MD #038: Pre-Mission Jump Prep
MD #038: Pre-Mission Jump Prep
Summary: Gunnery Sergeant Knox, the jumpmaster for the upcoming operation, gathers Ensign Zahav, Sgt. Palermo & Cpl. Freeman in the Map Room to review the upcoming mission.
Date: Tue 16/May/2017 (OOC Date)
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Map Room - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The table has the most updated holographic capability and can project the largest displays on the ship. The risers to the sides are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have large LCD touch displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED touch displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. In the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds updated maps and table models.
Fri 01/Dec/2028 (IC Date)

Everyone on the jump team, sans the mission leader, has been summoned up to the Map Room at this end of the ship. Its rare for rank and file Marines to see this room except when passing by on patrol or standing guard when its sealed. Coop informed them to bring datapads if they need them, or notepads if thats the preference. When they arrive, Coop is standing at the side of the bottom-lit table with a mug of coffee and dressed in his combat duds. He's standing over the holographic image on the table, looking at it. For a few, this might be their first look at the combat operation area. The main combat zone seems to be at the mouth of a long, mostly straight valley. The mountains flanking the sides seem to rise more than 800 feet at steep angles at the lowest points. Across the plains to the east is the wreckage of a massive city that looks abandoned. It doesn't look to get any less dense or tall as it rises towards the 'east' side of the table. The markers are already lain out on there with different color coding.

This is Miri's first time anywhere near the Map Room. In her fatigues with her dark curls pulled back into a smooth bun, she arrives a few minutes early, glancing around surreptitiously to get a look at the place before falling in at the side of the table, nodding to Knox in quiet greeting.

Carrying with her a notepad and two pencils, just in case, Palermo makes good time on her way through the ship to the map room, navigating by ships schematic more than actual familiarity with the terrain herself. She's a few paces behind the Ensign and she makes certain not to pause just inside the doorway OR gawk or linger, though the instinct is there. Getting called to this briefing brings a focused and very determined look to her face and, while she too aims a nod along with, "Ensign," another nod, "Gunnery Sergeant," she hurries over to take a place looking at the map.

Osiris is for sure new to this area of the ship… along with every other area as well. He walks along the corridor leading to the Map Room, his shoulders square and carrying a notepad and pencil along with him to take notes for the upcoming assignment. His eyes pan around to mark those present, known and unknown, before he sidles over to spot within viewing distance of the holographic image of the terrain layout.

Coop looks at Miri as she enters but doesn't come to attention. There's a nod to her and then to the others as they arrive. "This is your jump prep. I want this to be a round-table, but I am the jumpmaster on this operation. That means my word is law for final decisions. Once we are on the ground, your asses belong to Lieutenant Piers. I will be second in command on this. Ensign Zahav is a fine officer, but she is Medical. Sir," he looks to her with respect in his voice and on his face. "I trust you know I mean no ill intent. Its how we roll." He then looks back to the map. "This is our Area of Operation. We have zero intelligence about who or what we might meet on the ground except that we are slated to meet an Arpay Diplomatic Corps team who will bring us in. That happens in," Coop checks his watch, "seventy hours from now." Looking back to them, "This will be a HALO insertion. We will be jumping from an altitude of 200,000 feet. This will be the highest combat jump on record. Everyone will be taking on flightsuit from the Quartermaster for this. When we jump, we will be stepping off the Raptor and taking a ballistic arc to our landing zone. Expect four minutes in the arc and roughly seventeen to eighteen minutes of freefall. Make sure you have an oxygen tank. There won't be enough O2 in your suits to make it down. Everyone copy that?"

"No offense taken. This isn't my first rodeo." Zahav nods, listening to the explanation. "Copy that."

As the Gunnery Sergeant speaks, Palermo has a blank page already ready to go on her notepad and is jotting down a bullet point list in short hand. Glancing up from the page she's writing on to eye her wrist watch, then the display, then around to Knox again with a, "Aye, gunnery sergeant," as she eyes the holo-image again.

Osiris jots down a few key notes as he listens to Coop begin to rattle off mission details, looking from the man to the holographic every so often. His writing is an untidy scrawl upon the yellow pages of the note pad, using his left hand to hold the pad while his right hand wields the pencil. There is mostly silence from Osiris, his eyes flicking to Miri and Palermo before he says, "I have not participated in a jump mission of this style before. I assume there will be a briefing sometime soon on the use of the air tanks while free falling?"

"Corporal, I'll get with you on prep to make sure your suit is hooked up properly. Its my responsibility to make sure you jump safely. We will go over everything." Knox has no lack of confidence there. To all, "Once we put boots on the ground we unpack and get dressed. Bury the tanks and pack out the flightsuits - including the helmets. Everyone will be snaking up." Painted faces. "Every inch of exposed skin, I want it to match local terrain. Pack standard foliage for it. Ensign Zahav, bring some contacts and hide your ears, please. Everyone is to stay geared at all times. We will only be on the ground four hours before the primary strike falls." He lifts the mug and takes a sip. "Our goal is to follow our contacts to this bunker. Now, every single one of you have a role here. I want your eyes up, looking at everything. We need to make sure this bunker has legitimate gear they have been unpacking and moving out. If something does not make sense of you get a spidey tingle, the el-tee and I need to know about it." He glances to the door, then back. "We've got orders for first contact. This will be First Contact. I can't order you to break orders with asking questions, but do not piss these people off. I need cool heads. Especially for the next part."

