AWD #065: Pseudo-Eulogies
Summary: Agrippa and Phin attempt to remember Dirk, with limited success, and discuss their own mortality.
Date: 11/03/2013 (OOC Date)
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Agrippa Phin 
Viper Squadron — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Lucky Strikes has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
AWD #65

Phin has been semi-crashed in his bunk, though he's more or less awake now. He tugs back the privacy curtain, sitting up and stretching. Eyes flick to a clock on the wall, but after staring at it a tick he doesn't seem overly concerned with the time.

Finished with the day's duties and training, Agrippa had hit the head, cleaned up and is now ready for some shuteye. When Phin pulls back his curtain, Alex is in the process of climbing up into his. Hearing the curtain open, he takes a seat at the edge of his bunk and looks over to where Dolly is, giving the other pilot a wave, "Morning Dolly, or should I say evening."

"Evening, apparently. Yo, Punchy." Phin returns the wave with an open-and-close of his palm that sort of imitates one. "Yeah, my day feels ass-backwards. I grabbed an earlier shift after the op last night. Was nice to get right into doing something, y'know? Kind of wore, though."

Eyes widening in surprise, Agrippa didn't realize that Phin grabbed early duty as Punchdrunk slept quite soundly after the mission followed by some post-mission activities that will remain unmentioned. "Damn, catch a second wind there? I was out like a dead bulb, feeling the same right now. About to crash into the bunk." With that said, he swings his legs up and onto his bunk, shifting slightly into a more comfortable position before rolling onto his side so he can look over to where the other Viper pilot is. "It looks like we got there too late yesterday… not sure how recent that battle was but it couldn't have been that long before we arrived, tinnies were still there."

"Just Alert Five. Eight hours doing nothing. I took a nap before but I was kind of restless anyway." Phin hops out of his bunk, for his part, and strides over to paw around in his locker. "Yeah. They were like parked out there. Like they were just waiting to ambush us or something. Or…I don't know. Didn't seem like there was much left there they could use, but I haven't looked at the tapes or anything yet. Maybe there's minerals or something still around the techs'll be interested in." He shrugs. He doesn't know.

A sigh is released as Agrippa rolls onto his back and stares up at the ceiling, "We won't know and going back is hella risky, with a Bastestar there. I'm just glad our ride didn't get jump and blasted. That would've /sucked/." There is a pause before Punchie continues, "What happened to Dirk was frakked up… why was he playing games on a recon mission though? In an asteroid field of all places."

"I don't think they'd just leave us out there," Phin says. He sounds reasonably confident of it. Reasonably. He gets a music player out of his locker, draping it around his neck by the earbuds. "But, yeah. Don't think we'll be going back soon with the toasters parked in those parts." As for Dirk, he's quiet a beat. "Figured it might be good for training, maybe? I don't know. Seemed so quiet out there. I wonder if it even would've made a difference. Was hard to pick up a damn thing on the instruments with all the interference from the rocks. Guy never saw it coming."

Alex was certainly not too happy with how things went, he is upset that they lost their Flight Leader and some of the anger may just be channeled outward. "Maybe not, but maybe… you heard that lock tone over Dirk's comm right? He would've been alerted." Punchie does grow quiet after that, either not much else to say about the matter or just keeping the rest in.

"I didn't hear it," Phin admits soft. He gets a pair of boots out of his locker, but otherwise he doesn't bother changing out of his off-duties. Kneeling down to tie his shoes. "Did you know him much at all? Linden, I mean." The way he asks the question implies he didn't. And that he might feel kind of bad about it now.

There is a shake of his head, Alex showing a negative though it may be hard to see from Phin's position, "I didn't, maybe in passing and flew with him once on CAP. But I hate losing a wingmate, whether I knew him well or not. He was a good Viper stick, just a bad decision. It was bad luck he got picked but it could've been anyone of us." Perhaps that is the true source of his anger.

