AWD #009: Pride. Prejudice.
Pride. Prejudice.
Summary: Raptors. Vipers. We're all on the same side. The side with Muffins.
Date: 14/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Raptor Squadron - Berthings
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Gentlemen Ghosts has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
14 January 2005

Sleep. What the frak is sleep? Zander certainly hasn't had any since the recon mission and he's definitely not looking like he's going to be getting any, at any moment in the near future. He's got his berthing open and he's laying down on the bed there, fingers sliding over the Savant Tab as he fiddles with more of his project notes for the Sim Updates. He's even whistling a bit to himself… to keep from going insane, obviously.

Ygraine walks into the berthings and she looks like she's just gotten a shower in the head. Man, she takes a lot of showers. Once inside, she looks around quite pointedly, and then spotting a target - no, the target - she heads for Zander's bunk. Climbling the ladder, she remarks, "Hey." and moves to seat herself, long legs dangling down the side.

Zander scoots over a little bit just to make sure Yggy has enough room. "Hey." He doesn't really spare her a glance, because he's trying to stay focused on the tablet, because it is important that he doesn't make stuff up. But the moment that Ygraine is comfortable, he scoots back over to lean against her and starts fiddling with the Raider blueprints some more. It still doesn't look right.

"So Bennett gave me an assignment that's part of something she got passed to her from On High, and I need you for it." says Ygraine, without any ado. She doesn't mind being leaned on, because it results in, "Oh hey, is that a Raider?"

"Kinda'. It's not ready yet. It frakkin' sucks, actually. Ugh." Zander rolls his eyes at his horrible (it's not horrible) handiwork and turns the tablet over on the bed. "My eyes. They burn." He's over-exaggerating but still, it's time to pay attention to the Yggy. There's just a little bit of shifting so that he can get his head on her lap. "You need me, you got me. What's up?" Zander has, well, changed quite a bit since Warday. He's more, uh, touchy? In all manners of the word.

Ygraine considers him. Her business first, and then she'll go poking around. She has a feeling she knows; she's seen the assignment roster. Ygraine and Bennett were actually the first recon pair to go out and return. "I think it might actually be pretty easy." she says, petting his hair like he's a kitten. "Rutlii is going to have one of her people rig a sonar setup in a raptor for me. I'm going to get some readings on the rad site down on Piraeus with it. When I'm done, I want you to talk the sonar data and use that awesome brain of yours to make a program that will render it into image. Can you dot hat?"

Zander just stares up at Yggy for the longest moment, his eyes looking like they want to close. And for a second, they do. The petting of his hair is what happens to be sending him into a blissful state of calm that he has not managed to be in since things happened. He takes a deep breath, the first one in a long time, and then opens his eyes back up slowly. "… You think my brain is awesome. Score." His grin is completely goofball, before he moves right into geek mode to assure her of his abilities. "I'm pretty sure I can do that. Most sonar data ends up on its own frequency once it gets recorded. All I'd have to do, really, is just isolate and feed it through a rendering process with some predetermined parameters to give us an image. I could probably use the Simulator equipment since they produce imagery." And now he's just rambling and pondering, falling into full on tech geek mode.

"…I have no idea what you just said, but if you can make it work, aces." she says, and then adds, "There was never any doubt your brain was awesome, dumb-ass. Just your grasp of social nuances. It goes hand in hand with genius, I reckon." She sighs, and satisfied that her needs are met, says quietly, "And maybe you ought to consider talkin' to the chaplain."

"No time. I got a lot on my plate right now, y'know? I got Nags and Storm countin' on me. Butch believes in me. Now I've got you too…" He pauses to get more comfortable on her lap in case she decides she wants to throw him off. "Which, by the way, thank you." What the frak. "And I managed to get on the CAG's bad side in under a minute flat. I'm pretty sure at the first sign of me not being Perfect, he's gonna' kick me off this boat. And that can't happen. Not until I win the game." Oh lord. Gamer speak time. "I'm fine. I'll be fine. I just… gotta' keep workin', that's all." Lies.

