Pre-Leap Fleet Conditions

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Joint Task Force NOMAD

The NOMAD Joint Task Force is the original group of capital ships and people that were assigned to the Piraeus project in early 2003 (IC time). There have been a couple of additions since that time (The Refining Ship Erasmus Rigor is an example), but the majority of the ships in this group have been here since before War Day, and their crew can be considered to be intimately familiar with the area. The Flag of this group (Rear Admiral Jameson) is carried on BS-114, the Battlestar Orion.

Special Task Force Blackjack

Special Task Force Blackjack was created approximately two weeks before War Day after discussions between the Admirality and NOMAD Command came to the consensus that Something Unpleasant was going to happen, and it was better to be prepared, than not. Three Super Dreadnaughts (The Baker Bay, the Black Harbour, and the Merom Gulf) were scheduled to be taken out of mothball, where they had been collecting dust for over a decade, and were commissioned as the central ships of a new task force. The remaining craft were commandeered from other battlegroups, or in some cases, had their refit escalated to finish in time to join the group.

Until the time of Blackjack Contact, this group has been hiding out at a remote gas giant, choosing isolated Cylon Naval targets to hit-and-run attack. In February, the Baker Bay and the Black Harbour, along with most of their escort, jumped into orbit around Picon and destroyed all five basestars that were in orbit at the time. A message was broadcast to the Resistance on Picon, and then the crafft withdrew to repair the damage they had sustained. They have now moved operations to Piraeus, but continue to function as their own, separate task force, that directly reports to RADM Jameson.

It is important to note that this group lost a second Escort Carrier, the Pompeii, when Cylons compromised one of their scheduled meeting points, and has had previous incidents where Skinjob Model Number Sixes have tossed grenades into their berthings, so in general, the crew of this group is not likely to be well-disposed towards Skinjobs that have joined the Colonials.

Recon Group Linten

The Recon Group Linten is not a front-line combat group. Corvettes, cutters, and missile carriers typically serve harassing and flanking roles in the Fleet, either supporting a larger combat group, or using their speed and agility to scout out enemy lines and retreat before significant force can be brought to bear on them. Several craft in this group have been built using the Colonial Fleet's current stealth technology: a combination of bulkhead material, building structure, paint, and power structure that can render the ship invisible to DRADIS and to the naked eye. This not 'cloaking technology' as might be thought of from other science fiction sources, but more of an act of making the ship so 'quiet' that it simply does not register on DRADIS or other sensors.

The Linten group found a hiding place the Ouranos Asteroid Belt and devised a clever way to send a signal specifically to the NOMAD group, and waited for them to find it. When it was discovered and responded to in late April/early May, the group was on heavy rations and out of options. Like the Blackjack group, the Linten group retains their structure as a stand-alone battlegroup that reports directly to RADM Jameson.

Ships Out of Action

Ships Lost

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