"Yeah. Could've been." Phin agrees, without making eye contact, attention on doing his laces up in military-perfect bows. The idea doesn't seem to sit easy with him either, though he's not exactly angry. "I think…I think he was from Caprica, maybe? Or Virgon?" He sounds like he's grasping for details about their dead flight leader.

Agrippa is silent as he tries to pull details from what he remembered of Drik, finding that memories are for some reason eluding him. He could've recalled the face and some details but now everything is fuzzy, "I… can't recall. I guess I just didn't know him well. I can't even remember what he looks like without looking at files or a picture now."

"He was a good stick," Phin says. Which seems to be the best he can do, for pseudo-eulogy purposes. He straightens. "I don't know. I don't think…I mean, in the grand scheme, not such a bad way to go, right? I mean, the way it happened sucked. Not seeing it coming like that. But quick like that, in a sortie, flying with your mates…I can definitely think of worse."

Silent after hearing Phin's view, Agrippa appears to be tossing that thought in his mind. "I think you may have a point there, Dolly. I definitely rather go down fighting, though maybe something more spectacular, like holding the line. Kinda like Bad Dog Ruegger of our Air Wing." There is a pause before Punchie continues, "Great shot, by the way, on that first toaster. You lit up his cockpit and I think you stunned it or something. And good kill on the second, that was a nasty surprise but Shake gave us a good heads up."

"Blazing like the light of burning fire in his armour and standing in his chariots…" Phin recites it to himself under his breath, though it's audible enough. He shrugs, clearing his throat. "Something my old Headmaster at the Ares school used to say. Death in battle's a good death, the priests said. If there is such a thing." He does not sound sure of the last part, himself. As for his shooting, he shrugs. "You, too. You put away two of the frakkers. I've just been trying to watch Storm. See how he does it. Can't say I've figured it out, though. He just tears through Raiders."

"I believe there is… if your death is a good sacrifice that saves lives, saves your squadron? It is a good death." Agrippa says as he continues to stare into the ceiling, it is obvious that right now, the young Viper stick doesn't believe he will live forever. In fact, it may even be borrowed time right now. As for him and his raiders, Alex finally grins, "Second one was lucky, tried the trick one of the vets on my old boat was talking about. If you're chased, sometimes a quick flip and burst will catch your opponents off guard."

"Life's like ninety-percent luck, man. I figure. Nothing wrong with that." Phin stands, and shuts his locker. "Luck and a good wingman." He seems to share the whole borrowed time feeling. Not that he speaks anymore on it.

Raising his arm, Agrippa flashes a thumbs up to Phin in answer to what he adds, "Aye, a good wingman. May we continue to be lucky and good, Dolly. I plan on taking out a lot more frakking toasters before I meet the Ferryman."

"I'd rather avoid the trip down the Styx for awhile," Phin says wryly. "But…yeah. Wouldn't be a bad way to go, all things considered. I'll see you later, Alex. Sleep deep, or something." He starts to leave on that note, but before he goes he turns to ask, "You came up on…Caprica, right?" He sounds reasonably sure, but it seems important to confirm just now.

Lowering his arm, Agrippa reaches down to pull his blanket over himself, prepping for sleep, "Stay safe out there, Dolly." He was expecting the other pilot to head out, when he hears the question, Alex turns his head slightly to look towards the hatch of the squadron's berthings, "Yeah, Caprica City. And you're from Scorpia." Doing the same for the other pilot, saying Phin's home colony to help etch it into his own memories.

"Flotsam and jetsam, straight out of it," Phin confirms his Scorpian heritage with a half-grin. "Argentum Bay. Home of the best Pyramid team in the damn worlds. I'll do my best. Stay safe yourself, man." He heads out of the hatch, with that.

There's a prideful snort when Phin adds the tag of best Pyramid team but Agrippa leaves that for another time, letting the other Viper pilot head out for his own duties while he gets ready for some shuteye.

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