"You make time. You talk to someone, Zander, because the stuff we're dealing with is massive, and if you don't figure out a way to to keep it from overwhelming you, it's going to frak you up, and if you get frakkked up, then it rolls down hill. You understand me?" She is serious, no fooling. "The DCAG doesn't hate you, he doesn't have a hatey bone in his body for anyone 'cept the Toasters."

"Okay, okay. But I'm handling it right now. If I start to feel like I can't handle it, I'll pop my head in or something, okay?" He's not really into all this talking to people stuff. He usually plays games to get his mind back straight. But he's got projects and tasks to be working on. And his Scion Delta has been confiscated. Sigh. "Well, if you and him are buds, then maybe you can put in a good word for me and let him know I'm not a total jerk. Because I don't think risking my life to go talk to him is a good plan, with all this tech work to be done around here."

"I don't think he's after you the way you think he is." she says. "You're still on the board for flying, ain'tcha?"

"Well, yeah. But I figured maybe he's waitin' for me to bite it or something. I dunno. All I know is that I didn't exactly make the best impression and I think the only way I'm gonna' fix that is if I knock this Simulator chizz out of the park." And there he goes closing his eyes again because he's about to start freaking the freak out.

"Believe me, if he hated you, he'd have grounded your ass. He sure as hell wouldn't have handed you a big assignment." She continues to stroke his hair, especially when it seems for a moment like he is losing himself a little bit. "But you're gonna think what you want and I can tell you what's true til I'm blue in the face and it won't do any good." She considers thoughtfully. "You know, I'd drag you off to a closet somewhere and give you a good therapy frak, but it would just make you worse."

"I'm pretty sure that's a risk that I'm willing to take." Zander remarks with some kind of weird grin on his face. But he's not moving, so whether or not he actually is up for that is a different story. He's looking ever so content, though, with his head on the lap of the Milkshake. "Thanks, by the way, for coming to me with this project. It makes me feel like I might actually be able to do something to help us kill those bastards. Y'know, until I learn how to fly a Viper."

Ygraine blinks over at Zander. "Why d'ya need to learn how to fly a viper?" she asks, a dark blonde brow lifting. "You too good to be an ECO anymore?"

"Those bastards killed my parents. You don't get to make that right sitting in the backseat and crunching numbers all flight." Yeah, that's part of what's wrong with Zander's brain. Which probably means he's just going to get himself killed even faster. "So. After I'm done with these projects, I'm gonna' cross train, then get in a Viper and send these frakkin' things to Hades."

Speaking of Vipers, Jess braves Raptor country with coffee mug in one hand and a Scion Delta in the other. She eyes the names on bunks as she goes, at least until she hears Zander, which makes locating him a lot easier. "Buttons," she greets him as she heads up towards the bunk. Ygraine gets a squinty-eyed look for a second before she tries, "Is it… Milkshake? Milksomething?"

"No. You set that right sitting in the backseat and frakking their systems so they can't get locks on the vipers who blow them to bits and pieces." Yggy is sitting on top of Zander's bunk. His head is in her lap. Well, it was in her lap, and now she's shoving it very angrily off. "Frak you, Buttons. We're all losing parents and brothers and sisters, and you think you're so godsdamn special." She starts to climb down the bunk, noting to Jess, "Does it matter? I'm just another interchangable ECO that you stick jocks don't give a crap about. You park your asses on com and thank the raptor pilots for doing their jobs and totally forget we're the ones keeping the raiders from firing on you." Oh, someone's mad, and it's ZANDER'S FAULT.

Attempting to not fall the frak off his own bunk, Zander is just kind of lost in a state of dumbfounded stupor. He has no idea what the frak just happened and he's just kind of sitting up as much as possible, one hand clutching his tablet (so it doesn't fall, you see) and then he's just kinda' peering off after Milkshake. "I didn't say— I just— what is wrong with being able to do both?!" He has no idea if she's going to stop and listen or what. But apparently, he's messed up life again but, y'know, existing. Oh and doing that thing called talking. Ugh. See what happens when he doesn't have his games to play? Eyes just finally cut over to Jess and he looks defeated. "… hey." Greeting Fail.

