Projects and Specialties


Want to modify the gun systems on Vipers to shoot flaming potatoes? Figure out how to get a dead ship started without jumper cables? Or even something like plan a daring rescue? This is the page. This page shows you where projects are tracked, a guideline for project procedures, and a section players can add their characters to if they're interested in helping with projects in general.


Active and inactive projects are tracked here.


Getting a project approved and going is actually pretty easy. Staff tries to get these things approved and kicked out in some form of the initial proposal if possible. However, some things are not possible. Trying to stealth a Viper? Might be possible. A Raptor? Far harder. A battlestar? Probably not happening. But there are a lot of possible and plausible ideas out there. Players who take the time to Do The Research and examine potentials within the realm of science and do some homework will definitely have an easier time getting really cool and crazy stuff approved. Individuals looking for ideas for plots and what's known around our game's universe are encouraged to visit the Colonial Conditions page for inspiration.

NOTE: All projects, in addition to OOC staff approval, need to get approval ICly from your character's Department Head or the TACCO, CMDR Marcus Petra. This character also has a list of ongoing projects here. The IC approval must be granted before work is begun on the project. If your PC was assigned to this project, consider the permission ICly granted.

In an ideal world, the process should look like this:

  1. The Concept — This is the impetus for the project. Why is it happening? Talk to other PC's about this and see what needs to be done. Get the basic idea down of what you like to do. Be careful about making promises about what is feasible. If you're working on science (or pretty close to it) to make this happen, you are safer with tossing ideas around that might be a bit Out There.
  2. The Request — Someone involved will need to submit the project for approval via +request. This may take a few days to look over by staff and consider. When you hear back, the project will probably have some limitations imposed on it and guidance given. A time frame will probably also be provided. The limitations given are not suggestions. They are hard limits and anything beyond them will require a separate +request. If it is approved, then proceed to Number Three.
  3. The Work — Get out there and RP on it. Staff will expect players to have scenes about their projects and work being done on them. Further ideas can be proposed and problems solved for that might have been given in the approval. Further, we expect players to work cross department. If there is nobody available for what you are looking for, contact a staffer on how to proceed. It is never okay to handwave work being done by an NPC when a PC could have been involved unless the PC declines to be involved IC or OOC. This will void your project, start to finish, if it is done intentionally or repeatedly on accident. Any events held to procure needed supplies for a project need to be run through staff with the explicit mention of gaining these supplies in the +request. The goal is to be inclusive in these projects, whether through events or regular RP.
  4. The Completed Project — When a project is completed or enters the testing phase, submit a +request to let staff know about what has been done and provide your posted logs to show what all you accomplished with it. Again, Doing The Research will get you far better results. These results will be given to the player or staff will notify the player as to when they would like an event held so staff might give full results.

That's pretty much it. Staff is pretty flexible about trying to get things out there and returned to players. Players don't pitch ideas they don't want to do, so the objective for staff is to get a workable solution out there that everyone is happy with. Staff will do their best.

People and Specialties

Here is a list of PC's interested in projects and what they are available for. Try to keep it to a blurb or paragraph, please.

Air Wing

  • LT COL Niko Janik — The CAG. If you need Air Wing assistance on a project, the buck stops here.
  • PO3 Gloria Oates — Countermeasures technician in CIC. Having aimed for a spot as an ECO and failed, her background involves ship identification methods, electronics, and even a spot of computer programming. Oh, and karaoke.


  • CMN Tobias Shackleton — Toby is a survival systems technician who works with the life saving equipment both on deck and the various craft flown by the airwing. He's well versed in firefighting techniques and has extensive experience of the difficulties related damage control in confined spaces. Damage control, fire suppressant, oxygen calcs, ejector seats, all these and more are his domain.



  • SGT Cooper Knox — Coop is a Joint Terminal Attack Controller, which means he is someone who specializes in calling airstrikes or artillery. He's versed in radio communications of all kinds, operations behind enemy lines, is airborne qualified, and knows several heavy weapons systems. He works well with just about everyone (especially the Wing and Marines) but knows when something isn't his forte or when someone else is better qualified. This individual is a skinjob.
  • LT Randolph Kae Flynn — Randy is an EOD. This means she is your person for disposing of armed or disarmed ordnance (mines, turning ships into bombs, missile systems, nuclear devices, chemical bombs, dirty bombs, sabotage, IEDs which she has advanced training in). On top of this, she has experience working in mines and mining with explosives (underwater/deep-sea, EVA/asteroid, and traditional). For her EOD work, she can be tapped for protection detail, investigations, mine clearing, IEDs, and more. She's the only EOD PC.




  • CMDR Marcus Petra - Well, if you've tried everyone else and can't get anywhere, there's always going up. While ICly it might not be a good idea to START with Petra or Robin, OUT of character, I am happy to help supply some ideas if you're stuck. Petra is a old tactical board game fanatic and a few people know he has a soft spot for mysteries. If you want to try to loop him into something and get his interest, an unsolved mystery will make him twitch.


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