AWD #440: Post Resupply on Aerilon for the Viper Sticks
AWD #440: Post Resupply on Aerilon for the Viper Sticks
Summary: What the frak just happened on Aerilon? The Leftenant in charge of the mission talks it out with the two nuggets that flew his wing.
Date: Sun 05/Sep/2016 (OOC Date)
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Agrippa Niko Pearson 
Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The head of the room has a small dais with a podium for the briefer and on the wall behind it are a pair of large LCD screens. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress.
Wed 22/Mar/2006

What a hell of a mission, for Agrippa to lead and for the two nuggets. The return to the cruiser was not an issue after the trio of Vipers outran their pursuit, the Allied Planetary Forces breaking off after a certain altitude. Once the cruiser returned to the Orion, they ferried their fighters back to the Battlestar and from there, Punchdrunk awaits the two Viper nuggets, motioning them to follow. The Ready Room is quiet for the time being, and that is where Agrippa has chosen to speak with the other two Viper Jocks. Once they are inside, he offers both a nod, his flighthelmet tucked under his arm, "Pearson, Janik, you both did great keeping your head out there. I'm sure you two were slotted to fly with me since it was supposed to be a simple mission, ferrying supplies to Firebase Gabby. You both did your jobs, you kept your cool, followed my orders, and got home alive."
Then there is a pause as Agrippa takes in a breath before continuing, "I know my orders to fire on Colonials can be questioned and probably will be questioned by the higher ups, and I will be taking full responsibility if there is any fallout from that. Also, you followed my orders, but if you have any objections to what we did, feel free to speak your mind here, I'm waving rank privileges at this time. And if you feel you need to write up a report to our CO about this, I will have no hard feelings." That said, the Leftenant falls silent, watching the two nuggets to see what they feel like saying.

Holding the newly issued helmet under one arm, and listening rather intently to what Punchdrunk is saying, the frown that forms on Pearson's face is accompanied by a thoughtful breath before she speaks. "I don't believe I've been read into all of the current events, Sir, so I don't know if this Allied Planetary Forces group is some new whackjob militia movement or something worse, like some cylon ploy. But anyone telling us to turn off DRADIS, fly into a holding pattern, then wait to be taken somewhere and be debriefed? Sir, if it walks like a trap, talks like a trap, then it's probably a trap, in my book." She skims one hand over the top of her head, head tipped back slightly to eye the young officer, "And the defense of 'just following orders' is not a viable defense. We pulled the trigger, so to speak, and that's that. Ownership of actions."

Niko joins his squadron-mates in the Ready Room for debrief, also still in his flight gear with helmet in hand. The kid looks to be a bit confused by recent events, though not really spooked. He slides onto the arm of a seat at the end of the row, settling down to listen to the flight lead go over the mission. There's a grin and a nod for Punchdrunk's compliments on their steadiness, and then his confusion is back in spades. "I don't know who the frak those guys were, but they were attacking the firebase, you know? I mean, it's not like we started it." He nods vigorously, agreeing with Pearson's take. What she said. The justification seems to be cut and dry for Janik, and all he can do is shrug.

The confusion on the younger nugget is understandable and Agrippa gives Niko a nod, "Best I can tell from what happened, they are colonials that joined up with the Cylons. Whoever that Colonel Jonathan Ridley is, he isn't one of us." As for Pearson's words, Alexander can only nod at that as well, when she says that she takes ownership for her own actions. "I'm sure we will be getting more information down the pipeline, I bet our intel boys are already on it since it was a area wide broadcast. Plus, being mission lead, looks like I get the joy of writing up this report, I don't even know where to start right now." Even Punchdrunk is still a bit in suspended disbelief at what just happened, four full squadrons of Vipers and Predators, Firebase Gabby pretty much leveled. "We did what we could though, all of our Raptors that we were supposed to protect got home safe. Let me know if you two have any questions about the mission, or the flying and engagement."

"On that, sir," Pearson says with a sidelong glance at her fellow nugget, then back to flight lead again, "how did they just land on our coms without having to break any sort of encryption sequencing? On Picon, we're constantly changing our com keys to make sure that we aren't just broadcasting right into the black for anyone with a tin can transistor radio, a pair of potatoes to plug it into, and a dummied up speaker."

"Ya," Niko is in full agreement about that Colonel Ridley joker. It sounds like he has much less complimentary thoughts in mind, but leaves them unsaid. Then there's a disgusted shake of his head and an angry edge to his tone when the young pilot thinks about people joining up with the Cylons. "Who would do that? I mean, you'd have to be crazy." And while he gives Pearson a strange look for her remark about potatoes, he agrees that it's strange. "They were flying Vipers and Preds. I guess they know how are gear works."

That is certainly a major issue that Intel will have to deal with, Agrippa also having the same questions that the two nuggets are asking, "How they got onto our frequency, I do not know. But I am sure before we fly out on any other missions, we will have new encryption packages handed to us to study." Punchdrunk then looks towards Niko and shakes his head, "Desparate people, Janik. There are already some that went over to the Cylons, but this is the first time they have been able to get pilots to fly for them." Then again, they don't even know if it is actual people or skinjobs, "But some people out there have already lost hope and given up, some feel that the tin cans are the winning team. Whatever it is, we continue to do our jobs, fight for our friends and families, and we will beat them back. Cylons and whatever traitors they pick up."

