AWD #144: Princess Kelsey Turns 21
Princess Kelsey Turns 21
Summary: Impromptu birthday party in the recovery ward
Date: 30/May/2013 (OOC Date)
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Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD #144

Its been a moderately eventful 21st birthday for Kelsey. Rumor has it that her daughter came up for a bit in the afternoon before Kelsey fell back asleep mid-sentence and then threw a fit when she woke up and her girl was gone. There was supposed to be a TV and a movie. But there is no TV. Kelsey is laying in her bed with a pen and paper, working on something and looking a little less stoned than she had been the other night.

Visitors have arrived for the Raptor pilot and ECO and they come in the form of a Viper jock and Raptorette. In the lead is Agrippa who enters with Maia at his side and in his hand is a brownie square, just taken from the Mess Hall recently. But that isn't the only presents he brings, he also has three empty shot glasses with him, tucked away in a couple of pockets of his flightsuit, making sure that the nurses or doctors don't see. Looking behind them, he whispers hurridly to Maia, "Quick, go, go, they're not looking."

With a birthday cake… Okay, so it's a brownie… on a plate with a zippo style lighter stuck in the middle with the flame lit, Maia walks in, a bottle of booze underneath one arm and a wicked grin on her face. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUU.." Singing isn't exactly her strong suit.. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU!" Looking at Kels, she grins. "HAPPYYY BIRTHDAYYYY DEAR SQUIRE.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!"

Kelsey only glances up as she is writing. People come and go all the time and people have been in and out all day for various reasons. She rungs a paper over the backof the notepad and continues writing, eyes glancing to a folder on the side of her bed. "Hey Grips," she says absently. But when Maia bursts in seeing, the pilot actually startles and looks around before staring at Centerfold. It settles in quickly what's happening and that mildly dejected look wipes away superfast. "Oh my GODS! Thank you!!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Agrippa=Singing Vs Maia=Singing
< Agrippa: Failure Maia: Good Success
< Net Result: Maia wins - Solid Victory

When Maia comes around and begins singing the birthday song, Agrippa joins in, obviously not as good as the blonde is as he is slightly off-key but he doesn't seem to care right now as it is a fun moment. Waiting for Centerfold to put the brownie with the candle down, Punchdrunk would set his next to that one so it's not as small. "Happy birthday, Squire. I actually didn't know until Centerfold here told me." He then looks around again, making sure no nurses are looking too closely and then quickly pulls out the three shot glasses that were tucked away into his pocket, setting them down as well.

Luc is coming along not far behind the others. Carrying movies along with a small back as he comes in and hear the singing. "Happy birthday to youu!!!" He comes in at the end. Chuckling a bit. "Seems the bottle I left at your bunker before coming was a good choice. At least I brought movies and some candy." Feeling perhaps a bit outdone. Though he is just smirking either way.

Offering the plate with the brownie and the lighter, she grins a goofy sorta smile. "Twenty-one! We have a date soon as you're outta here you know. Gotta strut your stuff at Charlie's and flaunt your age." The lighter is still flickering away. "Make a wish, Princess." Reaching into her side pocket, she pulls out a LEGO tiara, made strictly out of pink and white LEGOS, and crowns Kelsey.

"Its cool! I didn't have a lot of time to plan my party, which is probably a good thing since I ended up in this stupid place." Squire pats her good leg excitedly with her good hand. She wants to clap but that's not really possible. And then there are shot glasses. "Ohshit," she breathes, wide-eyed. "Oh my Gods, I love you guys. I cried this morning when I woke up and nobody would let me drink." When Luc walks in too, she gestures him over and moves all the papers. It looks like she was writing the AAR. "Sit, Luc. Please." She pats the bed and makes grabby hands for the movies. "Maia, as soon as I am out of here, I am going to park my be-hind on a stool at Charlies and not come out until I can't remember getting there." Wait, tiara? She goes wide-eyed with the little present and looks at the candle. "I wish… I wish you guys could be as happy as I am right now!" She fans her eyes that are lookin a little teary.

Even the pink and white tiara was a surprise to Agrippa who looks at it when Maia pulls it out, "Damn, Centerfold. You said it when you said you could build anything out of legos." With Luc's entrance, Punchdrunk nods to the other pilot before turning back to Kelsey when she mentions being stuck in this stupid place, wincing as he feels partly guilty. "Sorry 'bout that, Squire. When I watched the tapes sync'd up between our flight and yours, we didn't time the SABER baiting well enough. Didn't want to break radio silence since we didn't know how close you guys were, but should've thought of something."