The smell of something unfamiliar cuts into the raptor squadron. Coming into the deck, Zachary is carrying baked goods. On one tray is a large plate full of muffins. Blueberry, banana nut, cranberry. In the other? Fresh goddamns milk. Fresh. Not the bagged stuff. How'd he pull that off? As he here's the commotion, the DCAG clears his throat respectfully, "Considering that I'm a Raptor pilot that takes my ECO very seriously and knows that a Viper stick knows that we work as a team, all of us. Command, ECO, pilot, JTAC. We don't, we're dead." Zachary offers it firmly, and then pauses, putting down the plate of muffins and sets the milk next to it. "Good morning." he tries again.

Jess rolls her eyes at Ygraine, "Yes, because we're all interchangeable stick jocks who feel and act the same. Mmm, I love hypocrisy with my morning coffee." But not as much as she loves freshly baked muffins, the smell of which pull her attention away from the ECOs to look at Zachary and that basket. "Looks like I picked the right time to visit after all," she says, shamelessly heading his way to ask, "May I?"

"I don't mind, Nags. But Milkshake and Buttons have dibs. They both spent a very long time on recon and I want to thank them for their diligence." Zachary offers to Jess. A hand is held up to stave off Jess until the ECOs can load up.

"Frak you." is the genius reply from the blonde to Nags. "When a single viper pilot bothers to thank an ECO - and let me tell you, not a single one has yet in my hearing, and I don't care if it's me or not - just any one of us - I'll think differently. Didn't say a goddamn thing about how you act or feel otherwise. Mmm, I love oversimplification with my morning coffee." She rolls her eyes in turn, and then heads for the food. Food is comforting, and she doesn't want to look at Zander. She swipes a blueberry with a, "Thanks, boss. Where'd you get the milk?" Of course she wants to know.

"Right." Zander is about to lose his own chizz, so he's swinging himself up into a seated position on his bunk. "Thanks. Serious. But I gotta' get back to work." Zander holds up the tablet and swipes the screen to kinda' show both Jess and Zachary that's he's working on preliminary 'Raider' blueprints that don't look as good as he wants them to but at least he's working on stuff. "Figure I'll eat when I'm dead." Pause. "Wait, that's sleep when I'm dead. Nevermind. You know what I meant, right?" Zander's apparently managed to ruin everybody's morning so now it's time to go somewhere, cry (again) and work on his assignment. Just as soon as he climbs down this bunk's ladder.

"Fair enough, Major," Jess says easily to Zachary, stepping aside to wait her turn. Ygraine just gets an incredulous laugh. "Seriously? Wow. Look, I'm sorry if you feel like nobody's ever thanked you, but I have thanked plenty of ECOs plenty of times, and so've most sticks I know, and I don't need to do it in your hearing for it to count. Buttons, hold up a sec, I wanted to talk to you. About that." She gestures tablet-wards with the Scion Delta hand.

"Turns out that my wife knows the team running the Ag Center dirtside. Helped them with a project back when we lived on Leonis." Zachary explains as he looks to Zander, concern creasing into his features. "They asked her over to help with settling what type of grain would thrive in the Piraeus soil, and in return for her work, they gave her a few gallons of milk." And fresh ice cream. But that's a surprise for tonight, shhh. "Seems the barter system is starting up dirtside." A rueful chuckle at that. "Pretty soon, cubits won't mean much."

As he looks between the two ECOs and the Viper stick, his frown turns more into a 'do I need my DCAG hat this early?' look as he considers. "Jordan Bryant." he says to Ygraine. "You remember when the Wildcats made that spectacularly disastorous trade with C-Bucs to trade away Jordan Bryant? Her and Samuel Anders, can you name anyone else on that squad?" he asks her. "They got all the autograph offers, the endorsement deals, the magazine covers. But neither one of them lead the league in assists. But without those assists, neither one of them would be stars." Or would have been. It's not denial, it's just still sometimes hard to transition to the past tense. "Anyway, the point is, without those assists, they would be scoring the goals. Yes, the Vipers get the credit and the glory. But without the Raptors, their job would be impossible. No matter how good Jordan Bryant was, she couldn't beat a whole Pyramid team by herself. Even with Anders' help. And the Raptor sticks may get the thank you, but if they don't immediately look over their shoulder and thank their ECO, then they're idiots. If St. Clair hasn't thanked you, Ygraine, believe me, I do. And Zander. And Sebastian. And any other one of you that's brave enough to sit still and call out orders while we try to process the information and not put us in a hole in the ground." A wan smile at that as he takes a small plate, loads on a muffin and a glass of milk and carries it to Zander's bunk.

