AWD #009: Promotion Party
Promotion Party
Summary: The promotion party at Checkpoint Charlie's for the Air Wing on 1/14/2005
Date: 14/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Checkpoint Charlie's - Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
14 January 2005

Welcome to Checkpoint Charlie's. The pub has actually been closed for the night to allow the air wing to gather in celebration. Tablecloths are out on the tables, and at the very back of the bar is a larger table. On it are two massive sculptures. On closer review.. they're cakes. A Raptor and a Viper to be percise. The Raptor is labeled 'Chocolate Truffle' and the Viper is 'Lemon Creme'.

There's another smell. Out back, the rich smell of hickory is in the air, and there are two large boars on spits being slow grilled and bar-b-qued. The spoils from Ygraine and Zachary's earlier hunt as he glances around for Milkshake. "Thanks for the help in setting it up!" he calls out to her, before he notices Eden coming out with a large container. Going over to help her, he offers his arms. "Here, hon, let me take that ice cream off your hands. Thank you again for bartering for it." a wink at her, as he turns to carry it and place between the two cakes.

And in a lonely corner sits Zachary's YES SIR cake. With a placard. 'Biohazard'.

Sebastian slips into the Checkpoint, still limping slightly from his little dance last night. He's got a bruise on his jaw and several stitches, but appears to be as calm and collected as always. His arms are full of plates, with a plastic bag of disposable silverware in one hand. "Got the extra stuff from the mess, sir." Sebastian says to Zach, and glances towards the direction of the boar. "Good hunting?"

Tiptoft is here to eat barbecued pig. And then eat some delicious baked cakes. And then eat some more barbecued pig. And then eat more delicious baked cakes, assuming they've survived that long. He's even come with a bottle of Keller's prized hot sauce, nicked from the Raptor driver's locker the previous morning, which he holds like a precious child. (Presumably this sauce is not for the cakes.) "Yo, sirs," he offers, snatching a plate off the top of Sebastian's stack. Mine. Then it's time to crash the line.

Eden smiles all the more for Zachary, letting out a huff of air, "There's my Knight, thank you." She says and leans in to give Zach's cheek a kiss and then stick to his side, following a little behind. Her hands wipe to her jeans and she gives a quick tightening of her dark ponytail. "Not a problem, glad its being used for someone like this." She glances at the cakes her lips quirk up at the corner of her mouth. "We need a bigger kitchen down here so you can bake them here…wouldn't mind smelling chocolate in the apartment"

She smiles to Sebastian, "Here let me help you."

Phin makes his way into Charlie's as well. He is not limping, for his part. The cakes are eyed curiously, but they were more or less expected. His nose twitches at the barbecue, though. "Is that ribs? Seriously?" He grins.

Ygraine is feeling full of her balls, and her balls are mighty, yo. She dances in a little circle as she takes off her apron and drapes it in a chair neatly, calling out to Zachary, "My pleasure, boss. Any time you want to go out again, you just let me know." The more people remark on the barbecue, the bigger her grin gets. It's almost better than frakking!

Zachary leans into Eden for that kiss, and murmurs quietly as he gestures to Ygraine. "Her brother is marrying Zelda." he comments, confirming that his sister and Ygraine's brother are engaged. Weird how that works. With that, he smiles towards Sebastian. "Yeah, I think we did pretty good. Sebastian, this is Eden, my little flower. Eden Sheperd, this is Sebastian Teague, my current ECO and soon to be marrying the man of his dreams."

"He still owes Thaddo and I a cake before the chocolate runs out." Sebastian says wryly to Eden. Tiptoft's nicking of a plate gets the big man a hint of a smirk as the quiet ECO makes his way to a chair, step a light limp.

Sebastian adds, "Pleasure to meet you, Eden. He won't stop talking about you in the cockpit. Glad to see he's being honest about what a gem he has, not sappy."

Tiptoft returns Sebastian's smirk with a thumbs-up. Note that he does not go for the utensils. He will eat with his hands, because he is ALL THAT IS MAN.

Amusement lights her features and Eden nods her head, "Pleasure…so you are the one keeping him out of trouble, suppose we should get to know each other and trade stories. I want to know just how many risks he takes." She says and leans in to say lightly. "He can be sappie, but I love him for it, just another of his charms I suppose. I mean he bakes cakes, I think I got the right end of this deal."

Stepping in from the outside, steps a bit slow, Jason looks around rather carefully for the moment. A brief pause, before he sees the rest of the people present now, offering them all a nod and a smile at the moment. Otherwise keeping quiet for now.

Somewhere in the boonies on Virgon, it must be considered fashionable to show up late for one's own party. That, or Bennett St. Clair simply is a workaholic, and just had to finish off that last stack of paperwork before hitching a bus ride down. She strolls into Charlie's dressed — as the occasion befits — in casual civilian attire. A light pink pinstriped blouse and leather pants that fit her rather.. well. The little black pumps don't precisely match her fatigue jacket; they're clearly designer, and wholly out of place in this backwater dustbowl. Make that snowbowl, given the quantity of it she's swiping off her shoulders and hair as she loiters near the door to warm up.

"Alright!" Zachary calls out after he breaks away from his wife and takes to the front. "I know we're all ready to eat and have some fun, but first, a few housekeeping items!" he calls out, making sure he has the command of everyone in the room.

Holtz' demeanor seems rather improved from the other day as he joins the stream of pilot types entering the bar. He looks around, nose twitching at the smell of the barbecue, and he moves towards the line. "Hey, Thumper, you barbarian, they not heard of forks where you come from?" A smirk accompanies the light jibe as he grabs a plate of his own — and yes, a set of utensils to go along with it. That smile fades momentarily, though, as he catches sight of Sebastian; he offers the ECO a grave nod from across the room, but doesn't approach the other man.

