AWD #163: Prep Work Continues
Prep Work Continues
Summary: The Deckies come up with more plans for the war effort.
Date: 18/06/2013
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Hangar Bay, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #163

It's still busy in the bays as work for the invasion of Picon continues apace, but it seems that there is still time for a tea break. With a steaming mug of some mostly unidentifiable, steaming black liquid, Toby is sat in the deck office with his feet on the desk, using his break to look at the SABER surveillance information again and keep out of the way of those still hauling supplies and parts from point a to point b.

The Military made little sense to Dio. He stood, scratching his head as he tried to figure out just how it was he was going to get things done now. Non-Commissioned Officer- It just sounded odd to the man. He just hovered over the people in his work group, seemingly unsure on how to best motivate them. He was quite out of his element. Having.. work to be responsible for.

Move a massive pile of crates from Point A to Point B. Fish one tiny part off the shelves. Move everything back. Welcome to the life of a deckhand. Sera must've been involved in the process this morning. Instead of being covered in grease stains and tylium fuel — which, really, is a fetching look for any young lady — her orange suit is covered in dust, and her hands are a bit red from carting around boxes so heavy, she could barely hold on to them. Thank the gods she's due for a break. She shuffle towards the coffee pot, rubbing at her back all the while. Oww.

Toby is seemingly far too engaged with the papers resting on his thighs to notice either Dio's predicament or Sera's approach at first. As concentrating techs have for centuries he twiddles a pencil around in his fingers for a while then makes a brief annotation before slipping it behind his ear for storage, all without looking up for even a second. There's a faint, but satisfied sounding "hmmm" as he seems to come to some sort of decision or conclusion before he reaches out one hand for his mug and takes a satisfied slurp. Only then does he glance up to take in his surroundings and offer the NCOs a greeting. With his mug still in one hand he uses the other to gesture at the paperwork, "you're timing is impeccable Chief, got a minute?"

Dio gives Toby a blank look. Then he looks over to Sera. She's senior, he'll let her handle it- and he'll make coffee. "So, coffee." he says to both, "Coffee." That's his answer, and he's sticking to it. "Coffee, Toby, none of that nasty tea you like. Coffee."

Sera blinks a few times, then snickers at Dio. Okay, so, maybe it's more like a snort. Clearly, she's been spending entirely too much time surrounded by Taurons, with their bullish tendencies. One hand reaches up to flick her stubborn bangs out of her eyes, which is a never ending battle — one she never seems to win. "Sure, Shackleton. What's up?," she asks, halting her progress to the caffeine-pot. Close. She was so close.

Toby glances into his mug, drains what's left and hands it over for a refill of whatever. "Tastes mostly of tylium anyway," he replies with a grin before gesturing to Sera that she needn't put off her own beverage quest on his behalf. "Was just looking over that recon report you gave us. I'm no frakking rocket scientist as Dio so rightly said, but I think I've spotted something that might be of a little use."

Stepping around to Coffee Nirvana, Dio poured himself a mug. And then a second for Sera. He doesn't add sugar or milk- but just pours the black liquid out. His own got a touch of sweetener, but nothing else. Just something to take the bitter edge off.

There's an upnod of thanks offered to Dio, before she's greedily wrapping her hands around the white ceramic mug. The color only makes her tan stand out that much more — that, and the grease stains she can't ever quite seem to wash off of her fingers. "Good news, I hope?," she asks, both of her brows shooting up. It's an expression she wears often. Not surprise. It's expectance.

"So, are you going to share how you're not punching people in the mouth, right? Because I'm pretty damn close to punching some punks in the mouth. People need to just fraking do the job. How do you deal with this, Serbear?" Dio asks suddenly, giving a bit of a frown. "I'm on my edge, I don't know how you deal with the bull."

Toby shifts his feet off the desk so he can put the sheets of paper down instead so all can see. Retrieving the pencil from behind his ear once more he points to a couple of contacts that have been circled, "Dradis and control lorries, likely to be the heaviest defended for obvious reasons." Then he uses the blunt end to indicate a few other contacts, "missile storage lorries, or so intel reckon anyway. Anyway, I was figuring that with the amount of power these sites need, they have to be running hot, but if you compare the control lorries to the storage ones they're different. The Toaster have put a load of safeguards on the former, but not the later. Now, I hear you crying out 'get to the damn point' so here it is, there's no fire suppression systems on the missile ones, we hit them when they’re close enough, we get a chain reaction."

"Hard work," Sera says bluntly. "When the boss is bustin' his own ass, the grunts are generally obliged to follow suit." Huh. So, it's not just the yelling and threatening? Interesting. With that said, she sort of shuffles around Toby. Sera may not be one of those itty-bitty little girls that can barely reach the top shelf of her own refrigerator, but it seems they breed boys big on Tauron. There's no point in her trying to look over Toby's shoulder. She has to peek around him. She blinks a few times at the designs. "Well," she finally says. "That's just plain stupid of 'em."