"I don't need you passing out from exhaustion and hunger when you're needed most. Eat up. That's an order." Zachary reaches up and pats Zander on his shoulder. "You did good last night from what I heard on Tac. Thanks for bringing my pilot home safe. I'm sure Sebstian will be grateful that you protected his fiancee." A wink at that.

Ygraine has her back to Zander, and by extension Jess, and she determinedly keeps it that way. "Butch always thanks me, sir." she says quietly. She's a little more subdued now, probably because she has a muffin and milk, which she takes a bite of and a sip of respectively. "I didn't know they have cows on Piraeus." she says wistfully, and blinks. "Oh my gods, I just got nostalgic for cows." She looks up at Zachary pleadingly. "You'd best shoot me now, sir. Or at least, do it if I start to volunteer to go down there and milk 'em myself."

Whoa. Okay. This is a lot. Zander was in a completely different headspace a couple moments ago. He was pretty much thinking that, well, the DCAG wanted him gone… hated… all that kind of stuff. But then he's getting muffins and milk shoved at him, which pretty much is probably a sign that maybe he's not the most hated ECO on the Orion, after all? Who knows. Still, an order is an order and he's reaching out to grab said muffin. "Thanks. But I won't allow myself the chance to pass out. I've got a stash of In Your Face Mother Frakker." Energy Drink, baby! "… Unless I'm not supposed to tell you that. In that case, I didn't tell you that and please don't confiscate it… I'm going to just shut up and eat your muffin now."

There's some kind of turning of his eyes towards Jess, even though he keeps trying to catch Yggy's eye so he can offer another apology but he's not even sure if she'll accept it. He doesn't even know what he did wrong! If anything! This shit is cray. "Um. Okay." Zander is already nervous and only takes a nibble of that muffin. "… did I frak something up already?"

Jess watches Zachary deliver a muffin to Zander, and resists the urge to bounce on the balls of her feet and ask if she can have one yet how about now maybe now why noooot come onnnnnnnnnn alreadyyyyyy. She drinks her coffee, and shakes her head at Zander, "Nah, not at all. What was the recon of last night, sir?" This to Zach.

"No, you haven't. I just want you to be able to be green on the board when we need you." Zachary says, and pushes the muffin towards him more. And then the intercom chirps. "Major Sheperd, this is mess. We're ready to transport the cakes to the surface. You said you wanted to supervise it?" He lets out a breath, "Now you can help yourself, Nags." he comments to Jess. "I need to go overwatch this." And spend a little more time with Eden. "And Ygraine, if milking cows is what gets you centered, go for it." A small grin at her. "Just don't come back here smelling like cow and expect the boys to be hot and bothered. Not all of them grew up on a farm." he smirks, and turns to head out. "I'll share the results of the missions at the Squadron meeting, Jess." he promises as he heads out.

"You're asking the wrong guy." Yggy collects her milk and muffin, and heads for her berth. "Buttons was ECO on the board for recon last night." With that, she fits her long legged self into her sleeping berth and slides the little door shut. Someone's going to have some me time.

With Milkshake and Pie (what an edible sitcom) making themselves with the scarce, it's just Nags and Buttons all up in this place right now. He takes a sip of his milk and just kind of tries to hide the nervousness that he's still feeling. "Well?" Zander finally climbs down from his bunk and gets as comfortable as he can, feelign nervous and tablet under arm. "Is this good news or bad news? If it's bad news, I gotta' sit back down."