Phin is not going to eat with his hands. So he gets a plate, and utensils, and perhaps even napkins. The new D-CAG is eyed with no small amount of curiosity as the ensign gets himself a place to hang out. For the housekeeping.

Sebastian is in his leather pants and black v-neck sweater. Casual but not terribly flashy, really. "We'll see who keeps who out of trouble." Sebastian notes wryly to Eden, before turning his attention to Zach. Holtz' greeting is met with a half-smile… Stitches don't make for a good smile, after all.

Ygraine is just grinning like a fiend. She moves to go take a seat next to Phin, noting happily, "Tell me what you think when you taste the BBQ." she says, turning her attention to Zach.

"I'm here to eat, Shitstorm, not to poke at a roast with some feeble plastic shit." Thumper grins and wipes his hands off on his Fleet-issue sweats. (He, at least, hasn't bothered with civilian attire.) See? Hygiene: he has it.

Ceres enters, shaking off the cold briefly with a roll of her shoulders. A sigh leaves her and she looks up to note the others already here. Working herself out of her coat, she lets it slide off and goes to find a seat to lay it over. Slipping past Ygraine and Phin, she pauses and then slips down into a seat near them. "So the chocolate cake is good, got a sneak peak and definitely worth it." She muses.

Augie rumbles in next to Ceres, carrying his guitar. "And ya didn't bring me any?" he asks her. "That's not fair. Not that I eat sweets, but still. Damns, that pig smells good though."

"Heh, yeah, whatever." Storm chuckles. He too is in civvies for the occasion, wearing his patch-coated bomber jacket over a black t-shirt and jeans. When Zach calls out for everyone's attention, Holtz looks over to the DCAG, waiting for the other man to speak.

"Crappiest promotion celebration ever." Says one Aristides 'Janitor' Cole as he walks in shortly behind Bennett. Completely not related. Honest. Check the manifest. He has his Naval peacoat on, and is most decidedly not dressed for the occasion as he's just wearing his standard off-duty gear. Does the man even own any Civvies? "No one's drunk. No one's hanging from the rafters…" He gives a little laugh as he peels off his glove and reaches in his pocket. "No, I suppose not without these." A fan of twenty months worth of drink tickets gets waved. That's a lot of booze. Ari steps around Bennett, giving his sister in law a bit of a wide berth.

Jason gets himself a plate as well as the utensils for eating. After all, some of the manners from his past still remains. Looking between the others present for the moment. "It seems rather nice," he remarks, before he looks over at Cole, offering the man a grin. "Give them a little time, right?" he offers, a bit lightly.

Phin offers Ygraine a slight smile. "Hey, Yggs. How's tricks?" Though his brows shoot up at the first bit she says. Suspiciously. "Umm…what should I taste?" Not that it's likely going to put him off the spread. A quick, "Hey, Redux" is offered to passing Ceres, before he properly puts his attention back on Zachary. He's paying attention. For real. His own civvies are an unremarkable long-sleeved blue top and denim pants that you could find in any college bar on a weekend.

Jess makes a bee-line for Cole as he arrives, and not to congratulate him. "You owe me at least ten of those," she says, "From that last game on the Deimos? Plus interest I'd say we're up to twenty, by now." She holds out a hand and wiggles greedy fingers. She's civved up (or down, depending how you look at it, I guess), in dark jeans a grey top, jacket far too light for the weather folded over a bare forearm. "Hey, Stand-Up," she greets Jason nearby.

Like a hound sniffing a scent, Ygraine's head veers in the direction of those tickets. "Wow. Hey Janitor, will you marry me? Group marriage is totally legal, ya know!" For his tickets.

Bennett seems somewhat reserved tonight, for whatever reason. Rather than make a beeline for the food or the drink, she flashes Cole a taut, polite smile as he steps past, and maintains her post near-ish the door. There's some sort of square-shaped bulge in her fatigue jacket. Mysteeeerious.

"First." Zachary says as he looks around the room. "I know there is a ton of rumors and scuttlebutt going on about the status of the colonies. I want to know about the colonies I want to know about myself." he comments as he lets out a little breath. "We are still gathering the information on the colonies and putting together reports. What information I have now I will share in your squadron break down meetings." he offers, and leaves it at that.

"Second. We all come from different faiths and backgrounds. We all know someone we lost in the last few days. Be it a pilot in our ranks, a Marine on the ground, or a civilian loved one at home." he comments. "I want us all to take a moment to reflect on that, and remember them. I am going to start taking recommendations to send to command to see what we can make happen." And with that, he turns to better things.

"Next, Captain Cole, Major St. Clair, congratulations. You have earned your promotions and responsibilities and I expect to see clear and good things from you both as we move forward as this Air Wing. I wish the CAG could be here tonight, but he's still running missions."

"Finally, I wish to call to the front! Ensign Ygraine Vashti and Major Bennett St. Clair!" And with that, he waits for the two women to approach. Maybe he heard about that stunt on Scorpia. Maybe he just wants to steal Vashti over as his ECO and give Bennett Sebastian. He just waits on the two.

Ygraine's brows go up, and she murmurs to Phin, "Be Are Be." Rising, she heads over to Zachary, calling out loudly, "Hey, Butch! C'mon over here, we're called up!"

Bennett clears her throat lightly and conjures up a pleasant smile as Zachary calls her out, along with her ECO. Her blouse is smoothed with her fingertips before she steps lightly through the throng of air crew to approach the DCAG. Her more boisterous backseater is given a wink as she steps up alongside her.

Cole salutes Zachary with his oh-so-coveted drink tickets, and then he baps Jess on the nose with the lot. "That was three drink tickets, for that little stunt, and with interest that makes…" Well, whatever wad he plunges into the neckline of her shirt. Then a few get folded off and passed to Jason, but the man falls silent when the DCAG calls those two up to the front. Attention trails Bennett like she's in his cross-hairs.

