AWD #105: Puppets On A String
Puppets On A String
Summary: Following Knox's Tribunal, Cole and Afton meet some who don't agree with the ruling.
Date: 21/April/2013 (OOC Date)
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Afton Cole 

Afton's attention once the worry for Knox is clear, is for those making nose of dissent at the back and some clearing out. She hesitates and then starts to push her way after them, getting some rude looks. The woman proclaimed to love a skinjob out loud and before the tribunal. The PO ignores them more worried somewhat over the division this will likely cause but in the end, once free, she needed air as well. A heavy breath is drawn as she starts across that open landing pad in the side of the mountain, rubbing at her face and fixing the dress uniform of her own, tugging at it and undoing a few buttons at the tops so she can get her hand in against collarbone and flesh.

A few people pass her by, whispering and talking together. Only one or two give her looks and move on. For now, she just stands there and stares at the ground, feeling ill.

Air. Delicious air. Of course, Ari is contaminating it with smoking another cigarette. Turns out, even after bumming one from Elias, that he had a pack of his own on person and is now toking away after already shedding out of his Dress Grey's tunic. A look aside is given when he feels another presence near him that isn't just in transit. "Don't puke." Perhaps her shade of green is noted. "It'll be construed as weakness."

"Yeah, no…" Afton's brief glance his direction is enough and the woman is just trying to keep it together. "I didn't think it was going to go so well…to be honest. So the relief is a bit much," She exhales slowly and then closes her eyes, swallowing and straightening her spine so that her chin is lifted and she breathes as if focusing on the task. Drawing closer to the Captain, she offers a wan smile and shakes her head, "Can't be easy, what you did."

"I did what I had to do." Is all Cole says on the subject at the moment, extending his hand so his index finger can tap on the filter of his cigarette and ash it. His eyes are off following some of the peoples still filtering out. His lips purse together and he exhales a thin stream of grey, "I don't have to tell you, if he betrays you or our kind I'll be the first to gut him."

"He won't…I know that much. I know for certain he would die for any of us." Afton lets out a long sigh and then regards the others as well. About to turn and say something to Cole when a voice rises up behind her as a small group leaves the impromptu tribunal space. "So toaster lover, happy to have your toy back?" There is a snicker, a laugh and she looks over her shoulder but otherwise does not respond, looking away again quickly. The tension is visible through her limbs and the PO clenches her jaw. They are definitely not from Orion. "What's the matter? Too good for us? Got your upgrade?"

Afton tenses up, but it's Cole who turns on the verbal abusers. No doubt he's wound up enough from the trial, and these rabble rousers are providing an opportune release. "Hell yeah. Didn't you know? Skinjobs come with vibrating cocks. They can also go all night without needing an energy drink and a little blue pill, unlike you. So don't be jealous, just move along and have a great evening pleasuring your sock." Good thing Cole stripped out of his grey's jacket prior to this. It wouldn't reflect kindly on the uniform or his rank pins.

The biting remark from Cole is noted and the man is stopping, placing his hand on his friend's shoulder to get them to cease their forward movement. "What was that again?" The Picon marine starts towards Cole. "You were that lanky fella on the tribunal. So maybe you are getting some on the side too from that freak. You would know, wouldn't you." There is some scoffing. "Giving him citizenship." There is obviously distaste and he starts towards them both, slowly and Afton is turning then, "Frak it all…" She is muttering beneath her breath.

Cole side-steps without a moment's thought, putting himself between the advancing marine and Afton bodily. "Oh. You don't understand Colonial standard?" So then Ari repeats what he said in crude sign language, with a lot of pointing and hip gestures to get his point across. "Now I said move along or I'll get the attention of the MP's and have your commander bring you up on charges of threatening an appointed official of the courts."

Afton's mouth drops open as Cole steps in between and her brows furrow. The tall PO reaches her hand out to brush his arm and then steps up beside him. But her gaze falters as the man just offers a cold stare at Cole. "I understand perfectly. You are a toaster lover too, heck don't know if something else is going on between the three of you. More you plug in the more fun, right?" There is a sneer and he gets up into Cole's face, but never touches him. "You are no longer any sort of official. Its all an act, we don't believe any of it. You are just a puppet."

Ari doesn't so much as twitch as the man gets up in his face, holding his ground toe to toe with the marine and standing every inch of his six foot frame. Afton at his side is better than Afton at his back, though no doubt it was an unintentional character flaw of Ari's to be some sort of protector. "Point of fact: I am a lover of truth. And of believing the best in people. The cylon in there proved himself to be more of a human than you are now." The pilot gives the marine a toothy smile, the tip of his tongue poised on the edge of his teeth. "And if you want to talk about being a puppet, ask your mom. She's the last person I fisted." To demonstrate, because the Marine doesn't speak Common well, Ari does JAZZ HANDS.

Oh Gods. Afton looks like she wants to shove a sock in Cole's mouth, stepping up quickly to his side, she means to insert herself even as the marine looks like that vein in his forehead is going to pop and punch Cole for him. "Why you dirty ass frakkin pilot. I am going to smear you all over this hangar…" He growls but though his friends don't seem any less pleased by what happened there is a bark that comes from the side even as they are reaching out to grab at his arms when he goes to throw a punch. Afton drags at the pilot's arm, trying to get him to step back. "Janitor!" She calls at him roughly and the marine officer coming down on them is barking orders, "Back down Sergeant, take your loud mouth elsewhere at this moment or I will personally throw you in the brig." But Cole is getting the stinkeye too.

As Afton touches Ari's arm, the pilot takes a half step back. It looks more like he's bracing himself for a punch than retreating, however. As the Marine Officer comes on the scene and further defuses the situation, Cole just continues grinning and offers the Sergeant a little waggle of his brows. The stink eyeing officer is then given a glance and a bit of an up nod before the pilot turns to Saint James. "You should get back to the Orion. I'll be on the Raptor right behind you." He murmurs low, for her ears only. "Take care of your boy."

The Marine Officer studies Cole a moment longer, than Afton before he's pressing his hand to the Sergeant who is still fuming and calling threats to his shoulder. "MOVE IT!" He looks to the other two, "I would suggest you leave now." The marines begin to stalk off, the Sergeant throwing loud curses back at the two for the duration of about fifteen feet and then is made to shut up and finally out of sight. Afton shakes her head, "Frak that Ari, you are coming with me." That said she doesn't let go of his arm, letting out a low breath as she says in a hushed tone, "We are going."

Cole seems about to argue, no doubt only intending to stick around Picon to be up to No Good. Finally though, he just flicks his cigarette in the direction of the departing Sergeant and then turns as Afton bid him. "Alright." He concedes, retrieving his jacket and throwing it over his shoulder.

Relief shows across her face and she nods her head, watching him grab his jacket and then she stops him, leaning into him. "Fisting his mother..Gods, Ari." She glances up at him and that severe look earlier is lost as she can't help but bust up laughing. "I will have to remind Cooper to plug in tonight." That is said with a wink before she heads for the Raptors already filling back up with Orion personnel. "Thanks."

Ari shows her a more subdued version of JAZZ HANDS to aid in her laughter, but behind his veiled eyes, he doesn't seem terribly amused. "Don't thank me, I'm just doing my civic duty. And don't go electrocuting yourself during celebration, hmm?" He ducks into the Raptor after her and divides off from her side to find a seat that isn't next to the Petty Oh.

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