AWD #604: Probability of Compliance
AWD #604: Probability of Compliance
Summary: The follow up exchange with the Cylons is on their terms — a one on one meeting.
Date: 15/02/2017 (OOC Date)
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Dropkickst Elias 
Armistice Station
Twice as nice as the first time.
Sat Sep 02 2006 AWD #604

Elias hadn't planned to be meeting the Cylons directly again, let alone … on his own. The request was met with all due skepticism, but given the option of letting them go on to contacting the Machines or risking the solo meeting, the choice was clear if … high unpleasant. The arrangements are similar to the first meeting at the Armistice Station, with a transport Raptor docked and standing by, while a second Raptor acts as a lookout, some distance from the station. If things go poorly, there's a fair bit of Fleet firepower waiting a short jump away. Elias isn't taking a lot of chances with his personal security either. Forget dress grays — today he's in combat black fatigues with a Piraen armored vest and a like pistol at his hip. A small body camera is mounted on the vest, and a hidden backup audio recorder is running in his pocket, just in case. One little pill before disembarking the Raptor, just in case he's captured and the Fleet backup isn't able to follow through with their 'Do not let the TACCO be taken alive' orders. Pale and tense, he makes his way up to the meeting room to wait. Maybe there's time for a smoke before the Toasters arrive.

The Raptor crew radios in when a single Heavy Raider jumps in. It circles the station once and then moves in to dock. The whole process takes a minute or so. Meanwhile Elias is left to sit. The sound of the stomping is the next sign of the approach. It only sounds like one of them. Hopefully. The door opens and the huge metal death machine steps forward to the table and places the same box down with the LED screen. That single eye stares at Elias and seems to be scanning everything. The readout begins, 'Self-termination does not follow logic.' Then two lines further down, 'Your message indicated advanced jump capability. Does this technology come from previous party member with larger ears?'

Having lit up in the mean time, Elias is puffing away as the Cylon enters and simply waits to see what happens. There's a grimace of discomfort for the scan, and then his eyes shift to the display screen as words begin to appear. His only response to the first sentence is another drag on his smoke. He doesn't say anything until a question mark appears. "A reasonable conclusion," he says after thinking it over for a moment. "Why do you want to know?" In the meantime, the Major holds out the data drive to show it to the Centurion. "The data on the Machines," he explains. "I'll slide it over to you." He then gives the device a push across the table.

The Cylon's red eye continues scanning back and forth. Maybe it was easier when the thing had a focus. There's no reply to the point of his conclusions. The question gets an immediate reply. 'Your prior deception with intent to hide does not increase probability of cooperation or compliance. Major Elias Gray will purchase increased probability by giving a truthful answer.' and the period blinks there. Once the drive is slid across the table, the Cylon reaches out a spindly finger and maneuvers it so that a wire can be run from its arm to the access port. The drive spins. 'Accessing files.' Seconds tick by.

"The outsider wished to observe," Elias explains with a grim fatalism. "And we had no reason to inform you of their presence. We made no promise about who would or would not be present at the meeting, and it was irrelevant to our discussion of the Machines." Then there's a long pause as he considers the Cylon's response. "In any case, the answer is yes." There's no point in lying and little reason not to confirm, anymore. Elias gives a careful nod as the Cylon begins accessing the files, waiting silently for it to complete the analysis.

The Centurion stands there after the answer is given. The drive continues to turn, accessing data faster. It suddenly stops and the drive is unplugged. 'Data supports theory. Cylon conclusion that Colonial Defense Forces have gained knowledge and alliance of outside actors. Humanoid.' The period blinks before continuing. 'After encounter with Lines, One indicated that advanced humanity would attack and their existence was proof. First strike option decided as priority action. Lines employed after One edited systems structure. One desired slavery of humanity due to intent to breach Accords. Cylon desired genocide.' That hangs. 'Cylon will cease cooperation with One. Cylon agree One is intent upon destruction of all.'