Looking up at Augie, Ceres smiles to him and hooks a chair out as Yggy gets up. She lifts her head and glances towards those gathering at the front and smiles faintly. Dolly is given a look but the Captain stays quiet, tapping her fingers to the table. "I did, Lieutenant and you turned me down for cake. I remember you left it for the knuckledragger." She says softly so as not to interrupt.

"Major St. Clair. Ensign Vashti." With that, Zachary turns and lifts up a small scroll to open it. "During the fleet action on 5 January 2005, the Raptor team of Butch and Milkshake, under heavy fire and duress during the Battle of Caprica, take it upon themselves to come to the aid of the Viper Pilot Lieutenant Jay-Gee Lionel 'Thumper' Tiptoft, who's craft had become seriously damaged and need to be bailed out from."

"With courage and conviction, the pilot and her ECO successfully retrieved the stricken Tiptoft from his Viper and returned him to safety within Orion. For her actions on this day, Major St. Clair is hereby awarded the Fleet Acheivement Medal for her heroism in the face of enemy fire. For her actions on this day, Ensign Ygraine Vashati is awarded the Fleet Commendation Medal and the Distinguished Airman's Medal for her actions in risking her own body and life in the rescue of Lieutenant Jay-Gee Tiptoft."

With that, he offers a small box to Bennett first with her award, and then moves to Ygraine to present her the Airman's Medal and move out of the way so that Bennett can present the FCM to her ECO out of tradition.

"These orders signed 7 January 2005, Rear Admiral Louis Jameson, Commander, Battlestar Orion." And with that, Zachary steps out of the way. "Congratulations." he offers.

The following thoughts predominate in Thumper's head: Yadda yadda talk talk will this ever end come on the food is getting cold. Thumper glares at the speechifying DCAG from his place at the head of the line, his impatience fading only when the man mentions remembrance — and the small matter of him almost getting killed. The big fellow bows his head and taps his medallion, murmuring something inaudible under his breath.

Jess rolls her eyes at Cole, "Really?" She looks down, looks up, "You owe me way more than that. Bastard. I guess since it's your party I'll let it slide this time." She pats his cheek, digs drink tickets out of her bra, and turns to eye the front. Zachary's speech has her heading over to the bar, two of those crumpled tickets exchanged for something dark and neat before she wanders back to suggest to Cole and Jason (and whoever else might be near enough for earshot) in an undertone, "What, are they going to sing or something?" Nope, they're getting medals. "Huh," she says, and applauds politely.

"Oh yeah." Augustus murmurs, leaning against Ceres for a moment. "Slept and got my arm gutted since then." he winks at the pilot, and watches the goings on. This isn't his party, he's just here because Redux wanted company.

Phin crosses his arms along his chest as Zachary speaks of the fate of the colonies, schooling his expression into something as stoic as possible. He manages the mask better than one might expect. He glances over his shoulder at Cole, like there's something he'd like to say to the new Captain, but that will wait. His attention soon goes back to front. The awards do make him crack a smile again. He makes a fist and half-raises it at Ygraine, in a mini-fist-pump. Then joins the applause.

There isn't a peep from the figure of Keller, the tall man slinking into the establishment through the doorway as unobtrusively as he possibly can, fatigues jacket draped over the shoulders of his offduty tanks. His face screws up in a pensive smirk which doesn't carry for very long.

One of Cole's hands is currently occupied with his Massive Wad (tm), so he lifts the other to put forefinger and pinky to his lips, giving a shrill whistle of appreciation for the awards divvied out. With a lowered voice, he comments to Jess. "Don't get your knickers in a wad, you'll get what's due to you." Which may or may not involve a noogie later. Just sayin'.

Bennett's eyebrows come up a fraction, as though something about Zachary's speech were.. unexpected. Clearly not the bit about Ygraine's Fleet Commendation Medal, which would explain the square-shaped bulge in her jacket pocket. A bulge which becomes a simple black box, when she slips it out. It's transferred to her right hand, and her own medal accepted in her left. "Thank you, Major," is offered just a tad too soft for those at the back of the room to likely catch.

And then she reaches for Ygraine's hand, if the younger woman allows, in order to turn it palm-up. "Ensign Vashti, you are one of the finest officers I've worked with in my.." She laughs. "..far too many years. Here. You deserve this. E'leg mesi." The last is murmured in some non-Standard dialect.

Offering a bit of a nod at Cole as he's passed those tickets, Jason looks to them for a few moments as he pockets them. "Thanks," he replies, before he listens to what's being said at the front, expression attentive. Pausing again as he hears Jess, he offers her a momentary grin. "Would be fun, the singing," he offers, before joining in the applause now.

Ceres is quiet save for the clap of congratulations for the two with new medals for thier work. A glance to Augie and he receives a light smirk from her. But her eyes take in the exchange of honors and her eyes drift distantly in thought, finger brushing over her lips before she shiftsi n her seat and brings her attention to the here and now. Eyes settle on Dolly, "Everything alright, Doll?"

Sebastian slowly gets to his feet, quiet and unobtrusive as ever. The ECO makes his way quietly towards the door, only limping slightly and stopping just short of it. Clearly someone is going to leave as soon as politeness will let him. He finds a section of wall to lean against.

After Zachary's announcement, Holtz doesn't join the applause right away, instead cupping his hands around his mouth and giving a loud, raucous cheer as Bennett and Ygraine receive their medals. But then there's a few loud claps for the pair.

Ygraine's mouth makes a little o. She looks over at Bennett, her little o-mouth suddenly turning into a beaming smile, and she turns briefly to flash Phin with a quick, delighted thumbs up before she turns back, stands at attention, and blinks rather hugely at Bennett. "Thank you, sir." she says. She looks a bit overwhelmed.

