ALT #308: Preparations
Summary: The hanger bay is busy with preparations for the latest Minos mission.
Date: 10/Nov/2013
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #308

It's busy enough in the hangar at the moment, what with the mission in the offing to Minos in a handful of hours. Prep work still to be done. None of it's being done by Phin at the moment, however. He doesn't muss with the mechanical bits of the planes, and it's still hours before he needs to start any pre-flight. But, with little else to do with himself before it's on, he's here watching. Sitting on the catwalk out of the way, drinking from his ceramic 'Silverstars' coffee mug and watching the activity on the deck hum along like an orange ant farm below him.

Lleufer arrives, finally back on duty after a month of being laid up in sickbay, therapy and retesting. His weight is better now, if not fully regained yet. The bullet wound to his head has healed neatly to a minimal scar at the upper right edge of his hairline though the left side of his face remains more slack and devoid of expression than before Santos Ridge. The Marine MP is wearing his on duty uniform but is not at the moment accompanied by any of his fellows. No more cane to aid his walking as he begins to make his way through the hangar to see how preparations are proceeding.

Toby has spent the best part of his shift engaged in the prep work for that very same outing. He'd initially been assigned to help with the vipers, but since the chance of him getting a seat in one of them is something akin to the chance of him being spontaniously proclaimed King of the Universe, he managed to switch with one of the others techs and has instead been working on the raptors. In theory, this placed him in the perfect place to convince one of the pilots or ECO's that a Tauran speaking doorgunner come damage repairer was exactly what they needed to complete their load-out, but so far it seems no one has bitten. With no appropriate flight-crew around just now to pitch to, he takes a few moments to grab a brew, run through the list of what he still needs to do work-wise and generally take a quick break. Mug in one gloved hand, and the other in his pocket, he heads for the gantry to watch as he drinks, spotting Phin as he does so and giving the pilot a brief nod in acknowledgement, then one to Lleufer too, once the marine is spotted.

Phin is in fatigues at the moment, for his part. He'll kit into a flight suit a little later. His head turns when he sees Lleufer coming, and the man is offered a grin and polite, "Sergeant. Hey. Looking for something, or just here to see the show?" Toby's nod is returned, when it's noted. "Crewman. How's it going?"

The MP's course alters when he spots and hears Phin, then notices Toby, "I was looking for Shackleton, actually. Good to see you, Lieutenant. You be careful out there and get back to us in one piece tonight." It's not a mission that requires Marines so obviously he's not trying to sort out his ride. Lleufer looks past the pilot towards the Crewman, "I'm surprised you didn't bribe or blackmail somebody to take you along on the original trip, Shackleton. You have a moment?"

Toby stops his walk as he gets alongside Phin, although he doesn;t sit, choosing instead to remain on his feet and merely lean on the rail instead. "Lieutenant." He starts, casually enough, "prep is slightly ahead of schedule if anything so fingers crossed there." Then, with a noticable amount more urgency, "if you know of any of the raptor pilots looking for a Tauran speaking tech to take along in case things get dicey then give 'em my name would you?" Phin might be able to find some that are hiding from him after all, or so goes his logic anyway. Lleufer gets a bit of a look at his comment but then he takes a swig of her drink and replies in exaspiration, "I've been trying, trust me on that." He then considers the question a moment then nods, "yeah, I've got a moment, but I reserve the right to pause you if any of the Ghost's arrive."

"Uh, not for this part of the run," Phin replies to Toby, sounding sort of apologetic. "That I can think of. Maybe I can check." He doesn't want to outright say 'no.' He can pawn doing that off on some Raptor driver. To Lleufer, he nods. "I'll do my best. Not sure how much of a Cylon presence to expect, but the CAG said it'll be a long evac. So we'll need to be prepared for rotating guard duty as people refuel and stuff. Glad to see you back on duty, Sergeant."

Lleufer smiles at the Tauran Crewman, "Under-stood. Good to see your de-termi-nation." still a little tricky for him to talk but slowly it's getting easier. "If it was Aeri-lon, you can bet your dangle I'd be doing the same. So I'll wish you luck with it." The Marine hooks his thumbs loosely into his web belt and leans a shoulder against the rail. To Phin he nods, "Thanks, good to be back on du-ty. Hope to be cleared for miss-ions soon." The MP juts his chin in Toby's direction, "I need to talk to you about find-ing Shep-erd, now we are back to Pi-ra-us."

Toby can't help but look a little crestfallen as Phin starts his reply, it's not exactly the answer he'd been looking for, although it's not exactly the first time he's heard it either. As the offer is made to check though he gives a brief nod in the pilots direction and rallies an impressively confident sounding "I'd appreciate it, thanks." He listens to the talk of a long-evac in silence, figuring it means that there is still a few chances left and silently considering which pilots to approach and when, until Lleufer's comments drag his attention down another path. "I haven't had a time to check in with those ECO's," he confesses, "but I don't recall seeing any paperwork from them hit the roster's. I'll check though, once the bird's our out tonight and it's quieter. You had a chance to talk ot them yet?"