"Hide the freak eyes and elf ears," Miri says, nodding with understanding. She types something quickly on her datapad and then leans forward, getting a better look at the map. "What exactly do we know about the people we're likely to encounter?"

Palermo looks up from the notepad again and studies - hard - the terrain around the bunker, the elevation markers and what roads are indicated by the recon photos. "Gunny, I'd sure like to know in advance how they're moving heavy equipment out of that bunker if they're not utilizing the roads that are marked on the recon photos," she admits. "If they're taking the equipment through that terrain and that tree line," she eyeballs the holo-image, "that is a dense old growth forest we're looking at?"

Nodding his head in understanding, Osiris looks back to his notepad and makes a few more notes before he places the notepad down on the nearest flat surface and paces closer to the holo. His expression reads as thoughtful, though for now he does not say anything or add any other questions to the other two still in the air. His eyes move to mark Miri and Palermo as they voice their own curiosity, before returning back to study the forest Palermo points out.

Looking to Miri, "Hold on to your butts, but these people speak a heavily accented version of Colonial. The Arpay are as confused as you are right now. The Diplomatic Corps on the ground might have more answers, maybe not. We also know none of these people want to be there on the ground. These people fought a civil war over offered evacuation and lost. The winners didn't stand a chance against the Skath assault that was coming. Don't give these people shit about not evacuating when they had the chance. They want out and they are willing to fight the delaying action in order to get their people out." He looks at everyone. "If that doesn't sound familiar, it should. That's exactly what we are doing with the Colonies." He then looks to Palermo, "The planet has some sort of ore that enables them to build thin camouflage that hides infrared signatures. They are moving the gear our dressed in netting. They're driving the gear right down the roads and heading into the mountain ranges for dispersal and hiding. We want some of this stuff, but that netting is not our mission. Ours is only to establish if the bunker and their operation is legitimate. The rest is for the brass to handle." He looks around. "Any other questions before I hit the sticking point?"

"Holy shit," Miri breathes, reaching back to take two handfuls of her own butt, as instructed, before putting her hands on her hips. "That's wild." She leans back a bit, listening to the rest of the spiel.

Palermo makes a low rumble of a thoughtful sound even as she's nodding, eyes wide with rapt attention and frank fascination over the thought of these infrared shielding cammo nets. "Not the mission, got it, Gunny," she reiterates, putting words to match the nod.

Osiris listens to the explanation of the ore and the camouflage netting with completely unveiled interest. It is clear that the Corporal is interested in the idea, but he simply nods his understanding and looks back to the holo, waiting for whatever this sticking point may be.

"In case you haven't noticed, your two mission leads are both Lines." Coop looks to Osiris, "Lieutenant Piers is a Three and a Second War vet. Also a former enlisted. She led the defection effort for her Line. Solid as they come." He looks back to the larger group while he takes a long drink from his mug. "Clerics. The Skath are employing the Lines as some evil motherfrakkers on these worlds. We are operating under the assumption that they are working on Calumet, our target world, using weaponized projection." His eyes move to each of them. "If they identify the el-tee, or me, or both of us as Lines? The decision is that we basically play it off. Admit to it. 'Yes, we're Lines. No, we're not Clerics. That would be really frakking stupid for Clerics to walk in here. Do you want our help or not?' sort of thing. The el-tee and I will handle that. But if we are separated we need you guys to keep up the game. Do. Not. Lie. Do not under any circumstances tell a lie when it comes to us. If you do not know an answer, do not make one up. Just say you do not know." He tilts the mug. "But we should never allow ourselves to be separated. This hinges on us being cool characters. If they aim guns, we roll our eyes. Look bored. Break out a bottled water and shrug it off. If you look bored, they get bored. You point a gun, then they point more guns. We WILL be outgunned so lets just play it cool. Questions?"

Palermo lifts her attention away from the map and studies the Gunnery Sergeant while he outlines the mission parameters and the very clear Do Not Lie guidelines. She nods, slowly, but again it's that definitive movement that confirms she is hearing the orders loud and clear. Palermo exhales a breath and voices the first question that leaps to mind, "Weaponized projection, Gunny?"

Osiris nods his head slowly, not seeming put off in the least by the latest bit of mission parameters. "I don't think I have any questions regarding this…" he says slowly. After a beat he says, "Assuming everything does not go according to plan and shots are fired, what are our orders at that point?"

Coop looks to Palermo. "Given I can do it, I don't want to think about the capabilities. But the possibilities are unlimited if you've got the drive and no morals. Fact is, I don't know." Its rare to see Knox so stand-offish about something. The topic makes him uncomfortable, probably because he knows quite well the damage someone could do. "If you run into a Line and its not the el-tee or I, do not let it within three feet. Do not touch them. Lava Game, you touch them then you're dead." Yep, Coop has kids. Looking to Osiris, "If shots are fired and you get out, wait til the mission clock hits four hours then pop Red smoke. The fleet will know not to land on the position. Likely the Wing will attempt to get to your smoke, though. Basically, if we pop Red? These dumbasses are toast. So let's try to avoid Red." He then clears his throat and gestures to the map. "We are jumping heavy. Weapons and ammo. Bring a few protein bars. If we're on the ground long enough to need more food, we've got bigger problems - like needing more ammo. Ozzy, you're heavy so bring a recoilless rifle and plenty or rounds. You're a big motherfrakker so if you can also pack a Trident with extra rounds, do it. I'll jump extra gear for you if you need." He looks across the table. "That should do it. If there's nothing else, dismissed."

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