Zachary offers a smile and a handshake to both of them, handing out the two medals he has, before he clears his throat. "Okay, you apes!" he calls out. "I want it orderly, and if I catch any fighting over the last piece of cake, I'll make you eat Zander's Special!"

And with that, the plates and plates of roasted pig are brought in and set up, still steaming, ready to be sliced into. One of the pigs even has a little Milkshake glass in his paw. Aww. "Chow starts now. Enjoy, you deserve it!" And with that, he moves over to sit with Eden at their own table near the festivities.

Other pilots might have new medals, significant others in attendance, or dark and neat drinks in their possesion. Leo Tiptoft now has approximately a pound and a half of roast pig on his plate, drowned in a pungent ocean of barbecue sauce and Keller's custom Sagittaran spice mix. The bottle's chucked back to its rightful owner with a completely unapologetic "My bad, dude." Then, as he ambles over to his recently be-shinied saviors, he begins to partake of what promises to be a truly epic eating.

Phin offers Ceres a one-shoulder shrug. "I figure anyone who says 'yes' to that's not really been paying attention, Redux. I'm fine as anybody, though. You look good. Is that the engineer you were beating up in the Fitness Center awhile ago?" That asks with a look at Augie. He chuckles, before he can stop himself, moving with the crowd so he's not too far in the back of the line. Though he stays within general chatting distance of the other pilot. "How's your hand?"

Bennett, of course, places the box in Ygraine's hand. And then leans forward to give her a hug, of all things. No stiff salutes for her. Despite the fondness in her smile though, there's a sense that the geniality is mostly put on for the sake of this celebration. She just seems a little.. off tonight.

Augie offers Phin a smirk, his arm in a sling, or he'd probably noggie the pilot. "…I just know when to surrender to a good thing." A chuckle as he lets Ceres handle the rest.

Ygraine feels the weight of the commendation in her hand, but she also feels there's a weight on Bennett. When they hug, she murmurs, "You alright, Butch?"

"You know that's the one I left for /you/ to find." Keller says, suddenly snapping out whatever he was paying attention to as he lunges to grab the bottle launched at him by Tiptoft. The smirk that accompanies this statement is cold, showy — and probably overblown. Probably. Tucking the bottle under his arm, he strolls up towards the refreshments. "Hope I didn't miss /all/ the fun."

"Fair enough, Doll…but its the default question." There is a wan smile on her part, but one meant to be good natured. Redux is not an emotional spout. She does however look up at Augie, "Yeah, he's a stubborn frak. Hard to shake him so I guess he's sticking around despite my best efforts to be cold. He must like it." Her smile warms just a little more before she continues to follow, a leisurely place as people grab something to eat. "The hand?" SHe lifts the bandaged left hand and flexes it a little. "Stiff…not yet cleared for Viper duty. Going to probably need a few more grafts…but should be able to use it I hope." She admits and then keeps up, brushing on past the subject, that silver coin of Zeus flickering as she moves. "Been keeping yourself busy?"

Jess elbows Cole and says, "I'm not worried. The ensign there," she nods in Ygraine's direction, "Was giving me shit just this morning about how unappreciated ECOs are. Figures, right?" She smiles and drinks, and says, "So, let's see. No booze for you, no barbecue…. You want to hold my drink, then, while I grab some food?" She smiles winningly, "Now that I can finally be sure you won't try to steal it. I guess that's one perk of this arrangement."

"Fine," Bennett murmurs back. "Go have fun tonight, okay? It isn't every day we have the opportunity." She steps away finally, smiles again to Ygraine, and steps down from the little makeshift podium to disperse back into the crowd.

Sebastian continues to lean against his wall, although he applauds for the medals with that half a grin he sports due to the stitches. Clearly his attention is elsewhere.

"Kells, I traded that one to a chef for double eggs for a week." Cold smirk, meet innocent grin. As for Bennett and Ygraine, there are more hugs incoming — but only after they do their commisseration thing. Thumper spreads his arms wide, plate balanced precariously by his left hand. For the Raptor drivers' sake, he's wiped off remnants of sauce onto the back of his trousers. And aloud: "AYYYYYYY," his deep bass thunders. "Shit, guys. Didn't I say that was gonna make the highlight reels for sure?"

"As long as you snag me a piece of that cake while you're up there." Cole replies to Jess, taking up her drink with one hand. The other looks to the drink tickets in his hand and with a shrug, they get tossed in the air like so many pieces of confetti. Does that count as inciting a riot? Either way, the newly crowned Captain just steps conveniently out of the way with an, "Oops." He slipped. Really.

Jason smiles a bit as he listens to the others now, moving along the crowd for a few moments as he moves to get himself something to eat now. Chuckling as he listens to what's being said by the people in the crowd for the moment now.

Ygraine nods, looking after Bennett worriedly before she's assaulted by hugs. She grins and kisses Thumper on the cheek, and tries to figure out what to do with her medals because there's people! And food!

Phin nods to Ceres. "It'll get there, Redux. If you've got some time…I mean, if you don't that's fine…but if you could take a look at my gun cam footage from the attacks while you're on light duty, I'd appreciate it. I'm trying to make some notes on what I can work on, y'know, but I don't know…what I don't know." He half-grins as he piles barbecue on his place. He's taking real dinner food first, and saving the cake for later. Hopefully there will be more than Zandar's weird creation left by the time he's ready for dessert. He cranes his neck toward Tiptoft. "Dude, where'd you get the sauce?"

Holtz grabs a plate of his own, with a hefty helping of roast and a pool of barbecue sauce on the side. Good thing he got in line when he did, it seems, as it looks like he beat the rush. There's a toothpick in his mouth, which he takes out and tosses into the nearest trash can as he prepares to wolf down his food. First things first, though, as he makes a detour in Bennett's and Ygraine's direction. "Nice going, the both of you," he offers with a grin. "Butch, that was flyin' worthy of a Viper stick out there." Referring to Tiptoft's rescue, of course. He gives her a conspiratorial wink.

