AWD #018: Promises to Keep
Promises to Keep
Summary: Holtz and Afton get in some practice time on the firing range. Things are Discussed.
Date: 24/01/2013
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Holtz Afton 
Firing Range
With ten different bays, the firing range can accommodate quite a few shooters with about two dozen spectators or trainees behind them. At 25 yards, the targets can be brought forward or pushed back up to the stops before the inclined plating designed to deflect rounds up. The lighting can be dimmed down to nothing for use with night vision or flashlights, also. A large sign overhead denotes the requirement of both eye and ear protection, as well as the prohibition of all ammunition except rubber or frangible. However, there are no firearms stored here. All firearms and ammunition must be checked out from the Marine Armory in the Security Hub.
January 24, 2005

No CAP for the day means plenty of time for Holtz to handle other things, such as the recent directive for Orion's pilots to brush up on their firearms skills. Holtz is taking advantage of a slow evening to get some practice of his own in; his boots clomp against the deck as he enters the range and approaches the Marine NCO on duty. "Hey, Sergeant," he murmurs. "How about some ammo for the Five-seveN?"

The marine raises his brow, but places several of the requested clips on the desk for the man. "Not your usual style, LT," he remarks. "Don't you usually show up with the Dragon?" He looks down at his sign-in sheet. "I'll give ya lane three."

Holtz smiles thinly in response as he grabs the proferred clips. "Just gettin' with the times, Sergeant," he remarks. "Thanks." The pilot makes his way towards the indicated lane, and he loads and sights the weapon with black-gloved hands.

Already in her own lane, the rattling fire of three rubber bullets sound off as Afton St. James aims down with right foot back and her pistol cupped below and sure fingers squeeze off the rounds. She unloads her clip and sets it down. lifting her hands to the protective gear she wears to remove her clear glasses and set them down. She hits the button to call back her target sheet and waits for the line to come in.

A glance over towards the new arrival has her stop, a smile on her lips. She watches Holtz a moment and then leans forward to unclip the sheet and set it down before her. She checks it over, admiring and perhaps not admiring her handy work.

Wrapped up in his own thoughts, Afton's presence doesn't register on Holtz right away. He catches a twitch of movement out of the corner of his eye and turns to see a familiar face. "Oh, hello, Afton," he greets her as he dons his own protective equipment before hefting his weapon and squeezing off a shot of his own. It hits the target, but not very close to the center; looks like he hasn't quite gotten warmed up yet.

She lifts a hand in salute so as not to disturb him. The PJ clips up a new target and sends it back down the line with a push. As it sails forward, she is reloading a new clip and pulling down her glasses. Once she is sure he is through with his shot, she lifts her's. Common ediquette. "How have you been, Kurt?" She asks and then squeezes off three more rapid shots, holding her arms out to aim them as the pistol kicks back with its slight recoil. She lowers the gun, giving him the chance to shoot as she eyes her target down the lane.

Holtz lets loose a short, caustic bark of laughter. "I'm survivin'. And all things considered? I'll take it." After she finishes her shot, he raises his weapon and echoes her three-round salvo with one of his own. His aim is much better this time; all three shots are headshots, with the middle shot even nicking the bullseye. "And how's the end of the world treatin' you, Afton?" There's humor in the man's tone, but there's also a certain morbidity to it.

"Same as its treating everyone else…Picon was a reminder that many have it worse than us. Its almost a blessing not to have seen my kid know. It was…humbling." She says and gazes down her gun. "Kids taking care of the dying." She sets her jaw and repeats her three rounds quickly, eyes focused on her shots as she flinches slightly as they go off and then glances over towards him, lowering her gun to point down at an angle.

Holtz' expression hardens slightly at the response, and his face flushes ever so slightly, as if embarrassed by his own words. "Gods above," he murmurs softly. "I hadn't thought of it that way, but…" He pauses, giving a minute shake of the head as he swallows a breath. "My daughter likely died in the attack. But when I hear about survivors in prison camps or fighting guerilla wars against the toasters in bombed-out wastelands… You know what the sick thing is? I start to wonder if she wasn't one of the lucky ones." Grimacing with his jaw clenched, he squeezes off another three round salvo. One catches the target's neck, but the other two are low for what would be harmless(by comparison) shoulder shots.

"I hope he is not suffering somewhere. I hope he's at peace….that he was lucky. BUt Caprica City…I landed there and I couldn't even stay to find him…I had to leave. I was there,…." That is it, she can't seem to say anymore and she dumps the clip to slam home her last and her hand lifts and she lets loose. There really is little attempt to aim and she lets go one, two, three, four..five, six…and the pistol clicks several times after before she slowly lowers her gun and rolls her shoulders. "We will find em if they are alive, Kurt. I promised Wescott I would find her daughter. I will find my Timothy." She intones without looking over, a deadly seriousness to her tone.

