AWD #313: Prepare Yourselves
Prepare Yourselves
Summary: The new CAG sits down with one of her squadron commanders.
Date: 30/04/2016 (OOC Date)
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Bennett Epiphany 
CAG's Office
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
Tue Nov 15 2005 (AWD #313)

It's been a busy couple of days for Arrington. The woman was named CAG, had to get the office back to 'working conditions,' and now she's going through a lengthy to-do list. Giving the Lucky Strikes a new squadron commander after their previous was transferred out was top of the list. Some new duty charts and training sessions also. She's had it on the proverbial schedule for a day or so now to meet with the Ghosts' CO, but synchronizing times without directly pulling Butch out of a routine hasn't been easy. When the time finally comes, it was some Ensign from another squadron that was sent to find the Raptor pilot.

The hatch to the office lies open and Epiphany is seated at her desk, a binder spread before her. In her left hand is a coffee mug and in her right is a pen; tucked against her palm as she turns pages slowly.

Bennett was just coming off a duty rotation when she was waylaid by Epiphany's messenger. As such, she arrives at the CAG's office in full flight gear, dark hair still tied back into a limp braid, helmet dangling from her gloved fingers. "Hello," she greets with a gamine smile, piercing blue eyes immediately fixing on the new wing commander at her desk.

There's a weariness that surrounds Epiphany and it goes beyond what all those in their mid-thirties likely feel. It's a bit harder to fight a war at that age. When you often have to leap out of bed with little warning, while your body would much rather a decent chunk of time to unkink and properly awaken. There's a long drink of coffee as Bennett steps in and Goose nods to her, before gesturing to a chair. "I'll keep this quick, I know you're busy. Rumour has been going about regarding operations on Aerilon soon. And I can confirm that yes, the TACCO plans on starting in the next week."

Bennett pauses a moment, then claims the offered seat with a crackling of neoprene as she settles. "I was going to say congratulations, but I see you wish to jump right to business." She's amused, but doesn't seem upset by it. "Yes, there have been rumours. What will be expected of the Ghosts?" She, too, is capable of cutting to the chase.

It may very well be that Epiphany really wants to avoid things like celebration. The position still sits a bit awkwardly on her shoulders. She needs time. "There's going to be extensive air support needed. Aerilon has pretty much none at this time. The Lucky Strikes will likely handle the initial push, because we need the Ghosts to make combat drops." Another sip of coffee and she sets the mug aside. "There are also a few recon missions. I'll need the names for three full teams. Pilot, copilot, and ECO. One will be a quick recon out to Ragnar. The other two will be remote recons, locations TBD. Each will have marine compliments as well. I've already spoken to Captain Fairfax, he'll be deciding his teams this week."

Bennett watches the other woman carefully, like she's trying to gauge something about the missions in question from her demeanor. Mention of combat drops has her smiling ever so slightly. If the viper jock has read over her file at all, she should not be surprised; St. Clair did CSAR for nine years, a vanishingly rare commodity in the fleet these days. "I will need drop points, and suggestions from Tactical on airheads. When is this scheduled for?" The recons, she'll get to in a moment presumably.

"Unfortunately, that's all the information the Colonel has provided me. I'm assuming they're still gathering more intel on specific targets and locations. However…" Epiphany sets down her mug and leans back. The pen is still caught up in her fingers as she laces her hands over her abdomen. She's in her blues, but the top button's been undone. "There's a basestar over Aerilon. We need a Raptor team to drop a nuke on it. I want you to pick that team. It's extremely high risk, so it needs to be someone… well, I suppose we're all a bit fatalistic. There will be as much support in orbit as possible, to handle Raiders and cover the team delivering the payload."

Bennett smirks slightly at the 'fatalistic' comment, but doesn't jump to suggest any names for the time being. Instead, she slides a datapad out of one of the pockets of her flight suit and begins jotting down a few notes. "Please get me more information on the Aerilon operation. I will not send my pilots into a hot LZ with insufficient support." Her eyes flick up from the datapad briefly. "Will the nuke drop be in advance of the air strike?"

"I'll get details out as soon as I have them, Captain. I need to know for staging things on my end, as well." Likely she'll be in the thick of things, herself. Something of this scale, the CAG is definitely not going to stay behind. Epiphany lifts a hand and tilts it slightly, before fingers fall back to rest against her other wrist. "I believe so. It sounds like the TACCO wants the initial push to be all at once. A nuke with support for Raiders in orbit, while Vipers and Predators clear LZs for the marine drops. Once we have specific locations, I'll get you the maps."

"I see," Bennett answers thoughtfully, lower lip caught between her teeth as she jots a couple more things down. "For now, I will coordinate with Captain Fairfax on the marine landing. And I will have names for the nuke drop for you by tomorrow morning. It will have to be a crew I know can operate alone, and under considerable duress without behaving rashly." Which isn't every member of the Ghosts. "Is there anything else?"

There's a small shake of Epiphany's head. "That's all for now, Captain. After the initial operations on Aerilon, we'll be doing the recons. So there's no need to decide those teams yet, just keep them in mind." She leans forward again, grabbing up her coffee once more. "Lieutenant Salazar is now serving as the squadron commander for the Lucky Strikes. If you need to liaison regarding overwatch for your pilots, he'll be the one to talk to." A strange choice, perhaps, but the Strikes have seen a lot of recent personnel changes. Most of them now are new.

Indeed they have, and Bennett's expression says as much. There's no censure in the look she gives Epiphany, merely a taking of the woman's measure - much as she's done since she entered her office. "Understood," she offers evenly, and after tucking the datapad away, pulls to her feet. "Thank you, Captain." Never one to stand on formality, she merely inclines her head to the viper stick in farewell, and turns to make her way out.

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