"Sounds like somethin' they'd patch up quick if it were exposed." Dio remarks as he sips at his coffee like it was sacred. "So, you've made it so I need to work hard, Serbear?" he asks of the woman, "I'm sure you had everything to do with this." he complains, "That's the only way."

Toby gives Sera a brief nod, offering her the sheets if she wants a closer look. "That's what I figured, so I took a closer look, but I still reckon it's the case. Not sure how close they'd need to be mind, probably want to run that past an armourer, but we get one of them alight then it's going to take 'em time and effort to put it out." He's not sure he has any particular advice to give to Dio, having never been in a leadership position either so instead he simply offers him an amused sounding, "have fun with that," before nodding to the comment about a patch. "Yeah, likely. We'd be able to use it once or twice maybe, in quick succession, but if we give the frakkers time then they'll adapt quick enough."

"Consider it a favor," she says quietly to Dio. She's obviously teasing him, despite the seriousness of her tone. Her brows furrow and she leans over the drawings, inspecting them closely, even while she's mumbling, "You could use the exercise. If I let you sit on your ass any more, you'd get fat, and while it may be the apocalypse, this is a battlestar. You've got a whole berth of tasty over in the Marine barracks to contend with for the ladies' attentions." (Yes, she really did just say that.)

"It just means they need to not waste it." Diomedes says as he sips his coffee. "Frak that. I tried that once, they all decided to get serious. I've got a track record of failure in leadership positions." He argues, "LAst time it led to me doing something sub-legal."

Toby starts to raise an eyebrow to Dio's 'sub-legal' comment, then figures that that's the sort of conversation topic to avoid while at work so instead he simply shrugs at Sera. "I prefer to think that the ladies aren't so shallow to only take muscle mass into consideration. Were that the case, we'd all be down the gym sweating like marines in a maths test." Back to Dio again he gives a nod of agreement, "yeah, hard and fast, as many sites as possible at once, or as near simultaneously, Should frak 'em up good and proper."

"Eh. Just break somethin' expensive and I'll demote you eventually," she says, brows furrowing. "What do we know about the missiles themselves? Anythin'? I mean, yeah, sure. They're ordnance, they explode, blah blah. But sizes? Payloads? If we're goin' to bring this upstairs, I'd like to give 'em as much information as possible as where to target so they can get in an' get out. Get it over with. I saw that Raptor they brought back from the last time they took on the damned SABRE sites an' we don't have the resources to replace them. Vipers? Yeah. Raptors? Predators? No."

"If we mix that with the chlorine dispersal…Could be a devastating blow. Set it up for people to come back. Lots of scrap to clean up, could be right useful if we put all that raw material to good use. I mean, we got a factory, right?" Dio asks then, "A hard quick press and resupply like that would be pretty useful. I mean, if we can plan it right we can put that as part of the whole attack. We immediately start clean up and have this stuff just laying out for us to use. That's something we can do, right?" Dio wonders, as he looks over to Sera. "Got to be a way to do some sort rebuild, or retrofit with all that metal layin' down there."

Toby slides the pencil back behind his ear again as Sera speaks, brow furrowing slightly in thought as he considers what she says. "Size, payload, shielding, as much as possible really." Glancing to the clock he offers, "I'll take it down to the ordinance boys and run it past them see what they think. If anyone'll know how to crack something like that it'll be them." He gives a silent nod of agreement as he also remember the state of the returned Raptor before switching topics slightly, "you also said something about gasmasks?" He's about to ask more when Dio mentions chlorine and he puts two and two together and asks, "chlorine kills Toasters? I mean, if the skinjobs are as similar to us as everyone frakkin claims then sure, it should do nasty things to them, but the metal ones too?"

"Well, I'm sure it kills the skinjobs just fine," Sera says with a shrug. They are, after all, so disgustingly "human", according to some. "But we were talkin' about the toasters, specifically. Seems their platin' is made mostly of titanium, an' titanium has an unpleasant tendency to catch fire when exposed to chlorine. The kind of fire you can't put out with water or with the standard foam in the usual DC equipment." There's the teeniest, tiniest little smile that touches the corners of Sera's mouth at the prospect. She may have surpressed the urge to go put the Cylons aboard out into the tubes and see what happens when she hits the button; that doesn't mean she's forgotten it.

"Should be pretty nasty." Dio says with a chuckle. "It'll be like a celebration, honestly. Bright clouds of centurions starting on fire and burnin' out like fireworks. Almost poetic, if you ask me." he gives a little grin, and another dark chuckle- "Boom!"