"Understand me. Nothing would make me happier than to have Allison back. I'm sure you and Wescott feel the same," Holtz says flatly, his voice roughening. "But don't make a promise you can't keep." Another trio of shots rings out from Storm's pistol; score two more headshots and an almost-headshot. "You're not doing anyone any favors getting their hopes up. Or by haring off on some half-baked search and rescue mission. Not now." He slaps the button to bring his target in, wanting to get a better look at his shot groupings.

Afton glances over at him and lets out a long breath, "Sounding like Beckett." There is a faint smirk and then she punches the button for her own target, drawing it back in as she lowers her sidearm and slips the clip out. The Jumper lets it rest, going quiet as she pulls the paper from its holder. She looks at it, frowning some thoughtfully before she sets the paper down and removes her glasses. Carefully folding up the papers, she lifts her had up. "Kurt, I would agree with you, save that hope is what I go on, yeah? So I either hope he's not hurting and passed on or I have a chance to find him. Either or, nothing between." Pause. "I am sorry." In regards to his child.

After a quick look at his perforated target, Holtz affixes a new sheet to the dolly and sends it back to the end of the range. BLAM BLAM BLAM! comes the sharp report of his pistol as he fires another three-round burst. "Yeah," he finally murmurs. "I get that. But if I sound like Beckett, then maybe he had a point." He takes a breath. "Thanks. For whatever it's worth, I do hope your son is alive."

She's out of clips, this one. Folding up her targets, she glances over at him, "Yeah, he does…I won't say he doesn't." She admits. Afton holsters her gun and takes up the empty clips and eye gear. She starts past him and stops. "Yeah, me too. Thanks, Kurt." She says and then shifts forward and heads for the desk, signing in her side arm and then the empty clips. She offers the glasses and headgear to before stepping back to look over her targets, noting her wide shots but most see to be rather close to chest or head.

Holtz still has plenty of rounds to burn through himself, so he stays in place as he reloads his weapon. "Hell, in a perfect world, we'd find 'em all, alive and well. But it ain't a perfect world." He's about to fire off another burst when he pauses, turning to look at her instead with a serious expression. "I meant what I said before, Af. We might not be blood…" The 'we' referring to Orion's crew. "…but we need you as much as he does. Don't do anything you might regret, yeah?"

Looking up from her paper targets, his words catch for a moment and she looks at him, perhaps struck by surprise before she tries to quickly hide that he may have hit her right on the head. Afton gets a rueful smile, "Yeah, Kurt, promise. Nothing I will regret." She says to him, meeting his gaze before looking back down at the paper and then moving to toss them in the bin. She hovers though, at the back wall and watches him but hesitates if he starts to line back up, grabbing her eye gear again and coming up along side him. "Show me how you hold your firearm, yeah?" Its a light request.

"I'll hold ya to it, then." Holtz turns his attention back to his target and is about to resume his shooting when he senses her presence beside him and stops. He looks down at her with a hint of surprise at her question, but shrugs and takes a step back to give her a better view. His stance and grip are pretty standard, like what recruits are taught in training; he stands with his feet spread apart, clutching his weapon in the normal two-handed grip, with one black-gloved hand wrapped around the other.

Nodding, she looks over his stance. Basic. Good. Afton moves around him and then draws a breath. "What do you do to aim, hold your breath? ALways two eyes if you don't already." She expresses and then looks once more at his stance and steps back again. "Go ahead, I want to watch." She explains. "That is if you don't mind." She offers a faint smile, rueful as well.

Holtz' eyebrow peaks at her request, but he doesn't tell her off or shoo her away. "Knock yourself out," he says wryly instead. "Yeah, yeah, I remember." A thin smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he looks down the sight. (With both eyes, naturally.) His jaw clenches reflexively as he pulls the trigger, sending a quartet of shots into his target. His aim is good; all of his shots are on target, two of them even punching holes in the paper where a person's eyes would be.

That smile is returned with, as ever, a rueful one. Afton is in a mood tonight and it shows. Her arms cross and she watches him tense up a bit. "Could be the recoil.." She expresses. "You shoot damn well for a pilot, Kurt." SHe teases and then steps in. "Loosen your hand just a little, see if that helps. Might make a difference on your later shots." She expresses and then steps back again. Her arms cross again and she tilts her head a moment, looking down the lane.

"Shoulda seen me the other day. Damned if I didn't shoot a smiley face into one of those," Holtz replies with a quiet chuckle, jerking his chin in the direction of the target with no small amount of pride. Hey, these days you gotta take the small victories, right? He does take her suggestion, though, loosening his grip slightly as he squeezes off another sequence of shots. He doesn't score any fancy trick shots this time, but he does manage to create a slightly closer grouping than before.

"Well should held on to that target…believe it when I see it." Afton says to tease him again and then as he looses his hand, she hmmms softly and then laughs. "I am probably just frakking you up. I'll back off and let you have your time." She holds up her hands in defeat and slips back towards the counter as she seems to be no help, reaching up for her eye gear to remove and hand it back once more. She does a final sign out at the paper.