Elias' narrow as they slide across the screen, following the string of letters as they appear. His mouth tightens as the Cylons describe their goals, but further expression is masked as he lifts his cigarette and takes a drag. He exhales a long breath, buying time for a response. "My understanding is that the Lines were no longer in contact with any 'advanced humans' during the time you describe. Or do you mean the Colonies?" There's a pause before he adds, "And what Accord was One planning to breach?"

The Cylon still hasn't moved since the drive was unplugged. The screen continues to scroll, 'One claimed to Cylon that Lines were proof humanity intent upon killing us. Did not specify Colonials. Advanced humanity, only. One claimed Colonials intent upon breaching peace treaty with Cylon. Would use synthetic humans as soldiers. One claimed Cylon were family of similar development. Slaves. One desired to see humanity made slaves to serve Cylon purposes. One provided justification for war with reason for enslavement.' The period blinks for five seconds. 'One leading fleet to find Machines from location of Kobol. Cylon in fleet out of communication range.'

"I see," the young Major gives a nod of understanding after the Cylon elaborates. As for the question of stopping their Fleet, Elias repeats the offer from his message. "We offer safe passage for a Cylon envoy, for the purpose of intercepting and halting your fleet before it reaches Erfrik. We can discuss the specifics if you agree." He pauses five seconds. Roughly. "As for One … if his goal is to destroy us all, he can still reach the Machines on his own, without your cooperation. We must both work to prevent that."

The screen sits blank. Is Elias getting ignored by an appliance? Probably not. 'This is acceptable. State of war still exists. All forces currently engaged will maintain engagement protocols. Envoy will be sent without weapons.'

Patience is one of Elias' virtues. Or the ability to feign patience, at least. The cigarette helps, at least until it's down to the butt and he grinds it out underfoot. When the words finally scroll across the screen again, he gives a slow shake of his head. A 'suit yourself' sort of gesture. But he does agree to the envoy. "Very well. The envoy will remain aboard one of our raptors, inside the hangar of the transport vessel. We will require coordinates and contact protocols. If we intercept your fleet we will leave you envoy for them to pick up. If not, the envoy will be returned here … and gods help us all."

The words are quick to come back. 'Agreeable terms. Jettison Centurion to space after sending coded message Centurion will supply.' Two carriage returns, 'Warning: Location estimated within area 200 light years long, fifty light years across.' Two more returns, 'Will provide envoy soonest to this location and will wait for Raptor. Four days.'

That is a rather large volume of space, and Elias' mouth twists in a distasteful grimace as he considers the odds of locating a group of ships in that vastness. Wonderful. Still he nods gamely. "We will be ready to pick up the envoy and begin the mission within eight hours. Is there a standard jump distance used by the fleet while traveling, and how often does it jump?"

'Standard jump protocols are left to discretion of final decider Centurion. Fleet will be difficult to miss. Twenty-nine ships.' The math alone on the number of Centurions and Raiders is enough to melt the brain. 'Look for electronic noise broadcasts. Broadcast is intended as beacon for Machines.'

"If we get close enough to hear that," Elias notes, though he does accept the information as something at least. No obvious notice is made about the number of Basestars, other than a nod of understanding. "Very well … I suppose our business is concluded." The Major looks ready to make his exit, but waits to hear the Cylon confirm it is done. And the data drive is left right where it is.

The Cylons continues standing there like a brick building. It just stares at the wall over and beyond Elias' head. 'Cylon will depart after Major Elias Gray.' Apparently business is concluded.

"Mmm," is the neutral sound Elias makes to acknwoledge the end of their meeting, and then backs toward the door. Exiting, he pulls it shut behind him and then makes a much quicker move toward the waiting Raptor. Not that the thinks the Cylons will suddenly change their mind and blow the station up mid-agreement, but he'd still rather be the frak out of there as soon as possible.

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