Phin's attention sharpens when Sheperd is mentioned. That's a name he remembers. And not well, from the frown it creases on his face. He quiets and listens to this exchange, drinking on his coffee. The hangar bay is busy at the moment, with prep underway for the mission to Minos, but it's still too early for Phin to be bothering with pre-flight. So he's just watching the work. And, at the moment, hanging by Lleufer and Toby.

From up on the catwalk, the hangar bay is nothing if not a hive of bustling industry. Which is particularly apparent when a flight's just come in. A few deckies jog past as shouts go up to secure the returning airframes, and the pair of vipers are the first to roll to a halt— followed by the bigger, considerably less sleek and sexy bus they'd been accompanying. Pilots and crew clamber out, clipboards are handed over, and post-flight is commenced. Captain St. Clair appears to be the bus driver on this particular shift, and tugs her helmet off as she emerges from the raptor's hatch.

"Quite all right. Minos first as it's far more import-ant and ur-gent." Lleufer agrees. He gives a negative movement of his head, "Not yet. I don't real-ly know which ECO's to approa-ch. Who was it you had spoken with be-fore about the re-wiring to help us lo-cate the downed Rap-tor?" The MP glances to make certain he's not in anyone's way with incoming aircraft, then looks back to Toby with a head tilt to indicate he'll wait, if the Crewman wants to go pounce the newly arrived pilots.

"Do you actually have an idea of where he might've gone?" Phin asks, as to the AWOL former CAG. "I figured, with as much as the guy knew about Raptors, he could've jumped anywhere. Not that planting himself on a Cylon-occupied colony would've been bright but…guy wasn't really bright, from my recollection." His head turns as the flight comes in. A nod is offered down to the disembarking pilots, Bennett among them.

"'cuse me a moment," Toby offers to Phin and Lleufer as he sees the flight arrive, pausing only to reply quickly to Lleufer, "Lieutenant Durnst and the Nugget, Redgrave or something like that anyway." He's fairly sure he's already told the man that, but then he remembers that old bullet to the brain and forgives the marine his lack of recallection." Then, to Phin, "word seemed to be that he was heading for someone on Pireas, so that's where were starting." That really is it though and he's off, ditching his mug with the two so he can use both hands to slide part-slide down then ladders to the deck level. He's not running, running on deck is bad, but he's certainly striding at a fair clip to cover the ground between himself and the raptor as Bennett emerges from the hatch. He doesn't have the post-flight clipboard to pass across, but he's right behind the tech that does and asks quickly, "you heading out again later Captain?"

Bennett pulls her fingers through the halo of dark hair that's managed to escape her ponytail, and tucks it absently behind her ears once her helmet's off. Then there's a clipboard being shoved into her hands, and since this is old routine by now, she's already got her pen out of her flight suit pocket and clicked on. "Thanks," softly to the departing tech. A glance, and then a double-take Toby's way. "Oh, hello there Shackleton." Her smile turns warm, and a little curious. "Hmm? Oh, you mean Minos? I am not sure, actually, whether I'm on the list. Why do you ask?" Scribble, scribble.

Lleufer looks to Phin, "No, I don't. My hope is that he went down to Pi-ra-us. But if he jumped, I don't think we have much hope of find-ing him." He gives Toby a nod, "Thanks." Yes, Toby probably did and Lleu probably even wrote it down but the man's had a serious head injury which frakk'd him up pretty bad. No telling what he can't remember, like where he put his notepad. Ynyr watches the Crewman hurry off and keeps his place leaning against the rail by Phin for the moment as he watches.

Phin looks skeptical, when Piraeus is mentioned. "Even back before we knew how much he'd frakked up, he was still a commander who went AWOL, and that's still a huge deal. I always half-figured he might've tried to back go to Leonis. That's where he was from." But he did just say Sheperd was an idiot, so he doesn't question it beyond that. "Not that he told me anything before he…went off. Hopefully he's still somewhere you guys can put your hands on him." He leans over slight to watch Toby approach Bennett.

Ah ha! A raptor pilot he hasn't driven up the wall yet! Good. With the other tech heading off as soon as the list is passed over, Toby takes a half step forward so he's in the other's vacated place, just incase the Captain might try something sneaky, like moving away to carry on with her checks. "Yeah, Minos," he confirms quickly and with a short nod. Words not actually spilling out at a rate of knots but it's close. One black-gloved hand slips into his pocket as the other gestures back towards the interior of the raptor. "Heard someone say it might get hot out there, figured if it all went to shit you migth want a Tauran speaker who can make a stab at fixing your bird on the fly as it were. I'm trained on the HMG as well if it comes to that."

