AWD #490: Projects and Pilgrims
Projects and Pilgrims
Summary: Gloria and Jaxon meet over on the Iron Pilgrim and go over the projects currently on the ship.
Date: 24/10/2016 (OOC Date)
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Jaxon Gloria 
Iron Pilgrim
It's a ship!
11 May 2006 AWD #490

Ah, the Iron Pilgrim. A grand ship she is not. But a servicable research vessel? Definetly. Ever since the Marine team was rushed through the deck with screams of 'MAKE A HOLE', Major Gray immediately sent Jaxon off with the package and himself to start to try to figure it out. Secluded in one of the secure labs, Jaxon's not hooked the drive that was recovered to power yet, and instead is carefully inspecting the box itself in order to prepare to power. If anything, the old drive.. looks like just a large solid state drive. The scarred technician rubs the back of his covered head, dressed in a sealed suit as the room is a sterile environment for him to work in.

Gloria hasn't been out on he Pilgrim for a while, other duties and projects have got in the way of what now is essentially a pet project rather than anything mandated byh command. She can't let it go though, so having psyched herself up to brave the short raptor flight she's now suited up in the standard ridiculus suits and pushes her way into one of the labs. It's the one she and Helena had been using, and she forgets to check if anyone is now, and thus ends upstopping just inside the entryway and blinking at Jaxon. "Oh, sorry," she starts as she recovers herself, "I can go find another lab."

Looking up as he hears the voice, and Jaxon's good eye narrows for a moment in thought, the other listless in it's socket as he considers the young woman. "It's fine." he says, then realizes, durh, intercom. Moving the little figuring of a man in armor out of the way of the button he presses it. "It's fine." he repeats to the petty officer. "You assigned here?"

Gloria recalls the name, vaguely, and figures thats likely good enough for her project at least. His she'll leave up to him. ""New transfer right? I've done a little over six months now I reckon, good crew. Keeps you busy though," she gesutures towards the laptop, "been on this one, on and off, for a couple of months now. You know when you get close and then you just never seem to make that breakthrough that finishes it? Haven't been over here in a few weeks, so hoping the break will help me approach it with a fresh pair of eyes again."

"Yeah. Seems the Major requested a computer tech, and Blackjack sent me over." Jaxon says with a little smirk. "Been piled on the work since I got here. Can't ever seem to figure out which one is the priority.. and then this came up from Piraeus, and I had to drop everything to get over here with it." That should say everything, really. The ship's crawling with rumors of the Marines that were in the tomb, what they may have saw, and what they brought back. Which is now in his possession, it seems.

"Yeah," Gloria agrees conversationally, "Grays good at doing that. I had about four on the go at one point, on top of my usual shifts. It's dropped off to a more sensible number now though. If it helps, if he doesn't specifiy then I've generally found it's okay to use your own initiative to work on priorities." With her machine booted up she plugs it into what passes for a ship's network and pulls the files she requires. If he glances over, it looks like complex astronavigation for now, but she does sometimes flip it over to something that looks more like a transmission log. As he mentions the marines she forms a silent 'oh' and gives a slow nod, yeah, she has an odea on what he's working on now. "That one landed on you did it? Must admit that i'm not sure if I'm glad I dodged it or not. The rumours are fascinating, or most of them atleast, but you know what they say about rumours. Glad they gave it to the expert though. I've had a few computing type projects and all I have is some self taught coding from when I was at high school."

There's a glance towards the two Marines standing outside of his lab now, Jaxon chuckles. "Usually, we don't get along.. I guess my dislike of skinjobs got out." he admits with a shrug and then nods. "This one superseded the work I was doing on trying to crack some codes that were intercepted." he explains as he continues his exploration. "I was just giving everything a check over to make sure if I plug this thing up, it doesn suck all the energy from the ship, destabalize our orbit, or just flat out explodes." He gestures towards the genny he had brought up from belowdecks to use as an independent power source. Apparently he's making sure everything is isolated, just in case.