"That's probably not all you traded it for." Keller retorts towards the big guy, waggling his eyebrows in a most-juvenile fashion and then taking in a deep breath as he reorients himself - conveniently right next to a slab of roast pig on a plate after he grabs some dodgy-looking drink, post-haste. "Yeah, nice job sir." He suddenly mutters, echoing Holtz's statement towards Bennett. "I mean — I could have gotten some peace around here." His nose wrinkles in a completely non-serious fashion.

"AY DOLLS." This is a crowded party, so Tiptoft yells. Of course, given that his regular voice is plenty loud enough to be heard, he's probably wrecking a few eardrums right now. "Nicked that shit from my man Kells. Yo, you want some? Got some spare on my plate." Which he holds out in Phin's direction whlie he is kissed. The tall ECO gets a provocative brow-waggle before Thumper disentangles himself from the hug.

Jess heads for food, though it involves a line, which gives her time to turn back and see the drink tickets fluttering through the air. "Asshole," she names Cole, calling across the room, "Such a waste!" She will let others fight over those, though, taking a helping of pork and a piece of cake. "Hey guys," she greets Keller and Holtz and whoever else is nearby. "Congratulations, Butch," she adds to the major as she passes.

"Aye, I could do that. Just getting through the footage from the Prophet's but we can sit down together after I go through it and watch it again. I would be glad to help, Doll." Redux offers, giving a wave of her left hand. "Not a lot for us gimps to do but help you others out." She winks, a bit of levity returning to her. Next up, she takes a plate and forks herself some food, trying to balance it on that bandaged hand. "Doll, when you get a chance." She balances it, the plate wobbling on its gimp perch for some sauce.

Ygraine suddenly lets out a "Hey!" She turns and peers over at the DCAG. "You knew this morning when we went out for the pigs!" She lets out a chuckle, calling out, "Oi, Butch, Janitor - congratulations!" Seriously, she seems to be speaking in exclamation tonight.

Zachary, from his seat next to Eden, smirks. "Well, of course I did. A DCAG has to keep some secrets." he sounds amused as he has a plate of meat and cake and the ice cream everyone seems to be passing over brought over for them along with a pair of iced teas. "…looks delicious." Better than the pasta she was making earlier. Though he'd never say that. "I think I can stay down here a couple of nights if you don't mind me doing some light work in the meantime, hon." he offers to his wife.

Augustus, for his part, remains quiet as Dolly and Redux chatter. He loads up on the pork and looks around at the party and lets out a slow breath as he nudges against Ceres for a moment before he considers a place to sit.

Bennett will not otherwise be accosted. But Thumper does in fact notice the change in expression, and his beaming grin fades just a tad as well. Perhaps they shall have words later — but not now. Now is a time for eatings. So while Phin digs into the sauce, Tiptoft nicks some pig from Phin's plate and combines it with pig from his own plate to create a truly epic sandwich. Which he waves at Nags before annihilating it with surpassing speed.

Sebastian glances around, dark eyes taking in the crowd and assessing everyone's level of involvement in their conversations. He apparently accepts what he sees, and slips his limping way out of the door.

Holtz waves with his free hand. "Hey, Nags," he calls out to Jess as she goes by. Storm, for his part, has no problem projecting his voice, and his sonorous baritone carries easily over the crowd. A grin spreads across his face as Phin comes up. "Hey, Dolls, good to see you. You don't have to call me sir out of uniform, though. Don't worry, I won't tell if you won't." A chuckle.

Jess receives a quite pointedly non-standard salute from Keller. "Nags." He says, his tone sounding (with much effort) chipper. "Hey, um, Leo, don't get too comfortable. Might want to make sure your rack's in order." He proceeds to fiddle with this plate, second-guessing the arrangement of pig, condiments, and whatever else he can find. Finicky eater.

Ygraine gets a little hold of herself, and goes to carefully tuck the commendations away before she returns to fetch herself a plate. Booze, pork, and ice cream, and in no particular order.

Ari lifts the hand holding Jess' glass to wave his gratitude in the direction of Ygraine, two fingers waggling before he goes to drink from the cup out of some old habit. At least the smell hits his nostrils before the taste touches his lips and he physically recoils at the close encounter. "Aphrodite's tits." He mutters, eyes lifting to see Bennett as she approaches. "And Dionysus' dick."

A light smirk still paints her features as Ceres keeps that plate settled easily in her grasp. TIme for a drink. Redux slips past the other pilots, giving a nod to them before trying to find herself some water. Booze goes untouched before she casts a glance back at Augustus.

Jason has gotten some of the food now, the pork and not the cake for the moment. Listening to what's being said by other people for the moment, he finds himself a place to sit, rather quiet for the moment, it would seem.

Augie was just about to reach for a beer, but seeing something in that look makes him think about it for a moment before he snags up a water and smiles towards Ceres to follow her back to their table.

"Dude, I made sure your mother's rack was in order LAST NIGHT YEH?" Tiptoft punches Keller in the arm with a be-sauced fist, shaking his head to hide his grin. "Were those her motionweave pants? Never knew she was a Twins fan."

Phin grins slight at Holtz. "Beauty of being an ensign is it pretty much works for everyone. But thanks, Storm. This is a nice spread. I wasn't sure how it'd feel at a party now but…" He shrugs. "…glad I came, I think." He sets his food down on the nearest available flat surface. He doesn't sit, but it makes grazing easier. He got himself a drink, at some point. One of the beers on tap. It's sipped like he'll be nursing it for a long time. He digs into the barbecue directly.

Bennett murmurs a soft greeting to Ceres as the two pilots' paths intersect briefly, but it's definitely Cole she's aiming for at the moment. His comment about her patron god's phallus gets only a faint twitch of her lips that seems undecided between amusement and disapproval. "I just wanted to congratulate you, Ari. On your promotion." Her hand is offered. There is no joy buzzer in evidence, nor any other obvious prank attached to the gesture.