The MP gives Phin a nod, "If Shep-erd went down to Pi-ra-us, I think our odds are good we'll find him. Else-where, not so much. But, we'll see." Lleufer thins his mouth and looks back to watch Toby's efforts.

It's entirely possible that Bennett's diffidence is all a ruse, and that she knows perfectly well how much Toby is itching for even a glimpse of his homeworld. Her blue eyes settle on him for a few beats when he slots into the spot previously occupied by the avionics tech, and her left hand pauses in its scribbling. "I expect that it might," she agrees, in that same mild, airy tone. Then her gaze flicks back to the clipboard as she fills out the section on engines. Number one is ticked off with no comments; number two has something scribbled in its 'details' box. "That would definitely be an asset on a mission like this," she agrees with Toby's last.

Phin nods to Lleufer, asking no further about the absent former CAG. He's standing with the MP on the catwalk, making small talk and drinking coffee. There's a great deal of activity on the deck, as far as the techs are concerned. There's prep to be done for the offing to Minos. But it's still hours before Phin has to worry about pre-flight, so for the moment he's just observing it all.

Onto the deck steps Warren, looking down at the clipboard in his hand. He flips a few pages as he walks, going over some detail there as he moves about the hanger. Theres a nod over towards Bennett and Toby over there before slowly heading towards the vipers there glancing between them and his notes.

Toby is entirely oblivious to anything in the hanger at the moment that isn't Bennett or the clipboard, and to be fair, he's only still got focus on the clipboard because of it's immediate proximity to her. He doesn't say anything immediately although his eyes flick back and forth across her features for any sign that she might just be leading him on instead of being entirely serious in her answers. Slowly letting out a breath he hadn't been conciously aware he was holding he does his best no to burst with anticipation and nervous energy before he tries coaxing out a clarification. "Is that a yes then? I mean, I know everyone is saying that tonight's is just an airborne thing, but when you do go back to land? When we start lifting them off?"

Lleufer adds low to Phin, "Good timing for my clear-ances. I hope to get my boots on Minos with the rest when we go in to get those peo-ple out. Long, long over due, thankz to that bas-tard, Shep-erd." He offers with a touch of bitterness, "Might have saved a hell of a lot more on Pal-lus if we'd got-ten there sooner."

Bennett smiles slightly, and touches Toby's arm before attempting to slip past him. Ostensibly, to do a walkaround of her raptor before signing off on the exterior. "It is a maybe, in as much as I can give it. I will request your presence on mission once we are due to put boots on the ground. If you stop pestering my pilots about it. Deal?" She runs her palm along the raptor's flank, almost fondly, then moves to flip open an access panel above the wing. Warren has not yet been spotted, though certainly she's peripherally aware of Lleufer and Phin up there on the catwalk.

Phin isn't directly near the Vipers at the moment, but he's above them on the walkway, so he's adjacent. He notes Warren's entrance and stands up a notch straighter, offering a, "Captain" down to him. It's formal, but he doesn't exactly hold himself at attention. Lleufer gets a solemn nod. "We all should've done more to push things, find those people. That includes Command, to my mind, if they had any inkling Sheperd wasn't doing the job proper. But, yeah, he left those people out there to die when they didn't have to. It's monstrous. At least we can still save those who're left on Minos."

Warren pauses by one of the Vipers taking a look at it and discusses something with one of the techs there. Theres some pointing at something and a bit more but Warren is nodding before making a note on his clipboard before he moves away again. He nods to himself making another note as he keeps moving. He stops once more talking again to a tech, discussing something on his clipboard before theres another nod. He does glance up at the 'Captain' he gets for Phin and gives him a nod before he's moving back over toward Bennett and Toby, apparently done with whatever he was doing, at least for the moment.

Toby seems happy enough to let Bennett slip past, although he does then move to follow her on her rounds. Not so close that he's crowding her, but he's not giving up the ground he has right now. The 'maybe' gets a single, rapid nod and he shoves his free hand in it's respective pocket as he listens to the remainder of what she says, then lowers his head in thought for a few moments as he considers her words. It's his best response yet, no doubt about it, but it's still not a 'yes' and that is obviously still nagging at him as he catches sight of Warren out of the corner of his eyeand offers the man a quick nod and a "Captain," in greeting while buying himself a little more time to agonise over Bennett's offer.

Lleufer pushes off of the railing he was leaning against, "Well, back to my own dut-ies. I'll keep an ear out for how things pro-gress." The Marine MP turns to start making his way around the rest of the hangar to check on things but all seems to be progressing smoothly enough. Then he heads on out and back to the Security Hub.