"You know, I think I did grab it, actually. Maybe I'll have to hang it up in the rec room or somethin'," Holtz retorts with a slight smile. He shakes his head. "Eh, you're not frakkin' me up. Doin' that all on my own. That's what I get for thinkin' when I should be shootin'." He shrugs, turning back to the range and leveling his weapon once more. Three rounds are fired, and three rounds find the target.

"You should," she says and then while she's signing out, Afton looks back at him. "Then stop talking to me and think." She winks at him and then steps closer towards the door, hanging back to watch. Her arms are brushed, crossing once more as she takes a place to lean against the back wall. Her head tilts and she chews the inside of her cheek. She rolls her tongue across her lips and stays quiet, toe brushing the grated flooring briefly before her eyes go distant.

"Yes, sir," Holtz replies with a lopsided grin. He takes a long breath, steadying himself for a moment before emptying the clip in a barrage of fire. The shots cluster around the target's head. He looks back at her as he reloads, noticing her distant expression. "Something on your mind? Spill."

"Hmmmm?" Afton looks up at Holtz and waves it off. "Nah, go ahead keep shooting. My mind is everywhere right now so I couldn't rightly say whats on it." She settles back though, watching him again as her green eyes meet his gaze. "I like this , sir thing anyways. Lets try that again but with more feeling." The PO grins, showing white teeth as she relaxes a bit, easing some where she is.

"Sure?" Holtz grunts, followed by a shrug. "Well, I know that feeling, anyway." Her grin is matched by one of his own, and he snaps off a teasing salute that wouldn't look out of place on a parade ground. Black-gloved hands slam home a fresh clip, and he opens up once more. This time he gets a little carried away, though, and while his shots are still on target, his aim isn't quite as crisp as it was. "Well, bugger," he notes dryly, "that's what I get for tryin' to show off, yeah?" A derisive snort of laughter follows.

"The salute gets an eight of ten but the shot…" She clicks her tongue and shakes her head, eyeing the target. "I give you a five..gotta work on your execution." She winks and then pushes off from the wall. "I got duty soon, Kurt, I could stick around but I think I am doing you know good by demanding sirs and salutes." She lifts her own salute to him, coming to attention. "Let me know when you want to hit some more targets."

Holtz simply shakes his head with a throaty chuckle. "Looks like I'm about dry on rounds anyway." He returns the salute, a little more seriously this time. "Right, then. Nice seein' ya as always, Af." He makes his way over to the desk and the sign-in roster, aiming to drop off his weapon and empty clips.

"Hang in there, Kurt. I won't forget what you said. Family." She makes a motion to mean Orion around them. Her smile warms and she lingers a moment and then commits to waiting for him to join him on the way out. "I suppose i can wait to walk with you." She grins, throwing another slight jab his way.

Holtz scrawls his signature into the sign-out listing on the clipboard before turning back to Afton. "No need to hold off on my account." Nevertheless, he does move to catch up with her, walking alongside the woman as they walk towards the hatch. He nods at her gesture. "I know you won't." A smile. "'Cause if you do, I'll drag you back down to the ring and pound it into your head until it takes," he adds, teasing her dryly.

A mock gasp and then she shoves him lightly, "No don't go telling anyone I shoved you. They'd brig me." That smirk grows. "Besides, you got as good as you gave last time, sure you are up for that again?" She lifts a fist to shake it with a jest at him and then lifts it to touch right under his jaw lightly. "Glass jaw, I bet you anything." She teases.

"Striking a superior officer in wartime," Holtz tsks mockingly. "Brig you? Hell, they just might shoot you. But I won't tell anyone if you won't." He winks. The glass jaw comment earns a snort. "I was off my game that day. You won't surprise me like that again."

"A rematch then," Afton says and looks rather confident. "I have been training, you know against seasoned pros. You are going to be in for a tough fight." She flexes one arm. The mood has definitely lightened and she gives him a grin before looking forward once more. "I am also going to smear you during paintball. Swear it. This cylon's shooting her a pilot." She grins.

"Rematch, then. You're on." Holtz' brow quirks at the mention of the paintball match. "Oh, you think so, do you?" he asks drolly. "You'd better be prepared to work for it, then, 'cause I'm not going down without makin' a fight of it first. Hell, maybe I'll be the one that smears you, toaster." Snicker.

"It would be my pleasure to die at your hands. Thats if you can hit me." Afton smiles brightly. "Well I am going to head off, this is my stop." She steps away from him gives a wave over her shoulder. "I will see you on the field or before for our rematch." Thumbing her nose at him, she turns back around and picks up the pace with a skip to hit the mess before duty.

"Guess we'll see what happens, yeah?" Holtz smirks as they come to a stop in the corridor. "All right. See ya." He offers a nod in response to her wave, watching her go for a moment before he turns back and heads in the other direction.

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