"Yeah, you really don't— what Holtz said," Jess agrees to Phin, "Specially not when we're down here. Hey, Sandwich, hey Thumper," she says. She snorts at the banter as she constructs a sandwich of her own, and says, "Yeah, didn't know there'd be food too, I figured just cake. They should promote people more often. Be right back," she adds, "Got to exchange cake for drink." It is important.

"Tell me something." Yggy drops in as Jess steps away, comng up on Phin's shoulder. "If a guy's digging on the food, and a girl walks up to him and tells him she's the one who hunted it and killed it and all, is that hot, or just weird?"

Thumper does not share Phin's ambivalence at being here. "Yo, Dolls," he begins, some cliche about living in the moment and being no use to folks while mad depressed on his lips — but then Jess mentions something about exchanging cake. "Uh Nags, no need to exchange. Think I gotta take a breather from this roast, yeh?" Big hand reaches for her plate. C'mon, yo. Gib?

Bennett gets a look up from Ceres as they cross and dark eyes linger on the Raptor pilot. "Congratulations, sir." She says in a steady, clipped tone. Its polite at the very least. Augustus is then looked at as the Viper pilot stalls and Redux watches Bennett's back for a second, feeling herself tense its all she can do to turn back and move to join the DCO.

Keller merely looks down at the little splashes of sauce and frowns. "You're supposed to mix it, first. You savage." His eyes roll back in his head as he coughs up a little sigh of disgust and turns back to his food. "Did they bury this before they roast it?" He asks to no one in particular, finally looking over at Jess. Like, maybe she'd know. Nosily he eyes Ygraine - "Hey. You're not going to eat that all at /once/ are you?"

Augustus gives Ceres' shoulder a quick, firm squeeze to get her to move along. "Congrats, sir." he offers to Bennett as well as the big DCO tries to keep the plate balanced with one hand.

"Me neither," Holtz says to Phin with a shrug. "Good to take your mind off things though, yeah?" He turns as Ygraine joins the little gathering. "This your handiwork, Shakes? Gotta love a girl who knows her way around a gun." Holtz smirks and takes a giant bite of his own roast pig. As Jess moves off in search of a drink, he remarks, "Least they could do is have an open bar. Shit don't happen every day."

Ari looks down to that proffered hand from Bennett, as if it might be a snake that'll bite him should he take it. Finally, he does in fact slip his hand into St. Clair's, giving it a squeeze instead of pumping in a shake like some might. "I could say the same to you." But he won't, will he? Before he releases her hand, he rolls her wrist so that it's palm up as if checking on something. "Major." He's not cold, just reserved.

"DCAG piloted, and Kelsey Wescott actually took some learning the console, but yeah, I took the shots, helped with the butchering, all that." says Ygraine. She's totally having a banner evening. Best Post Genocide Party EVAR.

Jess shakes her head at Tiptoft, "Not for you, Thumps," she replies, "It's for Cole, he's holding my drink." She heads over to make the exchange, though slows as she sees Bennett. Unusually quiet, she slips up, holds out cake at Cole and attempts to make the trade as quickly and undisruptively as possible. Don't mind her.

"Yeah, right," Phin replies to Holtz, in more or less agreement. He's enjoying the barbecue, at least. Blue eyes flick up to Ygraine in mid-bite. "Seriously?" He says it around a mouthful, and has to swallow and beer himself before he can really talk. "You killed this? Yggs? You are Win." He puts his fork down to extend a fist to her. For bumping purposes. "Oh, and congrats on the hardware. Looks like it fits real good."

Bennett, too, does not seem unhappy with Cole. Cautious is an appropriate word. She too gives a squeeze in lieu of a shake. "We need to talk," comes out of her mouth before she's even released his hand. "As soon as you are able." She allows him to turn her hand and check whatever it is that's garnered his attention there. Her eyes remain on his, unflinching.

Ygraine gives Phin the fistbump back. "Thanks, Phinny." she says, beaming. "And y'know if you ever want to come hunting with me, Piraeus is pretty lush."

Something Ygraine says reminds Augustus as he looks to Ceres. "Think your hand can handle that camping trip we talked about a while back?" he asks curiously. "We can at least scout out a location heah or theah to see what could bear climbin."

Well then. Thumper will have to obtain cake for himself. Stumping over to the food, he parks himself by the lemon one and shovels three massive slices onto his plate. A new one — not the one with all the sauces. He's classier than that. And there he'll park himself for the foreseeable future, running from Raptor to Viper to Raptor to Viper until he's sated. Which will probably take a very long time.

Oh look! A Jess! How terribly convenient. Ari releases Bennett's hand only to collar Jess around the neck with the hook of his arm and pull her in front of him. "Major St. Clair, have you ever met Lieutenant Karlsson? Surely you two have reason to talk." He extracts himself and inserts Jess, and then likewise does a quick abso-chango for her drink and his cake. "Swap stories. Even at my expense. I'm going to go find a seat to eat this cake close enough to the roasted swine so I can get high off the fumes."

Meanwhile, Keller has refocused his attention on his own plate and proceeds to shovel a forkful of pork down the hatch with some meticulous hesitation and care. "Huh." He notes after munching. "Somebody knows a thing or two about consistency." He mutters. "Damn."

Jason gets hold of some more of the roasted pig now, humming a little bit to himself. Finding himself a place to seat himself now, he looks a bit thoughtful at the moment, as he glances around the room rather carefully for now.

His plate still-half full, Holtz steps away from the small knot of people to make his way towards the bar. Seems like he's had his fill of sobriety, if not roasted pig. A moment later, he's walking through the crowd with his plate in one hand and a tall glass full of emerald-tinted ambrosia in the other. None of that weak beer crap for Storm.

