MD #193: Proper Motivation
MD #193: Proper Motivation
Summary: The Intel Officer attempts to dump an impossible mission on the CAG. Proper motivation is discussed.
Date: 17/10/2016 (OOC Date)
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Mara Niko 
CAG's Office
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
IC Date

Niko has a literal open-door policy, with his small office serving as a shared office space for the DCAG and the squadron commanders. True to form, the hatch is wide open, and the CAG is seated in the battered old lounge chair rather than behind the desk. Ever the Viper jock, Niko is wearing his flight suit rather than his blues, with his helmet resting on the floor beside him. He's working on his data pad, scrolling, swiping, and typing his way through the various casualty and damage reports. Like the rest of the ship, the Wing took some hits, and re-organization has to be done ASAP.

Satisfied that other people are taking care of immediate problems, Lieutenant Rook has already turned her focus elsewhere, and it's that focus that brings the slightly robotic intelligence officer to the Air Wing corridors. Looking like a poster child for the fleet, her blues are impeccable with not even a wrinkle daring to appear, and appearing well rested and alert, though gossip says she hasn't left CIC for more than maybe an hour or two every shift. Mara knocks once on the frame of the hatch as she steps through and then comes to a halt, silent. Her peculiar eyes focused on the CAG.

The CAG glances up and blinks when he sees that it's Mara who's knocking. He looks somewhat less than well-rested, but then it's been a difficult forty-eight hours for everyone. Niko doesn't stand, but he does slide out of his slouch into a more upright, seated posture. He waves his datapad to beckon the Intel Officer in. "Come on in, Lieutenant." His tone is more business-like than usual, despite the informality of his offer. "Take a load off."

Taking the offered seat, Mara still doesn't say anything, her odd-coloured eyes still watching the CAG intently. She certainly doesn't relax, sitting perfectly upright as she pulls her datapad from a pocket and wakes the screen. "I know you're busy, Sir," The Lieutenant's voice no more than a rough sandpaper whisper, "So I'll cut right to the point. We need the Orbit Station… Oss, from Rally Point. I think it would be… helpful."

Niko's brows go up at the close scrutiny he's getting, and he offers Mara a strained grin in return. For a second it looks like the CAG is going to ask her something, but as soon as she starts fishing for her datapad he thinks better of it. Then he leans forward a bit as the Lieutenant starts to speak, an automatic reaction to her quiet tone. He draws back after he hears what she says, and it's his turn to give Mara an intent study. Seriously? Well, she still looks as serious as ever. "Now?" is his first question. Not 'how' or 'why.' Then he shakes his head. "I'm guessing you have a plan? It doesn't sound like we've reached the 'orders from on high' stage yet."

"The Commander's cleared this, already." Comes the low reply, ignoring the odd look he gives her. "Well, in so far as yes, we need a plan. And yes, now." She coughs once and clears her throat a couple of times as she looks down at her datapad, gloved fingers tapping quickly as files are opened. "Oss has the resources to build more ships for your wing, it's big enough and better equiped to train pilots, marines, engineers… what ever we need." She pauses and looks up at Niko, "It can also refine tillium. Which we're going to need at some point." The Lieutenant answers the unasked why's anyway. "I haven't figured out exactly how yet. Because I need your help with that, yours and Ynyr's, and Major Lamsburg in Engineering. I already sent you the plans of the Station."

Per DK: Oss defenses include large anti-ship gun batteries, but not a lot of small ones. aka not very maneuverable aiming. The ship was designed to potentially have to fight, but the Skath don't use a lot of missiles so smaller gun systems aren't as needed (flak stops missiles and fighers, not gun rounds). It does have anti-fighter missiles stations, yes. It also has electronic warfare capabilities. But it is not lined with small turbolasers around slit trenches where someone may have to sneak a photon bomb down an exhaust vent.

"Great…" Niko doesn't sound very enthusiastic about this new operation, but he calls up the plans on his own datapad, puts on a thinking expression, and rubs at the back of his neck. "I mean, I know it would be great to have this station, but it's bound to be wall to wall Skath and Clerics inside. And that's after we get past the Skath battle group and the outer defenses of the station, which are nothing to laugh about. /Maybe/ I can come up with a way to get some Marines on board, but I don't see how the Marines can clear it, you know?"

Mara stares at Niko silently for a long time. Watching him as he thinks and speaks and then she's silent for a bit longer after that. "EMP mines." She says eventually. "That'll take care of most of the Skath and if the Marines are smart enough the mines won't break the whole station…" She lifts one shoulder in a shrug, "You'll figure it out, Sir. You're not CAG for nothing." So she totally just dumped at least /part/ of this operation on him as her fingers pull up a new screen, typing quickly, "I'll just let the Commander know you're working on it. We'll have a follow-up meeting, soon."

"Even if we can come up with an EMP to take out Skath, that still leaves the Clerics," Niko points out. But /that/ part of the caper isn't his problem, so the CAG doesn't stay on that target. Mara's attempt to dump the planning in his lap earns the Intel Officer an incredulous look, and then a weary sort of laugh. "Tell you what, Lieutenant. If we get the Marines onto that station alive, you owe the Wing a case of decent booze. And when you talk to the Chief Engineer, ask him how the wormhole cannon idea is looking. I think we're gonna need it."

Ignoring the incredulous look, Mara continues typing, then finally looks up. "Sir, if you land the Marines, and the Marine's don't break the station, you'll get a whole lot more ships, and possibly a healthy number of pilots, too, eventually. You'll also get tillium to fuel your ships." She pauses and it looks like she might even offer a sort of grim smile, but that passes in a second, "I think that's worth more than a case of booze I'm unlikely to find any time soon." She pushes to her feet then, offering a nod to his comment about the Major, before turning toward the hatch.

"You've got a lot to learn about motivating pilots," Niko informs Mara when she declines his wager. "Also, I heard they've got booze on that Mother ship, if you need intel on a good source." He doesn't make the junior officer's exit any more formal than the entrance, shaking his head to himself and getting back to his work once it's clear she's on her way.

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