not've seemed possible, but he manages it. "I was in the top quarter of my class and all my flight scores are above average or better. I can do the job and I love to fly. I don't see what else matters. Sir. I haven't been back to Scorpia in years, can't say I miss it."

"You got family?" he asks carefully, eyes clearly watching and studying the ensign. Still Ragman doesn't let on his thoughts one way or another. He just keeps throwing out questions in a seemingly random pattern. However John doesn't miss the posture. "At ease." he mutters briefly. "What do you miss, if you don't miss home?"

"I'm not married, sir. That's in my file," Phin replies. If he wasn't so dead serious, one might've almost thought he was being cheeky there. Seriously, he adds, "I've got a brother in the CMC. Just reupped. He liked the idea of getting double hazard pay from this mission, I guess, so he put in for this post when he got back in. That's why I requested the assignment." As for what he misses, "Paragliding. That's pretty much it. I don't mind the idea of being away from the colonies for a tour, if that's what you're getting at, sir."

Wisdom nods. "I'll let you know what I am looking for Ensign-when it's time for you to know." John adds warmly. And there there's a mark made before he closes the file and with that the Major stands up and offers his hand. "I assume someone told you where the bunks were, if you were able to find us here." a half wink siphoned off. "Welcome to Orion, Pup. You'll get your first CAP tomorrow during the first Dog Watch. Your officer supervisor will be watching to see how you fly. It'll be boring, but you'll like it." he adds. "You're dismissed. Get a shower and rack time. You'll need it."

"Yes, sir." Phin snaps off another of those CFA-perfect salutes, turns on a heel and heads out. He at least has the discipline to wait until he's cleared the door and turned a corner to sag against the wall. After a beat, he proceeds quickly back to his bunk.

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