Offering the bottle to Agrippa, Maia still keeps that grin, letting him pour. "I have talents you've not even seen yet, Grippa." When he takes the bottle, she looks back at Kels. "I hear you're a hero with balls the size of a battlestar. Where you store them, I'll never know." When she gets all teary eyed, the blonde Raptorette laughs. "Aww Kels, I am that happy to see you're happy. Happy birthday." Lifting her gaze to meet Luc's she winks. "Hey Gabe, looks like you get the after party." In her most grown up voice, she looks back at Kels. "Now there isn't anything that you're on that'll cause any issues with the alcohol is there?"

Luc grins and does move over to take a seat. Handing the movies over to Kelsey and placing the candy aside for now. The movies being a mix between all kinds that he could get his hands no, comedy, horror, action, etc. Grinning as Maia presents the tiara. "That is quite astonishing work, Cara." He assures her with a smile. Grinning and nodding to Agrippa as well, nodding. Finally looking back to Kelsey and smirking a bit as he sees her getting a bit teary eyed. At least not making any comments. Yet.

Kelsey looks to Agrippa and seems a little surprised. It might be comical in the tiara. "What?" She blinks. "Sorry about what? I'm in here because of you guys. My alternative is probably being a smelly red stain on a rock or being lots of little Kelsey Bits strewn across Picon. Iiiiii heard you guys pulled Raiders off of us. Is that right?" Looking back at Maia, she shakes her head and blows out the candle. "No. No heroics. I pitched this hypothetical plan that was suicidal. Lieutenant Gray made it policy. I didn't think anyone else should die because of my ideas. So, you know, I demanded to fly it. Alone if I had to." Because that would have ended REALLY well. And no. Nothing. I just lost a lot of blood so I hafta take it easy on the booze. And yes, Gabe does have to deal with the after party." Kels shoots him a look. "You have no choice in the matter."

Agrippa can't help laugh in amusement as he levels a look at Maia after hearing her response, "Mmmhmm." He leaves it at that for now before looking back to Kelsey when battlestar sized balls are mentioned, "Nah, Squire, I saw the tapes. You're in here because you flew that Raptor as if you had puppet strings all over it, made it dance to your tune." As for the Raptors, there is a slight shrug, "Purely by accident, I assure you. But rest assured, those two toasters are scrap metal. But enough about that mission, it was a success. Let's drink to your birthday /and/ to your giant balls, Squire." A teasing wink is offered before Punchdrunk takes the bottle from Maia and opens it, then he begins to pour the shots before glancing at Luc, "Bigmouth, I'll refill my shot glass for you after I take mine down, didn't know there were going to be more visitors, so we'll have to share."

Looking over the titles of the videos, Maia grins and points to the comedy. "I saw that one. It's hilarious. Only watch it if you can handle laughing. As for the horror…" She winks at Luc. "Try that one, you'll get a few cuddles as she hides her eyes. Unless she punches you for scaring her." When the explanation of the mission come out, she sobers a little. "If it ends in the saber being taken out, then you'll be a hero all over again, to all of Picon when we take it back." with the look Agrippa gives her, she can't help but laugh all over again. "What? You don't believe me? Man.. guess I'll have to recreate the LEGO shoes I made once."

Luc smirks, "Who do you think you're talking to Cara?" He asks her and winks. He knows well enough which movies have the different nice stuff. Or at least know a bit. Looking over to Kelsey. "Awww. Not would you punch me, would you?" He asks with a smirk. Almost as if expecting one right there for that. As for him having to deal with the after party, he chuckles and nods. "Fine!" Glancing to Agrippa as well and nodding. "Indeed. To a success, to birthday and to the big balls of Squire."

"I do not recall puppet strings!" Kelsey chimes back. "I do recall a whole lot of flashing lights, angry buzzers, and more cursing in two minutes than I have done in the last few years combined. …It was exciting! Beats turning wrenches on the Deck." She uses her functional arm to push herself up a bit more. "We also drink to Shakes, Dolly, and you too, Mister Grips. Its my birthday and we do what *I* want and I wanna toast to all three of you." When Maia starts talking about cuddles, Kelsey lifts an index finger to her. "You hush! I do not get scared- okay, look, maybe they freak me. A little. But it just helps to have someone else there! And no, no hero. I won't accept that title. I just did something I was afraid I couldnt live with if someone else did." Sagenod. Luc? Luc gets punched. Lightly. In the arm. She needs him later and can't damage the goods too much. Not until later.

Bowing his head, acquiescing to Kelsey's demands, Agrippa certainly doesn't overrule to what the recovery birthday girl wants to drink to. Once the last shot is poured, the Viper jock spies an unused cup on the table of the bed next to where they are and sneakily snatches it. "Got you something, Bigmouth." With that, he pours a shot worth of whatever it was that Maia brought with her. With that done, he picks up one of the shots to hand to Kelsey before taking another one for himself, expecting Maia and Luc to grab their own, "All right! Let's drink!"