Bennett doesn't rush Toby while he agonises. She's bought herself a little breathing space to finish off her post-flight, anyway. The panel is slapped closed, and she continues meandering about her raptor before making a couple of notes once she completes the circuit. "May I ask what you are hoping to find down there, Shackleton?" she asks gently, handing the checklist off to the waiting tech before hefting her helmet under one arm.

"Good luck, Sergeant," Phin says to the departing MP. He finishes off his coffee in another gulp, and then steps down the catwalk and onto the deck proper. He angles toward his Viper, to check the maintenance report on it. A quick scan confirms it's ship-shape. Literally.

Warren doesn't interupt Toby's agonizing, or Bennett's post flight. Nope he's taking his time in walking over, his eyes looking over the Raptor as he does so. And when he does get there he glances down at his clipboard again giving the pair some time to sort out whatever's got Toby agonizing.

With not being quite so heavily focused on Bennett, Phin's movement down is also spotted out of the corner of Toby's eye and he watches the viper pilot for a moment as he descends before eying Warren and his stand-offishness a moment. Then he clocks the Bennett has moved round again and moves to catch up a bit. Not right up in her personal space, but on the same side of the bird at least. He's still silent for a few more moments before he asks, cautiously, "you'll do what you can to get me a seat?" As for her other question, well, that gets another few moment's of silence before he shrugs awkwardly, "the last surviving outpost of my people. The closest thing I have left to home. A chance to actually see my home again." They're not easy words, and he drops his voice a little lower as he says them, before finishing with a more normal, "and besides, they're Tauran, how could I not do what I can to help them?"

Bennett spies Warren finally, and favours him with a crooked little smile. Back to Toby, she nods once, blue eyes meeting his unflinchingly. "I will do everything in my power to put you on one of the buses. Yes." Her smile fades a few notches. "And that, I can understand. If I could see Virgon again, I would want the opportunity. But I will say that I do not need anyone back there" She hitches her chin toward her raptor. "who is distracted and distraught. There is, as I know you understand, work to do, Shackleton."

Phin leaves Bennett to the hyper-focused deckie she's picked up, and approaches Warren. Stopping and saluting just short of the other Viper pilot, even. He's in a formal mood today. "Sir. Is there anything you require assistance with before the offing to Minos?"

Ah the sacred art of looking at ones notes as others talk so as not to interupt. Warren's practicing it well but he does return the little smile from Bennett before looking back at his notes. He looks up as he hears Phin and quickly returns the salute, "Lieutenant, good to see you. Just going over the logs making sure everythings ready for us. Things are good, techs are getting things ready. Think everythings in check at the moment. You ready for things out there?"

Toby locks eyes with Bennett as she gives her answer. It's still not a definitive 'yes' but he trusts her enough to know that it's as good as she can give. Breaking the eye contact with a short, sharp nod pulls his right hand out of his pocket and steps forward to offer it across with a quiet, "thank you Captain." As she notions back towards the Raptor he follows the motion and looks at the machine as she speaks then turns back slowly once she's done. There's a slightly impact on his oh-so Tauran pride at the suggestion that he'd need to be told that but he gets over it quickly enough and gives a quick and silent nod in acknowledgement.

Stab at his pride or not, it had to be said. Bennett, at least, has the grace to look apologetic about it when she clasps Toby's offered hand in hers. No shake, just a brief squeeze before he's released. "Do not thank me yet," she cautions with a wink. "But if Command allows it, I look forward to having you with us." And with a smile, and a brief touch of her fingertips to the Tauran's shoulder, she slips past finally. "Good luck out there, you two," she tells Phin and Warren in passing.

"Ready as I can be, sir," is Phin's reply to Warren. He lowers the salute, but still keeps his posture straight. "I've been refreshing myself on the astronomical maps of the area over Minos, and the history of conflicts in that sector. And since things are going well down here, I'll continue to do so until I'm due in pre-flight. I'll be in the map room if you need me, sir." Another salute. If it's returned without anything further, he'll turn heel and speed off to do just that.

Warren gives a nod to Phin at his report, "Very good Dolly. Might see you up there in a bit just to go over those maps one more time, and lay out any plans we possibly can." Ah and then theres Bennett, "Thanks Butch. Hey you have a moment? Want to go over some thing with you if you have the time." As he says that he moves to catch up with the woman, following after her.

Phin shifts a look between Warren and Bennett on his way out. Curious. But not enough to stop him from striding off map-wards. Off he goes.

Toby acknowledges the look from Bennett with the faintest of nods, then glances down to his shoudler for a moment at the unexpected touch. Then she's off though, and so it would appear are the two viper pilots, so that probably makesit time to get back to work. The coffee he abandoned on the gantry is entire forgotten about for now but someone will find it sooner or later as he himself headsoff to get get his next worklist from the deck office.

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