"We've met," Jess says, a little startled by the sudden human-shield move from Cole. She has a drink in her hand now, though, so she takes a sip as she looks after the departing captain and then back to smile at Bennett. "Well, I'd say that was strange, but." She shrugs. It's Cole. "I didn't realize you two knew each other," she says, "Did you not just transfer in, major?"

Bennett opens her mouth to say something to Cole when he shoves Jess in front of her, then laughs softly. A slight flush creeps up her throat and ears, and she mentions to the freshly-minted Captain, "We have, actually. Met. I actually backseated for Nags in the simulators, recently." To Jess, "I.. we… he's my brother in law. My sister's husband." She speaks like she's dodging

Ygraine is apparently like a puppy with a dozen squirrels - there's so much going on and she's distracted by all of it. This is easily resolved, however. "Holtzy!" she calls out. "Grab me another beer, please?" There's pork to chow on, and once that's handled, cake and ice cream. Ygraine has a healthy appetite, and doesn't bother trying to be delicate about it.

Now it's a party! Mainly because his best friend is now awkwardly chatting with his sister-in-law but that means Cole is free to enjoy CAKE. He weaves through the group and plops down near Phin. "So. No one is naked yet. Is this a good, or a bad thing? Discuss." He makes a motion with his fork in a circular gesture before it dives into chocolate divinity. "Oh frak." He mutters at the first taste, "OH FRAK ME." He beats the base of his fork against the table in absolute ecstasy over cake.

Phin finishes off his ribs at a quick clip. The nursing philosophy he applies to his alcohol is not for his food, apparently. "I wonder if Janitor's out of the scrum yet…?" Speak of the devil. And he shall appear. The ensign grins. "Hey, sir. Uh. Not yet." He seems to have more to say about, at the man's table-beating, he just laughs.

"Dammit, Shakes, I don't have three hands," Holtz grouses, looking at his plate and his glass as Ygraine's shout carries to him. He pauses, though, and after a moment's thought, he sees a solution to the problem. With a single gulp, he polishes off his own drink, and with his suddenly free hand, quickly shovels the last of his food down the pipe. Then, it's back to the bar with Holtz, and he returns with another glass of the green stuff for himself and a beer for Ygraine.

"Really?" This is news to Jess, clearly, and she looks after Cole with a Look. "Well," she says, turning back to Bennett, "Cool. I guess I had forgotten her maiden name, I didn't put that together at all." She takes a sip of her drink and says, "That's a funny coincidence, the two of you squad leaders here." Also apparently an awkward one, with Cole escaping so LET'S TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE. "We should do another group sim like that sometime," she suggests, "I got out of the Predator habit in my last posting, I'd love to brush back up a bit."

Like a well-oiled machine, Keller goes at demolishing his plate, consuming its contents with a mechanical precision that would probably make a Cylon jealous. Oh wait — too soon? He proceeds to whip a piece of bread wrapped in a napkin out of his pocket and dip it in some of the pork's juicier bits. Mmm. Makeshift gravy.

Their meal finished, Zachary seems not to be really paying attention to his pilots. Their all adults, and they can behave like that. The cakes are dwindled down, and the pork is nearly gone. Leaning over to Eden, Zachary gets a conspiratory smile. "You realize, sweetheart, they are probably waiting for me to leave so they don't have to fear the wrath of the DCAG. Want to head back to the apartment for the night?" there's a small waggle of his brows in the suggestion. Still flirting with her.

"Thaaaank you Stormy." Ygraine beams at the Tauron in question, and switches out from meat to milk, attacking her cake and ice cream contentedly. There's a lot to watch.

Awkward is definitely the name of the game where Bennett and Cole are concerned. The major smiles faintly at mention of her maiden name. And considering Bennett still uses it, it's a fair bet she's not married at her ripe old age of almost fourty. "It is, isn't it. A coincidence, I mean, about.." Thank the gods Jess changes the subject just then. "Oh, yes, we should. I mean, I'd like to start getting something regular going." She casts her eyes about briefly, gaze landing on Keller for a second or two before returning to Jess. "I really should.. probably get going. Early shift in the morning." It's kind of like a blind date. Without the benefit of being a date."

Eden glances around the room and smile sfaintly, finishing off the last piece of her cake before she looks back to Zach thoughtfully. "Perhaps, but then I do so like meeting who you work with." Going to make him wait? Evil woman. But she smiles a bit more and leans to place a kiss against his cheek before rising silently from her place. She moves to dump her plate and then head for her coat, giving the DCAG a look that asks 'why are you taking so long?'.

Zachary does not wait, at all. Out of his chair, he slugs down the rest of his water, and with a few good nights and general salutes, he actually meets Eden at the coat rack to help her into it so they can get to their home and he can help her out of it. Just because he's mid-40s doesn't mean he's going to pass by a direct pass from the wife a decade his junior. "Good night, everyone." he offers as he slips his arm around Eden's waist to lead her out.

Keller simply manages to clean his plate to such an extent that it's practically usable as a mirror. He's good like that. Setting the fork down now he slumps in his chair, eyeing his drink shiftily. Finally he just takes a good, quick swig.

Jess nods to Bennett, in no hurry to continue awkwardness. "Congrats again," she says, "Let me know if you do get something regular going. We can talk about it another time." She offers a friendly smile, and then lets Bennett go, heading over to thwap Cole upside the head. "Sister-in-law?" she says simply before adding, "Hey Dolly," and moving on towards Keller. "Sandwich, I heard something about hot sauce?"

"Sorry." Cole says to Phin, his thumb wiping at the corner of his mouth. "No meat. No sex. NO ALCOHOL. I gots to get my jollies where I can." Speaking of something to wet his whistle. "What's a man got to do to get some milk around here?!" A flash of a wink and he's getting up from his seat just as he gets smacked upside the head from Jess. He gives her a 'you didn't ask' sort of shrug and then he's slipping off to go find a corner (or an officer's lounge) to hide.

