ALT #345: Promotion
Summary: Lleufer stops by HQ to get Amos to sign some papers and ends up leaving promoted in rank from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant.
Date: 17/12/2013 (OOC Date)
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Amos Lleufer 
Battalion HQ, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The headquarters of Third Battalion, Eighth Marines is the primary command location for all Marines associated with Task Force NOMAD. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, though it tends to explode with activity during duty hours.
December 17th, 2005

It's shortly after lunch and while the battalion HQ is busy, it's no more so than any other day. Paperwork is being shuffled, conversations are being had, and the wireless operator on duty still seems to be trying to get rid of his hangover from the night in Charlies. Same old drill as usual really. Stood over by the coffee machine, waiting for it to work it's magic is Amos, battered tin mug in hand and eyes firmly on his prize.

Someone raps lightly on the hatch and when bid to enter, Sgt Ynyr opens up and steps in. He's carrying a clipboard with some papers on it and he's in his MP uniform, "Got a moment, Captain? If not I can leave these with you. Authorizations for a pair of Raptors to be refitted to scan Piraeus in the Shepherd matter. It's been low priority until Picon settled, if we can spare them." Of course now Lleufer's really getting focused on Aerilon action, as you might expect. Trying to get in on missions over that way, it being his home world.

Amos glances up and across to Lleufer as he finds himself being addressed. He looks momentarily confused as to why the papers have come to him, but then holds his hand out for the clipboard anyway and gives them a quick scan. "These gone by the CAG and Deck Chief?" he asks, searching his pockets unsuccessfully for a pen before giving up and gesturing the MP back towards his desk where he knows there is one.

Lleufer stops at the desk and grins, "That will, yeah but this is just paperwork to allow them to take a few Marines along in case they need to land. All the raptor stuff of course is Airwing, not us." Ynyr lays the clipboard where Amos can skim over it, "I don't really think Shepherd is even down there. He almost certainly jumped elsewhere but command sent me down a warrant to go look over Piraeus so either I've got to go or send an MP with them anyway. A couple of Dog Platoon along is good, if they can be spared. Up to you, sir."

Ynyr adds, "I thought I would probably send Brina with the new K-9, Odysseus."

Amos pulls open a drawer, retrieves a pen and makes his mark on the paperwork before offering it back. "Understood Sergeant, just keep me informed and let me know when you plan of taking the flight so I can make sure there's people covering your nomal duties in the roster." Ah, the cut and thrust world of operational planning. There's a nod to the mention of the dog before he asks, "you think the dog is ready for that, or the chances so slim of finding the Colonel that you think it's more a case of getting him used tot he raptors?"

The papers are accepted back. Ynyr doesn't even glance at them, "I think both. So slim that I will be seriously surprised if he's on Piraeus, but also yeah, I think the dog is ready to be tested in the field for basic tracking. He's already used to raptors, going back and forth from the Orion to Piraeus. I figure whether he's good or not, it's useful field experience and unless he runs across a fresh trail, anything down there will be too old for the dog to pick up anyway. But it's good for him to go on test runs with people he's not used to."

Lleufer adds, "More, it'll be a useful trial for Lance Corporal O'Connell, sir."

Amos seems satisfied with that answer, for while he might be in charge of the battalion's training, he has precisely no experience with animals. "Alright then, I'll approve that provisionally, with final confirmation coming once you're ready to go and I can be sure there's no unexpected complications or such." Slipping the pen back into the draw he the states, "while you're here Sergeant, there's a couple of things you might find it useful to be aware of. Firstly, there's a potential mission on Picon coming up. Now it's with Intel at the moment and in the very early stages, but there's going to be a fair amount of work needs doing if it gets the nod. I can't tell you much about it yet I'm afraid, and I'm waiting on Captain Grey getting back to me with more information I asked for, but if you could keep working on your IED clearance techniques then it may well come in useful."

Amos has his full attention now. Lleufer stands at parade rest, attentive and with the clipboard now held at the small of his back, "Yes, sir." He /might/ look a little leary at mention of Captain Grey, that whole undisclosed something or another in the past between them yet. But the Sergeant keeps his face neutral and listens for whatever his orders might be and accepting them. "I'll put extra time into focusing on it, sir."

If Amos notices the response to his fellow captain's name, he says nothing, keeping his own opinions to himself. "Good," he replies simply, "if you need any time in the facilities down on planet just let me know and I'll see what can be done." That apparently being all his has to say on that matter he moves on, reaching into a pocket of his greens and pulling out a small box. "There's been a flurry of paperwork of late, and these were part of it." Holding the box out with his left hand he offers his right to shake, "congratulations Staff Sergeant. I know they're perhaps not the colour you've been waiting for, but that'll come if you keep working on it."

Lleufer waits to hear what else there is, looking forward to planning meetings actually where it comes to missions. So Amos has his interest as it's often a whole lot more exciting stuff than MP work most of the time. Ynyr's gaze drops to the small box and then the hand offered. He puts down the clipboard on the edge of the desk to accept both, with dark brow lifted, "Outstanding, and thank you, sir. Na, I gave up on the officer stuff. Never did get to finish OCS and … well, Kostas has her eye on some other fella she wants to promote into command anyway. It doesn't really matter as long as we get things done that need doing." Lleu smiles and isn't the least put off by it not being Ensign pins. "Thanks, Captain."

It would appear that that was not exactly the response Amos was expecting, and a momentary expression of surprise crosses his features before he returns it to it's more neutral state. "I do not believe there's been a time limit put on it Staff Sergeant," he states simply, "having read the last report on your progress I don't think it'd take you long to finish up if you put your mind to it." He won't push the matter beyond that, but does add, "besides, just because we're looking at other people doesn't mean we've stopped looking at you. We still need a platoon officer for Alpha and for that we need an MP."

Ynyr gives a slow nod, the left side of his face still mostly slack. He reaches up a hand to lightly touch the scar at his temple, "Honestly … sir, I .. expected to get drummed out of the service on medical." Lleu lowers his hand and watches Amos, "I … maybe I've lost a lot of confidence that I can still do this. I'll think about it, sir." He can at least speak fairly clearly now.

"There's a war on," Amos replies with a faint smile, "we can't afford to be letting good man go when we still have uses for them." He seems happier with this answer though and gives a couple of silent nods. "Do think on it, yes, let me know how you feel once we've got this little Picon jaunt out of the way. Or whatever else they may happen to throw at us before then." He'd noticed the extra attention at the mention of mission planning after all.

"Yes sir. Do my best." Ynyr pulls off his old tabs and puts on the new pins on his uniform, then hands the small box back over with the old pins in it. "Thank you, sir. I'll see if there is anything course work wise I can sign up for more demolitions study. Otherwise I got cleared on my basic stuff I already know. I have … eh, some memory issues but mostly it's recalling visual stuff. Like if I looked at a map earlier. Now I kind of need to carry it with me or find a way to memorize it differently."

Amos gives a short nod in understanding. He's seen soom eo fhte edical reports when the various basic clearances were granted, but it's good to hear it from the horses mouth as it were. "Very good Sergeant," he replies, "I'll keep all that in mind." Taking the box bac he sets it down on his desk then states, "unless there was anything else you were wanting I think we're about done here."

Lleufer picks up the clipboard, "No sir. That's all I needed and I'll get back to my duties. Thanks, Amos." A bit of informality slipped in there. Ynyr smiles a little, less sure about himself. He turns and heads back out of the HQ and secures the hatch behind himself quietly.

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