These policies are here to protect the honest players and staffers. They are not here for people to hide behind. Staff will amend these policies as necessary and when they make a decision, it is made. A player is allowed one appeal. After that, the issue is expected to be completed and resolved.

1. Don't Be A 'Jerk'

Being 'a Jerk' means doing anything that staff deems disruptive to the game such as (but not limited to) cheating, hacking the database, being abusive, harassing, or obnoxious. Staff is the sole authority on this and will decide what constitutes this behavior, as well as punishments, at its own discretion.

2. R-Rated

This game deals with adult themes in adult ways. All players, by using +agree, confirm that they are 18 years of age or older and agree to abide by these policies. However, this rating is not to be abused to test its limits. Staff will roll backwards before defaulting towards extending the rating without permission. Channels are PG-13.

3. Consent

This game is zero-consent. You are applying to play a character in a warzone. Staff will not head-hunt characters, but if they fly their Viper into a star, the PC will suffer the consequences. As with any game, In-Character Actions will result with In-Character Consequences.

4. Original Content

While this game is one out of a lineage of other Battletar games, it is an original platform. It does not exist within the context of other games or the BSG universe as written by Ron Moore. This means that all characters and their concepts should be original. Players cannot apply to play family of another character, rename and resubmit old character concepts, or take character concepts from other games, the shows, or movies and apply to play them here. There are no Feature Characters.

5. Cooperative Environment

This game is a cooperative writing environment. We encourage players to delve deep into their characters and flesh out the world that they are playing in. However, we do remind players that this game cannot be 'won' by any single player or character. We do expect players to work together where possible OOCly to resolve conflicts. Staff is not here to resolve personal conflicts, but they will if it disrupts the game or becomes public.

6. TS

It happens and staff is not here to regulate it. While the game's rating is R, we ask that players refrain from engaging in TS in public rooms or emitting/speaking graphic material in public areas. 'Public Rooms' are defined as anyplace on grid that is not a TP Room. Material of this nature should never be posted to the wiki, either. Remember, people have children that may see the screen and what you force onto it. People may be at work. Or in public. Respect This.

7. Idling

Please don't idle in public rooms. Those who do will be sent to the AFK area. This also refers to players in ranking positions and their activity. We expect Department Heads and characters in ranking positions to be active within their expected groups. Activity levels will not be defined but will be examined based upon a number of factors.

8. Alts

We currently allow players to hold three PC's in total. These alts may not be in the same department, interact with each other, or be used to benefit each other. Staff understands that sometimes alts have the same friends or the same IC projects pass their IC desks and this is not a problem.

9. Player-Kills

PK's are dirty business and sometimes they happen. We are stating here that this game does not endorse them. However, should a situation like this arise, staff needs to be notified and the situation discussed before any action is taken. Kill intents may be denied if there is insufficient cause or RP to back it up. PKs won't earn anyone positive marks from staff, either.

10. PRP's

Yes. HELL yes. Please submit plot pitches via +request. Staff will review them when they can and see about getting your ideas approved and into play as soon as possible. PRP's could be anything from maybe a ghost in the stairwell to developing a new weapons system. We encourage people to bring them to staff and see if we can find a way to make it happen!

11. Ghosting or Masking IP's (The Augie Policy)

Players on this game are not permitted to spoof, mask, or hide their true IP addresses from staff. This includes any intent to hide your true location. There are zero exceptions to this. If game staff suspects you are attempting to do this, you will be asked to leave.



Battlestar Orion will dole out 2XP per week flat to all players regardless of activity. Our cost system is fairly straightforward until one arrives at six dots. After that, costs increase significantly. This is done in an effort to allow players with lower stats (like nuggets) the ability to become more involved in combats sooner. At this time we are not offering XP incentives for running plot. We MAY provide XP to players who help staff out by running plot that we request their assistance with. Our XP guide is outlined here.

PC Death

Did staff rule that your char just died for some reason? Or perhaps you are feeling voluntary. Is your PC facing impossible odds that you don't think they should survive, even if it looks possible? Decided that it would just be an epic moment if your character were to die in the arms of the person that loves them? Good news! If your char died, exploded, or otherwise is no longer breathing ICly, you can recoup some of your XP. This will be done on a flat scale rather than judgement-called abstractly and will be done based on two factors: Unspent XP and Time Since Approval. Players can recoup up to twenty (20) unspent XP and then there is an addition four (4) XP per month that will be awarded on the number of months since approval. These will be given for full months only. This XP will awarded after cgen and will be done as an XP spend, however these spends must be approved as they will be placed on characters coming fresh out of cgen. So keep your options open. You never know what you might be able to do with the additional.

  • Note: This option is not available for characters who have idled and been killed-off via staff fiat. The PC must be a minimum of 30 days active (extreme cases will be reviewed) and in control of the original player.

IC Orders and 'Starbuckin' It'

Starbuck is infamous for disobeying orders. We understand the desire for some people to want to emulate this because of the Rule of Cool. What is important to understand is that Starbuck is a character that lived inside the vacuum of a TV show where she was, arguably, the main protagonist. She couldn't stay in the brig for the length of time she should have or she wouldn't have been in the show to save the day. In a MUSH environment where every PC is a main character, staff expects players to play by the same rules everyone else does. That means your character is expected to follow IC orders and operate within the established norms. If they do not, there will be IC consequences if they are caught and don't have a VERY good excuse. Please keep in mind that your personal opinion of a 'good excuse' may not agree with your IC commanding officer or Department Head, and their definition is the only one that matters IC.

Savant Applications

Here on Orion we stick with a pretty straightforward policy that we do not allow what we call 'Savant Applications'. That means that we expect all characters to have graduated on time and completed their process of advancement professionally and academically like the average person. We will not be allowing characters who graduated high school any earlier than 17 for any reason. Individuals with Doctorates will not be allowed in their early twenties — a process that takes many people into their very late twenties and some into their thirties. IF these are spotted by player characters on grid than it is likely purposefully done and may be suspicious ICly.

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