Casting one of those, 'Oh yeah' looks to Luc, she concedes, he does know his movies she grins when he does get punched. "I agree, we drink to… Cajones. Sorry Squire, you're going to have to have a new callsign soon, the old one won't do and Cajones works for now. And we drink to Milkshake, Dolly and Punchie." Maia reaches for her own shot glass and grins, lifting it. "Damn good pilots and the best ECO there is."

Luc nods and reaches for his own, which is poured in the mug. "Thanks." Comes his offer to Agrippa with a smile before looking to Maia. Grinning at her. Then he is punched, "Ouch!" Not that it hurt, but still. Rubbing a bit on his arm. Raising his own. "To Shakes Dolly and Punchie. As well as the birtday girl." As for the cuddles part, he just chuckles.

Kelsey nods in victory to Grips. "Thank you for the boozeday present," she says to him, lifting the glass. " Here here, Maia. To Grips, Phin, and Yiggles. For being junior and insane enough to fly with me. Thanks guys." Bam. Tossed back. She makes a whiskey face and manages a grin with it. She wipes her lips on the back of her hand and sighs as she sits back. "Ohhhhh that was good. And you'll have to fight me for my callsign. …You wouldn't hit a cripple would you?" She grins over at Luc. "Don't be a wuss. Beat you up later." Her and her immobilized left arm! YEAH!

"Anytime, Squire." With that said, Agrippa also brings the shot glass to his lips and tilts his head back, taking the shot of alcohol down smoothly as if he had experience drinking. He does release a long breath and shakes his head, "Nice!"

Lifting her own shot glass, Maia tosses it back shivering as she swallows it down. "Definitely not on her birthday, I wouldn't. Maybe tomorrow, you know how much I like to fight." Winking at Kelsey, she puts the shot glass down where it was. "So, you guys probably want to get to your movie and uh.. cake." Cake brownie style. "Enjoy yourselves and remember to save a day once you're out, Princess and we'll make a party of it. May get that new bartender down there I heard about, the famous one, to make you a cake."

Luc grins and down his own and does seem to enjoy it. Grinning at Kelsey. "You're welcome to try." He tells her and grins. Turning to look at Maia as well. Grinning about fighting. "True enough. As for famous bartender's and cake, he grins. "Sounds yummy!"

"Well I certainly wouldn't be opposed to a cake. But you bet your hot Leonesian hiney I'll be making a day. Or two. I've got sooooo many drink chits saved up. I'm going to splurge on everyone. Y'all are the best." Squire has pride for her new family, yes she does. Looking to Luc, "Maybe I will. Maybe you shall regret your challenge. Mayyyybe not!" She gives him a sly look. "Anyway. Thanks guys. For everything. I'm going to sleep with this tiara on, just FYI. For, like, ever."

Laughing at the thought of Kelsey sleeping in the lego tiara, Agrippa shakes his head in amusement, "You've earned it, Squire. Well earned and well made." With Maia hinting that it may be time for her and him to take their leave, he gives the blonde a glance, "Yeah, we should head out. Happy birthday again."

"How long do you think you'll be in here for, Princess?" Uh oh, Maia has given Kels a new name. Last time that happened, Jason became Superstar. "Happy birthday, Kels and I'm really glad you came home alive." Bending down, she gives her a gentle hug, careful of her injuries. "Good, it looks sexy on you." Glancing towards Grippa when he takes the hint too, she smiles. "See you later, guys."

Luc chuckles a bit and nods to Agrippa as he makes his waay out. "See ya." He offers to both before nodding to Maia as well, along with a smile. "I'll catch you for a spar tomorrow." He tells her and grins. Turning to look over at Kelsey. "Is that so?" Raising a brow at her. "It is a nice tiara." As for the challenge, he just smirks, "I don't regret challenges."

Kelsey makes a Come Hither finger movement at Grips in order to give him a smooch to the cheek before he goes. "Thanks, Grips." She then looks to Maia with a sighhhh. "Couple days, then I'm free." The hug is returned. "Oh? Sexy? I may wear it allllll the time then!" She waggles her fingers to Maia and looks to Luc. "It is so. So you like the tiara?" She adjusts it. "It doesn't shatter so easily like my halo does, fortunately. So are you planning to stickit out and watch a moooovie? Or do you have an early flight?"

Once she finds out, Maia knows when to order the cake for. "Sounds good, that's when we'll plan a party for then." Lifting a hand, she waves, leaving the booze there for them. "If a nurse comes in… hide the bottle. And I'll see you both later." Nodding to Luc, she grins. "Definitely a spar tomorrow, Gabe." At the door, she looks back. "Later, Princess."

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