"Awesome," Toby replies, a grin spreading over his features, "best news I've heard in a long time. Just titanium and chlorine? No catalyst or anything?" His grin continues to broaden into a full blown smiles as he pictures the scene Dio describes, "beautiful. I'm guessing someone is already on producing the quantities needed?"

"Payback's only fair," Sera says, that hint of a smile turning surprisingly grim and vicious. It's not an expression which suits her "girl next door" sort of pretty very well, which only makes it that much more unpleasant. "We're waitin' on clearance from the old man. Used to be the President of the Colonies gave the thumbs up to usin' chemicals like that, but bein' as he's currently playin' footsie with Cylon command back on Caprica, well…"

"Sure. Payback." Dio says with a chuckle towards Ser. "We'll see what we can do. Ain't a big scrape to make Chlorine- its the storage that'll be key." he says, "That's pretty deadly to us, and we'd have to keep a lot of it around. Gas Masks would be pretty well required to be on deck if health and safety is to be followed." He just looks up to Sera's remark on the President. "Hard to trust a man who's probably playin' some sort of Cylon skin-flute. Lets hope the Old Man sees it our way, then."

"Oh man," says Toby,still enjoying the mental images, "what I wouldn't give to see that." Then, slightly more seriously, "from an elevated position, upwind of course. I'll take a look at the COSHH sheets this afternoon, see what sort of things we're going to need to take care of. How many gas masks are we short?" Pondering Dio's comments about storage he nods slowly, "likely we'll need a load of pressurised bottles, like the oxygen tanks for the BA kits only bigger. Don't know what we have in stores, but any hospital or chemical plant is likely to have loads. Just need to empty 'em and refil."

"That's just it," she says, levelling her gaze at Toby. She tilts her head towards Dio's comment. "Until we know how much of this we're goin' to need, I won't know what our storage options are. Until the boys upstairs pick a target, we can't answer whether or not there will be an at-risk civvie population nearby that'd need a drop. That's why I'm sayin' to start lookin' at options now — so we're prepared for whatever they dump on us once the decision's been made."

"We'll see it, maybe." Dio says, with a shrug. "I mean, if they've got the numbers it could be a lightshow we can enjoy from the observation deck. I mean, assuming we wouldn't be in combat. Honestly, that's probably a bad idea." Dio says with a bit of a moment's afterthought. "Just more we need to take care of. Honestly, its like they expect us to be wizards or something." Sure it was his idea, but that doesn't matter. There was *work* to be done. "We need enough for everyone on the ship, honestly. Just to be safe. And I guess I'll get back to you on how many we have. Unless you want Toby to take care of it?"

"There'll be a list somewhere of how many we have onboard," Toby replies to Dio, "and if there wasn’t before then with this prep work that's been running us ragged then there will be now." Then to Sera "I can take a look at how long the stuff takes to disperse too, see if the BA kits and smokehoods with the small tanks can be of use too."

"Honestly, I don't much care who does it, as long as it gets done," she says before reaching up to scratch at the nape of her neck. It's one of those tics she has, a fair indication that she's considering something. Especially when she's staring down at the floor like that while she does it. "Whatever we need to minimize the risk to us while we're doin' it. Do you know anyone in medical? The CMO has a fit almost every time I walk in."

"Uh, no. I don't know anyone in medical. I don't like to hang around that. Seems like its inviting tragedy. You know, make good friends with a Doctor, then they tearfully have to kill you on the table because yer cursed?" he says, giving a wave of his head as if it seemed like a terrible idea. "I'll get the counts together, I guess. My idea… feel.. sort of responsible if I like.. gas the crew." he grumbles, giving a sigh. "Fraking responsiblity, Serbear. I'll never forgive you." He mentions, turning and finishing his coffee as he turns back to actual work for perhaps the first time ever.

"Won't go so far as to say I know her overmuch, but I helped her get a load of equipment she wanted of Picon a week or so back," Toby offers with a shrug before glancing to Dio to see if he can do any better. As the other Tauron claims responsibility for the gas masks he givs him a nod, "if it turns out they'll give enough time I'll get you a count on BA kits and such too, or those we can spare anyway."

"I'm only askin' because someone probably should work with medical to see what, if anythin', we can do to prepare for the worst. Maybe engineerin', too, since they're responsible for the air circulation aboard," Sera says, thoughtfully. Her eyes have drifted from the floor to Dio, watching his back carefully. She frowns faintly. "Let me see what's goin' on with upstairs an' maybe then you can swing by the doctor's, Shacks?"

"Will do," Toby replies with a quick nod to Sera, "just say when. Waving his hand over the SABER site intel he continues, "I'll take this to the armourers, then get started on the COSHH information and let you know what we can get away with."

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