Gloria's own accent is distinctly Saggetaron in origin, but there's a big enough mix of others in that to indicate that she travelled around a fair bit as a kid. Military brat and all that. "Not that sort of astrogation," she replies with a slightly resigned tone, "I did a lot of reading the library to confirm that, and not boring reading either, so not a waste of time on a personal level at least. More one for the comms tech, but none of them managed any bright ideas either. I guess it's a long shot but I could ask one of our humanforms who've downloaded recently if they grabbed any memories that might be relevant, but I can't say I'm hopeful. Got a few hours today though, and plenty of itterations to crunch through the long way if nothing else."

<FS3> Jaxon rolls Reaction: Failure.

There's a distinct shudder when Gloria brings up getting info from a skinjob, Jaxon freezing for a moment subconsciously. "Yeah, but they might have a hobby or something. Better than checking to see what someone 'downloaded'." He makes a face at that as he pushes back for a moment to stretch out and pop his back with a sigh of thought. "Trying to find this rumored 'rally point' they go on about?"

<FS3> Gloria rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Gloria catches the shudder, she's seen it before inother crew and on other ships, so she breezes past the topic of skinjobs and into safer waters. "I wish, although I suppsoe there is a statistical possibility that the two might be one and the same. No, I'm trying to determine where a cylon comms array we found floating outside Ragnar Anchorage. You'd think it'd be easy, just look and see where it was pointing, but we didn't get accurate enough info from before it was moved, nor do we know if it'd drfted there, and even if we did, space is terribly vast."

"Sounds like a bundle of fun." Jaxon says, a hint of a grateful look towards Gloria at the change of subject. "Isn't there a group of folks already working on the Ragnar anchorage and Galactica?" he asks curiously. "Could be something you can present to that brain trust while they're working on their own project. Two could be related?"

"There is," Gloria confirms, "this is a spin off of sorts. Main priority wa to find out what it was and if it's dangerous. It's a comm array and in an off itself it's not, so now it's been relegated to pet project. I could ask those going over Galactica's logs to see if they looked at it at all, although from the condition we found it in I doubt they did. You're right that it doens't hurt to ask though."

Jaxon chuckles softly as he grins. "This is probably the first time someone's said I've had a good idea since I arrived on Orion." he says in a dry, if amused tone. With a breath inside the suit, he glances back towards the computer, before over towards Gloria again. "So what's brought you over here to work?" he asks her curiously.

Gloria tilts her thumb towards the port she just plugged into. "The data includes stuff of cylon origin, so they're quarenteened up here. That and the thing itself is in one of the hanger bays incase I feel the strange urge to go poke it." There's a faint smile as she adds, "trust me, if I didn't need to be here I wouldn't, the raptor ride over is about enough to floor me."

"Wasn't complaining about you being here." Jaxon ahems softly as he considers what she's saying. "Ah, we have related projects then." he says with a shrug of his shoulders. "I'm working on finding out what changes may have been made between the original Centurion code of the first war Cylons and the ones that exist now. Perhaps if we can find a way to see to turn their programming against them."

"Don't worry about it," Gloria replies with a shrug, "I just don't fly well in small craft. Bit of a shame really, as I dreamed of being an ECO as a kid." It appears she's over that though as she doens't dwell on it. "Ooo, interesting," she adds, "I'd offer to help, but as previously mentioned, while I might have more programming that most people onboard, it's still just a little I learnt inmy spare time as a kid."

"Right now, I'm waiting for the Marines to bring me back a Centurion still kicking and working to hack into." Jaxon admits with a little laugh. "Though if you want to help, I can always use a second pair, mine give me trouble sometimes." he admits as he gives her a grin. "Alright, I should start trying to figure out what secrets this thing holds. It was good meeting you, Oates."

Gloria looks deeply dubious about the idea of being around a live centurion, but nods slowly at the offer. "I'll bare that in mind," she states, "just warn me when you get it would you. Wouldn't want to walk in on something like that unannounced." As he focuses on his work though she nods again, "yeah, I should probably do the same. Yell if it's about to blow would you?" And with that she focuses on the data on her screen.

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