"Hey, Nags," Phin replies to Jess. "Oh, Janitor. Before you go." He trails the captain briefly. "Uh, I just wanted to say…not congratulations, because that's weird. I mean, with the way all this has happened. But…I'm really glad it was you they pinned, sir." That is all. He lets Cole go.

Holtz hands over Ygraine's drink, and pulls out a pack of cigarettes that looks like it's been residing in his pocket for a day or two before removing his jacket and draping it over the back of a chair. (So much for him having quit smoking.) He lights one with a quick motion and alternates between puffing on the cigarette and knocking back slugs of his drink. "It's a bar, not a dairy farm," he calls out to Cole with a twisted smile.

"Got a problem with dairy farms, Holtzy?" Ygraine asks, ever so mildly as she grins from behind her beer.

Augie glances over at Ceres and notices her distraction and waves a hand in her face. "Wanna get outta here?" he asks her, a pensive look on his face as he finishes off his pork. "We can go sit out under the stars and I can serenade ya on my guitar or some shit like that."

Janitor's hand juts out, fluffing Phin's hair with a ruffle. "Thanks, Dolly." Pause. "Oy! Guess I better latch on to your mama's tit, then!" Cole flies his second favorite bird, his middle finger, in Holtz' direction. Just because he's the SL doesn't mean he has to stop slinging the shit with the other pilot's. It's a rite of passage that he'll not be denied.

Keller's eyebrows hoist, flag-like at Jess' question as he cranes his head sharply at her and looks at the table beside him momentarily, fumbling for a bottle. "Yeah. If Boffo over there didn't manage to waste the entire thing." He hefts it aloft and reaches towards Nags lazily. "It's made for this sort of thing if not exactly 'traditional.'" There's an implied scoff shading this last word. "Nice weather we're having, by the way."

Phin tries to look at dignified as possible while Cole is ruffling his hair. It's…not very dignified. He shoves his bangs back from his face, maybe reconsidering the idea of a haircut, and smirks.

"You wouldn't like it, Janitor. Woman drinks like a fish," Holtz calls back after Cole. He looks back to Ygraine with a raised brow and a twinkle in his eye. "Now, did I say that, Shakes?" Another slug of ambrosia goes down the hatch.

Phin wanders off to get himself some cake. Unless all that's left is Zander's cake. He won't eat that.

Jess takes a seat at the table, or rather on the corner of the table, taking the sauce bottle from Keller. "Thanks," she says, dashing it liberally across her food, "Who cares about traditional? I bet it's delicious." Clearly more important. She arches a brow at the ECO as he mentions the weather, and says, "Yeah, nice enough. I'm a fan, but I like snow more than most people. Are we really going to talk about the weather?"

Keller's teeth flash into a tight grin. "Apparently we just did." he says, shrugging one of his wide shoulders. "Anyway, that stuff is — well. Yeah. I was going to save it now that things are the way they are but maybe there's no point?" His drink, whatever is in it, seems to agree with him as he finishes his glass with aplomb.

Holtz moves back to the bar, but the bartender is off to the side getting a drink for another, unnamed patron. "Eh, frak this noise," he mutters, and reaches down to grab the first bottle his hand wraps around — in this case, a nearly full bottle of whiskey. He tosses down a single drink ticket; woefully inadequate compensation, but hey, it's better than nothing. With that, he ambles off towards the exit.

Bennett has been busy tucking into cake while the other pilots socialise. Which is so very not like her. Well, the cake part is. The antisocial bit, not so much. She lifts her hand in a wave as a few people depart, and with a glance at the time seems to decide she should be fleeing too. "Thanks for the cake, boss," she tells Zachary on her way by, favouring him with a smile. Then onward for the door.

"I guess so," Jess replies. She looks faintly guilty as he talks about saving the sauce and hands it back, "I didn't use that much," she says, which is true-ish, "Sorry. Can you make more?" She swirls the little liquor left in her glass and finishes it, and then looks to the bar, just in time to catch Holtz's little theft. She laughs, "Storm! Share that before you go or I'll rat you out."

"I didn't mean go easy on it. That was more for the fat man over there." Keller says, lazily swiping his hand in the direction of wherever Tiptoft got to. "Nah. I didn't make this. It's a pretty good facsimile of the stuff my ex-wife would get from Sag on occasion before the import prices got outrageous. Guy on the Erinys got it for me, he was a big fan." The ECO muses.

"Better catch me if you can, Nags, 'cause I ain't stoppin'," Holtz says, grinning. True to his word, even as he turns to face Jess, he's still in motion, walking backwards with slightly inebriated-looking steps towards the exit.

Bennett dodges the big viper pilot drunkenly weaving for the door, and ducks out. Hey, she even holds it for him.

"That's the understatement of the year. Well — /one/ of them. Anyway, that's what it is." There's a long, long pause here as people move in and out. "Mmm. Suit yourselves." Keller states, not obliviously as he eyes the departing pilots, leaving himself with an empty plate and an empty drink.

Holtz stops just long enough to refill Jess' glass, and he even manages to accomplish that task without splashing more than a few drops of the brown liquid on the floor. "Aaaaand, there y' are," Storm says, and with a jaunty index-finger salute, he returns his path towards the exit. "Drink it like you stole it," he offers with a conspiratorial wink. He sends a slightly uneven nod Bennett's way. "Why, thank ya," he mumbles as he finally finds his way out.

Jess tips Holtz a salute and says, "Have a good night, Storm." She pats his shoulder and wanders back towards her plate and Keller, sipping carefully at over-full glass. "Whiskey?" she offers the ECO on her return, "Assuming you don't mind receiving stolen goods, I've more than enough."

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