Nags and Buttons and the muffins. Do not forget the muffins. Jess hasn't. As soon as Zachary is out of sight and they are left unattended, she helps herself, adding milk to coffee and grabbing a blueberry and a cranberry. She shakes her head at Zander, coming over to perch on the arm of a chair and say, "Nah, it's all fine. Actually I had a question about this," she waggles the game and turns it on, showing him the screen without actually handing it over, "I'm stuck on level 3, I swear I've tried every possible combination of buttons but I can't find the right command."

… Epic. Facepalm.

Zander has to actually find his breath again to realize that this question is being asked seriously. He frowns and shakes his head nice and slowly, before just leaning in to look at the screen. "You don't have the right weapon selected. You can't bypass a security gate of that high caliber with a pistol." Zander is about to reach for the game, but he stops himself. Twitch. "Look. Just… press Select. Scroll down twice. Press X. Then highlight the DB5 Rocket Launcher. It only comes with two shots, so don't waste 'em. Aim at the center of the gate and back the frak up, lest you blow yourself to bits."

Would you prefer that it had been some sort of problem with your work, Zander? WOULD YOU? Jess follows instructions easily, tapping and scrolling and selecting, then backing the frak up before she blows the gate and not herself to bits. "Huh, that was easy," she says, "I'm pretty sure I tried that, but I must've hit the wrong spot. I'm pretty sure in real life you'd be targeting the lock or the hinges." She shrugs, swapping back to a rifle and proceeding into the compound. "I saved your game," she tells him, "Don't worry. This is a new one. I haven't had much time to play with it yet, obviously."

"It's fine. It's not like I'll ever get it back anyway." Zander offers with a shrug. It's clear that he misses it but he's not about to just fall into this trap of playing again. He's got important things to stay focused on and all that stuff. "Oh!" Zander's climbing halfway back up his bunk and reaching around up there until he pops out plug and slides back down the ladder. "The charger. In case it goes dead. Not like I need it, right?"

"I'd give it back to you now if he hadn't actually ordered me not to," Jess says, "You'll get it back pretty soon, we're on track to have something done in a couple weeks at the— frak! Did not see that coming." Pewpewpew. "What? Oh, thanks," she says, taking the charger before resuming her game. "So how's it coming on your end, with the modeling and stuff? I've got some notes Holtz and I combined last night with some prelim calculations. We're nearly done with the Viper cams now that Redux is helping, on to the Raptors next."

"It doesn't look right. I hate it." The tablet of specs is held up and it looks like it could be a Raider but it's off in some parts. And Zander is being a total perfectionist these days so it is probably just off because he's stressing so much that he's not doing it right on accidental purpose. "They'll be ready by the time you guys wrap up the footage. I'm going to run some preliminary program tests later today with some bogus numbers, just to make sure my programming's right. But yeah, I'd say we're on schedule."

Jess semi-reluctantly pauses the game and sets it down, reaching out to take the tablet instead and eye the Raider. "It's close," she says, "But I think this line here," she sweeps a fingertip over the screen, "Is a little too straight? It's got more of a curve than that, more like," she traces a slightly different arc and then taps a fin, "And this should be back a little further. Both of these. Sort of elongate this bit. I really can't draw to save my life but there must be somebody around here who can if that'd help. We can pull stills of different angles from the cam tapes if we need." She hands the tablet back and says again, "But it's pretty close. How it moves is going to be the most important part. It's just a lot of numbers to wade through, you know?" She unwraps a muffin to break a piece off and eat it, careful to conserve crumbs. "So you went out on the recon last night? Where was it?" It is a casual question. Super casual. Sooo casual.

Blink. "How'd… what?" Zander is staring at the tablet and trying to figure out just how in the heck that Jess fixed it. Apparently, she just knows how to do stuff like that. Or something. He's been trying to work on it forever. Which is something that he probably shouldn't be doing since he hasn't slept since the whole Recon issue. And, speaking of, "You know what. I would love to tell you, but I forgot I gotta' meet with Dub about that exact thing. Like right now. So you're gonna' have to give me a little bit…" Zander is already starting to back his way to the exit. "Thanks, though, for this." He holds up the tablet. "I'm gonna' run the programs and I'll catch up with you soon, okay?! Great!" And then he's making like a tree and getting outta' there!

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