Seeing the odd look that Niko aims at her, Pearson shares a brief smile and before answering the odd look aimed at her. "All you need is a good sized potato, some plastic, a pencil, the correct wires, and you have a limited range of functionality for a working radio. It won't last long, but in a pinch, it'll pick up the nearest strong signal." This said before she shifts her focus back to Agrippa and finally shakes her head. "I know I'm the new face here, but it seems to me like there's more than one war going on, at this point."

The young pilot nods his understanding to Agrippa. "New encryption. Got it." Studying, oh joy. But it's better than being eavesdropped on. And while he gives a sort of 'maybe' shrug for desperate people joining the Cylons, Niko still looks unconvinced. "Yeah, I guess. Didn't happen that way on Picon, though." Pearon's explanation gets an even more dubious look from Janik, and a laugh. "No shit? I just know how to use the stuff. I don't know how to make it, you know?" But he can't offer her any useful reply about how many wars they're fighting now, or with whom. "Hey, it's all news to me too. Guess we'll find out."

"I don't know, Pearson. I think it's the same war, us against the Cylons, it's just that we are facing an unexpected second front on Aerilon. That Colonel of theirs called themselves the Allied Planetary Forces, so it sounds like this is limited to the Aerilon campaign. Things just got a lot harder retaking that planet." Now they not only have to deal with the numerous SAM sites, but a hostile Colonial force that have sided with the Cylons. And if that Colonel's CAG title isn't just some flashy attachment, then they may have a good number of birds in their pocket. "Just be prepared to be flying some practice sims against Vipers, Predators, and Raptors. The upside is we know how Vipers handle, and what to expect, both in atmosphere and in space. Just gotta focus on one mission at a time."

Pearson exhales a quiet chuckle, "Knowing how something works means knowing how to swap out all the moving parts to still make it work even when the specs suggests that substitutions aren't feasible. Scrounging for supplies means getting pretty creative," she adds with a tip of her head toward Niko before she nods again to Agrippa. "At least the supplies that we just dropped didn't get taken to enemy supply dumps. That would really have been a kick in the teeth, resupplying the enemy." She runs that hand over the top of her head again, "Sir, not to be a pest, but my orders were about two sentences long. And I quote: 'You're being transferred to the Orion, they need more pilots. Do a good job, don't embarrass the rest of us.' end quote. Could you give me some more details on what we're actually doing at this point, mission engagement wise?"

Hearing Pearson's question, Agrippa can only chuckle lightly, "Pearson, that question is probably better suited for someone with a higher paygrade than me. But I'll tell you what I know. The broad mission? To liberate our colonies from Cylon occupation. The very detailed part? Our job is to fly the missions our superiors give us, for us Viper sticks, it's to shoot down enemy Raiders or fly escort for our Raptors and Predators. But I get the feeling you want something in the middle, to the best of my knowledge, we're pretty focused on Aerilon, to free it like we did Picon. Place was bristling with SAMs and SABER sites so I think our goal was to knock those out before we can push further. Now… things are a bit more complicated so we'll have to wait and see from the higher ups."

Setting the helmet down and perching easily on the edge of one of the chairs, Pearson calmly scrubs both hands over her face before looking up at Punchdrunk again. "I've found, sir, that asking questions at various levels of the command tree tends to net more actionable intel than just waiting for the correct officer with clearance to issue some sort of interdepartmental memo." There's humor there, quiet but genuine, humor. "It's not all that different than what I did before the end of the world, only now I get shot at instead of having to listen to pansy assed businessmen who spend more on their suits and shoes than some small cities."

Niko listens as the Lieutenant lays it out, nodding along to show he's getting the point. "Understood." Then he glances towards the older pilot and back to Agrippa. "At least there's that." Then he gives Pearson a bit of teenage eyeroll. "What were you, a teacher or something?" He's quiet after that, listening to Punchdrunk lay out the job, and waiting. None of it seems of great interest to Niko, but at least Pearson doesn't seem to have been a teacher. "So … that all, sir?" he asks Agrippa, looking longingly towards the door. A shower and some rack time awaits.

"Fortunate for me, my family was always career military, so I didn't have to deal with any of that bureaucratic stuff with business people." Agrippa says with a grin for Pearsons as she shares a little bit of her past. "But if I hear of anything, I'll be sure to let you two now." He then looks to Niko and nods his head, "That is all. Again, good job today you two. Keep doing the same and you'll be in my shoes soon enough. Go hit the showers and get some rest, dismissed."

"Commercial pilot, actually," Pearson answers before she gives a brief head shake, "not a teacher. Thank you, no. The notion of having to spend endless days trying to pound data in the heads of this generation and the one after that and so on is enough to drive me to drink. I'd rather fly sober, personally." She scoops up her helmet again, "Which way to the mess?"

Nodding to the door, Agrippa answers Pearson as Niko makes his exit, "Out the door, make a right," Then followed by instructions on how to get to the Mess Hall. "Fair warning, don't try the jello. Unless you are starving to death and that's the only thing they have on the menu. Even then, it's your call."

Pearson heads for the hatch and pauses, just there, laughing. "Sir, it's not worms on a shovel blade after toasting them over the embers of a fire. So long as it isn't that, or crickets, I honestly don't care what the food is. I think I could handle the crickets if the legs didn't feel like they were still moving. Trust me, it's not like sushi, no matter what people say about the protein content," and with that she's out the door into the corridor, still laughing.

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